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So when I do plate there’s a lot of people ask me what mods I use in my playthroughs and one of the things that I’ve wanted to do for a while is create a top tens mod video and these mods that are gonna be showcasing this video are not only personally my favorite I’ll make a later video for that but these mods are going to be the necessities I believe you need now this may not be agreed upon the whole community if there’s any of you who want to share your opinions and what mods you do recommend for starters please drop them in the comments below anything is welcome but for my time playing this game I’ve compiled 10 mods that are necessities for this game to make it better but still have the vanilla feel in the game and I did not add in anything to change cosmetics at guns at anything like that or change the aspect ratios anything I just simply put in things that are beneficial to a new player that is trying to manage their colony better so without further ado I’m gonna go ahead and showcase these 10 mods if you guys enjoy the video go ahead and subscribe I’ll create more memorable content and the time to come and I’ll see you guys at the end of the video now no particular order the first mod is e d be prepared carefully by EDB mods and basically what this mod does is it gives you when you start your colony and when you have chosen your spot and you go into your customizer for your colonists you have an extra option to actually set your own loadout and this means adding people from different types of factions you can actually manage your health relations traits and also your own equipment in fact and you can just basically customize all your colonists to how you want them how they look what they start out with and it’s actually pretty cool to do and this mod is essential for people who want to have a more interesting.

Story — they’re colonists and the background of their colony and their scenario so the next mod is running gun by reuleaux and what this mod allows you to do is it allows your colonists to run and shoot at the same time instead of how it is in the vanilla game where your colonists has to stand and shoot at a Raider this is very helpful for when you’re trying to chase down prisoners and it gives you sort of a defense when you’re running away from Raiders instead of not be able to shoot back at them your colonists can actually shoot back at them now we are on two simple sidearms by pete x 6 and this mod allows you to one year colonists to equip a primary secondary and also a melee weapon all at the same time allowing you to interchange between them and also hand-to-hand combat and I believe that this mod is very useful because it balances out you know when your colonists can use the long-range weapon pistol and it will automatically switch the melee weapon when you’re calling this gets attacked at close ranges this next mod is Moody by a giant space hamster and basically what this mod just gives you is a better overview and more organized overview of your entire colonies mood and you can see it by going to your colonists you can see how what their thoughts are based on high and negatives you can see their temperatures their combat stats and what gun they’re holding also what job they’re doing specifically and last but not least their conditions and how they’re treated you can also switch between not only your colonists but also your prisoners and even your animals so this mod is very useful because it’s just more in-depth and it’s more organized and yeah so let’s go into the next one this mod is called prison labor by ABS and what this mod allows you to do is you can go to your prisoners and the prisoners that you acquire you can force them to work for you and if you go to the colonists or the work tab and go to your prisoners you can actually set the skills and the work priorities for them and if you give them access to certain things such as a research bench though research if you give them a to a smithing bench those smithy for you if you give them a quarry they’ll mine if you give access to anything that your colonists can do they can also do it to hospitality by Orion is a really nice mod that gives you more social interaction with other factions and basically this mod allows you to do is when you get a guest they actually have a purpose and what they’ll do is they’ll come and stay and you can set an allowed area for them a shopping area for them you can actually try and recruit them but it will show you how much it would damage your relations with the faction if you do recruit them and it’s just a really nice mod and I think that it’s one of my favorites honestly personally because it just adds more variety to the faction interaction and based on how their stay was and their social interaction with your colony they will give you points that go towards your faction relations blue prints by fluffy is a simple but also really helpful mod that allows you to scroll over drag a copy and paste and you can also name whatever your blue printing and not only that but you can change the orientation and also it gives you specifics on the left side what it wants you or what is required to build this blueprint so if you’re building a wooden room most of the stuff is going to be wood and whatnot it gives you the exact amount that you need to build the blueprint this mod is called more planning by rax and what this mod allows you to do is it’s just like the regular planning in the vanilla game but this gives you more colors and a lot more variety you can copy you can paste you can cut it out certain plans that you’ve made you can also change the visibility the opacity and it’s just a really nice clean mod that allows you to give yourself better base planning and more unique base planning as well and it’s just very specific and I use this mod all the time for when I’m planning my huge mountain bases or when I’m planning for the future this mod is just really handy vein monitor by Uggla’s is a simple mod that just gives you a option to not only mine a certain type of steel or a certain or but there’s a button called the vein miner where you simply click it and you click the vein of whatever you want to mine and it actually selects every single bit of that vein to be mined and instead of going to have to go through and only you know choose out five of however many you know blocks there are tiles there are two mine it does all of them for you last but certainly not the least is mod switch by doctor van Gogh.

Now as you can see as I’m doing here in the video looking up one mod and the vanilla search bar just Gray’s out everything else and it just pops up one mod but in this mod switch you actually can type in the name and everything is filtered out except for the certain mod that you’re looking for so as you can see I have hundreds of mods and trying to go through is kind of a headache also with this mod you can make presets you can overlap presets override them and you can just create different presets of mods and it’s just a really nice it is a need if you’re going to be modding in the future.

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