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Автор: Code-E

Description of the video guide «How to install mods in RimWorld»

Got a request to do this video, seemed like an easy thing to do… and it was. This is how you install mods in Rimworld!

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Hello everybody I’m Cody and this is a a requested how to install mods and rimworld video never thought I’d do something like this took me a while to figure out how to do it so the first thing you want to do is go actually go to their their website I went to the wiki to find their the mod early section of the forums and you can also go here to you know get the video I mean get the information on how to install a mod so what you want to do at I’ll leave links to everywhere.

You know in the description and I’ll probably put a square on the screen too so you want to go pick a mod that you like I like the look of small nutrient paste dispensers and download it this one downloaded as a rar you know just unzip it as you would unzip any other file and then go into your rimworld file that you downloaded mine’s on my desktop because it’s simple and it’s right there so just go in in there and then into mods and then you this is the game the core game I’m if I understand it correctly and then you want to go into your downloads bring my mouse working Oh bring the mod into there and there you go and then you actually have to go into the game and activate it so let’s jump in and do that alright so here we are in the game hopefully okay everything is recording and then you go into mods and you activate it.

And there you go that’s the that’s the the process that’s what you do it’s actually you know fairly simple for some mods I was reading you have to kind of refresh your world or maybe make a new world and keep in mind that some mods don’t interact well with each other so if you’re getting a mod for it you read about it just kind of go through if someone says that it doesn’t react well with this other mod you know figure it out and yeah there you go about about as short as they come these video this video rather uh yeah thank you for watching this how-to my very first one leave a like because it does help me out if I missed anything let me know please so I can update it or do something and I’ll see you next time Oh.

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