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Description of the video guide «What are the optimal sizes for a bedroom in RimWorld? All about the size of the rooms for the colonists!»

In this Rimworld video we test out what the optimal bedroom sizes are for what stage in the game. We test out 3×2, 3×3, 4×3, 4×4, 5×5, 6×6 and 7×7. Spoilers for those who don’t want to watch the video: I definitely can see the aspect of keeping your rooms as small as possible, but in this case it’s pretty clear to me that 6×6 walls are the best option in terms of keeping your colonists moods at bay.

Before you get your pitchforks to stab me in the throat just keep this in mind:

  • Room sizes depend entirely on the map type, and your start. If you believe that the negative debuffs are okay to have then that’s fair. This video is not me telling you which one to build, it’s me explaining to you which ones give you buffs and debuffs, and which one I think is preferable. I’ve played enough Rimworld to know how big my rooms should be and it depends entirely on my situation.
  • The floors are carpet: Yes the floors are carpet. I would go with dirt and clean it but I figured it would be okay if the beauty was between 1 and 2. It affected nothing in the video except wealth in the last room, in which case the wood was enough to do that by itself regardless.

Just a heads up that bedroom size is based on spaces in the actual bedroom. If you fill up even a super large bedroom with other stuff, such as furniture, heaters, things like that it won’t matter. A few people are commenting saying I missed that, which is true I didn’t mention it in the video and I apologise for that! The video was just going to be about the sizes of the room that allowed this if you filled it up with just a bed. So here are the exact room sizes you need.

This is for Alpha 16.

Barracks no matter the size:

  • -5 debuff (this is permanent until they have their own rooms).
  • 1 — 20 squares: -5 debuff.
  • 24 — 48: 0 debuff.
  • 54 or more: +5 debuff.

The smallest room that you can use to avoid any debuff is 5×5. Anything above 6×7 gives you +5. Aiming for having bedrooms of 5×5 is probably what you’d want. I sometimes even do 2×1 if I can mitigate the debuff though.

Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

All right so one of my comments the other day I got asked or during one of my life chains I got off what is the most effective room size when you land and is it worth just making bedrooms for every colonist instead of having one big shared room and this is a really interesting question for me because it wasn’t something that I really thought about I’ve just gotten used to making rooms about five by five walls five by five so out there and that is just the typical size for me I like to have five by five because it allows me to expand quite a bit in the future I have a bed there usually a door here obviously needed or let’s be real here and then a few things later on in the game if I have enough power I can put lights and some flower pots and another like neat little things but it made me wonder about what was the actual optimal size and of course you do get a resources versus utility kind of thing where you don’t want a room to be too big because you don’t know waste resources on it etcetera etcetera so what I’ve got here is a whole bunch of heat is connected to rooms of different sizes and then a sort of barracks of sorts sorry about the heaters doesn’t affect the room at all what you need to worry about is this middle section like that also so the first room you have is four by four the second one is five by five and the third one is six by six and I’m talking about the wall sizes there and the barracks is ten by ten I also just will say that I am using cream carpets if you can see there’s positive to buff to everything as you can see the beauty stays under two and usually above one so to keep that in mind when you see the results because the beauty might be linked to the carpet so it’s pretty interesting usually what I used to do is I used to have one big bag but it actually is not the best idea from up so we can take a look at the buffs you get now when they’re done working as you can see every single common list is exactly the same so if we take a look here at their needs right now it gives you awful bedroom.

Just waiting for the night to go a bit in so they get all the debuff the property buff case you have cramped interior and that’s from being in the room it’s not about sleeping there or having this as a bedroom it’s about being in a cramped room the second one ET mu2 has the exact same debuff the third one does not so the 6×6 room is actually the okay it doesn’t give you negative five which is nice if a coldness is about the break it’s not a good idea to put them in a bedroom like this so say if you have someone who just got shot they’re in a terrible mood very close to breaking make sure that your medicine room or just your hospital is at least six by six which is something I’ve never done.

I just don’t think about it hospitals are the same sizes no more rooms in the barracks though it’s a different story so first of all you have the disturbed sleep debuff which you will get in the barracks that has more than two people in it because that is what happens if you walk near someone but then you also have be shared a bedroom debuff this lost the whole this lost forever if you’re in a room with someone else this lasts forever which is encrypt like negative five that’s incredibly irritating think read of the irritating but but one of the things that gets rid of that is the fact if you have a spacious interior this is ten by ten if you remember so it gives you I’d say it counterbalances it in a sense but it actually doesn’t because this shared bedroom thing lost way into the future like look he is outside now see so it’s pretty terrible so of course in in a in a world where you don’t have a ton of resources in the beginning or you just don’t want to make your bases too big then I would say 4×4 is generally okay like a room like this is okay you might even have a like so I a room like this and just just be everything that a calmness could ever dream of we can take a look at the debuff this gives you I’m not sure if it is much different to that one actually.

Wait let me set this to eat some too this can be eaten one I think if the Economist will naturally switch out of here into those rooms which is kind of interesting actually another give you they’re just busy mining blocks because I needed to get him to do something kind of wrestle yeah I didn’t want to take any chances one else another scenario because I didn’t want the mood to be different or affected by anything else so there’s no greedy or anything no acidic stuff like that they’re all equal exactly same in every single way so it’s pretty cool what I think what I think it just depends entirely on your start if you are in a world where your resources are fine.

You’re an easily defendable location then go for 6×6 for sure like a 6×6 room and that is massive it’s much bigger than I usually do like the called big this room is and then compared to the bed that would go inside it it’s pretty freakin big it’s not something that you would do normally but after seeing the debuff that I have by actually I’m starting to think that having the 6×6 room is actually pretty worth it and as you can see this is the only room where you don’t have any negative debuff well this room is the only one where you have a positive buff so I want to keep on testing and we can expand the test zone a little bit make it seven by seven eight by eight of course I’m talking about the walls and just keep that in mind when watching this video I’m not talking about the interior I’m talking about the walls a lot of people get confused okay let’s put beds down let’s just let them do their thing and we can test again tomorrow but now I do want to see this debuff here very current interior gives you negative 10 and that is the difference between having this 3 by 2 right also stupid way three by four I think three by four and just having it four by four it adds an extra negative five debuff so these are the worst rooms by far if you have a commoners who’s close to breaking please just keep that in mind if you are the kind of person to do this because I I definitely used to be I think it’s either debuff is gone these rooms must be finished what did you get these two bedroom how nice these rooms alright all the same pretty much almost the same okay almost the same you can see the wealth is different obviously with others because there’s more wood in the walls around let’s skip the night so I’m using cream carpets in in this testing video which gives you a positive two for every tile so to keep that in mind because when you are starting out you probably will have different ranging levels of beauty on the floor because you might not have a floor yet or you might be using wood etc etc if you smooth out the floor it actually is a lot more beautiful than using wood alright let’s take a look at what this entails sports okay so as you can see there are no buffs for being in this bedroom like the decent bedroom is too but it’s just because you like the bedroom and this one is just three and then it goes to plus five plus four over here so this is plus nine in total for a room this big obviously this is massive I don’t think anyone should ever give their coldness a 9×9 room but I think that you could definitely do six five six or seven by seven because if we go back to the six by six you can see that there are no bus to this but down own there are no negative buffs either at the I mean there are no T buffs either so it’s pretty nice this is just plus two which it’s not really it’s not really worth having an extra extra one by one on it but having no debuff compared to negative five is pretty hectic that’s a pretty big deal so if you ask me what my final verdict would be I would start to say that if you can make it six by six don’t worry about making it any bigger than that but the negative debuff that you get over here is pretty hectic so if your world warrants it and it allows it to happen then go six by six if anything else obviously make make the rooms whatever you need them to be so if you have to have room sort of three by four that’s what you have to do to let your cover survive that’s like this just isn’t worth it although this is a very big buff like five plus four really hectic it is really hectic but obviously this kind of stuff impressive all that can be gained in other ways so please just remember that like I could put down artwork inside the bedroom to make up for that so you don’t even need a massive bedroom the wealth is just the walls so what I would recommend is just making a room by 6×6 which is actually this one and adding in some artwork and some pot plants inside you just increase the beauty in the wall that’s pretty much it anyways thank you guys for joining me for this testing video this is it this is not meant to be a guide and I know a lots of people are gonna say well you know you can just put my own artwork and stuff like that I definitely understand that yeah it’s just still interesting to me because I always make my rooms about about five by five I’d say I like to look a 5 by 5 gives me enough to experiment I think I’ll start doing 6×6 if I can anyways hope you guys have an amazing day thank you very much for watching bye bye hey you thank you very much for making it to the end of my video you’ve actually proved yourself to be above the average per average because the average watch time my video is 63% that’s okay because 63% is exactly how much you need to get a message across funnily enough you only need to watch about 60% of this message to get what I’m making it for anyways I’ve decided to open up a patreon if you’d like to support me besides in the amazing ways that all of my awesome subs already usually do and you can head over to the link in the description to check it out all your support is appreciated monetarily or not if you are subscriber then be sure to hit the little bell over here to always be up to date with videos I push out and head over to the discord if you ever want to have a deep and meaningful chat with me and also not least I hope you’re having an amazing day.

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