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Description of the video guide «The easiest method to combat bugs (hives) in RimWorld»

Hello everybody. I was asked by a subscriber to do a video on how to deal with infestations. He sent me some screenshots and I’ve tried to mold this video around that situation which is: No fire starting methods, very few weapons, and the infestation is in an isolated part of the base. No bionics either.

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All right hello everyone it’s me Varkey um I’m back with another rimworld video not a mod showcase actually just normal mod videos sorry let me turn that off I just made this little base over here and I made a little tunnel and I put in an infestation I executed the incident about four times just to get four hives up quickly and it’s a I’d say this is a normal sized room I can make a bigger one later though I might put on another video tomorrow dealing with a much larger infestation but for now this is just the preliminary one the infestation continued for about a day I just want to show you how to get rid of them and I’m sorry this is not a mod showcase I do have a big mod that I’m gonna get through I just haven’t had time to edit it because I think it’ll be about a 25 minute video but for a lot of people infestations ruin the game and it used to ruin mine too and I went and watched some YouTube videos and all of them were like how to deal with infestations if you have an incendiary launcher oh something like that you know it just doesn’t really work and I know this needs space oh it’s because of this hive okay.

Anyways um you won’t always have an incendiary launcher I very very rarely ever have them so yeah this is just for the preliminary one I made a little tunnel over here to this and it was going to be my joy room that’s pretty cool kind of happy it didn’t pop up in here ah that would be bad but what you do need for this and it’s easier than getting incendiary launcher I think but it still takes quite a lot and adds to have two solar panels with two batteries at least I’ve gone ahead and made it more juice I don’t have any issues while recording the video but you need two solar panels two batteries and in an auto door and that’s pretty much it besides that you can deal with the infestation pretty easily obviously you need steel and components to make this because what we’re going to be doing is we’re going to be making heaters in here and we’re going to reach the temperature that the bugs at their maximum like they’re the heat tolerance and we’re going to go a little bit above it because that’s the hottest we can get without any kind of fire making device which we don’t have unfortunately but yeah others that I watch all these YouTube videos they all have crazy requirements you know it’s like unnecessary this is what I do and I read this on reddit when I first went to find out about this which is like a year ago so what I’ve gone ahead and done is upset all my colonists to sleep in at the day well they start sleeping here and they probably sleep to around there because the bugs go to sleep at night and we’re going to have to use that because we’ll lose in a straight-up fight none of my colonists have 20 constructing and then and the constructor who I’m going to be using pikey he is not Bionic or anything he doesn’t have anything wrong with him but constructions are 10 no bionics just to kind of make the playground equal playground play field the field equal you can see how many bugs in yet there’s a ton of them for such a small room I’m worried that they get through here but whatever we’ll deal with it if they just go to sleep that would be create oh god they’re gonna be awake for a while.

Now obviously as the room gets bigger the more I can’t wait right I need these animals to bugger off and never come here again animal area one you.


I need these guys to go to sleep now obviously as a room gets bigger the more heat it takes but at the same time this is going to be pretty good I think what we’re going to run in and do is just build a few heaters and they won’t even need to be big I mean not big we only need many of them oh they cannot damnit.

Adores useless now just open it right so they go to sleep hopefully Bucky can rush in.

And build this construct and make sure that only he constructs let’s say having 10 construction but what happened okay cool go boy go no don’t clean need you to build nope go go you gave up oh god I forgot about this oh no what the is wrong with you oh my god oh my goodness seriously all right that was a failure we’re gonna retry it I drafted him by accident that was kind of dumb right how far back the bigger I get not so bad extra animals good animal area one it can get food all right that was a failure.

Know why my colonist was so retarded he went and did joy stuff really stupid so what I’m going to do is make this just for one I’m going to make this just for steel.

And I’m going to make this one just four components and hopefully that speed things up with obviously you want your material as close to it as you can be ah yeah kids put up components manufactured.

Finance whoo-hoo.

Michael is sleeping the dates is kind of good and then when I found out that he put his work like that but this is not assessed this is not a necessity guys this isn’t um you need to put his work at night so I’d say about the X that’s when the bugs go to sleep so just yeah just a heads up that if you have joined the room or something else in the room Mike Collins just wedding did that like straight up.

He just went ahead for it I have no idea why but obviously because his joy was low.

So let’s try maximize it before like he’s happy he has enough rest 8 o’clock now they never sleep on time urns would be so disappointed in them all right there we go cool so you go temperature.

Put as many as you can but always it’s definitely enough.

Why did you hole steal from there okay you gotta turn that off too you.

Nope you see dude this is the problem like he’s retarded why why does he do that why do you go and use the death.

All right what’s up and I’ve failed three times now um because well two of the times biking when it started playing horseshoes even those thing was set to work I’ve no idea why this occurs it just seems to happen but I’m hopeful that this one will work another time was that he stood over their bodies while they were sleeping I wasn’t aware that this woke them up Oh just do that.

I just want to draft them trough Tim so he goes and works and I just dropped the dam so that aren’t going clean or any other thing so look and I’d hope that it doesn’t wake them up but construction failed good job dude good job I’m very proud of you using my name well.

Okay cool no it’s been done we’re going to raise the temperature as high as possible when I putted named I’m sorry.

All right there your big smoke cloud of temperatures that 2,000 degrees now that should raise pretty quickly 31 degrees inside 19 outside and now now what we’ve learned is you cannot stand on them while they’re sleeping like you cannot do that at all it’s a terrible idea so what we’re aiming for is 60 degrees Celsius which is 65 when you’re need 61 I think but yeah so failed three times four time is the charm this is really easy how much power is this using one hundred and seventy five times five which is half of one thousand seven hundred fifty which is less than a stove the generator puts out.

Much less I still recommend you have to vote just so you can keep about you full all the time.

Because these things do to electricity okay what 78 degrees and that’s the max temperature but each stroke is happening and we haven’t needed any fire or anything like that do that just so that no stupid colonist cousin that every single time Michael is waiting he’s like Oscar play horseshoes with these Megan spiders around him like what world do you live in where that’s even remotely a good idea I don’t know whatever.

But yeah this is just a good way to get rid of them with no incendiary grenades and no other ways of making fire because that’s the number one way to get rid of infestations is just make a huge fire it’s like serious it’s at 56% 60 now yeah 16 up when he gets the hundred they all die there we go they’re all downed so you can actually move in and start killing the hives now if you wanted so we’re gonna do that no not you you know get out yeah and let’s just make sure that heat stroke doesn’t kill him because that would be bad if I long — these guys are dead heat stroke initial so you just got to keep an eye on this if you are going to go kill the hive quickly because you don’t need to do this whatsoever you can wait till you may till it all dead and then come back in later.

Okay good job dude if you can hit a few of your shots that would be amazing yeah that guy okay wait there we go they’re all dead all dead no all right so let’s open up the floodgates a lot of the colonists they come in reset these so they’re all at 21 degrees so then you just pull your other colonists in now for but I’ll just use these ones for now and then obviously keep an eye on their heat on their heat stroke all the time and there we go that’s how you clear out an infestation um it’s very simple I died a few times but that was just because I’ll just being lazy and not micromanaging enough but if you micromanage enough this is it they can’t do anything now it’s just feel so good to get done with these pieces of friendly toys people all right bye-bye Thank You Komodo.

Ah but yeah there we go there all done you only needed five heaters which is really not much when you want to get rid of an infestation and they did some mining for me.

Which is pretty nice of them and some components cool dude yeah if you guys still want me to do a video on a bigger colony maybe dealing with three or four rooms.

I can do that too it’s just more heat which needs more power but you get the gist of it this is pretty much it you just got to heat up the room to get rid of them like unfortunately that’s the only proper way to get rid of bugs is to just kill them with fire like burn them with fire yeah this doesn’t use any sort of fire-making techniques it just heated them up until it was just enough to kill them and yeah kind of like that story where you gotta boil the Frog and stuff anyways hope you guys learn something because I definitely did I didn’t know that a walk bugs up if you stood on him now I know by quino’s he died like seven times dead but I hope you guys have an amazing day see you for tomorrow’s video um I’ve got vegetable garden mod coming up soon which is just an awesome mod but yeah appreciate all the support you guys have been giving me really just you guys are the best and anyways bye bye everyone stay cool.

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