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Text version of the guide «Managing Prisoners at RimWorld» (automatically created subtitles)

I was gonna buy this junior and I’m here with another rim role guide video and this one is going to be about prisoner management from using your prisoners to be sold to traders or to be recruiting to your own colony this video is going to be for you as I will explain the basics on how to keep your prisoners cost effective to keep them happy and also if there’s prison breaks that will not be able to get out and it will be safely quarantined.

First of all prevent us maybe buffs as possible among your prisoners or you’ll get one of these provide prisoners with at least decent rooms and clothing also don’t forget to give them a nice dining room and recreation room treat your prisoners basically as if your colony has just hit the ground and you know you got to build your recreation room there at least has to be something in there to keep your prisoners happy and full of joy and also there has to be a dining table or they will get be beloved a without table debuff for new players that don’t know this if you do take away all the doors in between everything such as your bedrooms to your rec rooms it will all count collectively as one room and it will give you better space everybody will be happier because it’s more spacious everybody will be more happy because it’s more wealthy and it’s impressiveness is a lot nicer when getting prisoners whether it’s from a raid or a transport pod crash pay attention to the traits and health conditions some prisoners may actually be useful enough just as prisoners or could potentially be colonists the higher overall the skill and also the better the traits the more useful and the value goes up of the prisoner usually if they have a bad health defect or they’re too old or they have an addiction I just let them rot next is the importance of not only an infirmary for your prisoners just in case some of them may get hurt or some of them might get the plague or malaria and whatnot but also you need to pay attention to your prisoners speed now they are already shackled so that does slow over their movement speed but giving them peg legs actually does not even decrease their value with other traders in vanilla so to prevent a fast scape in case there is a mass prison break you want to give them headache legs obviously one hour later two hours later three hours later do you know the lord of all time cars as far as your prisoners quarters is concerned I recommend adding more layers to the outside of your walls maybe three to four because it will discourage your prisoners from breaking through and mining out of the walls during a prison break second make sure you arm long corridors or airlocks with turrets or you know accessible sandbags for your colonists to get behind and shoot incoming prisoners from as far as foods concerned the best way to combat having a colonist that has to deliver each meal to every single prisoner make a nutrient paste to do this create a nutrient paste dispenser preferably in the dining room to make the nutrient paste dispenser only available to prisoners remove every single door just like I told you guys earlier to make the whole compound one single room also each time the prisoner eat a meal they will receive a debuff for eating an awful meal but it’s okay anyways everybody that is the end of the episode if you guys enjoyed please like this video please subscribe it really does help me a lot and I’ll come out with more of these so thank you for watching once again and I’ll see you guys in the next one and God bless.

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