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Description of the video guide «How to Create the Best Bedroom Option in RimWorld 1.0»

What bedroom is best? How do I make the best bedroom? What is the minimum for a decent bedroom a colonist won’t complain about? What is a good bedroom size? What’s the tiniest bedroom you can make? Does my bedroom need beauty? What makes a room impressive? What even IS impressiveness? All of these and more answered in this RimWorld guide video for RimWorld 1.0 on Steam!

This RimWorld tutorial should help you understand what makes a bedroom good in RimWorld 1.0 on Steam, offers tips and tricks to push room impressiveness and size to the limit, and provides several examples of functional bedrooms for early game, mid game, mountain colonies, and super fancy end-game colonies!


  • 02:54 — Room Beauty.
  • 05:11 — Room Wealth.
  • 08:36 — Room Space/Size.
  • 11:07 — Tiny Room Optimization.
  • 19:45 — Smallest Possible Bedrooms.
  • 20:31 — A Note on Comfort.
  • 24:38 — Best Possible Bedroom.
  • 26:11 — Recommended 0-Mood Bedrooms.
  • 28:11 — Recommended +2 Mood.
  • 29:55 — Recommended +3 Mood.
  • 31:13 — Scaling Advice.

Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

Bedrooms are a really super important part of REM role because every colonist needs one and there’s always a move associated with it unless it’s like you know a completely average bedroom or something there’s a few videos out there on sort of what is the best bedroom and the most efficient bedroom and all that but none of them are really super detailed and doesn’t really get into it which is what I intend to do here looking at every material every wall type door type floor type mixing and matching of all of that and figuring out ways to sort of just gives you that a little bit of edge to push the bedroom into a slightly better shape than it should normally be if you’re only curious about what is for me the most efficient layout for certain tiers of bedrooms then I will be getting it set for the end of the video first thing to know bedroom stats the biggest stat for a bedroom and any room in particular is the impressiveness which is an overall general mix of the wealth space beauty and cleanliness to a degree with some exceptions you need to have a nice balance of all these things a really big room that’s dirty and ugly will be just as bad as a really small cramped room that’s very wealthy again there are exceptions to this but they’re extremely hard to get to and nothing to really hinge on but it’s worth noting that you can do it with a really cramped room make something pretty okay the general impressive thresholds are less than 20 the room is considered awful which gives colonists a minus for mulet at 20 the room becomes dull where the calenders doesn’t really care it doesn’t give a positive or negative mulet same do with mediocre which starts at 30 impressiveness at 40 and precedence the room becomes decent giving a countess plus two at 50 the room becomes slightly impressive giving a countess plus three the calendars gets a plus four at impressive which is given at sixty five score very impressive at 85 score gives a plus five 120 score gives extremely impressive which is plus six mood and past that is really difficult to get to but 170 becomes unbelievably impressive giving a plus 7 and then 240 score is wondrously impressive giving a countess plus eight to get to wondrously impressive is extraordinarily difficult but you can do it it just requires a little bit of luck for the purposes of this video I’m gonna be aiming mostly for the rooms that are dull and mediocre and baby just decent and the impressive because much past that it’s either requires so much work that it’s simply now worth it for the mullet or there’s so many different variables that go into it that it would take me a year to cover in a video things like the different qualities of arch the different mr. rosey art is made out of the different craftsmanship and the furniture that are put and maybe have a really nice table and a really poofy dresser that average out to be okay and mixing with a good bed mix it with some awful art this made of sandstone it there’s just there’s so many things I’m not going into all of that it’ll take away too long but I will touch a little bit on what it takes to be wondrously impressive and unbelievably impressive in all of that but for now we’ll go through and look at first off the materials as far as BD goes every wall floor and door has a different static or into the material that it was made out of there’s also a different wealth associated with each of these but it will beginning to that next as far as wall scale Silver’s +6 in goal to plus 20 Jada plus ten marble ax plus one and all the mounds that you can smooth out or pulse one except marble which is plus two mountain Florence and smooth out are all plus two even if it’s marble it’s tied with the carpeting that you can make the nach the normal stone that you can put down outside of a mountain is all plus one regardless material concrete minus one metal tile plus one the silver tile plus five and gold plus twelve door wise same as the walls pretty much plus six four silver twenty-four gold Jade root ten and marble at one Auto doors also have the same amount of beauty but they also have different wealth to show off this wealth I have here two of the exact same room just with the different door the room on the left is the standard door at wealth 250 for the one other right is an auto door at 397 it’s a big enough jump in wealth that it actually pushed the room impressiveness overall into dull because it finally crossed the threshold there awful this is actually probably going to be like nineteen point four impressiveness overall so it it rounds up display a wise but it’s actually rounding down it’s a little weird sometimes like that whereas this room here it’s actually impressionist into the 20s putting into dull which if this were a bedroom at twenty one doll it gives no mood look but whereas this would give a minus.

Who I believe so it’s something to keep in mind little things like this I go into it a little bit with these examples but as you get into the really really big bedrooms and you try to get like super impressive with them there’s so many other little things that you can do that this is just one of many for the purposes of this entire video Auto doors are something to consider and keep in mind because it can be that little difference between being a moderately impressive and a super impressive bedroom by other things like quality of the building that you do the different type of art that you put in the mature that the art is made out of all these other little things can affect it and there’s just so many different little variables that I haven’t gone into it very much because it would take me a year to do so but keep it in mind it’s a thing try it out this is where things might get a little bit messy I’ve got here different rooms made out of the different Walden door materials that you can have just to sort of compare and contrast the wealth there’s carpeting in front of these rooms but that really doesn’t matter it doesn’t affect the room at all whatsoever that was more just for me for personal use later on when I was making rooms so I could just add a glance see what was worth working with but we’ve got uranium here at 590 wealth wood 196 wealth plasteel 831 we’ve got steel at 250 for gold at eight thousand ninety nine silver at nine hundred for Jade at 536 sandstone two hundred fourteen of the other stones interestingly 222 not sure why sandstone is ever so slightly different and then marble even more different at just 218 and if you happen to be a Mountain dwelling Colony we’ve got here marble smooth walls at 419 and 342 for everything else flooring wise it paints a similar picture and but should to be noted before I get into this some rooms just overall throughout this video some will have flooring beneath the door some won’t sometimes it’ll be a different material material beneath the door though it doesn’t matter in the slightest I have here two rooms that are the exact same except the material under and through.

Door we’ve got the room on the right with concrete beneath the door and through the door at 2,980 wealth 31 overall impressiveness the one that has gold beneath and through the exact same stats so if you ever see me panning through and you see a room that’s just got a different material beneath the door just keep in mind that it actually doesn’t matter at all whatsoever and in fact for your buildings if you’re trying to make something really nice be don’t have that many materials like maybe you’re doing a cool like a gold floor here and there just remember that beneath the door doesn’t matter at all in the slightest you can save yourself a little bit of money that way however we have here 192 wealth for the sandstone the marble at 192 concrete 169 at the marble flagstone 182 limestone flagstone 182 marble tile 191 sandstone tile 191 carpeting at 214 the sterile tile being 254 mm 984 gold tile silver tile 452 metal tile 225 wood flooring being 176 and pave tile 180 I should also point out that for carpeting all the colors of the exact same four stone tiling and these are all the exact same as well even the marble and flagstone wise also be same.

And another side note before we get into the nitty-gritty of things there was rumor a long time ago I don’t know if people still believe it or not that bed positioning mattered for Rome’s some people said that having it near the door was good as some people said that having in the middle is best some people said that having it off at the corner is the best because it’s more out of the way and colonists care about that more but in fact Sal eyes literally doesn’t matter all three of these positions positions are the exact same room stat wise as far as space goes there is such a thing as too big this is literally too big of a room for it to recognize I have the room stats display on I even have a bed in it it should be considered a bedroom but it’s just it it’s too big the game doesn’t see it the largest room that you can have in fact as this this is a 64 by 63 room were 63 by 64 actually doesn’t really matter though and it gives 350 space which is actually pretty low for this sized room because you can achieve that same amount of space with the rooms off to the left these two rooms here are both 28 by 12 which also give the 350 space now it should be noted that this is only mediocre room whereas the previous one at the largest was decent that’s just because there’s more wood wall in this room so it’s technically a higher wealth which is enough to push it into the decent threshold which would give the colonists a plus to move it so hey there’s that but a room even if just this size which is really small in comparison if you put even just a little bit of effort into flooring it you can make it somewhat impressive which gives the countess +4 mood let and you can also put a dining table in here and turn it into a rec room and then all that is somewhat impressive which August we listen this is just it’s fantastic it’s just it’s still a bit large which is why I’ve got the rooms are on the side all these rooms on the side here are all considered dolt which gives no mood but if you remember the difference between these three wooden ones not a whole lot just different sizes showing off sort of how that affects the room space 33 it’s still a dull room space 21 still a build room space 11 cramped still a dull room doesn’t really matter a huge deal but it does come into effect when you get a lot of smaller than that this is super cramped at just for space but it’s still dull because I was able to put down some gold tile it should be noted that it only takes two squares of gold tile to make this happen so if you want to look fancy you make these two outside tiles gold and it looks like the whole room is gold or if you want to hide it and be humble you put the gold beneath the bed and that’s totally fine to that well that also works now is when we get super messy because there’s a bunch of different ways to do things depending on what’s available let’s do the game you’re at and what type of a map that you’ve started on because sometimes you’ll have marble other times you won’t so I try to cover what happens if you do have marble and how that generally affects things but if you just have regular stone all that affects it if you want to be cheap if you have the materials to spare there’s a lot of things to go over so bear with me here it’s gonna be a little unorganized and sloppy but we’ll get through it all of these rooms here are all dull except one of them being mediocre so these all represent rooms that a colonist will not mind or care about at all down here we have the fancy gold which becomes mediocre but even just two by two into your ear mediocres it still doesn’t really give a boot list so is it worth going for not hugely silver same deal that’s it’s dull this is a silver bed silver door it’s just normal qualities oops normal quality stuff nothing too fancy but it’s still dull so if you’re ever wondering if it’s worth spending the currency silver or the currency gold to try to get these things answers not really not hugely the only times that this is really useful for me is in situations like this Regis need to boost it a little bit spend a little bit of gold on just like a tile or two just to push it over the edge but making an entire room out of it that’s just is just silly really here we have a dull bedroom that’s got Jade walls in a Jade door and just a simple wooden bed with a dark harp eating 24 a doll there’s a little bit of leeway there still to go up or down still doesn’t matter for her colonists but the interesting thing with Jade is it’s actually pretty useful to use because the door opening speed is still a hundred percent it still doesn’t burn and it doesn’t take a whole lot of jade to make it’s only 25 Jade and you get that easily from just one little piece of mining Jade because you and a skill floor miner can pull out somewhere in the 40s for Jade it’s a really handy material to have in something that I personally forgot about and haven’t really been utilizing and usually when I see Jade I just I sell it or I make a club out of it because it’s pretty good for blunt but really it’s it’s quite a nice building material for bedrooms now here I’ve got a couple of wooden rooms so you might be thinking well how the heck do you manage to get a0 mulit room that’s 2×2 out of wood because I had to do gold tile here but this is just wood flooring and this is where furniture quality comes into play and this is one of the extreme examples that it’s not something to hinge on because we have here a legendary dining chair but wait also a legendary wooden bed and they were it basically requires you to have somebody who’s a gadlight constructor who also gets an inspiration to have anything of a decent chance of getting a legendary it’s super difficult to do nowadays but it’s super worth it if you do manage to get it so I thought I’d include it just in case that situation happens to come across but that’s nothing to really work toward should be noted also the dining chairs are interesting in that they’re pretty beautiful and they’ve got a really good wealth value but they don’t decrease the amount of space in the room because the counters can simply walk over it and they don’t get to slow down at it by it at all unlike an end table or a dresser it doesn’t affect the space at all so it’s a really nice easy way to push the push the impressiveness threshold of a room without decreasing other things it’s just it adds more to it in fact if you want you may as well fill the room with dining chairs and sometimes you get lucky maybe get a couple really good ones and you might get even just a simple wood room like this up to maybe slightly impressive though I sort of doubt it you’d have to be really lucky for that since legendary is really not something to hope for if you do have somebody who’s really good at construction you can manage to put together some master work gear and usually a master work has art with it in fact I think pretty much all the time nowadays master work and legendary both have art so that’s a really cool thing that was added but since listenger is really difficult to come by a really good constructor putting together master work on a somewhat regular basis you can get away with a dull bedroom if you have carpeting in for those of you who avoid would like the plugin for pretty good reason because of the swamp ability I have here a marble wall structure although the door is only steel I will be getting at the fireproof stuff in a second the room here it requires you to have just a decent constructor a good dining chair on a normal wooden bed it also requires you to have an artist because it requires a normal art now the overall impressiveness of the room is 20 which is dull but literally anything slightly worse than this piece of art here with 68 Beauty will it’ll display 20 impressiveness but what it actually is is like 19.4 or something where it runs the number up but stat-wise it round it correctly so while it’s 20 impressiveness on paper it’s actually still considered an awful bedroom so maybe save yourself to trouble and just get like a good artist and try to get some slightly better art than this but the beauty here it definitely needs to be at least 65 so since you have marble walls you probably have access to marble blocks which means you can put together some small marble sculptures so I say go for it for those of you who want something that is actually honestly fireproof I have a marble wall marbled or dark carpeting still but requires you’d have a normal marble royal bed as well just to give you a twenty to dull now these are all single beds and ordinarily I’d recommend a double bed because there’s always the possibility of a colonist getting together with somebody else then they want to sleep with them and if you don’t have a double bed it becomes a bit of an issue that way because they always want to sleep with the other person and you miss out on chances for love and which is a really good positive with it that you definitely want so ideally just start with double beds from the get-go but we’re all buds you may not be able to start with because of the gold that it requires so that’s why I hads just single beds here this is more for like early game stuff if you do you want just a double but you don’t want to spend the goal to make a royal bed I do have here requires Jade but a Jade double bed with Jade walls and a Jade door dark carpeting gets you just barely a dull room it’s difficult to do and I forgot to build the vent but the vent just gives you a little bit of wealth so it’s actually okay but that’s how you do it it’s it’s not easy but you can do it royal beds are definitely the way to go if you can afford the gold if maybe you don’t have marble on your map and you have just some other stone I have here a limestone room with a limestone door this is also dark carpeting and it has a limestone royal bed in it it requires basically the same thing but it’s just barely dull if this thing is even just just the least bit dirty you run into a huge problem it’s it’s not ideal but hey it works I’m not sure on the case scenario of this next one but it’s a steel wall with a steel door maybe you don’t feel like stone cutting or your priorities are elsewhere or maybe you don’t have stone cutting tech but you can put together a royal but I’m not really sure but steel doors steel walls it’s a wooden royal but both the impressiveness is only eighteen even with dark carpeting it’s not quite there it needs a little bit of boost which is why I mentioned Jade earlier because Jade is perfect for this kind of scenario if you don’t mind upgrading the bed to steel and you put together a little bit of jade in the wall and door you can put together yourself a dull bedroom at 20 impressiveness if you really want to go with the wood you’d have to add in more jade walls but I figured steel is easier to come by than Jade so this is probably more preferable for a bedroom but there’s that now vents I mentioned briefly with this room here it adds a little bit of wealth so I figured why not go for this it’s it’s it’s a vent room it actually it works you need a little bit of jade in the corners corners a do matter but it’s just caramel wooden bed with the steel door and normal dark carpeting and a bit of jade but if you have the steel for it you can put it together it works it’s just strange.

I have here another Jade bedroom this is just a single bed still works pretty well as long as the walls are all Jade and the doors shade and the carpeting is dark but a 25 impressiveness it’s all Jade all around the board just a single bed instead of a double it’s a nice comparison though of what the bed does to a room because it’s an oppressiveness of 25 versus 20 while the wealth is higher the space of this one is double its for space versus two space that’s just because of walkability for some reason there’s still two tiles of walkability on here I think it’s the foot of the bed that maybe counts I’m not really sure if this is for I I’m not sure how space works I think it’s got some strange strange logarithmic thing going on with it.

But the space alone makes us a lot more easier to work with and it makes you want to go for just the single beds more often because of the space constraint well it’s again the colonist if they get hitched it’s it’s a big problem then that way so I don’t know I mean it’s not a huge deal deconstructing this and upgrading it to a J double bed at least but that’s something if you are really pressed for space and you want something decent it takes a bit of work but we’ve got that here it’s a $20 and a $20 this one here being plus seal walls except the front of it being gold and the flooring being silver tile with just a legendary wooden bed this could be yours.

It’s it’s not easy to put together because of the legendary but it’s also super expensive but hey it’s an option there’s also a master work bed here if maybe you can’t quite afford legendary but requires lot more gold requires dark carpeting and marble wall but you can just barely get this also again super expensive super tricky to do but if you’re really pressed for space for whatever reason this is how you do it well.

As far as comfort goes comfort isn’t really a stat for everybody personally I don’t really like comfort very much because it drains so quickly throughout the day when you’re not in something comfortable that for a lot of people that’s not useful for haulers and cleaners they’re not going to be comfortable while working there’s no point.

Punters same deal cooks sort of depends on the chair that you give them at the stove if any but for the most part it’s really just good for crafters because they’re gonna be in a comfy chair while working but the comfort then applies to the chair that they’re sitting in at the time of working so the bed doesn’t really matter the leftover comfort from the bed is just it’s a weird thing personally I don’t go for it but some people do and in fact in some rooms it’s worth considering putting in the dresser and end table because depending on what it’s made out of it can offset the space that it reduces we have here on the bottom right neither of them it’s a $27 ohm but the space is love and beauty 0.41 well that 402 it’s okay nothing wrong with it.

It’s just steel wall steel door metal tile normal wood bed no problem but if you throw out a dresser the space drops down but the wealth increases a lot of the beauty increases a lot this is just a steel dresser it’s still dull and it’s it’s it’s almost mediocre which still 2-0 bootless there’s not like a huge who blog about that but it’s you know let’s keep that in mind the end table it’s like a smaller dresser basically not quite as much wealth not quite as much beauty but it is more than none and if you have both the space is decreased to 8 which you would think would impact it a lot and it kind of does but the beauty of 0.73 and the wealth of 565 it greatly offsets that and this is actually a bit better of a room than without so if you’ve got the space you might want to consider going for this and putting these in because it gives you the additional comfort which you may not care about but it gives you enough points that it can almost push you over an x threshold it’s something to keep in mind for the larger rooms I had one earlier but here’s some more honest fireproof rooms a slight wall slight bed slate door and just paved tile 23 dull on the right though if you ever actually have access to marble definitely go for it because just a marble wall marble or marble bed and concrete flooring still dull just barely dull but it counts at just concrete flooring — that’s nice especially since this is actually a smaller room than the slate one again here off to the side we have another example of the furniture for comfort actually coming in as a benefit we have a slate double bed with the slate end table and slate dresser with slate wall slate door and also still chose concrete twenty-four dull which is still a little bit higher than without concrete without the furniture it’s not enough to push it into mediocre or any woodland that has any effect at all whatsoever but hey it’s free comfort that still improves the quality of the room you may as well go for it but those of you living inside of a mountain or at least nearby amount who are thinking about putting the bedrooms inside the mountain I have here limestone mountain stuff marble mountain stuff compared to just lime stone brick stuff and marble brick stuff the normal beds of the same you know rock the door the same rock.

We have limestone all being 34 impressiveness mediocre which is nice but keep in mind that mediocre adult both given either A+ ignore negative midlet though mediocre is fairly easy to push to the next threshold compared to just a 27 that you get from the lunch don’t brick stuff if you have a marble mod to put into I say definitely go for it because 37 impressiveness mediocre super close to being the next threshold for a positive plus to move it all the time always it’s really close you don’t have to do a whole lot here to make that the next threshold compared to just a standard marble brick stuff 30 mediocre a little harder to work with but you can do it so generally it’s not the hugest thing if you don’t live inside the mountain and you just want to put the bedrooms outside of a mountain maybe just seize the mountain for defense then maybe worried about infestations and all that totally fine not the huge difference but if you do end up going for a mountain try to go for marble because that’s that’s pretty close that’s that’s worth it and for funsies the best bedroom you can possibly actually have it’s a legendary royal bed with three pieces of legendary art the entire room itself is wondrously impressive it is so super difficult to get to this point it’s only 248 240 is the minimum threshold for wondrously impressive and I have legendary furniture in here three pieces of legendary.

Grand are made out of gold with a legendary gold royal bed inside of a completely sterile room it’s so difficult to get this up there but it is possible with an extraordinary amount of work and it’s only for a plus 8 moonlit it’s it’s it’s not worth the effort basically that’s what I’m trying to say don’t don’t worry about it okay just don’t it’s not worth it don’t throw it don’t fall for it it’s a lie and here we have the sort of the final the take away type thing what most people are probably interested in generally what it takes to get each tier to a degree of bedrooms now again I didn’t go for the super impressive stuff because there’s so many variables I go into it with the build quality and who did in how much art is in there and what the art was made out of that it would just take way too long to go through so this is just at least the first few tiers forgetting and no bootlid and just a bit of a positive mood lit from there I think you can probably see sort of a pattern or maybe generally what you can do to a bedroom to make it even better to try to push it over the threshold but for the most part for these bedrooms to make them better they just need to be bigger so keep that in mind for those of you looking for a bare-bones basic budget bedroom for either the early game or maybe for those of you who just don’t want a negative mood light I’ve got here rooms that aimed for dull that require really basic materials that you start the game with generally we have a wooden walls with wooden normal furniture inside concrete flooring 21 dull the exception here is that it takes three bits of paved tile to make this dull you need three two won’t do it if you want to go with all all paved house that’s fine you won’t get the a positive mood look for it though so threes generally what you’d want to be going for and you can hide the three beneath the bed and the dresser and they’re out of sight out of mind if you want just a nice uniform concrete look if you want a double bed which I would highly recommend doing we have that here just one Pay Pal for this one though if you do not have marble on your map you can’t go any smaller than these bedrooms so there’s no point but if you do have marble you can go smaller because with marble bed marbled or wooden end table which can also be marble if you’d like you can put together a 23 dull impressiveness with a concrete floor pretty easy to do if you want to live inside of a mountain and it’s not marble then you can put this together with the smooth limestone flooring smooth limestone walls limestone bag and a limestone door you can put together a 27 dull no problem if your mont happens to be been out of marble this you’re living in you can smooth out the marble walls and floors and put together a couple basic wooden dining chairs they both have to be normal.

Otherwise it’s not good enough but you can deal with everything else being or marble it’s a two by two interior bedroom super small but it still works the conus will not mind this at all if you want to go a lid of a fancy or maybe you don’t want to smooth the flooring at all you can go with dark carpeting which is a little bit better but still doesn’t really save you much at all carpeting is technically better but in this case it wasn’t enough it’s it’s all still normal it’s just an alternative for a little more wealth on this middle column here we have the decent bedrooms was the goal now the thing with these is because you have to add in the chairs anyway just to improve the wealth and beauty a little bit without decrease to the space anymore.

You may as well then just also add in a table and make it also a decent dining room for another positive movement when they wake up and eat the meal that they slept with because colonists do that a lot I’m not really sure why so these are a little bit different in that regard but if you don’t want the table for whatever reason maybe you’ve got like a super awesome dining room and you literally just want the bed then fine just get rid of the table and no problem this room here is a wooden dresser wouldn’t in table wooden bed wooden table with two steel dining chairs it is 40 for a decent if it has a dark carpeting in it and granite walls it’s got a little bit of wiggle room in there but you know it’s whatever if you happen to have access to marble though you can have the same room but it’s at 47 which is really close to the next threshold of slightly impressive which I have here just by adding in a steel plant pot with a daylily in there you can make it slightly impressive just barely but it’s there if you happen to be living inside or near a mountain and want to put the bedroom inside the mountain we have here at limestone at 42 decent and the marble being 43 decent so those are also kind of sort of close but I shaved off a little bit of space so while you could potentially have a slightly impressive bedroom that wasn’t the goal with those in fact we have that a little bit later on the biggest thing about living inside of the mountain is you get to save a little more space this way it just takes more work making it happen this left column indicates of stuff that is slightly impressive and I try to downgrade stuff to wood when possible just try to save up on materials but obviously the stuff that is wood if you upgrade it to steel it’s even better but it’s not better enough that it puts you into the threshold like the next threshold or anything like that like I downgraded what I could to wood while still being within the same threshold that makes any sense but obviously if you have the skill to kill then go for it but we have here granite wall the dark dark carpeting with two steel plant pots with day lilies a steel end table a steel table.

Two steel van and chairs and the wood double bed you can get away with just barely fifty impressiveness also steel door if you happen to be living inside of a mountain that is not marble you can get away with smoothing the walls smoothing the floor you don’t need the plant pots but you deem to need to put in a wooden dining chair in addition to the two steel dining shirts that you have there Oh an extra chair but hey you don’t have to deal with the plants that’s nice if what you’re living in is in fact marble you can smooth the floor is smooth the wall and you can go with all wood furniture and you don’t even need that extra dining chair 51 slightly impressive ah yeah you cannot make the room any smaller though unless you have like a really cool furniture inside I tried just can’t happen it’s too tight of a squeeze and if you’re looking for bedrooms that are even nicer than that I mean again just just generally keep in mind that the chairs they don’t take up any space they add wealth and beauty so throw those in and just generally make the room bigger because that’s the most limiting factor of all these rooms right here are all just size obviously if you can live inside the bond go for it if it’s not a marble mountain that’s usually okay you can get away with it it just means sometimes you have to spend a little more steel than wood but if you don’t care.

Would or maybe you don’t want to go on chop trees because you’re inside of a mountain so why bother then heck even even better and that’s that that’s the three tiers of basic bedrooms or what it takes under different circumstances a general guideline on certain sizes that you need how to make super teeny tiny bedrooms make those effective as well as a bunch of different materials and just in general what the materials each to its I think that was pretty much everything I think I covered a lot unless you wanted to see like really impressive bedrooms but again you just you basically follow the same system that I’ve got here where it’s changing the materials around from wood upgraded to steel perhaps ideally you live inside the mountain carpeting is a little more wealth than the flooring that you would normally have inside of a mountain when you smooth it just a little stuff like that adding in dining chairs and throwing an arch are it’s a really big one thing none of these have art this is all assuming you have just a decent constructor these are all doable if you have a really cool constructor you can make like master work beds and stuff and sometimes also have art on them and then you can actually just make art and put them in and there’s so many variables in ways that you can make bigger better bedrooms than these that I just I didn’t even bother like there’s there’s no reason to making a video for that but this was just what it takes to make decent bedrooms that are consciousness and really care about or maybe likes a little bit and how to avoid the really poopy ones and I hope it helps people out a bit I would like to be doing more guides like this in the future if you have an idea for a guide for me to do let me know as well as the myth series I’ve got a limb world method debunking thing that I also had going on for a bit um I’d like to continue doing those so if you know of any myths and rumors and stuff that people just seem to believe but there’s no actual concrete evidence for let me know and I’ll see if I can get to the bottom of it and I’ll make a video on that as well you.

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