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Description of the video guide «All about caravans, or a guide on how to start dominating the world map in RimWorld»

Talking everything caravaning, how to survive out on the world map and complete the various world quests. The caravan system is extremely powerful, and the rewards offered for many of the missions make caravaning absolutely essential for any colony.

Items locked into the world quest system:

  • Psychic emanator.
  • Vanometric power cell.
  • Infinite chemreactor.
  • Techprof subpersona core.
  • Healer mechanite superdose.
  • Resurrector mechanite superdose.
  • Orbital bombardment targeter.
  • Orbital power beam targeter.

Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

What’s going on YouTube it’s James on here and welcome to a caravanning guide to rim world version 1.0 in this guide I’m going to be covering launching supplying and defending caravans as well as sharing a few little hints that I’ve learned along my caravanning journeys and touching on how to complete the various world quests which you’ll find popping up on your world map in-game if you enjoy this video and find it helpful please do leave a like it does really help me out and of course you can subscribe for even more rim world content if you are new to rim world and would like to see a beginner’s guide on starting out in this game you can check out my beginner’s guide to starting out in room world mastering a world that is trying to kill you so without further ado let’s get on with finding out how we caravan in rim world version 1.0 there’s a few things you’re going to want to consider before you launch a caravan the obvious things like does the caravan have enough food will it be defensible if it’s attacked but also consider what you’re taking away from your colony and easier colony ready to handle having colonists leave for a time and therefore having less people at home to do jobs and possibly defend the colony should they need to you’ll balance this situationally sometimes there’ll be an amazing opportunity out on the world map like someone in need of rescue who might be completely unguarded and wouldn’t be willing to join your colony or perhaps a stash of guns or powerful items which also have the potential to be similarly unguarded particularly in the early game and you might decide that these opportunities are just too good to pass up on world quest can be incredibly powerful and lucrative it so establishing the infrastructure of your colony to the point where you can support caravans will greatly increase the opportunities your colony has to fill its coffers and acquire powerful items some of the most powerful items in the game are solely available as a quest reward so having the ability to send caravans.

Into the world to complete these quests is the only way your colony will be able to procure some of these late-game items okay.

So let’s go and launch a caravan here and we’re going to do it on an actual functioning sort of colony here well it’s kind of functioning some people are fighting and stuff currently but that is to be expected out on the rim yeah but yeah let’s do it even kind of a real sort of scenario here and on a colony that you know I’ve actually been playing and also one that caravans have been really really quite useful for caravan has been something we’ve done a lot of witness colony so let’s go and launch a caravan we do that by clicking on our colony here on the world map John form caravan we’re going to take two colonists with this it’s going to be Bart and combo now I find generally two colonists is enough to kind of make sure a caravan will be safe I don’t tend to find that you especially in the early game get more than maybe two or three at the most enemies that you’ll encounter even on sort of harder difficulty levels quite often it even just one to be honest so we’ll go with the two colonists there we could go with less to be a little bit more stealthy but I’ll use to you I think two is probably a good balance sort of thing right let’s pick well I am going to take some of our pack animals with us however I’m not going to add them to the caravan just yet and there’s a reason for that so let’s go and pick out some food here first for our caravan so we’ll take some pemmican with us I will take think about 150 would be a good amount.

I could take pemmican or package survival meals you want to UM you want to make sure you take a non-perishable food so don’t go and take like simple meals or something like that because you’re out on the road obviously you can’t freeze things so yeah you what to take non-perishable food with you.

Berries we have some very berries can kind of work as well but pemmican is better so it will take pemmican let’s throw some other random things in this Caravan like maybe so silver will take say 2000 silver maybe I don’t want to weigh this Caravan down too much with the weight here the closer you get to your max weight.

The slower that you’ll move so just keep that in mind.

What shall we I might just grab some smoke leaf joints do we have any smoke leaf joints currently do I see any of those I perhaps don’t so maybe we’ll get beer instead got some beer here beers a bit more heavy so I won’t take heaps of it I’ll take like 25 beer yeah that leaves us enough weight in the caravan and B is still quite a lucrative sort of item to take and also it is good to take something that can be a little mood boost for a colonist as well because I’m yeah it can help out on the road to have something that I can just bump the moods up there a little bit particularly if you stop on like a temporary map and and rest for a few days because you have an encounter or something it can be nice to have some beer and stuff available during those times also to help with the moods we’re going to take two bed rolls with us this will just mean that our colonists can be a little bit more comfortable when they’re sleeping out in the rough so let’s send our guys to on thetan here which is a local Outlander colony so we’ll choose that route we will accept and let’s go back to the world map here or the colony map brother and here are our colonists forming up their caravan so there is a button combo going to do that the first thing they tend to do is go and stand in like a random spot which they kind of pick as their Caravan tackling spot if there was um animals in this Caravan they would come here as well and then you can see they now go and start to pick things up now what I wanted to do here.

And the reason I didn’t add pack animals into the caravan is I want to get too heavy.

Really really really okay but can do it though so but go ahead and load this Jade knife into this caravan please and I’ll show you the reason why I’m doing that so he’s gonna pick that up and loaded it into the caravan and because there’s no because there’s no pack animals in this Caravan he just picks that up directly and what that means we go to his gear here take a look he’s got an assault rifle equipped which is his standard weapon that I like him to have and in his inventory he’s got this Jade knife here so what this means is if there’s an encounter out on the world map and but gets say a melee character somehow get on top of him you know he gets to him before Bart can shoot him and he starts brawling him with a knife or something but can actually then switch to a melee weapon so this is the only way that you can dual have a character dual wield a melee weapon and a ranged weapon so yeah if I did need to immediately switch to melee I could get him to drop this immediately equip it and boom but is a melee character a fantastic way of giving you a caravan a few more teeth and now if we wanted to add our dromedaries into the caravan we could go ahead and do that they’re either fully grown ones do I see some more here those will probably do just really doing this for a bit of a test now let’s throw this one in here as well why not so yeah we can posthumously there add our owl pack animals into the caravan to give that a little bit of extra weight so then when we end up in on fitting we can um we can have that extra weight to you know get all of the extra stuff there and even if I wanted to now go and add extra things into the caravan I could now do that so you can see.

Previously combo couldn’t carry any more weight he could now go and load this stuff into um into those pack animals if I so chose to it’s also worth noting I can remove individual colonists from this Caravan and animals as well if I can click on that I can remove one of those and you saw I can add individual animals in there st. the colonists I can add extra colonists into the caravan as well if I want to do that so let’s get these guys cranking on to the edge of the map here and they will pop out onto the world and continue on to fit in here there have been some fantastic changes to caravans in both b2 19 and the final version of the game when a caravan arrives at a destination you’ll now get an envelope notification rather than the small white text popping up in the top left-hand corner of the screen a nice little change that I noticed right away in 1.0 Caravan visibility has also been displayed a lot better and is now a lot more obvious you can see your visibility rating displayed as a percentage along with your other Caravan info text for your selected caravan visibility affects how likely events such as ambushes and other attacks are to occur to the caravan and visibility is affected by the total body size of all the members of a caravan in party so taking smaller pack animals is going to mean that you’re less likely to get spotted by something that might want to attack your Caravan caravans will now also automatically forage for food in the surrounding environment with the biome you’re traveling and affecting how much food your Caravan is able to gather pausing the caravan to rest will also increase the amount of food you can forage and typically double the amount of food you’re able to scour from your surroundings.

When your Caravan is attacked a temporary map will be generated for the encounter to take place on these attacks are normally fairly easily dealt with at least during the first few years of your colony’s lifetime although in the very late game and particularly on higher difficulties you can encounter some nastier events with some larger enemy group sizes that can cause you a few issues however hopefully you’re fairly well equipped at this point your colony is fairly well established and your Caravan is able to defend itself at least somewhat effectively completing the various world quests is normally pretty well explained by the mission descriptions in-game but there are a few things that are worth mentioning here still all quest locations will explicitly state the threat or threats that are present in the area or the lack thereof.

Sometimes there’s literally nothing that will threaten you in a particular mission site and if that is the case it will be explained clearly by the mission description when there are threats present in the area these could range from something as simple as a mad animal to something as deadly as a mechanoid or just something pretty standard like a pirate or a mercenary which you will need to vanquish in order to complete the quest.

Sometimes these pirates and mercenaries can also be supported by turrets which you don’t necessarily have to destroy if you can take out their power source instead this will mean that you can then salvage the turrets and take them back to be used in your own colony something that can be particularly useful if you’re playing at tribal or if for some reason you don’t have Taric technology yet in some locations you’ll also discover sleeping mechanoids and as the name suggests these mechs are not active and can be avoided if you’re careful not to disturb them once you’ve completed your mission in the area where the sleeping mechanoids are present move to the edge of the map to reform your caravan and.

On your journey there’s a wide variety of other mission types but like I mentioned most of these fairly well explained by the mission description and can just be completed by applying a bit of common sense and interpretation of your mission instructions in summary world questing and caravanning is an extremely powerful tool at your colony’s disposal as mentioned some of the best items in the game can only be gathered from the various world quests so at a certain point caravanning is just something that all colonies will a hundred percent be doing in the early game don’t underestimate the power of the stealth Caravan sending out a single colonist to do some of the easier world quests can be a great way of flying under the radar out in the wastes and obviously it can be quite feasible as it won’t be too long before you can justifiably drop a colonist for a short time out of your work schedule and go and do some of the easier world questing particularly if that quest is going to result in you getting more colonists or vital equipment from your colony so look to get yourself established early and get ready to take advantage of some of those juicy world quests when they do come up if you enjoyed this video perhaps you will enjoy my tribal playthrough with peter 19 where the colony is very focused on interacting with the world map and completing world quests of course if you enjoyed this caravanning guide please Dhulia like it does really help me out and of course you can subscribe for even more rim world content.

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