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Description of the video guide «TOP 15 best mods for RimWorld according to Barky, which will simplify your life»

My top 15 mods for Rimworld (quality of life) that make the game just so much better in many ways. The base game is amazing, I do agree with that, but these QOL mods just take it that extra mile. I really really enjoy them. This is for Alpha 16, just keep that in mind.

List below with showcases if they’ve been made:

  1. EdB Prepare Carefully.
  2. Crafting Hysteresis.
  3. Hand me that brick.
  4. I can fix it.
  5. Stack Merger.
  6. Fluffy Breakdowns.
  7. MinifyEverything.
  8. Camera+.
  9. Allow Deadman’s Apparel.
  10. Research Scroll Bars.
  11. Trading Spot.
  12. Path Avoid.
  13. Step Away From The Medicine.
  14. MineItAll.
  15. JTReplaceWalls.

Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

Everybody it’s me barky and recently I’ve been streaming a lot more so a lot of people have been asking me what mods i generally use in my playthroughs and what are my favorite so this is going to be a video about those mods i use but first of all i just want to make a little bit of a distinction between the two different types of mods that identity is first of all you have content mods mods or tap but they add actual content into the game like expanded prosthetics and organ engineering or quantum cooling reduce heat you know SD advanced power generation those sorts of things and secondly you have quality of life mods or coal mods which stands for quality of life obviously and these comprise of most of the mods i use become a big on using content mods in playthrough playthroughs.

But it can be fun but yeah i mostly used quality of life mods they don’t add content into the game necessarily but they add in functions that i believe should be in the base game in in some form so this list will be my top 15 quality of life and what’s remold all of these i believe should be in the base game in some form or another as they fix a lot of the irritating things in the game i’ll have a separate video for my top 15 content mods coming up soon i’m busy working on it right now please remember that these mods do make the game easier by making it less micro intensive less frustrating they make it easier by you know removing the irritating parts of it but they don’t make it easier in terms of making Raiders have less HP or something straight up like that so first of all you need hugs live it’s a library mod that provides shared functionality to other mods this is similar invent skse for Skyrim if you’ve ever tried to mod Skyrim its required for a lot of these mods but it’s not required for all of them but I recommend you have it anyways so put it put hugs live right at the top always okay so at number 15 we have the jetty replace walls mod this mod allows you to replace what we built by simply using another material generally to replace a war with another wall you need to first deconstruct the wall and then build your new one this just allows you to skip the deconstruction pot not only that but you can use it on a my novel area and it’ll automatically be mined so I can put a wall down on some stone and it will replace the stone Arthur gets mind which is very very cool so number 14 we have the minor doll mod this mod allows to automatically she’s like two veins to mine at a time rather than having to manually choose which segment to mine so you can click on one part of the steel and it’ll mine all the steel so next up number thirteen is the step away from the medicine mod this is an awesome mod it gauges how heavily wounded colonists iron uses the correct medicine to treat them if a colonist is hurt in Ramat the default medicine is always the best one so no matter how injured they are treating the bruised with glitter world medicine is a gigantic waste but if they are bruised it’ll use glitter wards for some dumb reason this mod removes that so it’s really really useful for people who struggle with medicine which I definitely do number 12 we have the past avoid mod the default pattern in the game can be a bit dumb sometimes but uh imagine if you’ve built a good pathway but your colonists never seem to use it ever or none you can choose between having preferred normal dislike hate and strong options and what path they choose so if you want them to pass through a lovely rose garden before coming back to the base every evening you can do that relatively easily there they are so option so it’s like a percentage but it’s still pretty cool we trading spot mod for number 11 this is a pretty basic mod that allows you to designate where trading spots should stop it can be incredibly frustrating to play remold have a trading group compulsive raid and accidentally shoot one of them or one of the animals or your hunter accidentally shoots them while hunting or if they activates one of your traps etc etc this allows you to pretty much tell them where to go when they come to your base so you can set it anywhere inside your base or outside your base and you don’t have to worry about your hunter kind of shooting them well you have to worry about it but it’s a lot less like number 10 the research scrollbars mod very simple mod the new update messed up with the mod research locations quite a bit if you saw alpha 14 anything before that research is very different to what it was then.

Let’s just add in a scroll bar so if all the mods that require research they don’t kind of didn’t stand on top of each other which is what happens right now number 9 allowed dead man’s apparel mod so the dead man’s apparel debuff has caused quite a bit of controversy it gives you heavy debuff well most people would say that since you’re on a room world nobody would really care which I agree with.

But anyways not only that but in stockpiles you can’t select it to contain.

Only dead man’s apparel and that’s what this mod does it adds in the of the option to allow dead mental health so that you can effectively rid yourself of that by possibly putting a stockpile outside or something like that and then setting fire to it at such etcetera so you can have a stockpile just dedicated to dead people’s clothes so just remember this doesn’t remove the debuff it just allows you to separate dead man’s clothes and people who and just a normal clothing stockpile number eight is a camera plus mod and I’ll be honest and say this is probably one of my favourite mods in the game even mode pretty much does it does very little doesn’t change the game at all it’s just a to zoom in an extra four or five notches so you can see stuff in detail but to be honest there’s not much to see in detail there’s a reason that you cannot zoom in this far that’s it number 70 minify everything mod this mod allows you to uninstall everything in the game it changes games so they’re all modded stuff can be uninstalled — no more wasting tons of components on deep chills looking for more components now you can just uninstall’ stuff but note that this does make the game harder in some ways a suddenly raiders can and will steal everything you’ll see this late in the video when they steal my van of cinnamon walls once they stole the nuclear reactor and one of my MOT videos because I forgot to turn this one off so just keep that in mind you can see here that I just kind of took up a spaceship I just put a spaceship down number six is the fluffy breakdowns mod I think that most people can agree that requiring components during every breakdown can be a little bit silly this adds in a maintenance percent on every object that requires components this maintenance amount will slowly deteriorate until it breaks down or ever designated construction colonists will constantly maintain the objects in their spare time so if you have a good maintenance there won’t be any breakdowns so you won’t have to waste any components etc etc number five is the stack merger mode pretty much tidies up your stockpiles for you it makes holders have secondary job of cleaning up in a sense where they take all the material and put it into one stockpile instead of having five wood in one place seven another — an alarm cetera such as pieces of wood everywhere it’ll take all that wood and put it into one pile which doesn’t normally happen in vanilla unless you unless you delete the soft power and making new one etcetera number four I can fix mod whenever you get a raid there’s a chance that Raiders will destroy.

Buildings it’s it’s pretty much a given that they will try and destroy stuff this mortar.

Replaces everything with the blueprint if it does get destroyed so if you lose your whole base to fire this will automatically blueprint it for you so you can get rebuilt by your corners when they’re ready no chance of you for getting crucial stuff and you can see that it leaves a blueprint of the cooler in this prison I’m a number three having that break quad definitely this is definitely one of my favourite mods of all time it’s very clever mod this mod this one makes it so that holders will whole materials to buildings in their spare time as you can see with the wall I’m building no longer will your one columnist be doing construction be the only one to whole material absolute out to whatever you’re building now holders will do it too and they will put the material in the building which is really really awesome you’ll be the only one able to construct those so you don’t have to worry about quality mean down etc etc this increases construction work rate exponentially depending on how many holders you have which is really really awesome.

Number two crafting hysteresis this is probably my favorite modern remote just because of how how awesome it is it’s such a such a cool mod it allows you to automatically pause and unpause bills depending on how many of that particular bill you have left so if you want 50 meals to be made then only we then only be remade when you’ve dropped down to 20 then this mod allows you to do that so no more shifts running back into the kitchen in a blind fury whenever somebody eats a meal this is a truly amazing modern by far my favorite quality-of-life mod but number one is the EDB prepare carefully mod and this is pretty high up there was very much between crafting hysteresis and EDB protect prepare carefully this mod is a lifesaver for me as the content producer it allows you to customize every facet of every colonist in starting items if you want three psychopaths with bright red mohawk done easily three people all having peg legs because they’re self-indulgent cannibals done easy you want some super soldiers for the upsetted in bionics wearing all black with charred rifles done you can make an army of Adam Jensen or whatever you fought in the first ethics in human Revolution in US but that pretty much it from my top 15 quality of life mods there there are a lot of others and I probably missed a few that you love but these are just the ones that I use all the time so if I’ve missed any one that you think should definitely be in a peaceful in the comments it’s not that I’m trying to ignore you I probably could have made this list top 20 but these are definitely the first thing and I use all the time so thank you very much for watching hope you have an amazing day hey you thank you very much for making it to the end of my video you’ve actually proved yourself to be above the average per average because the average watch time my video is 63% that’s okay because 63% is exactly how much you need to get a message across funnily enough you only need to watch about 60% of this message to get what I’m making it for anyways I’ve decided to open up a patreon if you’d like to support me besides in the amazing ways that all of my awesome subs already usually do and you can head over to the link in the description to check it out all your support is appreciated monetarily or not if you are subscriber then be sure to hit the little bell over here to always be up to date with videos I brush out and head over to the discord if you ever want to have a deep and meaningful chat with me and also not least I hope you’re having an amazing day you.

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