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Description of the video guide «Tips for players who are going to play the latest version of RimWorld 1.0»

Getting back into RimWorld for the 1.0 release? Here’s what you need to know about major changes in this RimWorld 1.0 tips guide.

If you haven’t played RimWorld in a while, you’ll want to see this RimWorld 1.0 tips video for returning players, where we see what’s changed in recent updates (beta 19 and 1.0) so you can change your strategy accordingly.

This RimWorld 1.0 tips guide includes a quickfire series of tutorial tips about changes to items degrading, electricity additions, research changes, armour rejigging and more.

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Hello folks this is Jamie with a selection of tips for rim world one point not aimed at people who have played it before but not in the last few months see it all looks very familiar but there were loads of small changes added in the last update before one point not along with stuff such as water bills so let’s get going and remember that I do have loads of rimmel’s Let’s Plays to enjoy here and randomize user so do check them out and consider subbing for coverage of all the best indie games around first tip is to get to know the user interface it looks the same at first glance but there is a new tab there’s a lot of things that appear buried in the menus that are easy to miss most obviously you can now easily locate all wild animals on the map using the new wildlife tab just click on the name of an animal to zoom straight there first of all you can instantly decide to hunt or tame them without ever even seeing them also if you’re the sort of person who dismisses a message only to need it again in the future.

There’s a new archive for your messages which can be found here in the history tab a useful feature you might never notice is that if you have a particularly important or time-sensitive work station bill you can now assign it to a particular colonist say the one with the highest relevant skill now I’m trying not to just list all the new things here but another useful thing is that you can now relocate a lot more stuff instead of having to destroy the original next tip make sure your stockpiles are fully indoors to stop things deteriorating you used to be able to leave stuff outside build a couple of blocks of walls then put a roof overhead it was a very cheap way of stopping your stuff deteriorating but that no longer works next rivers are a lot more important and interesting in rim world one point not so choose a map with a river if you want a modest extra challenge plus access to a new type of power in the form of a water mill water mills are less powerful than solar but they do run 24 hours a day and just watch out for the blue exclusion zone which stops you putting water mills too close together.

Rivers add a little extra challenge because colonists are now unhappy when they have to wade through water luckily you can build bridges to combat this something you used to need mods for you can now lay power cables across river using the new insulated cable type but it costs more to build and can’t be built in deeper water so here’s a clever tip build a bridge then run normal power cables over that in fact you can build most things on top of bridges just don’t try it with a water mill next make sure you build a variety of joy sources because colonists now get bored of doing the same recreation over and over oh yeah it’s been renamed to recreation to satisfy the need for dexterity style play you can build a horseshoe pin hoop stone ring or a billion stable for cerebral play you’ll need to build a chess or a poker table a social recreation will be automatic provided that you have a table in chair and you don’t need to do anything special for them to do meditative recreation they’ll just pray or go for walks on their own if your colonists have high expectations for recreation consider producing your own chocolate and just be aware that it’s not really viable early on you’ll need to research the new trees research and the cocoa trees research and you’ll also have to have high growing skills next if you make mountain bases but didn’t like how colonists found the worlds to be ugly use the smooth surface order which will flip the beauty of all 4-2 will to one this is quite a slow process however so you may need to be selective about which rooms to do first.

Meanwhile caravans have had a few quality of life improvements which may impact your planning most interestingly you don’t need to take quite as much food because caravans will forage for a small amount on route also the planning interface is slightly different and more helpful best of all note how you no longer have to pick a compass direction for your caravan to leave by now you pick your entire route before leaving them out next handling animals is a bit tougher in one point not because animals now lose training over time which seems to be designed to penalize players for getting too powerful with large packs of killer tame animals if you want to maintain such a large park you’ll probably need a well trained colonists dedicated entirely to animal handling ok just to finish I’ll just run through a couple of extra things but you should know factions have been tweaked heavily and it’s now more important now to have good relationship.

And to bump up the numbers you can offer gifts to factions in the trade interface Armour has been heavily overhauled and should be a research priority for those with a combative approach the ability to craft plate armor is a literal lifesaver you’ll need to develop a few more ideas to deal with raids and sometimes Raiders will enter at multiple points at once for instance you can rename people’s designation as well as their name so you can describe your colonists a bit better maybe call your melee person punchy Pope you can no restrict what type of food people eat including prisoners on the assigned tab okay that’s it oh there’s a million other things but this is what I’ve noticed so far with a limited time I’ve had playing with the various and stable builds so dude check out my patreon if you’ve enjoyed this video the more spot I get the more interesting stuff I can make for you.

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