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Was gonna everybody’s jr. and I’m here with a brand-new video and continue with our room world guide series we’re gonna be talking about colony defense in this one and I actually did create a video like this but I took it down and I decided to make a brand new one due to some constructive criticism I like to thank you guys on the reddit for that anyways guys we’re gonna be going in-depth on calling the defense we’re gonna be looking at some statistics some maneuvers that will help you guys so many new players and it’s just some basic stuff that we’re gonna add in and I might come out with a defensive colony video and we’re gonna go even more in-depth against how to defend against a pers and make a noise and whatnot so if you guys want that video please show this video is to support and without further ado let’s go ahead and get started.

The main defensive feature of a mountain is not only that they can function as a natural wall barrier but they also can act as a funnel for Raiders that are attacking you if you’ve ever gotten raided and a mountain has either split or funneled a group of Raiders into a different position this is the idea you can funnel the Raiders into one spot by placing your colony by a mountain or at a certain point around it therefore the Raiders that are attacking you will have to go down one side of the mountain to get to your colony rivers and marshes go hand-in-hand and the fact that they both slow down Raiders but you can build a bridge over a river that can act as a funnel and you can even booby trap it to kill incoming Raiders whether that’s with IEDs with spike traps or just flat-out ambushing them from different angles now on to early game defense try not to spend too much time on defense and make the best of the resources you have early on whether that’s wood stone or steel one common strategy is to use stone chunks as a barrier or to slow down Raiders instead of creating a dumping stockpile away from your colony use your stone chunks to be a barrier to slow down Raiders or you can actually put them in a section to act as a sandbag for your own colonists also in the early game you have these ruins nearby that can be made in to shape-shift bunkers with some tiles being sandbags that provide protection shoot from behind the wall not the sandbags for better cover the sandbags with the.

While being knocked out will basically just act as an opening the sandbags just being there for extra cover lastly is use your spike traps wisely put spike traps and narrow passages that aren’t closed off or you can put them in behind potential cover for Raiders be sure later in the game make your traps out of stone because if they are wood they can be highly flammable and they will burn out and you’ll have to recreate them one baiting trick is to expose a Raiders blindside by lying chunks spaced out or cover exposed from one angle so that you can flank them provide cover in the doorway and hold the door open and also allow your colonists to flee back into one side of the doorway behind the wall so they have extra cover if you’ve ever experienced dry lightning strikes around your colony you know that when flammable objects become inflamed in different parts of the map it’s just a huge plot of land becomes desolated so to do this you can get a stone wall and outside of the wall outside of your colony you can start a fire and it will destroy most of the trees and grass and just completely eradicate all the life in one area of the map therefore leaving no cover it’s also smart that you do take all the stone chunks steel slags from the map in that section and also store them in the dumping stockpile so that incoming Raiders have no cover whatsoever now walls are essential to not only defending against Raiders but they also can keep Manhunter and predatorial animals away from your colony if you create a two-layer wall be sure to create a zone for all of your colonists and restrict the outer wall sections during raids so your undrafted colonists will not try to repair them while getting shot in early game you could put a door every 20 tiles and use them as flanking points against incoming Raiders that are coming up to one side of the wall make sure to upgrade your walls to stone as soon as you can near the mid game as Raiders become more advanced and hire a number build extra defenses either behind or in front of your walls such as sandbags turrets or even small kill boxes be sure to section off your wall though because you want to keep your turrets defenses away from your pawns defenses so that if the turrets get blown up your colonists will not suffer damage try to layer your walls and create airlocks in between different layers of the walls therefore that if Raiders break through one layer of the wall your colonists will have that airlock to fall back onto or even another wall to fall back behind and the Raiders are not straight up in your colony one interesting trick that I’ve learned is the roof trap this is something you might want to try during the mid game because it does require IEDs which is a decent amount of research and also requires chem fuel still and whatnot create a one tile support and create a roof area that spans as much space as possible place some furniture with an AED and when a group of Raiders enter the blast area it will destroy the support and the roof that will deal damage to the Raiders head neck torso dealing up to 20 damage.

In the late game to combat sieges create a mortar area with shelves that can hold shells also you need a space your mortars from each other and walls evenly note that mortars need to be outdoors so your whole section it needs to not be roofed you can also use transport pods to send predatorial or boom elopes or other animals to seizures as well anyways guys that’s pretty much it for me and I would like to thank us for watching this video if you guys want me to come out with a more advanced guy talking about how to defend against certain types of raids and how to destroy poison ships effectively please show as much love support share this video like it drop a comment drop a sub it really does help me out thank you guys for all the support on the rim world subreddit as well when I post some of these videos guys you guys literally light it up and I would like to thank you guys so much for that thank you for the constructive criticism and you know this is the video so they guess watching once again and I’ll see you guys in the next one.

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