Лучшее строение в RimWorld — Дозатор пасты (как работает, зачем нужен) - RimWorld гайд

Автор: Fruitbats

Description of the video guide «The best structure in RimWorld — Pasta Dispenser (how it works, why you need it)»

In my opinion, the Nutrient Paste Dispenser is the best item in all of RimWorld. Not only can it be a great tool for beginner players, intermediate and advanced Rimworld players can also benefit from its strengths!

Not only will a nutrient paste dispenser free one of your colonists from the task of cooking, allowing you to get a lot more done early in the game — such as researching, construction, tailoring, crafting, etc. — but also, nutrient paste will last longer than any other source of food! If you’re having trouble surviving in a more difficult biome, like ice sheet or extreme desert, a nutrient paste dispenser may just be your solution!

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