Как правильно (с минимальными потерями) уничтожить упавший зараженный корабль в RimWorld - RimWorld гайд

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Description of the video guide «How to destroy a fallen infected ship in RimWorld (with minimal losses)»

A hopefully helpful showing a good method of dealing with the crashed mechanoid ships. This should stop you taking unnecessary damage.

Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

Hello everyone no respawns here so in this video I’m going to show you how to deal with these crash ships pain in the ass so you get two versions this psychic one which is the more pain in the arse one and then you get a poison one which just poisons the surrounding earth which isn’t too bad what the psychic one does this which is basically emits a psychic drone which makes all of your colonists go not progressively mad but they get really upset and they get really upset and then they go mad because they will break and it also makes the wildlife go a little crazy hence where there was a dead animals little pro tip before you do what you’re about to do now kill any wildlife wolves especially around here because unless you’re really prepared because you might find that while you’re building these little barricades I guess you often get wolves attacking you because the psychic ship likes to make them go mad now what we’re doing right here the reason we’re doing this is because in essence the the enemies of this spot the spawns mechanoid some combination of the sizes and the centipedes the ones i’ve got and it’s basically quite an easy fight if you prepare or if you don’t prepare you take unnecessary amounts of damage and it’s one of those things that and it drive it once you destroy it only gets so many resources bringing it it’s a really profitable thing to destroy but i build this up here made amount of granite because that way i can engage them my own term so i put it on the front there because it allows me to split up at the enemies usually spawn on the top and the bottom as you’ll see when we attack it and it allows you to split the group up a little bit so you’re not having all of the mike but they don’t always but often the enemy the cyphers will the cyphers and the centipedes will focus fire on one person and that’s the few instances where i think someone lost their arm once i think it was it might have been jealous i think she lost her own but and that was from one of these attacks because they will focus fire so that’s why putting on the front I also put two spaces between just because you there is a chance that you’ll get an enemy with one of the centipede it randomizes a weapon house so it might have one of the rocket launchers that launch like a fire missile and that way you don’t want your people to bunched up because it with this defense I believe because I got them to a part yeah it should be a lonely cat one of them on fire at a time so you won’t have them all bunched up where everyone just runs away what I like to do just personal preference but I put my M colonists with the charge rifles in the center so they can engage both groups and then to my weak weapons on the outside because as long as they’re massed up it’s not really an issue by the charge rifles I like to have is close as possible someone’s getting ready it’s all exciting stuff it’s like everyone attack go for it now you see what I’ve got right here is I’ve got two ciphers and a centipede so the ones at the bottom I’m going able to target centipede obviously and I’m just going to kind of eat my way through the ciphers I’ve also gotten really lucky with the weapon now if I know obviously if I didn’t have these granite barricade this would actually one of the worst weapons to have because it’s not the minigun where it has incredibly short range and it’s not the rocket launch which though obviously is very dangerous.

Generally speaking doesn’t actually really kill anyone this thing this thing here would have shredded them however this with the Carm granite barricades we’re good to go basically so there we go I mean I didn’t take a single hit in that attack and that was quite a tough group I also got very very lucky with my shots my colonists and reasonably decent at shooting but not amazing so I got very lucky with that one obviously don’t forget to destroy the ship is why it drops quite a lot good stuff so you’ve got I think that’s kind of three hundred and something steel got one hundred and forty silver and you also get an AI persona core which you just see there I’m a no sell for quite a lot also you get to basically just harvest all the bits from these ciphers which is great friend always harvest your size the blades they’re just I think I’ve never sold them I believe you can sell them but I’m quite obsessive with because they’re they act as a prosthetic for people’s fists so they’re quite useful I just liked.

Prosthetics because I always seem to lose limbs anyway hope you guys found that useful and it now allows you to deal with these without taking unnecessary damage as always follow on twitter at no respawns we’ll see you up to see what the next video is hear me complain about my most recent hangover that kind of and you guys enjoy your weekend.

Take out.

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