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Description of the video guide «Tips for Beginners at RimWorld — 8 Steps to Take from the Start of the Game»

Rimworld can be overwhelming for a beginner player, but it’s a lot of fun and worth diving into. As a new player, starting your colony and building your first buildings — like the freezer and your bedrooms — is important to your survival.

Starting in a Temperate Forest, we will cover the basics of your first buildings and your first crop growing. You will secure your colonist’s safety, food production, and happiness.

Whether you are a new player, or just looking to return to Rimworld after a few editions (the current edition is 0.19 or Beta 19, with the full 1.0 release soon on the horizon), this guide should help you create a strong initial colony!

Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

This is the second video in the rimworld beginners series in the first video we discussed what I look for when selecting starting colonists you can find a link on screen and in the description below in this video we’ll cover the first few minutes of your game everything I like to do before I unpause the game for the first time will be starting in the biome that I recommend for new players temperate forests will also be starting close to the equator which will give us moderate temperatures as well as a year-round growing period that will make things easier as well either small Hills or large Hills is fine for your first run as soon as your game begins pause by pressing spacebar that will give you time to plan at everything before everything gets underway you have three main priorities to worry about your colonists safety you’re calling ist’s food intake and you’re calling it’s mood or happiness those are the three things that tend to defeat new players in their first runs so you should focus on them right away in planning the location for your colony I have five main things that I’m looking for the first is house centered in the map that it is I like a good center location the second is how defensible it is I like to be surrounded by mountains or river or ocean as much as possible I like to have rich soil nearby you could tell that its rich soil if you mouse over it and then and in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen you see rich soil and then parentheses fertilization 140 percent I like to be near a steam geyser those are a good source of power generation later in the game and I like to be near a building this is a good location for your colonists to sleep while you’re building your colony initially with all of that in mind this looks like a solid location I can build walls in between these mountains and have this be our main entryway put our defenses here looks relatively defensible we’ve got our rich soil not quite close enough by but that’s alright we’ve got a sleeping location and a steam geyser not every location will be perfect but you play the hand that you’re dealt and you make the best of it overall this looks pretty good.

The first building I’m worried about is always going to be the freezer if I didn’t have a starting building that building would also double as a dormitory until I got the bedrooms built freezers are most efficient when they’re built as a square that will maximize the area of your freezer and minimize the surface area that means you could store more stuff in it and minimize the amount of temperature that you lose to outside walls I like to build it with an interior dimension of 11 by 11 that’s because walls will support roofs up to six tiles away so making it 11 by 11 makes it square and gives me a little bit of leeway just in case a wall gets destroyed.

That gives me walls of 13 by 13 for an interior dimension of 11 by 11 later on I’ll probably double wall the freezers so I want to make sure that there’s room for that as well I also like to do an airlock as an entrance so instead of just doing a single door I’ll do two doors that my colonist will have to walk through to get in this will help maintain the temperature of the freezer a little bit more as well we’ll put in the cooler making sure that the blue side faces into the building and the red side faces out the way coolers work is that they’ll output cold air into the blue side and vent the hot air out the red side so you’ll want your red side out into the open air I will also right away set this location as a stockpile zone so our haulers can begin moving everything in here your goods will begin deteriorating if they’re left outside or if they’re left under a roof so getting them inside as quickly as possible is ideal to maintaining the health of all your objects this is also a great time to start unforce starting objects by clicking on them and pressing the f key or this forbid button to allow your colonists to halt them once that’s done I start thinking about a kitchen we’ve got our freezers so I’ll put another building right off the side of the freezer where our cook can prepare foods adding a door into there as well and now we have to worry about powering our cooler as well as our cooking area so I will go into power and select the wind turbine in these white rectangles we have to make sure that there are no walls and any trees we cut down although there are other things that we can put inside that area one of them is solar panels we can’t build solar panels yet but I always like to plan for the future to put solar panels in the path of wind turbines because they don’t block the wind and they also produce power so putting them close together is always nice we’ll go ahead and put this right here and of course plan to run our power conduits in through the walls and power our cooler as well as our stove that will come in here later now that food and power taken care of I’m going to start worrying about bedrooms bedrooms come in a variety of different sizes and every player will have different choices of bedroom size technically your bedroom only has to be one by two which is large enough to fit a single bed inside of it if you want to go slightly bigger I’d recommend you go up to an interior dimension of three by four which gives you a six by five wall dimension this will help avoid the cramped room debuff and if you want to go luxurious it’s nice to go 6 by 7 inside this will give you a spacious room buff that would be 8 by 9 wall dimensions but realistically you could go anywhere between any of these sizes based on your preference based on the availability of materials and based on the space you have available to build in this particular run I have quite a bit of space so I’m happy to build larger bedrooms let’s go ahead and give them 5 by 6.

And put doors perfect now of course I’ll add more later as I add more colonists but for our starting 3 this will be great now we can add some of our starting furniture will add more furniture laters our constructor gets more construction skill but to start we’ll add beds either in the dormitory or in the starting room that we are lucky enough to start with I’ll also put a door on this room so that we complete it as a building I’ll add some benches to the freezer as well we’ll get our electric stove in the kitchen and we’ll get our butcher table in the freezer I like putting the butcher table in the freezer because butchering creates a mess and if you have a mess in the same room as your stove you get food poisoning so I separate my butcher table and the kitchen and as long as the meat is in the freezer already it makes sense to do the butchering in here so now we’ve got our beds and we’re our two tables the final piece I’m worried about is for recreation our horseshoes pin our colonists need joy activities and horseshoes we’ll give them one more activity to keep them happy later on we’ll add a lot more furniture but these will help us for the beginning next I’m going to set that planting order we’ll start in this location for areas with rich soil I always like to start with rice rice benefits from the richer soil and will grow much faster later on I’ll probably change this to corn if we’re using a nut rich soil area potatoes are a great starting crop finally in order to fuel all of this wood building and our starting food I’m going to set an order to chop wood around our starting colony area and also in order to harvest berries that I find around the starting area he’ll root can be helpful as well all that’s left is to tell our colonists which of these tasks we want them to do don’t be intimidated by the work screen if you planned out the colonists according to our last video of how to select starting colonists you should have a nice array of passions all you need to do is check in all of the spots where people have passions and it should cover everything for you the default way the game has set up the check marks should also work as well ultimately you should make sure you have at least one person doing your construction tasks at least one person who will be doing your cooking tasks and at least one person who will be doing your growing and plant cutting tasks everyone else should also be on hauling as long as you’ve got those four things our initial setup will all be covered here returning to our three priorities we have concerned ourselves with safety we’ve located ourselves in a location where we can set up walls which we will worry about later but for now this is a nice defensible location we’ve started to set up our food we have our growing locations set up as well as a freezer once we get meals produced and a kitchen to produce those meals once this is all finished and our cooler is on I will start hunting and we’ve also taken steps to improve our colonists mood by giving them nice bedrooms later on we’ll be adding floors and we’ll be adding other rooms like rec rooms and dining rooms will also add nicer furniture in each of those rooms and we’ve also added and will continue to add entertainment rimworld can be an intimidating game at first but as long as you worry about those three critical fundamentals you’ll probably be on your way to a successful first run let’s get them started and see how they do good luck.

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