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Description of the video guide «What is the best way to isolate a base from external threats in RimWorld (colony planning tips)»

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Hello everybody and welcome to rim world alpha 17 so since I have started my fire and ice series there has been one major question that comes up basically every episode both from me and people in the comments and that is what is the best way to insulate your base so I’ve set up some tests so that we could finally come to an answer and there is no argument on what is the best way so for the tests we have to go over what exactly we’re doing so every single one of these tests has an internal area of 144 tiles that is 12 by 12 and the walls are on the 13 by 13 tiles and every single tile also sorry every single test also has a single heater right in the direct center of the structure this size is obviously the maximum size that you can have for a square so that’s I figure that would be the best way to test this and I also have a variety of different ways to insulate your base number one is just a single wall number two is a double wall number three is two single walls with an air gap number four is a double wall than an air-gapped and a single wall number five is a single wall air gaps and double wall and then number six we have two double walls with an air gap in between I also did just for curiosity set up a triple wall just to see what the differences are and then down here I set up the double wall with a gap and a double wall for every type of resource you could build your walls out of so that will tell us if there is any difference in what you build the walls out of instead of just how you should set up your walls so it is currently negative 72 degrees outside our single wall is 50 degrees sorry negative 50 degrees Celsius and that is going to be our baseline that is the bare minimum you need to you know have a building so this is where it gets interesting these are the two most likely ways that you’re going to set up insulation you have the double wall and then you have a two single walls with an air gap I’ve seen most of the time that people argue that number three is the better option but if we take a.

Look our double-wall is negative 43 degrees Celsius which is a seven degree difference from just a single wall so that does provide a pretty good amount of extra insulation and then we go to number three which is only negative 45 degrees so there is a two degree difference it’s not that big of a difference it’s not really enough to be able to say you know this is significantly worse range than like that but there is a difference so technically the double-wall system provides a better insulation than two single walls with an air gap which I found interesting since this is the one that everyone tends to argue is the better option so when I came to that answer I was like okay well what if we went a triple wall which provides us with negative 43 degrees the exact same as a double wall and this is where things get interesting even more interesting actually because number four is the double wall with a air gap and in a single wall also negative four negative 43 degrees Celsius and then we go on negative 43 degrees Celsius negative 43 so this the double wall system is the perfect insulation there is no option that is better than just a double wall for your face and I found that kind of interesting that it didn’t actually scale up depending on that you know how many layers you get or how you have things organized so that kind of answers that question at least in alpha 17 at least in my test if you have any problem with how I set up my test just for disclosure I let this run for about three days in-game that way each of them had an equal chance to hit you know optimal temperatures all of them were turned on at the exact same time and as I said three days of priming so they all had equal chance to do as good as they can now there is a question does the material you’re building your wall out of make any difference so we have found that for wood anyway negative 43 degrees Celsius is as good as it gets for this map in this situation so over here we have granite negative 43 degrees and then negative 43 negative 43 negative 43 negative 43.

Every single one of these is negative 43 degrees so that means it doesn’t matter what you build your walls out of all of them are equally performing backwards all of them perform equally for the every single type of resource so yeah that’s uh that’s nice to get out of the way so once again just to conclude this a double wall is essentially the perfect insulation no need to go bigger no need for an air gap none of that funny stuff and once again this is for alpha 17 things may change in the future things may have been different in the past I am NOT going to test every version of the game that’s been out and I probably won’t test this in the future I will just continue with the double-wall system that I have been doing so yeah that’s good information is wonderful but I either way thank you everybody for watching I hope that you found this informative and we could finally put that to rest that way I don’t have to deal with that every comment sorry every video but yes thank you everyone for watching if you enjoyed the video don’t forget to leave a thumbs up and subscribe if you haven’t yet I do really appreciate it and I hope you all have a great day see ya.

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