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Автор: GrayStillPlays

Description of the video guide «A detailed guide to recruiting prisoners on how to increase the chances of successful recruitment at RimWorld»

In today’s Rimworld Alpha 14 new player tips, tricks, and tutorials guide, we’re checking out some advanced prisoner recruitment techniques in order to increase your prisoner recruitment chances.

I’ll go into exactly what causes prisoner difficulty to get so high, and what the variables are that can assist you in raising up your recruitment percentage as high as possible. You might not know, but even a relatively high social stat warden can increase their recruitment chances by around 50% by doing a few things to make sure those variables are as high as can be.

This guide only VERY briefly goes into the basics of setting up a prison cell, this is much more for the advanced techniques.

Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

Hello everybody gray still plays and today I’m checking out another tutorial for rim world for you guys this was another requested item that someone had requested in one of the channel comments and that was how to recruit soldiers for yourself or how to recruit them in a more efficient way basically how to get the recruitment up as high as possible especially when some of the people are more difficult to recruit and kind of what are the variables that affects recruitment so this guide is more of an advanced guide it it considers you to have the basic understanding of at least how to you know create a room set up a bed for a prisoner and then have a warden in your colony like Val over here is my warden if we go over to the work area we go to warden’s see Val as my warden how to set up a warden and then how to at least go over to the prisoner tab click on it and then click on chat and recruit so if you didn’t know how to do that I guess I kind of really quickly went through it but let’s take a look at a bunch of the items that effects your chance at successfully recruiting someone which is kind of nebulous and something a lot of something a lot of different people wondered about so first things first you’re going to notice that the recruitment difficulty of this particular person here is 75% but no doubt you’ve gotten some recruitment difficulties that were like 99% why is that ok the thing about this game is there is a language system in this game and I’m going to be very very zoomed in for this I want you guys to know that so the reason I’m doing that is that you’re going to get to easily see the recruitment percentages each time we try here and I’m going to show you guys some different variables so there’s languages in the game and we are a tribal people that is that is the type of gameplay that I was playing and this person is a tribal person which means that we’re going to have an easier opportunity recruiting this individual rather than say a spacer that dropped down from a drop pod from space that’s because we don’t speak the same language if that happened we would be using like sign language to try and communicate to this guy and be like join our cause but at least here we share some of the same customs and some of the same languages and that’s why whenever you if you’re playing.

A a tribal style of game and you are a tribalist if you capture other tribalists you’re going to have a lot easier time recruiting them than if you capture like a pirate or something likewise if you’re utilizing a spacer style of colony and you get someone that drops down from the sky you’re going to have a lot easier time recruiting then then say a tribalist person now how do you get your percentages up alright well first let me show you guys a baseline so like I said Val is our warden over here let’s go and chat with frog and see what our baseline recruitment percentage is I’m gonna go ahead and fast-forward here a little bit so we can see it real quick and then we’ll pause once we get it okay so right there you can see recruit failed 11% chance now I’ll let you guys know what this percent here is right now in other words like all things being equal and if this was the time right now when we just tried to recruit this guy this would not change the reason I say that is because I’ve reloaded the game like 10 or 15 times just to see if I would get 11 percent every single time at this time of day right now when nothing else has changed and it’s always 11 percent so that is our current baseline now there’s a lot of things that basically will influence this 11 percent chance one of the first things that’s going to influence it is your actual social skill as this goes up you’re going to get a better percentage chance of recruiting people but there’s some other things too that increase this and that’s really what I want to get the opportunity to talk about the two things that increase this is if you go over to social you’re going to see and we click on our guy here you’re going to see that he has an opinion of Val and his opinion of val is 82 right now so I believe it started at 77 we’ll reload in a second here and check that out as this opinion goes up the percentage chance for the recruitment will likewise go up that is why if you stick with the recruitment and you keep talking to them over and over and over again with the same guy the percentage chance is going to slowly increase and that’s because a you’re getting a better opinion of that person but B it’s also because you’re increasing the social skill that that person has let’s check this out real quick okay now remember how I said that the the social interaction point here that people have with with each other will directly influence their ability to get recruited let’s check that out now so right now frog here has a plus seventy one opinion of Val but let’s go and increase that real quick by utilizing some of the development tools so that we can kind of move things right along here we’ll go ahead and add opinion thoughts about and then we’re going to click on our guy and we’re going to click on good so you can see right now he has a hundred percent or I should say plus 100 opinion of Val so now that that is done now let’s go ahead and try and recruit him all right so we’ve got the recruitment going we go over here it’s still a 75% chance this is not going to change but remember now we have a plus plus 100 for our social interaction let’s go ahead and fast forward things along here okay now he just joined and if we go over here to the new recruit we’ll see the percentage chance because it didn’t show up on the screen if you noticed we’ll see the percentage chance that we had to recruit this guy so we had a 14% chance so it went up around one percent per 10 opinion of the person very interesting but can you get further than that you can but let’s go ahead and separate something else and that’s what a lot of people have asked if you improv you make a really impressive cell with a ton of beauty and the person’s opinion of their cell gets impressive does that change the recruitment percentage chance it does let’s go check that out real quick okay so we’re back we’re back to having a 71 plus opinion of Val for our prisoner but now instead of increasing the opinion we’re going to increase the beauty of this cell so let’s do that real quick now remember I have God mode on the reason for this so that I can build.

Items very very quickly so let’s go ahead and let’s go to a grand sculpture and we’ll make a whole bunch of these real quick and the reason why is because I want like incredibly grandiose crazy ones okay so here we have a couple of grandiose sculptures let’s go ahead and put these down let’s find some other really high level ones there’s another thousand one put that one down over here see if we can get any other thousand ones just kind of laying around there’s one more right there so let’s go put these three down we’re going to go install these real quick get this guy’s opinion of his cell way up and then we’re going to come back and try and recruit him again and see if that changed anything now for a baseline let’s go back over to his needs and take a look at his mood his mood was currently right in the 68th percentile when we recruited him before let’s see what happens though when we increase this up to around 99 percent let’s max out his mood and see what it does okay so we’ve got all the items installed you can see here he has an incredibly impressive prison cell and his mood is thus jumping like way up because his prison cell is just so amazing this is what we wanted let’s go ahead and keep it kind of moving here and now that his opinion of his cell is pretty impressive let’s see if we can go ahead and recruit him and see if it if it increases the percentage chance of the recruitment here we go all right so val is attempting to recruit right now we’re at about a 92% mood let’s see what happens here alright and there we go a 13% chance due to having a 97% mood now from what I’ve seen and I need to do more testing about this.

It appears that right at around 75 to 80% you get your very first 10% bonus and I say 10% because it went up to 12% from 11% and that right around that 95% mood you get another 10% bonus increasing it to a 13% chance from 11% of being able to recruit this guy now can you stack these two things can you stack opinion and the impressiveness of the cell and the answer is yes let’s check that out now okay so now we’ve got our opinion of Val weigh up we’ve over here to the social tab and we can see it has 100 plus opinion of Val and we also have all these different sculptures in here so his overall needs and mood are up to about 89% now let’s go ahead and try and recruit him and see what it looks like here we go we’re going to start right around here just take a look at his mood mood is it around 93% very good and 16% chance so there you go you can see that we went from an 11% chance all the way to a 16% chance from our baseline just from having a super impressive room getting this guy’s mood up and having a fantastic opinion about now there’s some other things for you guys to know the mood is important because if this mood goes below 35% you will not be able to recruit a person no matter what you do likewise as long as the mood stays about 35% you always have at least a 0.5% chance at recruiting anyone regardless of how difficult they are to recruit but I just wanted to get the opportunity to look deeper into recruiting and prisoner recruiting and show you guys a couple of the different methods and ways that you can get your percentage up the two most important ones being increasing the opinion of the warden by continuing to do those chats with the person and yes increasing the impressiveness of the room does count it actually does make a very tangible difference up to about twenty percent for the individual at hand hope you guys found this interesting and helpful if you have any more suggestions on tutorials or things that you would like me to look deeper into in rimworld feel free to let me know until the next time stay foxy and much love.

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