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Description of the video guide «Is it worth buying and using Luciferius? Drug guide at RimWorld»

Hi I’m Barky! And I’m back with another Rimworld guide. In the last Rimworld update, Alpha 15, drugs and an assignment drug system was implemented which you can read about in the description. In this video I speak about Luciferium which is a drug that boosts your Colonists abilities and whether or not I think it’s worth using continuously. I got this idea from a Reddit post I saw. Any other questions feel free to ask away.

Drugs system:

  • Added new drugs system. It’s not just beer any more!
  • Drugs typically create up to four effects. Not all drugs have all effects.
  • Primary – The valuable short-term effect, whether it improves mood or work focus or combat effectiveness or makes one immune to a disease.
  • Overdose – Excessive drug usage in a short time can build up blood toxicity, leading to unconsciousness and possible death.
  • Tolerance – Long-term usage of a drug can build up a tolerance which makes subsequent usage less and less effective in producing the high.
  • Addiction – Drug use can form an addiction. This generates a new need for the drug which the pawn will try to feed regularly. If the need isn’t fed, the pawn will develop withdrawal symptoms (low mood, reduced consciousness). Eventually withdrawal will pass and the addiction will go away.
  • Drugs can be assigned for regular taking through the drug policy system. Similar to Outfits, drug policies are an assigned schedule for taking drugs. You can set any number of drugs, each with a frequency. For example, you can assign a colonist to drink 2 beers every day, and take one Malari-Block every 5 days.

The drugs are:

  • Beer – Improved mood but worsened capacities. Addictive.
  • Malari-block – Prevents malaria infection for 5 days.
  • Yayo – Stimulant pleasure drug, addictive.
  • Flake – Cheap, short high, very addictive.
  • Wake-up – Improves work performance, addictive.
  • Smokeleaf – Improved mood but worsened capacities. More hunger, slower movement. Can form dependence.
  • Go-Juice – Synthetic futuristic combat drug. Boost speed and fighting capacity tremendously. Addictive.
  • Luciferium – Glitterworld mechanites that give huge bonuses to most capacities. However, without repeated doses the user goes insane and dies. It is impossible to clear the addiction, and the drug is 100% addictive on one dose.

Drugs are produced in various ways, typically at the new Drug Lab building, from various precursor chemicals and growable crops. They require research to create.

Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

What’s up guys it’s me Becky and today I’m gonna be speaking about the drug lose the firm which we can see over here and pretty much the effects that it has on you and has on colonists this is sort of the video I’m going to tell this colonists to go take it and I’m going to make sure that he’s restricted to not have any drugs whatsoever you can see the effects it has on him straight away and then he’s got better everything pretty much except for manipulation talking and eating I’ve got three characters that are exactly the same over here I’ve got average Joe which is just pretty much the version of me in this game I’ve got the Jensen who is like Adam Jensen and nannies Augmented here’s an advanced Bionic arm on both arms and advanced Bionic legs on both legs his movement is quite a bit quicker than the average peon and then I’ve got the third guy and you take a look they’re all the same um you can see by the hair and the name and pretty much everything about them okay this guy’s had a bit more fighting but that’s it besides that they are effectively exactly the same all three of them it’s pretty cool and as you can see over here he is on Luciferian and he’s been restricted to take it once every five days now now I’ve given myself 221 which is a ridiculous amount they cost about a hundred each that be 200 thousand silver which is crazy and then obviously my base is made out of an ass idiom which is this much like a material that comes with another mod that I use to make the Adam Jensen just to give you guys an idea and now pretty much this varium is one of those drugs that you just never know what to use when to use it and what it does and that’s what I’m here to talk about and that I think Luciferian is one of the most useful drugs there is I’m going to show you I keep using restrict because I’m like I want to restrict how much users I use this varium every five days on my colonists up you can push it up to six they’ll start withdrawing at about six uh and it’s not for happiness obviously I don’t even think you can it’s every five days and then I tell them to take some minutes inventory as well uh this means that with a Luciferian of about say you have tender sivaram in stock that’s almost two months of having the drug with no withdrawals the problem with Luciferian is that you start withdrawing immediately and I mean straightaway the first drugget it’s different to all other drugs in that regard that this is something that you take once and you cannot avoid it let me just get some light here with some light down and we can just hear better it’s some kind of like red stuff um we just got attacked and I shut them down pretty quickly but wrong guys we just got attacked.

I don’t we shut them down free quick wit what the.

There we go all right there’s the Luciferian they carry two with them this raid um there’s also in Ancients casket on this map over here it had Luciferian minute but unfortunately when you open up the summated outdoors but this came with Lucifer him I think it came with 17 and a lot of events will actually bring Luciferian with it which is why it’s it’s not that bad to actually use it I see so many people get Lucifer name and just never ever use it even though it’s one of the most useful drugs there is so I’m going to take a I’m going to take my two colonists now so quickly bring them over here as I can show you oh wait that’s the wrong guy okay you go back to work average come here I named him average just because he’s average guess you go there you got here alright I’m going to put them both over here and I’m going to unpause off to send them both to go to the middle and you can see it how and how big of a difference Luciferian will make so that’s when he reached it he’s about two-thirds the way there which is a pretty big deal when you talk about how efficient people are in this game like you can even see here how big of a difference it makes he just gets completely left behind Fischer when it comes to things like hauling and stuff like that I did make another character here with bionics and this is where the mod just to kind of show off how they are so if I put him there let’s get druggie back here and then we can compare these two and you should see quite a big difference in that Luciferian almost equal the same as what an enhanced individuals which is just insane dude just that speaks for itself and then these parts these parts would take quite an advance all I need to make well this is something that you can get quite easily and although you do get addicted means you have to manage how many people use it.

Besides out it’s pretty freakin useful ok cool.

I’ve started a new colony over here just to show you guys the effects of having a Luciferian need and what happens when you run out of it because take a look at this you can see it’s almost out is at about a 36% actually I’ll just show you that he’s a 36% and it reads here that uh without regular doses of this affair iam the mecha Knights will lose cohesion if this happens user becomes Keaney continuously violently insane and eventually dies this addiction never goes away so let’s get him back there there we go much 20 ok let’s take a look at what happens now you can see the unmet 50% and we can see general 10 holes about to get his ass kicked as soon as something happens which will happen eventually oh there we go ok I’ll just look in to see what would happen now you can see addiction is kind of well his name is addiction just because you can see the Ferryman’s at 0% and now he’s going on kind of a rage he’s been a brat.

Because he’s a dickhead okay so turkey just took out addiction this is about five minutes later in real time which is kind of ironic because he took out general and then a turkey beat him up but the final question do I think Luciferian is worth it absolutely I think this is one of the best things in the game at the moment and I think it’s a bit broken in that it only needs to be reused every five days because that’s one super colonist for five days at a time for something that cost a hundred silver the extra 20% will make up for that silver easily and that he can mine quicker he can grow things more you can craft more art etc etc as well as construct a bigger.

Base of like that it’s definitely worth it it’s a shame when I see on all-star mode when people say they just cut all this very obscure way and they never touch it never use it especially if you’ve got a colonist who is not worth too much to the colony and I mean that very lightly because sometimes you get colonists who literally just can’t do any of these hauling clean and a few other things and they just they are useless to me at least you could give it to someone who only does mining or constructing and they’ll make it up which is great anyways if you liked the video leave a comment leave a like and subscribe I love all of you thank you guys for the support on the recent videos it’s been a lot of fun making them and I hope you learned something so see ya.

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