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Description of the video guide «How do the stockpiles in RimWorld function, how are they most effectively used»

As usual with my guides I put the script in the description for those who want to skim it because they think this may not help them. Feel free to read this before watching, or just reading it instead of watching it at all.

In Rimworld you have these things called stockpiles, they’re pretty cool. They allow you to do some pretty cool things in terms of efficiency, as well as allow you properly maintain your items so that there’s no degradation. This guide will vary a lot depending on the biome you’re in, and the temperature. Because of that this will focus mainly on the ‘average’ Rimworld biome, which most newer players will stick to. At least.. I hope you don’t start the game by starting on Sea-ice with an average temperature of -100 degrees celcius

So at the start of the game it’s important to realise the importance of properly stockpiling stuff. Rimworld has a system of degradation for items depending on what type of item they are. Food will spoil if left in temperatures above — 0 degrees celsius, or 32 fahrenheit. While other materials such as wood will degrade if left in an area that isn’t roofed.

So at the start of the game you can make your first stockpile, the most important one, underneath a roof. It’s quite simple to make a roof off a wall if you’re unsure where to make it, the stockpile doesn’t even need to be in your base at all, but I recommend keeping it reasonably close. Build a wall as a support, then just drag a roof around that wall. That’s your first stockpile, and arguably your most important one for the foreseeable future. The contents of the stockpile will be a general ‘everything’ at the priority will be normal.

Your next stockpile is going to be made a few minutes later and this will be fittingly be the second most important stockpile of the game. This will be your fridge, and it’ll contain the.. Food of your colony. This has to go in a room with a temperature that is below 0 celsius, or below 32 fahrenheit. Set the contents to nothing except food, and the priority to be above normal. This way colonists will haul all food-related items to the freezer, and all non-food related things to your main stockpile. Neither of these stockpiles will allow degradation to happen, which is great for trying to survive. Remember to allow animal corpses in this freezer so that your hunters will haul animal corpses here instead of to a dumping zone where they’ll decompose. Especially in harsher climates and difficulties. These first two stockpiles are absolutely key to surviving the early game. Neither of these stockpiles will allow degradation to happen, which is great for trying to survive. A small pro tip would be to set the fridge stockpile to allow herbal medicine, as that actually does expire if allowed to sit in a sub-optimal temperature.

The third stockpile you set will be a dumping zone, this can be set up anywhere that isn’t a place where your colonists run by often as it’ll often be filled with ugly shit. Just a reminder that chunks are incredibly ugly in this game, unfortunately. Don’t put your colonists in a bad mood by making them pass this place often. It’ll also be where bodies go unless you have graves.

The next few stockpiles will be all about efficiency, at this point in the game you should have between 4 to 5 colonists, and a decent amount of basic materials, such as steel, wood, some textiles from hunting, and any of the other more common materials. You should also have a decent amount of chunks in your dumping zone.

So for your 4th stockpile place it adjacent to your stonecutters bench. Edit it to raise the priority from normal to above normal, and set it to only allow one type of rock chunk, which can be whatever type of brick you’ve been using, or whatever type of brick you’d like to start using. It’s better to use one, but you can use as many as you’d like. Using just one allows you to not have to worry about having different kinds of materials when making walls. As I said though you can use as many as you’d like. Keeping the stockpile adjacent to the bench allows your colonist to quickly grab chunks, and then start working on them immediately. Cutting down the walk distance is import as this raises efficiency exponentially.

Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

Everybody it’s me barking I’m here with a guide from a mod alpha 16 and it’ll probably be applicable for most remote versions at least I can’t imagine why things would change from this point onward I just want to add a quick disclaimer saying that this video is not for people have been playing for a while this videos for the new it and the newbies so please if you are remote vet then please just go ahead and watch my next video or just watch another video I know it’s weird for you to be to say don’t watch my stuff but in this case there really isn’t anything that will help you it’s about stockpile stockpiles are the most basic thing in remote or these one of the most basic things they’re pretty cool they allow you to do some pretty cool things in terms of efficiency as well as allow you to properly maintain your items so that there’s no degradation this guide is going to vary a lot depending on what biome you’re in and the temperature because of that I’m going to focus mainly on the average run world biome which I considered to be this one which is just pretty temperate pretty chilled looks just like a normal forest kind of thing I consider this to be the average bottom I hope that most average players would start all these new players would start on this biome went first plane but if you are the kind of person who just jump straight into CIA should negative 100 degrees Celsius then you know good good on you so just out of the game it’s important to realize the importance of properly stockpiling stuff Ramon has a system of degradation Fightin’s depending on what type of item they are food will spoil if left in temperatures above zero degrees Celsius or 32 fahrenheit which you can see over here it’s not refrigerated it is going to spoil in one day to do range due to being unroofed so it’s going to spoil and it’s going to it’s going to degrade but I can show you that exactly so as you can see it’s got a 50 out of 50 pretty much a health bar and you can see this packaged survival meal 24 out of 50 most things degrade at between about point 50 and 10 a day depending on the factor but food degrades very very quickly while steel doesn’t degrade at all.

You can get a rough idea just by clicking on the little iron taking a look at how quickly the great steel does not.

Luckily subtitles are going to allow you to pretty much mitigate that completely go ahead and hop right in so it’s not a game you should make your first stockpile zone it should be reasonably close to your base let’s say put it about there this is a normal basis production center or workshop depending on whatever you call it this is a frigid area it’s negative 18 degrees outside in here is a just a chef’s paradise totally dirty floor anyways make the stockpile reasonably close to your base not in the middle of it where people walk through constantly but around here then you want to go ahead and make some structures around it and roof it incredibly important to roof your first stockpile so that items inside it don’t degrade you don’t want to have the stockpile for nothing so you can see they’ll stop bringing it in but again we don’t want the food to be here so the second stockpile is going to be a fridge and you put it in here so for the first stockpile your storage is going to be priority normal with nothing created it’ll pretty much have everything on which is fine you want the stockpile to be the general-purpose stockpile where things don’t go like weddings on specialized you wanted to drop off the stuff here this is by far the most important stockpile in my opinion or the entire game you colonists need to be able to run here get stuff run back wherever they are you want to make it as easy as possible for them to be able to build things quickly because you want them to have the maximum amount of free time to do other stuff such as hauling or something like that etcetera etcetera then as I’ve already built your next stockpile is going to be the fridge which you can go ahead and click on priorities set the preferred clear all and then click on food so only food is allowed in here then if you want to take it to the next step go ahead straight to the bottom and allow animal corpses but make sure that allow rots and is ticked off if you don’t want rotting corpses in there but you do want animal corpses which can be used to butcher corpses degrade the same way that regular meals do so just keep that in mind and if you really want to take it to the next level be a super pro you can go ahead and take herbal medicine which you can find under man under manufactured under medicine herbal medicine herbal medicine does degrade so there is a degradation on herbal medicine and that is linked to refrigeration so it spoils in two years one season but pretty much you have 25 months but it’s still good to have it anyways because you don’t know when you’ll be needing that herbal medicine it might be 26 months and suddenly your colonists dies because you have no medicine left and you’re an incredibly cruel person and finally the third stockpile and of the major ones is a dumping zone as you can see I’ve gathered all its Rock chunks here I’ll make the dumplings oh and right next to it just for funsies and you can go ahead and hold all the stock all the all the chunks that you don’t want to see there why do you want to do this well look at how ugly chunks are chase is a beauty of negative nine because of the chunks when you compare that normal to negative one and this is what’s dirt over here it’s important to have a dumping zone reasonably far away so that you’re calling a STONER per se company but at the same time you also want configure to be able to fetch the stuff inside because mostly what they’ll be useful is having chunks in them and you want to be able to create a stone block out of the chunks it’s important to do that which brings me to my next point at this point in time you should have about 4 to 5 colonists in the game you should have a decent chunk ratio you should have quite a few of these choose a chunk you want and create your fourth stockpile over by a stonecutter table so here they clear all set priority to preferred the street the bottom where the chunks choose the chunk you want so you can choose more than one but generally it’s good to have one so that when you’re making a wall you don’t need to worry about it too much so what do I have in excess here ok we have mostly marbles so what I’ll do is I’ll set this to marble it’s a priority to preferred and people will bring the marble stuff here and you can do this with any other stockpile zone it’s important to realize that you can do this pretty easily so why do I want chunks to be in this stockpile zone and on the dumping zone when I just said they’re so ugly at a Stonecutters table it’s very easy just to put this thing in they do until you have something said 650 whatever.

Suddenly your corners can just start making one turn around grab a marble chunk go back to making blocks and then you can make a second stockpile right next to it.

Over here and set this to blocks so you can take a chunk and make the blocks put it down saving him and a huge amount of time this is such an efficient play that you have no idea how much work this saves you can see it’ll make it and you’ll bring the stone box out because I haven’t actually set the piles up properly yet yeah it’s very very cool how you can cut down on time wasted just by using spot piles like beads as I said it’s good to have a second stockpile where you just allowing blocks over here it is not the end of the world if you don’t but this is for the people who would like to save time whenever possible and this is a huge amount of time safe unlocks more blocks that said priority through purpose it’ll stop shoveling the blocks into this so instead of him having to run out and grab the chunk then run down over there to put the blocks in you can simply put them down here you never know when you’re going to use them but generally colonists won’t mind running up here to get them well if he’s making them it might take in midas maybe make the trip twice as long maybe three times as long to go get that and then put it down there the process has to be cut down as far as possible as you can see this is ruched area it won’t degrade at all even the blocks good but you can guess where the next few stockpile zones are kind of be at least where I’ve made them that’s right.

Next you every single workbench you have and why do you want to do this as I said so you can save time but as you can see we’ve got a drug lab here so you could put down the neutral amine and if you have a crafting spot you can put on your smoked leaf etc etc in an estimate E and the machinery table you can just join that you can join the stockpile together and just put steel down also you finish stockpiling all your benches you can start to use your dumping zones in more strategic locations which is one of the better parts of the game so if you’ve gone and made just hope a wall let’s say you’ve built in a funnel system where Raiders have to come through you can start to make zone something’s I’m dedicated to slowing them down so if I wanted to do this Raiders would have to walk through the dumping cone which is floating down obviously you need to fill them with chunks but the main goal is to slow them down as much as possible while you’re colonists fire at them so if you did have an actual killing cone this is what the dumping zones would look like you have one at the start and then after every block take a break and make a new one.

You can do this.

That’ll slow them down the maximum amount of time and you can put tired in these vacations to fire them while they’re running but that is pretty much it that it’s the stockpiling this is very very basic guide this is what people you asked about it I understand that there are a lot of people you just use one stockpile and that’s it the whole game just one stockpile now I have one stockpile just click on allow all everything’s in its mind and they don’t seem to understand how using different stock different stockpile zone can be used to your advantage and it’s really really interesting not something that bothers me or anything but it’s nice to have this sort of thing because you can use stock falls and in a much more effective way in terms of saving time and all that especially with this kind of thing alright so as you can see this is what it would generally look like if you put them side-by-side so let’s compare the speeds actually make it equal challenge its let these people exactly the same in every single way I just copied the colonists let’s run them to the end in a straight line and here I’ll just do this section all right let’s see you can see the speed different straightaway so let’s run them back you can see the speed difference straightaway pretty freakin interesting pretty freakin interesting that is if you want to make a pretty good defense imagine a Raider this guy’s in harm so imagine a Raider how long a radio would take to get to you anyways thank you very much for watching I hope you have an amazing day I hope this helps out it is a bit of an informal tutorial but it’s kind of what I it’s kind of what I would have liked see if I was just done not because I didn’t know idea what I was doing I was one of those people who just had one big stockpile and maybe a fridge I can’t even remember anyways hope you guys have an amazing day see ya hey you thank you very much for making it to the end of my video you’ve actually proved yourself to be above the average bad average because the average watch time my video is 63 percent that’s okay because 63 percent is exactly how much you need to get a message across funny enough you only need to watch about 60 percent of this message to get what I’m making it for anyways I’ve decided to open up a patreon if you’d like to support me besides in the amazing ways that all of my awesome subs already usually do then you can head over to the link in the description to check it out all your support is appreciated monetarily or not if you are subscriber then be sure to hit the little bell over here to always be up to date with videos I push out and head over to the discord if you ever want to have a deep and meaningful chat with me and also not least I hope you’re having an amazing day.

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