Как правильно организовать добычу электроэнергии и как безопасно размещать батареи с электричеством в RimWorld - RimWorld гайд

Автор: BaRKy

Description of the video guide «How to organize electricity production and how to safely place batteries with electricity in RimWorld»

In this video I just show you how to create a power-bank. It’s a very small quality of life thing to do in game. Hope you enjoy!

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All right what’s up guys and girls it’s me barky and today i’m gonna be speaking about something that’s kind of personal to me but not really if you’ve ever lived in south africa which apparently 4% of video according to youtube analytics then you’d know about the power issues that we have and how we have to deal with these stupid power cuts all the time but what I’m going to show you today is more of a more of a chill thing ah oops let me just enable Godward so I can just build stuff instantly because I’m a colonist or lazy and do nothing all right so what I’ve gone in bullsháá is just eight batteries in a little room with space on the side and then add a door in I wouldn’t use an order door here just because a power drain and then a fire phone popper just right there then you go ahead and add power like this right by the door now you can add the switch whatever I’m just going to put a chair just for effect and then I’m going to go ahead and take the security and put it art there what’s this guy up to okay cool all right now I’m going to go ahead and build another one just like this add these pretty similar but down the power finish the walls quickly and add a door in I’m trying to make them exactly the same and then what you do is you do the exact same thing literally like that make sure to connect it before the switch not off to it now.

What I’ve gone ahead and built showed what I would call power banks you could call them anything that just glorified batteries but the important thing is to keep them off the grid if I go ahead and get some I should let’s go here and just do this.

Here’s the ship ship cause they generate electricity now you can see these these energy banks will fill up very slowly but they will you can see they’ll start to fill up now so we’re going to call this the main power supply and in this power supply you’ll have batteries and I do recommend you having batteries in every single game there’ll be a lot of older Vette players you say batteries are terrible because of the short circuit events if you watch my last video you’ll see how to almost I’d say remove the issue but it pretty much is remove it um and now I’m going to go ahead and build another one I know right three of them only my country could think like this today I’m in South Africa we have power cuts all the time uh it’s just fantastic right go ahead and do that put another door in now what we’re gonna do is make it a bit different connect those up there and then we’re going to do this I’ll switch turn that off someone will come and turn it off when they wake up I think so my colonists are lazy there we go okay cool so now we’ve got three banks of electricity and that’s important what you’re gonna see now is that the the energy will fill into these three rooms and slowly but surely fill it up and a little breakdown yeah I’m on the I’m on my my perfect base in my head at least ah it’s a pretty good place I’m gonna go food poisoning rip so what’s not happening is all three banks are being filled up these are kind of just bigger batteries they’re all being filled up and powering the steel tart obviously they get more power and then starts using by like ten thousand um so it’s pretty absurd how much energy is here these ship reactors are definitely not worth it though but they’re pretty good in this case but now what happens is if there’s a short-circuit event the power will drain out of all three of these and make an explosion that’s why you got to start building these power switches which you can toggle off here and I’ll activate a power surge just to show you like what when that have nope nope so now as you can see it considered these two as two different circuits and this is the short circuit event only exploded this area as you can see these power banks are fine and they’re still getting powered even till powering the turret if someone could come in or out the fire that would be fantastic these ones of mine so out of the three power banks we had only one was rendered useless back to what’s important instead of error issues which I’m sorry by the way it’s just me testing stuff for future videos and all of that with this being its own battery and power grid and stuff it’s giving issues about that I don’t know why but anyways what I’m trying to say is out of the three big batteries and power banks we had only one was rendered useless zero percent not only that but the fire was incredibly manageable thanks to the fact that we’ve separated all the power sources if you watched my last video you’d know that I’ve done that with every single aspect of the space but this is on a much smaller scale and it’s way more important this this just the idea of separating your power sources is much more important than separating all the generation and batteries just having separate banks that you can turn on and off because most people in the beginning will have one big base where all the power is connected ooh I know I do if you watch my stream you’ll see me doing that kind of stuff all the time I’m just in the beginning until I eventually get around to fixing that shit but that’s why it is so important I know this is gonna be a really short video but I just hate seeing people who you have these rows and rows of battery in this event and they don’t have an a secondary row of batteries like a short circuit event with all these batteries connected would not only leave a crate in your base it also leave you completely open to attack if I had no toilet we’d really be screwed yeah guys that’s just a really short video on power banks I know most of you like I’ll use such a bad YouTube when you waste your time when crap like this and we all know the stuff can’t you make some more impressive guides and stuff like that yeah I will I’m getting around to it I promise this is just for those people who just don’t know why the power is separated and how it works in that short circuits or H circuit like they are a circuit not the whole energy supply in that this when you open this and leave it on that and connect it over here you’re just making a big in bigger circuits but you can cut that out and it’s good it’s definitely necessary especially if you want to colony to last longer than a week yeah I hope you guys haven’t all so nice I know today’s video will be short but tomorrow’s one I’ve got something nice planned at least and I hope you guys have an amazing day for those of you in America cuz I know it’s about time and yeah see you guys all later.

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