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If you’ve tried giving your pawn a new bionic limb in Rimworld, you know that sometimes that bionic will be lost for seemingly no reason when the surgery fails… and that’s if the patient survives! It might seem like a ridiculous bad RNG roll, but in fact it’s all math. And the math is very easily accessible for everyone! Just check use the five tips in this video and before you know it you will have level 5 doctors installing bionics in pawn bedrooms with a 100% success chance rate — all with no mods! It’s so easy you’ll wonder how you ever had a failed surgery in the past.

Unfortunately, it’s also easy to miss a step or two so if you’re like me, this won’t completely prevent surgery mishaps… but it will definitely not be the game’s fault!

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Hello everyone this is Sean with vanilla PC strategy and welcome to my five tips for successful surgery and rimworld have you lost precious bionics or had pawns die at the hands of your most experienced doctors no matter what you do it seems like you’re rolling the dice with surgery this is frustrating and seems arbitrary with only a modest doctor in no hospital these five tips can guarantee success all values in this video are from alpha 16 on extreme difficulty it’s important to choose your most skilled doctor here we can see the Zippy wanderer and Norberto have skills of nine or ten while Julian is at 14 you can manually instruct your surgeons by right-clicking and assigning them to surgery or if you want to do multiple surgeries turn off all but your best doctor click the info button on the pon status tab at the bottom of the stat tab you’ll find the surgery success chance here we see that Julian has a 96% based success chance click on this line and we can see his medical skill of 14 gives a 96 percent chance alone consciousness site and manipulation have effects on this overall rate since they’re all at 100% chance for Julian there is no change it is important to reserve your best medicine for surgery especially surgery involving expensive bionics which are lost in the case of failure each medicine type has a dramatic effect on your doctor skill and it’s important to consider these modifiers herbal medicine has a 40 percent potency effect which would provide a 38 percent success chance for Julian meanwhile standard medicine has a 70 percent potency effect which would provide Julian a 67 percent success chance in his surgery Glitter world medicine has a hundred and sixty percent potency effect which would give Julian a hundred and fifty three percent chance success rate so this will always succeed as a matter of fact any pawn with greater than 63 percent based chance will succeed using glitter world medicine assuming there are no other problems glitter world medicine can’t be manufactured but is often carried by exotic Goods traders and it’s a good idea to purchase it whenever you get the chance let’s see how the doctor’s mental state can also affect their surgery success chance rate our pond Christian is stoned on smoked leaf Christian isn’t a very good doctor at the medical skill of only five.

Checking his success rate we see there’s only 49% a level-five doctor inherently is a 70% success rate normally they even this low-level doctor would succeed every time using glitter world medicine however smoke leaf takes a 30% consciousness penalty Christian 70 percent consciousness is applied to a 70 percent success rate to get a final result of 49% even with glitter world medicine he’ll still only succeed 78% of the time various drugs have various effects on consciousness so it’s important to check before assigning a doctor to surgery.

Make sure your pawns are assigned to use glitter world medicine before assigning them a surgery bill normally I leave my pawns on herbal medicine for day-to-day injuries it works just fine bump them up to glitter world medicine when assigning surgery and then drop them back to herbal once the surgery is complete pawns will take damage from failed surgery so if you can’t guarantee success it’s a good idea to wait until a pond recovers from any injury before signing them in operation the damage done from a failure is less likely to kill a healthy pond finally sterile tiles although a large investment can provide an additional 3% boost to surgery success rate considering the large investment required a relative effectiveness of glitter world medicine it may not be worth the cost however many players feel these silver tiles put their hospital over the edge so it might be something to consider during late-game unfortunately medical beds and vitals monitors do not affect surgery success rate in any way while they do provide a boost to treatment quality which is handy after a big fight this is for bandaging injuries rather than performing surgery this may be updated in future offices so remember when it comes to surgery always select your best doctor look at their success rate and make sure that they’re sober use your best medicine and if it’s not glitter world through the math to make sure that you’ll succeed.

Make sure your patient is set up to use that medicine but don’t worry too much about giving them the best Hospital combining these tips even a level 5 doctor can succeed every time installing bionics without a hospital sure it requires planning patience and micro management but we’ll save you and your colony a lot of money and use a player a lot of aggravation I hope these tips will help you prevent further unnecessary death in your operating room if you have other ideas I’d love to hear from you in the comment section down below be sure to like this video and subscribe I post vanilla rimworld Let’s Plays daily on Cassandra extreme and play other games on the side I really appreciate you watching see you again real soon.

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