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Description of the video guide «Short circuits in RimWorld — how to avoid explosions and properly manage electricity»

Short circuits in Rimworld Alpha 17 have a love hate relationship with players. Some people think they’re a stupid event that shouldn’t be in the game, some people think they’re great for stopping people from ‘power hoarding’

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All right what’s up everyone it’s me biking I wanted to talk about something in the game it’s an event called short circuits and as you can see it’s this little letterbox over here that has the meant sort of thing it’s called short circuit and the create an explosion on a circuit that you have if the circuit is connected to a battery and obviously I’ve got a few rows of batteries I want to show you the size of the explosions and stuff like that because short circuits have a very love hate relationship with people some people think they’re tiny deal in a manner and only don’t affect the game other people think they’re a game-ending and the worst thing ever I personally don’t think that that big of a deal but I don’t use batteries very often but I will get into how to avoid them later on so I made a video on this in the pause and to be quite frank with myself it’s good to be critical sometimes of yourself it’s a terrible video because in the video I don’t explain things very well and I am wasting a ton of power in the video the base is dumb and stuff like that there’s a whole lot of reasons why it’s not a great video so it may as well just make this sort of updated one now or I can discuss it because that one is slightly updated too just because of the fact that it was two else’s ago anyways I hope you guys having a nice day let’s take a look so over here I’ve got a row of 60 batteries and I’m going to go ahead and turn on unlimited power cue the Star Wars memes and put down one battery over here as you can see we are not joined by any colonists today unfortunately they all died they were fried okay so I filled this up that’s just under the power it just gives you like 60 million Watts a second or something like that easy six hundred million watt days so I’m going to go ahead into dev mode execute incident and short-circuit event and as you can see there’s an explosion about a happy new explosion and it is a tiny explosion the radius of the explosion it is a circle just by the way a remote circle like minecraft circles kind of thing it is a circle and the radius was about three there the diameter was about three excuse me so if I go ahead and add in another few batteries make it the big six put down the long line here because the short circuit can happen anywhere where there are conduits oops because it’s the fill-up excute incident short-circuit is the explosion and now is it as you can see that was diameter of about five so as you can see the explosion is not exactly linear in fact there is a post process co2 it’s just like in everything else in room mold from what I can tell at least as a post process curve to it that shapes the explosions if I go ahead and add this now this is 60 which is 10 times this 10 times that so let me go ahead and make sure that this one doesn’t happen so I’m going to cut the circuit over there you can see how big of an explosion this leaves you with go ahead and measure it to 25 that is a diameter of 25 which is a pre-dam big explosion I’m going to delete these because they’re all going to explode now and the battery is the batteries exploding we’ll probably give off a bigger explosion than the original one but that is interesting go ahead and add this on I’m going to create a blueprint here.

Batz hack one if you don’t know what the blueprint mod is I have a video up on it on my channel I’ll go ahead and do this so now we have a few instances we have a few incidents of batteries in different locations not connected by circuits you can get a good idea I know all the newbies you probably are aware of what this is if you played one or two games and you’ve used batteries which you probably have or imagine why you wouldn’t right let me turn this off but all the veterans you probably have a very good idea of what’s going on here short circuits are painful they gain the not such a big deal I think if you have an explosion over here and you can see that the other batteries are perfectly fine now that was the big problem in my other video and that room world has actually been updated since then so there was a time when short circuits would clear out all the batteries everything now the short circuit event could have happened in any of these I didn’t know that it was going to happen in this one it could have happened in any of the six all the five that I had up.

Unfortunately or fortunately I guess it is the most cinematic one which is over here but it could have happened in any of these the only way to actually mitigate that is to deconstruct the conduits or have one of these power switches and even this is subject to change in the future now I don’t have a colonist so I’m going to go ahead and have to spawn in one so side of the Duda joins us sculpts but your one and only job in life is to flick switches buddy so I cannot do that for you okay so I’m going to go ahead and turn these off you just meant to pass butter turn arrow and as you can see short no short circuits over here and I can do that again several times and not have to worry about anything because I’ve disconnected there is no conduit connecting them here as you can see there is no conduit now that actually never used to be the case surprisingly it never was like that which was really strange at the time but things are changed rym old is getting better and I think this is one of the better changes that makes people want to use batteries more which is fantastic now you’re probably wondering good bark you watch the big is a closure never well I can show you luckily so I have this thing called a barkis battery over here to show you how much energy is stored in it I actually don’t think it’s very possible but I can show you exactly how much be that quickly so it has one point two no 1000 no 120 billion I think is the number I don’t know.

So that if I turn on fast power or unlimited power sorry and turn on 60,000 you can see that the yellow bar hasn’t even shown yet it is spinning off this is none delusion to your eyes it is filling up it’s currently at 400 million what days 500 million 600 million I think if you tomorrow hit a billion but no yellow bar yet so this took me a very long time to fill up although and I may this battery in dev mode so trust me it’s nothing special but yeah it’ll it’ll drag things it can power an intubation I think I can see you know no yellow ball yet so there’s sliver of the other box just yet so it’s a lot of power stored in this thing in fact this would take several days of real time to charge up fully so just keep that in mind it is this is by far you’ll never use as much power in your entire time plane remote in your lifetime you will never use close to this no trial unless you’re using some supermodel crap oh no crap but super modded playthrough so I’m going ahead and put on the short circuit here I mean so I’ve gone ahead and put down some conduit in we can take a look at how big this explosion is okay did you guys see that.

Well the too quick for everyone yeah well I can actually enunciate how big it is for you as well here okay so that’s another thing that I have to tell you now so that is the biggest explosion you can get that was a ridiculous amount of power as you can see it’s 12 and then 11 zeroes 11 zeroes and here comes the rain guard he knows that this fire happening he wants to clear it up for us thank you rain God and this poor cougar got absolutely destroyed so there is a post-process curve to how big the explosion is and I spoke about this at the start of the video in that it does try to curve it to make the explosions not massive so for example four batteries might give me a decent sized explosion 40 batteries will not give me ten times that explosion size it curves it down like it caps out at about 29 a diamond of about 29 on the circle so the explosion will be about 29 which is still massive by all intents and purposes in that it’ll probably wreck a base it’ll probably wreck everything inside your base but at that point you will have so much power that I cannot imagine what you would be doing to use even a smidgen of it because at that point you’re having close to you know like 100,000 watts maybe have like 100 batteries I would assume it caps are about there anyways that is the short circuit and.

There are ways to avoid short so can answer a lot of people short circuit is one of the worst events in the game I see a lot of people on reddit saying that they wish that they could remove short circuit and you know like at the same time I can sort of see where they’re coming from because I totally understand like man short circuits are annoying as sometimes it’s gone ahead and made this look really nice we clear up the weather I know the rain God is like keen for us to be ok and I really appreciate it so now in my last video I said that compartmentalizing your base separating everything was a good idea I didn’t still I’m still partial to that and in fact if you watch my games my streams you’ll see that just out of habit I actually build my room separate to each other so I might do something like this to try and make it look nice and have like a village type thing and just screw or someone’s OCD completely might do something like that but generally I have something along these lines it grooms 2×2 and have one line separating them in the middle if I’m playing really if I’m like trying to try hard I will do something like this have the rooms be like that and then have a space of three between them and have a fire break in the middle now there are a few ways to complete the avoid short-circuit now the one the first one is probably obvious a lot of you don’t make your base out of flammable material so make your base out of flammable material let me go ahead and put on wood what happens when a short-circuit happens inside a wooden building I don’t need to tell you I’ll show you but I don’t need to tell you as you can see the building goes bye-bye quickly in fact I don’t think you very you’ll be hard-pressed to have a colony that can put out a short-circuit within several wooden buildings quickly now what happens when you’ve got them all connected.

Like this so you have a shot so good let’s put it over there now quickly it’s containable all the rain guard came and helped us out again so if you don’t know in room world there is a rain guard and if it detects too much fire it’ll actually clear it up for you I appreciate that I really do I really appreciate it if I could just turn you off a little bit though just like it shows this video that would be amazing I’m gonna put the fire down again so it’s also for three quickly spreads to about four or five tiles and it starts spreading just remember we don’t have sambal floors here but you will generally have time both floors in the beginning unless you’ve got a decent supply of stone but now if I do the exact same with sandstone the best stone streaking you’ll see that nothing actually happens it looks like nothing’s even lighting on fire there’s no fire this looks like an explosion as you can see this is pretty resilient to flame.

I’m billiards represent well wood it’s pretty high rain gods back guys rain guard is back so those are two ways to completely mitigate it in that you separate your building so if there’s a fire you can you can save buildings and your commerce won’t die of overheating because inside there if it’s roofed it’ll be superheated temperatures like this you can separate them and have fire breaks in the middle as a non flammable materials non flammable floors it does take up a little bit of extra space but that is 100% worth it well let me put down something to burn here and you’ll see what happens inside the room pretty quickly unless the wooden door doesn’t burn for some reason how it gives the rain going inside or something it was that a normal explosion I don’t extra cheat anyways you’ll see the temperatures quickly start to rise and I caps are that about 2,000 degrees Celsius or 3600 Fahrenheit 2016 which will kill anyone any colonists inside basically unless you have some super modded stuff as well but it’ll kill them pretty damn quickly so keeping them separated means that the rooms won’t actually leak heat into each other which is something that happens and if the wall tears down they won’t share heat completely and then the third option for avoiding short circuits is to not use batteries at all absolutely not use batteries at all so if I remove this battery actually it had no power in it anyways and I go ahead and click on short-circuit nothing happens because there are no batteries even if I turn on unlimited power you’ll see the light start to turn on over here and I go ahead and do a short circuit nothing will happen.

Now not using batteries is a bit tougher if you watch my streams you’ll see that I do it every single time I play I don’t use batteries it’s a bit of a challenge but it is fun and fuel generators really allow you to really allow you to mitigate short circuits down to decent point I never used to be fuel generators but now you can have entire room is just dedicated to them learn that but if you played cold the temperatures they give you a little bit of heat which is nice I guess it’s pretty nice that’s okay but yeah those are the ways to get rid of short circuits I don’t think that they should be removed from the game I just think that they’re a little bit confusing because you can’t actually avoid that there is no way to avoid them but now I’m going to get the one comment that says actually you can noob noob reportage channel you can use mods and stuff obviously I’m talking about vanilla for a lot of people they mainly play another a lot of people I only played vanilla and are only interested in vanilla things this is just one whenever there are RT fuse mods oddly short-circuit I think it’s called which I’ve done a video on and I’ll put a link in it I’ll put a link to it in the description if you want to mitigate this completely go ahead otherwise you can just edit the dev files yourself and just remove this short circuit just remove the event even in the scenario editor horse cults he’s worked to death every day anyways thank you guys so much for watching I hope you hold tight though I hope you all have an amazing day and I will see you all tomorrow bye bye hey you thanks so much for making it to the end of my view I really really appreciate it anything we just put my hobby and my passion and with that in mind I decided to open up a patreon if you’d like to support me besides in the amazing ways that my subscribers already usually do I’ve got loads of perks and benefits including having your own personally custom-made colonists being one of my default colonists in the mod showcases special roles on discord joining me while I stream monthly Q&A is and podcasts I’ve got it all come take a look all support is always appreciated monetarily or not if you’re subscribed then be sure to hit the little bell over here to always be up to date with videos I push out and head over to the discord if you ever want to have a deep and meaningful chat with me and last but not least I hope you’re having an amazing day.

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