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How’s it going guys it’s gamer freak here and today I’m going to show you how to use the nutrient paste dispenser and rimworld.

So the nutrient paste dispenser can be found in the production tab in the architect menu it costs 90 steel and once you build that see as you can see I’ve already created it we’re going to need to connect it to power and then add hoppers to add a hopper you just click hopper across 15 steel and you can add them either doesn’t really matter which way you put them on there as long as it’s one of these two ways like this or like this.

So we’ll speed it up now and have them come build the hoppers and as you can see to test this out I’ve forbidden all food and beer because that’s something they’ll consume and we need to make sure that they only focus on using the nutrient paste dispenser so once they create the nutrient paste Spencer what they’re going to do is we’re just going to grab raw food and set it in the hoppers and then what they’ll do is they’ll go to the front right here and they’ll grab food out of it so we’ll see I don’t know if I have any raw food okay here we go you can see over here they’re harvesting raw food they put it in there and they’re just eating so you can see she’s eating nutrient paste meal and her thoughts are what’s the weight boy still she done and it actually gives a negative effect so that’s one of the downsides to it but it’s it’s also very simple so at the beginning of a colony or if you just don’t want to have to worry about you know making food and cooking food storing it making sure it doesn’t go bad a nutrient paste Spencer can be a really good option but yeah that’s pretty much it I hope that helped you guys out and please be sure to check out my other room world how-to videos and have a nice day.

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