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Description of the video guide «Which is the best door in the game?»

Rimworld Alpha 16 doors. So if you didn’t know different materials affect doors differently. No I’m not just speaking about their hit-points, I’m speaking about other effects.

There’s 3 important things that the material you use to make a door affects it:

  • Flammability. This can screw bases completely if it’s not managed properly.
  • Hit-points. How quickly a door gets destroyed, this is important because raiders target doors generally.
  • And finally, and not always known to people, opening speed. Different materials make doors open at different speeds and the difference is incredibly significant throughout the game until the very very late game.

So I’ve got a little test area here with every door mixed with every material so we can see their stats independently. More than that I’ve divided autodoors into three different categories. So we have flammable doors here, non-flammable slow doors here, and we have non-flammable fast doors here. As you can see there’s only one, which is the uranium door. Which I do actually believe is the best door in-game, but at the same time it’s uranium. So as I said that’s why it’s only late game that I generally start switching my doors to uranium, and of course it’s climate dependant.

So let’s start with the first section, which is the flammable doors. The average speed of the materials here is 100%, they all have 20% flammability which honestly doesn’t matter too much, all you need to know is during a fire they’ll disappear after burning for a bit unless your colonists put them out.

However there is a special door here, which is the wooden autodoor. It has an extra 20% to its opening speed, so this is the fastest opening door in the game. It does have drawbacks, such as really low hit-points, but it’s still good to understand why you should use wood doors over steel for important locations that you need to get in and out of quickly, such as a fridge for efficiency etc. For situations where you have a cooking bench near a fridge this can save you quite a lot of time per day, which is great.

After wooden door in this category I’d probably choose plasteel just based on the fact that it has the most hit-points. All the other doors are effectively the same, so just choose which one suits your current resources.

Next up we have the second category which are the slow to open, but not flammable doors. I’d say most bases generally use these mid-game. Basically these doors are all exactly the same, granite has the most hit-points though.

All these doors are: not flammable at all, and most importantly they all open at the same speed which is 45%. So keep this in mind that these doors open at almost a third the speed of a wooden autodoor. In the time it takes a colonist to go through this door they could have passed through more than three wooden doors. Which is pretty insane to think about.

Besides that they all open at less than half the speed of a category 1 door. So to have non-flammability you sacrifice a lot of speed. Think hard about whether or not its worth it, of course its always climate dependant. In a place with -90 C average temperature fire’s aren’t a huge threat outside your main section of the base. They’re always a threat though unfortunately

And finally we have a decent mix of the two in category three, right now there’s only one door that mixes both successfully which is the uranium door. It has high-hitpoints, it’s non-flammable and it opens at 90% speed. So twice that of the stone doors. This is by far the best door in the game by quite a long shot, but uranium is incredibly rare

Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

I have everybody’s me barking I’m here with a video about doors in remotes those in the game have some really unique properties which help you out quite a bit if you use them properly they’re effectively the difference between something being indoors and outdoors which means there’s a difference between so many other things an effective fridge mood debuffs lots of mood diverse production speed so many things that icon list them all which is why it’s important to always consider doors properly in a base such as their location the material they made out of etc etc this is also why it’s important to not just spam one type of material if you want to be as efficient as possible and this breaks down as I started recording Thank You REM walled so if you didn’t know different materials affect those differently no I’m not just speaking about the hit points I’m speaking about other effects then I’m glad to be able to tell you that because yes different materials affect doors differently besides hit points which is very very important there’s three important things that the materials used to make a door affect it so flammability is one which you can check over here 20% etc for jade your hit points which is how much health it has how much damage it can take etc this is very important because rate is target doors generally and then not always known to people but different materials open the doors at different speeds as you can see the door opening speed is 100 percent you might just think that’s completely normal but if I go to another door you can actually check 45 percent and if I go here 90 percent stuff like that so different doors get opened at different rates.

I’ll call fevers so I’ve made this little test area and then I’ve gone and kind of separated these into three different categories as you can see there’s one category here just for non auto doors but there is them all order doors because the materials are much more of a ratio than anything else and auto doors just open those four times as fast that’s pretty much the only difference between auto doors and normal doors and I’ve mixed every single material and as you can see I put the materials behind the door so it’s very easy to see which one it is so we have normal materials here stones here and then finally uranium which is a special kind it’s its uranium is very different to the rest of the materials in the game which is very nice so we have flammable doors here this is the flammable category or category one these are the non flammable doors that take a while to open which is let us say category two and then over here we have category 3 which uranium stands by itself even though it would have fit in really nicely over there anyways yes so this is the uranium door this is the best door in the game I’ll just say that now just in case you’re not interested in watching the rest of the video this is the best on the game by far at the same time it’s uranium so I said that’s why it’s only very very late game that you can use these kind of doors and get away with it especially since it increases your wealth so much to disband that so let’s start with the first category over here which is the flammable dose the average speed of the material here is 100% so these open at about 100 percent on average if I go to Muslim door opening speed 100 hundred gold 100 even Steel’s 100 so normal speed is 100% except for wood which is 20% faster just keep that in mind wooden order doors open 20% faster than the other doors just what the flammability means is that they will catch fire that’s pretty much it so if there’s a fire they will melt and I think it’s because maybe fire is set at 2,000 degrees or something so all of them are kind of just they all just disappear in a fire wooden doors the most flammable at 100% and it has the weakest amount of hit points etc so this is the special door it is the fastest opening door in the game it does have a lot of drawbacks the really low hitpoints it’s a major drawback for me but it’s still good to understand why you should use wooden doors over steel for important locations that you need to get in and out of quickly such as a fridge for efficiency maybe if you have a fridge set up over here and then you have a wooden door here with the cooking bench over there it’s very easy to get in and out fast which is why you want the wooden door and it’s not that big of a deal to let that door burn while the rest of the building can be made out of stone but just remember that a door can be the difference between being inside and outside which also might mean the difference between having a really hard one like 2,000 degrees superheated air room and having a non or just having an outdoor room which says the temperature of the outdoor section which will kill quite a few fires but it’s the heat that’s a major problem so as it could actually be seen as a good thing to have a really weak door and the strong room it’s.

And also the wooden door I choose for dough I’d probably choose plasteel but obviously this is late game stuff so steel and wood are generally the domain to here you will get past deal later but yeah lately game stuff next up we have the second category which are the slow to open but non flammable doors which i think is pretty cool too much bases generally use these mid game I know I do basically these doors are all exactly the same except granite does have the most hit points but they all exactly the same and that they are not flammable at all but a door opening speed of 45 percent so that’s more than half the speed of a normal flammable door so just keep that in mind these also incredibly slow to open which we will I’ve made some speed area so we can test that out later but yeah these does take quite a while to open and they’re almost they’re not over the great I would say they’re not overly great I generally don’t use these as doors speak but having a non-flammable ace is very important and if you’ve ever seen my stream fire is probably the biggest thing I deal with so yeah but you can pretty much pass through you can pretty much possibly of these doors and the time it takes to go through one of these to give you guys perspective the sacrifice having non flammability you kind of need to sacrifice the speed and efficiency of opening the door fast but it is climate dependent so in most cases I generally will use a steel door over a slate door even if the base is made out of slate for example fires are always a threat always and more than that raises target doors so just keep that in mind easels are much tougher then so if we take a Samson door and compared let’s not compare plasteel say steel you get an extra 100 hit points which is which is pretty nice and finally we have category three which is the best door in the game I think which is the uranium door it has some of the highest hit points possible which is 625 zero percent flammability and it opens at twice the speed of a stone door this is ninety percent opening speed which is really really freakin fast when you think about it but again it is uranium so you’re not going to have tons of uranium just lying around this is a very very expensive door if you if you can quantify that it’s three.

Market value well a wooden one is a 20th of that effectively the 20th of that so what I’ve got set up here are a whole bunch of these sunspots they’re just people with red hair literally then they don’t have anything unique about them they can do everything but they are always happy which is good so what we’re going to do is do some speed tests so I can put things into perspective so what we have over here is a limestone door which is just a normal stone door compared to plasteel order door which opens at 100 percent 45 versus 100 I made the corridors decently long so you can see the effects quite clearly okay so you can see the difference there if you were to use two or three of these doors that would be quite a big difference but just remember that for most of these there will be bedroom doors or doors between fridges etc etc most people don’t have one gigantic room as a base so that we can let them go free now you guys go free course over here I have a normal door and then I have four of the same older doors just to show you the difference in speed between auto door and a normal door it is about four times there we go see they almost they almost exactly arrive at the same time and then over here we have a slate or a door versus to uranium Auto doors so you can see how uranium is much more superior to the slate that’s a big difference especially considering that there’s two doors there that’s a pretty major difference you guys can go free then over here I just just will fund these I have a whole lot of wooden doors and then I’m going to compare them to a sandstone door even here wooden doors open so quickly that calmness basically don’t even notice that they’re passing through them and even if I compare if I do this for example make them race with out the doors it’s not even that big of a difference at all in fact that’s almost I would say that’s pretty much instant like these doors oh it doesn’t it doesn’t matter much at all and in.

Finally I have a sandstone door compared to two claps eel dolls this is 100% this is 45% opening speed you can see the difference is actually quite significant I just remember that I’m using two doors generally to compare them — it doesn’t take into account hit points and all that but I think that hit points are much more quantifiable things you can just take a look Oh uranium 625 hitpoints oh it sounds some 350 if I go to grand night it’s like for 450 I think 425 stuff like that much easier to quantify anyways that’s it for today’s video I just wanted to show you guys how doors have different different opening suite so it’s quite a big deal actually it’s something really really awesome to know ah it feels so nice to test out stuff in room wall but as I said I would go with uranium late-game the non flammability is generally something that I really appreciate generally anyways hope you guys have an amazing day see ya.

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