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Description of the video guide «The best base layout in RimWorld for protection against all types of raids»

I asked a question on the Rimworld subreddit about the best possible killbox/defense setup as I was curious about what I could do with my defenses late game, and just genuinely curious about what is the best defense in general. It turned out that general defenses were to just spam as many turrets as possible. So in the continuation of my psychological warfare idea I decided to make my own ULTIMATE DEFENSE!

So how this defense works, and you need to have a decent setup, is you spawn on a mountain region. After that you just dig for a while until you come to a natural cavern. This is important as it allows you to put down solar panels to supplement your power usage. Once you’ve found that cavern start to dig out a main path, and layer it with sandbags so that raiders need to climb over the sandbags constantly. Ensure that the corridor is only 1 wide so they have no choice. After that ensure that the corridor is long enough that both food and rest are depleted by the time they make it to the end. This is crucial as it culls the crowd and splits them up.

The rest is pretty simple. Build your base, manage your power effectively. Spam firefoam poppers everywhere. It’s reasonably doable very late game as long as you don’t setout to make it from the beginning. What I would recommend is first having a successful colony in every way, and only after that’s done do you make a caravan to the next map and begin from there.

This defense breaks people mentally, and tears apart any survivors easily. I’ve tested this out on 8000 point raids, I’ve used having several 8000 point raids at one time. The only problem with this defense is the fact that raiders can glitch out occasionally.

Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

So I asked the question on the remote discord a few days ago about what was the best or let’s not say best but most optimal kill boxes you could think of it didn’t have to be efficient it just had to get the job done which was it was a pretty cool question to ask I saw a lot of really really cool responses I asked for screenshots in all of that and I was lucky to get so many actually I probably are close to 60 or 70 responses and the number one uploaded one is actually pretty interesting it’s set you off on a mountainous world with a really really long winding corridor as you can see I’ve recreated it exactly the way it says in the post or these as true as I can without just taking the save file and I will be going through exactly what it takes to build the skill box but so far this is the best kill box I’ve seen and you can actually create the kill box yourself if you wanted to it is actually doable so first of all you need a mountainous region.

Preferably cold preferably cold then I mean like below negative zero degrees or 32 Fahrenheit during the winter summer would be even better but I made this in a pretty temperate place just because I like to look at this world but as I said preferably cold so you don’t have to worry about refrigeration it’s a pretty big deal but besides that you sort of in a mountainous region as you can see most of the map is actually mountain here lots of stone and stuff so the rest of it is kind of chilled I suppose but this is a big deal.

So you start off by carving yourself a massive massive post pretty much you want to make a big corridor forget about the walls in the beginning and the sandbags it’s the corridor that you want to start off by making while you’re making the Kouros it down a dumping zone throughout the entire thing sort of dodging it’s constantly putting down chunks and all that and while you’re doing that start putting down the walls in the corridor so they have to zigzag through it.

Now luckily for you you don’t actually have to do that you see if you make your path deep enough into the mountain you can actually make a separate part that goes out of it like so right by your base so this is what the base looks like it has a ton of batteries and a leading area outside which is actually one of those areas in a mountain where it’s kind of like a cavern like you discovered and it has access to a non roofed area which is super important for this as you can see you can kind of see it over there in the middle of the middle of this little toy section you can see where there is no roof and you’re so deep in the mountain so it’s kind of crazy but you do find areas like that so that’s what you’ll be digging your path out to look for until you find something like this just keep digging to keep digging keep digging keep digging pretty much that is the that is the crux of this entire thing after that everything kind of simplifies if you find this perfect area and it is perfect it is rare but that’s the whole point of this kill box and as I said kill boxes are very controversial so this is one of the things where it is a limited edition kill tuck in a sense so please just keep that in mind once you’ve found that area you can start carving out your actual kill box which is just as many towers as possible shoved into a little area see these are plasteel turrets there’s 43 of them in total they use about 37,000 what’s I think and that’s another thing about is you just got to maintain your power usage yeah this is about 32 I don’t know 37 or 43 thousand watts well the tower sold activated it drains like a you cannot maintain it for very long unfortunately but trust me when I say people melt this area of my base is constantly changed like the walls of here because every time they get they are shot at it just melts these so what you want to do is look at about the max area and take a take maybe 2/3 of the max distance and just place your turrets around that just so that whenever there’s an entrance each tire can reach it that’s what you want have at least at least to be able to reach it it won’t be perfect won’t be perfect but it doesn’t need to be you kind of just shower enemies with bullets so you need so many bullets that even if you have six or seven people with personal shields they just get completely melted as they walk through here after that of the carving up is arian having your turret you need to lay sandbags down constantly sandbags and bagging sandbags and you can see from the starch I’ve got sandbags all along this area which actually slows down people the ton I actually made a video about that yesterday about how effective stockpiling sandbags are sandbags and chunks they do their part but it slows down enemies I’d say about like sixty to seventy percent something ridiculous like that it slows them down so much that you don’t even need to worry about them getting to the tarts because very often only about two or three people make it here because they get stuck in the maze pretty much another thing that is a welcome addition to our maze was an infestation I’ve gotten rid of it but there was an infestation at one time as you can see all these speedo beads that I say it’s Bella peds just chilling around here it’s actually kind of insane that what people have to go through but as I said they don’t usually make it to the end so once you have these sandbags you can get to your main base and that is over here as you can see I have separated lots of things by power switches I’ll turn this on off again so power but as you can see we’ve got a full battery and 38:5 phone poppers around the base and that’s not counting the ones outside with more toilets and all that this is a very very late game kill box but as you can see the way out is not for your colonists to go through this hectic maze mess it’s just to take this little corridor through here and then they can take corridors out here as many doors as possible just to deter enemies from attacking them they usually in a massive raid I’ve seen maybe four doors be taken out by two or three stragglers that is pretty much it generally they will go straight you into the maze and start the massive journey to get there and it’s important you don’t have any doors in this area at all because if you do they will just go straight here I can just wreck you.

I do tired set up here this is completely not necessary though really this is so not necessary to joke I’ve just put this down there so it doesn’t interrupt me when I’m filming because there will be a lot of time lapses my computer lags are way too much my computer is pretty crappy when it comes with this kind of stuff I guess the only way I can show you is to actually have a raid unfortunately when I do 8000 point raid my game actually bugs out because Raiders step on each other too much around here so they start to stop teleporting around the map it actually just gets obscene so I’m going to do a few raids you’ll see that they’re not even going to make it to the end maybe one or two will make it but it is actually pretty ridiculous let’s summon in a raid let’s say 4200 points will say stage then attack alright so here’s the raid unfortunately when I summon in the raid my PC just starts to freeze and lag and do also the crazy stuff which is actually a first full remote like right now it’s just freezing constantly I will time-lapse this out as we get later into the testing that’s on a restrict all the colonists to this area so that no one gets screwed by these people this is incredibly effective this is probably the most effective kill box I’ve seen so far that actually has a plan for power like you can get enough power to do this unfortunately do of the spam fire phone poppers to kind of make it a realistic thing which might use close to sixty components so it is very very late game this is a late game scenario pretty much what you’ll have to do is maybe have a base here for most of the game and then sort of migrate into the mountain because I can’t imagine newness of three colonists I did it with five and they’re all in Han so just keep that in mind alright so here they come this is the raid by the time they get here is actually about here they should all be out of food and rest so they should stop.

Slowing down around here and fun to fold asleep so a lot of them will start to fall asleep around there and we turn off the air dog you should start to fall asleep around there more than fall asleep and then only like one or two actually make it which is really freaking interesting let me turn the power on because I actually forgot about that.

You know the buzzing cool there we go also this roof just happens to be perfectly placed for illuminating enemies well I’ve heard that apparently and also sickeningly room they remove the illumination in vehicles so you can raise you some of them are fun to fall asleep.

I did say planned an attack but yeah all the games already glitching out they’re actually already starting to mentally they might not yet actually I just seen all the dead bodies on the floor it’s actually kind of crazy he I have been testing this for quite a while remember that the stacks it reaches five stacks and that’s it so it’s not too big a deal than seeing all these bodies spotting cultures stacks at Mad Max without a 5 sex I think and bodies max out is three this should be a least amount of combat possible and that’s what I’ve been messing around with for the past week or so it’s its maximum amount of non combat peaceful way to get rid of people this is this Q box does have guns but it’s kind of in like a worst case scenario that the guns actually do get used from what I’ve been from what I’ve seen Raiders will actually give up Raiders will give up around here and then sort of just show they start to run out of food around now yeah and you do need to fix this but I I generally just deconstruct this and I just let my people run in and just fix everything really quickly this is a super low maintenance made surprisingly surprisingly low maintenance take a look okay.

Starving okay so he’s not in a good mood not in a good mood which is awesome as malnutrition he has no food and almost no rest which is kind of cool he’s fine it’s some of the members are in rush level some of them did sleep like a little bit off so they write that guy’s no rest that guide in the red starting to break on each other now which is awesome very very cool begin here they do they’re just breaking walls now but it’s easily repairable what are a few balls compared to a five thousand point raid like I was really happy to see that dude guy yeah someone like surprisingly good mood because of their rival time it’s very tired and starving — right now it’ll get worse but that’s negative 29 and that’s negative 12 negative 41 to the moon this guy is just just okay alright because it loves us yeah as you can see getting over here is actually more of a challenge in itself and actually surviving the turret and luckily with mechanoids you have so many turrets that it kind of just doesn’t matter but I’ll still test it out because it is still interesting to me but the tars kind of multimeric annoyed completely oh yeah there we go trash people from the black desert Confederacy have given up and are leaving so they’ll probably be a few scrag lives you kind of come through here but it’s very interesting it is it’s very interesting seen this kind of kill box in action weapon to you man you just got the kicked out of you and then as this happens more dead bodies just get added to the pile so the mood debuff just laughs for quite a while longer so in the game stops bugging out by the way when you have stuff like this and that where there’s too many twin is I went okay not try woman but there’s too many people on one tile and it just kind of everything a bit i just guys going to make it I think.

He’s in an ok mood I guess look at that look at that negative 25 degrees also negative 36 from starving negative 10 from observing rotting corpse and negative 5 from observed corpse that is from just going into this area and then hot is because the world is hot but I as I said I do recommend doing this on a colder planet see what I mean like he didn’t even have brain destroyed he wasn’t even able to react to be in shock this is by far the most effective kill box I’ve seen at least this is the most effective one I’ve ever made personally and I do think it’s a pretty pretty crazy idea especially if you still have an infection in the middle here so now they made it all the way to the end suddenly they’re seeing now they have to make it all the way out and the worst part is by now most of them are close to mental break I’ll be all surprised I’ll be surprised if I can find someone who’s not in extreme break territory after spending so much time Ian just seems so much yeah nobody nobody oh there we go what is up with this guy how the Bloodless dude the same guy anyways I’m gonna call in some mechanoids clear out these guys stuff like that repair and everything so I’ll be right back alright we’re back so I call in the mechanoid rate at about 5,800 points as you can see it it’s a lot of people a lot of a lot of centipedes and fighters my game is frozen again ok I don’t think it’s happy it don’t think it’s happy with the kill box.

It cannot be out only what the kill box just makes things freeze I don’t know why I SUSE SUSE don’t know why alright so it looks like the centipedes are actually going to be kind of clumped up together which will make this a lot harder but I’m pretty confident in this it has handled it before there’s so many of these things keeping in the turn let’s switch back on so many of these things that it’s genuinely pretty ok at least as far as I can tell little bee but surely they are coming through it’s necessary but I’ve positioned us like that so that they have to come into here to fire all right don’t mind actually I just went straight for it some human to the human alright so as you can see we dealt with the sizes without a problem at all I don’t think that they even hit any of the charts no no they didn’t hit anything only problem is that we lost quite a lot of damage to that okay oh okay they’re still really freaking power points just for the record this is five thousand two hundred or five thousand eight hundred point raid which is pretty late game this is pretty late game you do get higher but unfortunately the maze bugs out at higher it’s incredibly frustrating alright so about four minutes later they have made it through all right here we go what are these guys having spinner cannon from a cannon okay Oh what about you please don’t get shot by your friend here we go sorry that’s not the target exploding those are the fire phone poppers as I said you have to use quite a few but luckily these all granites they won’t explode I mean not explode but they won’t burn the fire from Papa Joe’s after the event i just remember that this is quite a few centipede and this is exactly what I was worried about but it will be fine what’s doing fine hey what is actually burning is it just a fire just a Ville fire alright anyways as I said it is a pretty chilled we’ve just taken out most of the centipedes I mean these guys aren’t going to be too big of a deal we took out nine of them like sizes and centipedes and did we even lose one tart nah we lost a wall around one of the tarts but we didn’t lose a single turret in all this as I said this has to be the most effective kill box I’ve ever seen that allows you to still access the outside walls obviously if you do need a bit of luck to find these cavern type things but as I said that is the sole reason that you would use this kind of thing be incredibly incredibly cool incredibly cool and yes fire fun pop was constantly five point poppers everywhere fire four fire five fire five so let’s wait for these last two to hurry up here they do have mini guns maybe they’ll get a rogue shot and destroy a brain or something an origin for myself that is pretty much all there is to this kill box it is just an incredibly incredibly demoralizing kill box and once you get past these moralizing but you get something that kind of just rips you to shreds like you get shredded by these bullets absolutely shredded look at this pile of centipede and finally the last one and we are done that is pretty much it this is the kill box as you can see that’s where the power comes from power comes through the wires down the corridor Raiders do not attack that as you saw you might get one or two stragglers but they will not do much the rest of them go through this long winding cavern that is designed to be as ugly as possible negative 38 filled with rotting corpses from your lives enemies until they get here where they get completely ripped to shreds by Letarte and you can live reasonably comfortable inside the mountain reasonably can unload Wharf just that you can just carry on digging that’s it infestation is not a problem if you have these lights if you manage your power properly it is generally fine by keeping these medical beds off most of the time on our medical beds with the lights on the vitals monitor next mehmed cetera etc all those things really really contribute you do have to micromanage stuff a little bit but that’s okay that is okay.

But that is pretty much it if you have any questions please comment ask me anything you want really and I’ll do my best to answer as best that I can but yeah as you can see no tires lost I’m I recently reasonably convinced this is the best kill box that you can make in terms of efficiency it is it is pretty much it comes down to the tarts attacking as soon as they can people have to leave this little entrance to get a good shot on anything as well as having lights to light it up I don’t know if that’s still fix stuff and also sickening and that’s pretty much all there is to it so anyways I’m going to start rambling again so have an amazing day thank you very much for watching bye bye hey you thank you very much for making it to the end of my video you’ve actually proved yourself to be above the average per average because the average watch time my video is 63 percent that’s okay because 63 percent is exactly how much you need to get a message across funnily enough.

You only need to watch about sixty percent of this message to get what I’m making it for anyways I’ve decided to open up a patreon if you’d like to support me besides in the amazing ways that all of my awesome subs already usually do then you can head over to the link in the description to check it out all your support is appreciated monetarily or not if you are subscriber then be sure to hit the little bell over here to always be up to date with videos I push out and head over to the discord if you ever want to have a deep and meaningful chat with me and also not least I hope you’re having an amazing day.

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