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Автор: BeanTech

Description of the video guide «Five Best Steam Workshop Mods for RimWorld»

Top 5 Rimworld Mods on the steam workshop:

  1. Medical Tab.
  2. EdB Prepare Carefully.
  3. Glitter Tech.
  4. Colony Manager.
  5. Work Tab.

Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

So I will be showing you my personal top 5 favourite mods for Wii mode all of these mods on the Steam Workshop so they will be easily accessible coming in at number 5 is the medical tab by fluffy just a little quick mod basically what it allows you to do is quickly see all of the medical conditions affecting all of your people so as you can see here you can see like what the percentage is on each of them I don’t want to call these to medical basically traits and you can see what is affecting them y-you can change the priority of treatment and it’s just a really nice easy UI mom coming in at number 4 is e DB e DB prepare carefully by e DB mods this mod is a mostly a fun one but it also can help you change your starting location and starting situation a lot within the game basically what it allows you to do is after when you’re setting up your game instead of just choosing your start location and going you can basically change everything you could want to change the appearance change the stats change the relations change the backstories and yeah it’s pretty easy to use and you can basically so with whatever colonist you want with whatever traits you want and which ever items you want and it’s cool a little bit different than the rest of the mods I have here glitter tech is a mod that adds items as opposed to a UI effects like the rest of these or not a UI thanks but a usability mods like the rest of these mods and um this is probably in my opinion the most polished but that adds items and other things into the game so it adds all sorts of things including organ like entire organ system where you can get prosthetic limbs you can get body suit stuff it adds a ton of new weapons anyways up aunt it adds a little Texan which is basically higher-end medicine full a-game and it just adds a bunch of cool items okay coming in at number two is colony manager this one is actually pretty interesting one for I believe it’s something around 80 steel you can build a managing desk which allows you to manage your citizens and basically you can send someone to manage them and this person will automatically create tasks for you you can set them to automatically assign trees to be logged you can set them to automatically assign animals to be hunted or you can set them to automatically slot automatically harvest Bailey’s bushes etc and it’s just a really nice model because you can’t get tedious to manually choose all the mature trees and chop them and and my personal favorite mod is again my fluffy as you can see mostly though it’s the work tab and what this allows you to do the biggest most important thing for me is that it is that it creates instead of just having one two or three as the priority for tasks you can have anywhere between one and nine which is extremely useful for me personally as I can a sign something as a nine just so I can allow them to prioritize it without without them doing it on their own very much I can assign things as threes or fours and it’s just a lot more detail in addition there’s some other features such as the ability to restrict activities to certain types of days and even a extremely complex.

Chote of all of the different any different jobs that your people can do a more than just say the eighth or whatever basic ones it has like an insane amount which i personally a little too much but it still could be pretty useful.


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