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Автор: Pitstop Head2

Description of the video guide «How to destroy a huge number of bugs (hives) in RimWorld at once»

So you get a massive hive infestation in your Rimworld game and don’t want to get loads of injuries on your colony well here is how. I show you how to do it here in this Rimworld Guide….

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So you get a massive infestation in one of the areas in your base what I thought do show you here how to deal with that there’s an easy way obviously you have to worry about them breaking through the walls but if you can contain them and you can see here this has grown over time so it’s a massive infestation I’ve got one of my guys here it’s got an incendiary launcher now either an insane relaunch show or molotovs are good for this what you do fire in have him escape quickly through the door like so make sure you’ve installed a door and then keep firing until you can get the fire going in the hive you can see he’s had to fire a few times you’re really one of those central shots so you can get enough stuff burning and you can see here the hive and there are like 30 or 40 of these alien creatures inside here and they’re good fuel for this fire and they’re beginning to burn and I get a min again just to add some more flames unfortunately I’ve failed on that time because these little pesky aliens they if they see you they’ll run towards your attack.

You can see the fires burning now the goal here isn’t just about the fire it’s also about raising the temperature in the space and it has to be enclosed for this to work you can see some of them are beginning to ignite within the space as the temperature rises and the fire burns have sped it up a little bit here you can see little fires starting off in all the aliens around to the location at this point the cryogenic sarcophagi or chambers bust open and these ancient Pirates wake up into this Inferno and soon pass out as the heat temperature rises we’re almost at 2,000 degrees now nothing stands a chance and it’s just a question now my guy hanging around outside waiting for the flames to burn out because there’s only a certain amount of fuel we’re enclosed in a rock chamber that’s important it has to be rock limestone or granite around the outside here that will not burn and eventually the flames die out and you’re left with the stuff with a lot less stuff than you would do if you went in with guns blazing but you would get lots of injuries and it would affect the mental state of your colony you see what gold and bits and pieces they’re guys I hope you found that useful do hit the thumbs up and don’t forget to sub if you haven’t already thanks again.

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