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Description of the video guide «Rimworld Guide: How Wealth Works in Rimworld and why it makes raids harder»

Just thought I’d make a small video about the wealth aspect of Rimworld and why it seems to make raids unfairly hard incredibly quickly!

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What’s up everybody it’s me barky and today I’m going to be talking about something that’s kind of interesting it’s kind of cool and it’s not something that’s immediately apparent when you start playing the game today I’m going to be speaking about the wealth of the colony and how it affects the size of the raids that will attack you later on in the game and at the beginning kinda kinda the world a lot of people don’t know is that the size of the raids actually depend on how rich the game considers your colony to be for example I could have a whole ton of gold in my stockpile and that would mean that the raid would increase by like ten people it doesn’t matter what my defenses are or how strong my colonists are what skills they have ok well this actually does matter but what I’m doing about skills and I’ll strong they are in terms of this as you can see we’ve got this heavily enhanced bionic individual wearing power armor and armored vest and all that stuff you know you got some like Adam Jensen’s over here and then we’ve got my usual drug addict Marit uh who has nothing but he has some pretty good skills which I’ve gone ahead and done in them prepare carefully just to kind of show off this video a bit there’s a few interesting things that people don’t really know about when it comes to wealth of of the colony and how how it plays into how big the raids are that’ll come in attack you so since a lot of people don’t really know this I’ll just go ahead and say it that randomly spawn walls on the map do not count towards you well unless you claim them once you’ve claimed the wall then it becomes part of your wealth in and the raids will start considering it if you get unlucky and spawn in a world where it’s just filled with golden walls this won’t happen but if she — ah that’s pretty unlucky but at the same time you can use it to your advantage and just never claim it and don’t deconstruct it because if you deconstruct it and this goes for all items on the floor it immediately starts counting towards your wealth which brings us the colonists if your colonists is wearing some good gear this counts so if you have how armor and and anything more important this counts towards your wealth but if a raider attacks you and you down the raid and the raider is wearing let’s say power armor that doesn’t count towards your wealth which is it’s kind of weird but the minute you strip them it becomes part of your wealth so you could just put them in your freezer and kind them for a while but on the other hand colonists are calculated and a flat rate so if your colonist gives you so many points and I’ll show you this and prepare carefully later on in the video each colonist gives you so many points that counts towards your wealth and the only difference is what our skills are but still pretty interesting I know that’s a big deal but the bionics don’t play into any aspect of this which is kind of funny because a Bionic colonists especially with the organ mod that I have would take out three or four normal colonists easily without even trying it’s like putting Adam Jensen up again some kid behind this computer like me I would just get destroyed pretty badly another thing that has zero wealth is a downed animal or an animal corpse if you get attacked by a Manhunter raid or something similar one of those events where like thirty elephants come and attack you you could down every single one of those elephants put them in your freezer and buy down I mean kill sorry and I wouldn’t count to what you want at all the minute you butcher them though that’s when it starts counting but besides that yes you can take a fire and burn your items to decrease the wealth you have I wouldn’t recommend it though because you can usually sell it and even if it’s not worth it you can at least get some silver not only can you get some silver but even if you have to gift it it’s still better than just burning it I feel but yeah that’s definitely something you can do if your raids are too strong there’s an item in the game called Van Ness idiom this is a modded item and each each piece of mana sodium counts for 600 wealth which is just insane which is just absolutely insane really like it’s crazy if you want to increase the value of your colony you can just spawn some modded stuff in just to give you a good idea of what a good rate looks like and then finally the weapon that your colonists is carrying around does count as well so giving your colonists the most expensive items like thrombo horns for example it doesn’t help whatsoever.

I’ve seen a lot of people say that they carry around melee weapons until the raid happens and they pick up a range weapon this does not work whatsoever I don’t know where people got that idea from but I can actually test it and I’ll put up a video sometime next week hopefully I can put up a video next week with me just messing on with all these possibilities but I can definitely tell you that this does not work and it’s something that should not be done any more.

In fact it should even be spoken about all right now that are spoken about the wealth what counts and what doesn’t and I’ve just shown a bit shown you guys a bit about it and I’m gonna go into prepare carefully and just give you the exact rundown of how it calculates everything so as you can see over here we have points spent at like around ten thousand if I raise my abilities so I just raise that a bit there that it went up by about four hundred you know three hundred if I keep raising it it’ll keep adding more obviously I can give myself 20 to everything with burning in every category um I can go ahead and do this make him pretty much a super soldier in regards to being able to do everything at a super pace and duper well and whatever but you can you can see straight up the difference here if I hover over headings is what 5k will Raya or the next one whatever this name is ray is only worth 1000 he’s worth five times the next person just because I’ve raised his skills and stuff and that doesn’t account for putting in different sort of you can add conditions to say bad back and it will remove points so you can keep adding stuff in to kind of balance the points out and sort of limit in it gives you 10k at the Mac just a bit less than 10k weight pretty interesting actually might be a bit more a bit more than 10k very cool if I remove this or point suddenly go up about 300 and we can go into the next section which is the equipment let’s take a look a via if I add silver look at the points go up see what I mean this is a cancer it been on the floor if I go over here mmm.

Actually this is sort by cost put in thrombo haunt and do that look at the prices I mean look at the points just skyrocket I actually kind of want to see what a raid would look like analyst raise I’ll wealth a ton like a ridiculous amount and we have that sitting over here which was the thing else someone earlier 400 apiece my bad I thought it was 600 this is modded by the way so don’t look for this in your game yes that’s a very high number and let’s see what happens.

Oh he she okay.

Where are our colonist looks like they didn’t spawn it looked like they didn’t spawn at all oh my gosh let’s ridiculous I think they just got consumed by the thrombo horn these all stocks attend by the way oh gosh okay well that’s um one colonist instead I just wanted someone with decent gear all right cool let’s just do this bum-rush him you came to the wrong neighborhood buddy.

Okay that took way too long and let’s just make him take the Luciferian this is the biggest raid ever oh my gosh I’m just getting the worst luck that actually happened to be friends with us okay execute raid with space are hostile I’ve obviously gone ahead and done something bad thank you guys for the help it looks like looks like the elves from Lord of the Rings like really dirty hobo holes l should they not happy what why okay anyways just because they all in like a straight line with bows coming to help out and stuff then you get the one dude with pink hair I mean his green hair pink hair whatever my game is actually lagging that’s a pretty big grade not as big as I was expecting but still pretty big right so let’s see what happens this is the biggest raid I could create pirates Oh God really I don’t even gonna attack us they just take all the horns yeah anyways guys wolf effects how big the raids are it has nothing to do with how far you on the game or progression or any other way it’s literally what’s on the floor and how good your column so yeah I hope you guys are having a fantastic day and fantastic night it’s the flash premiere tonight which is a pretty cool show if you haven’t seen it definitely go check it out and I’ll see you old for tomorrow’s video which I think I’m gonna be doing on another drug but I’m not too sure yet but anyways have a good day bye bye everyone.

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