Как играть в RimWorld — гайд для новичков, что делать на старте, основы игры - RimWorld гайд

Автор: Minnowmize

Description of the video guide «How to play RimWorld — a guide for beginners, what to do at the start, the basics of the game»

I will keep the title updated provided the information is still correct for each version. If something changes then I shall redo the tutorial.


  • 01:03 — Biome Selection.
  • 04:10 — Unforbidding and Equipping Items.
  • 07:25 — Settlement Selection.
  • 08:51 — Colonist Jobs.
  • 10:42 — Structures.
  • 12:01 — Stockpiles.
  • 13:58 — Rooves.
  • 14:36 — Growing Crops.
  • 17:16 — Freezer Room and Power.
  • 23:29 — Chopping Wood/Mining Steel & Components.
  • 25:50 — Undrafted Combat Behviour.
  • 28:38 — Cooking and Bill management.
  • 31:07 — Colonist Needs and Happiness.
  • 34:43 — Work and Sleep schedules.
  • 36:14 — Raids/Combat.
  • 38:45 — Doctoring.

Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

Hey guys it’s minimize and welcome to a room Ward’s tutorial now I quite often see things like this on reddit on the steam forums various other places and people who are a little bit overwhelmed by rim walls so it says new peer point me please.

I started the tutorial having never played a game like this and I feel overwhelmed there is so much to remember or do where it sure seems that way almost as though I’d like tips to continue until I get it any guidance would be appreciated well we are definitely here to point you and point you is what we are going to do and so this is gonna be a sort of real basic tutorial on how to get up and running on room walls on how to get started and make sure that you people survive the first little initial periods and everything that you are able to do you can do for them in order to keep them as I say alive so let’s go and have a look let’s delve into it and get ourselves up and running and and just show you all the basics.

Okay so we’ve generated our world on revolved here we are represented with it right now so what is the best start biome or maybe easiest one would be a better question.

I’m trying one of the forest with coasts lots of wood obviously odo eventually I could fish some fishes and if not I can harvest all year but I have almost no Mountains so still is my worst nightmare right now so where do you guys think is the easiest start Oh door oh okay unfortunately in room wolves you cannot fish any fishes so that’s out of the question.

Um easiest place to start best biome to start for me if you’re new to room world is probably gonna be in a temperate forest which is this sort of like light greeny area here you do have the dark green area which is tropical rainforest and then I think that’s probably gonna be a little bit you’re gonna have to sort of them suffer through so a lot diseases and stuff a lot more they’re a lot more common.

And so uh yeah I wouldn’t really advise the tropical for somebody who’s just starting out so that leaves us with the temperate forest and if we click the little terrain tab here we get a brief overview of what is going on in the temperate forest now you see the terrain type listed here is flat and if you zoom in a little bit more you can see sort of what is looking like these little untidy areas around here now if you click on them you’ll see it will change to large Hills the smaller ones are smaller Hills and then you’ve got the bigger ones which are mountainous regions now the mountainous regions and the large heroes they’re a little bit easier to defend because there are large chunks of rock around so what you can do with those is you can bury yourself in you can dig out like an area inside the like the mountains and sort of them just keep you colony inside there that’s a very good tactic and a very good strategy of a lot of people personally for me I prefer sort of somewhere which is flat and you can be sort of like attacked from all sides but it does give you a large open spaces with which to build so it’s entirely towns to you as to so what you would want to start with for this for the purposes of this we’re probably just gonna select large Hills so I’ll come to some of them to show you what I mean with sort of defending yourself so the other thing that you do want to take into consideration when picking an area to start is the growing period because if you don’t have a large enough growing period or a long enough growing period you’re gonna find yourself struggling for food now food in rimworld is the main number one thing in order to keep you colonists alive if they don’t eat they’re gonna starve and die so you do want a source of food coming in and the way to do that is to grow your crops so if you only have a very short growing period then you’re not really gonna have a long enough amount of time to grow them and then you’re gonna suffer food shortages and eventually your colony is gonna go to pieces so but the purposes of this again growing period year-round we’re going to start in large Hills we’re gonna click Next and we’re gonna see what’s what and show you guys how to get.

I’ve started okay so we’re about to land the three of you awaken your Crips asleep sarcophagi to the sound of sirens and ripping metal you barely get to the escape pods before the ship is torn apart sometime later you’d land on this unknown Rim walled as pieces of the shredded starship fall around you you start making plans to survive okay so when you start in rim worlds you can have a scenario a little bit like this and people gonna land in and there’s gonna be lots of stuff on the floor with big red X’s on them now this what the X means it means it’s forbidden and it means you cannot interact with it or your colonists countenance right some of it should I say so Hobbes here he wouldn’t interact with anything so say for example he needed some food you see we’ve got some packaged survival meals here Hobbes will not interact with those even if he needs food because those are forbidden now what you want to do is on forbidden now you can go around clicking individually on everything and on forbidding it or pressing the F key but what you can also do is if there’s lots of slight similar stuff on the same screen.

So you see all of these are packaged survival Mills if you double click it will select all of them which on the screen so then you can just press F and unfit the whole entire lot at the same time similarly with the woods if we double click this part o if we double click here it will select those two bits but it won’t select these because they not on the same screen so what you can do is scroll the mouse wheel well double click on one and it will select all of them within that area so then for press f2 on forbid the woods will do the same with the steel and as you can see it’s picked up some bits down here as well do the same as silver the components and then unfit to Mendelson as well and we’ll also see that we’ve got some weapons here too now we’ve got a revolver we’ve got a bolt-action rifle and we’ve got a plasteel knife so what we need to do is determine who is best suited for which of these weapons now if we click on our people you can do that if by clicking on them here or by clicking in the portray at the top you can click on the character tab and then that’ll give you a brief overview or in-depth overview of what their skills are now twiddle she has a four for shooting and three for Mellie Luka has four for shooting and zero for Mellie and she does have a passion for shooting and we got hobbs who has four for both of them but a passion for Mellie.

So this says to me that Hobbs with his passion for Mellie is probably going to be more suited to the plasteel knife so if we click on Hobbs right click on the + dual knife and we’ll equip that and as you can see his next task is going to be to equip the + steel knife twiddle she has four for shootin and three for Mellie and Luka if we remember has the passion for shooting she also has four so both of these two are equally skilled but Luca is going to learn shooting a lot faster so we will have Luca equipped the bolt-action rifle and twiddle will equip the revolver okay so now we’ve got that Donna saw it it’s time to move on okay so now our people all equips we have all the items on for bid we need to find somewhere to settle now the main things to look for when you are settling down is pre-existing structures like this although they’re only going to benefit you right at the start so you’ve got one half bit one here one half built one here you also want to check to see where is suitable in terms of defense now as you can see this is going to provide protection so is this this mounting area here and along here we don’t need to do too much to carve out a defense for ourselves so what we could do is we could close off this area here and that will make sure that we’re protected all the way around to here we could close off this area this area and what it would do essentially if we were to close off up here as well or across here and then down here we would leave ourselves with only a tiny little opening here so any enemies that we have would have to be forced through this little gap and we could have our people just defend.

This one entrance so where we’re at now is probably a fairly perfect place to start to build I don’t think there is anywhere else on the map which is just having a quick look yeah I think where we are at right now is probably going to be the perfect place in terms of defense over covered from pretty much all angles and that is looking nice okay so what we need to do is also figure out who is going to take which workloads so if we click the work tab down the bottom we can either set it to manual priorities or the standard which is why is that now if we click it’s a manual we get some number figures if we click it to the standard sort of layout then we get ticks now your guys your people will do the job.

Furthest to the left before they do the jobs on the right so say for example they had the choice between mining and constructing constructing because it’s further over towards the left takes priority over mining now you can change that for example by if we had Hobbs if we had him set to mining but not constructing he would do mining but he wouldn’t do the construction job similarly if we change it to manual priorities and I do have the advice doing this we can change the priorities by holding shift and that will change everybody’s priority or you can just change by left-clicking individual people’s priorities now I do advise having everything all the way up to flicking set of one for everybody because this is firefighting patients and doctoring bed rest and flicking of switches everything else I usually base it off of their passions so for me and it’s not the probably not the most efficient way to do it but I do like it so that if they have a passion which is indicated by the tiny little flame in the corner I normally say it’s a three if they have a real deep passion for it which is and I don’t think any of our people do if they have a strong passion for it which has the double flames are normally said to two so for this for the moment we want absolutely everybody on everything so I’m just gonna hold shift and get everybody on every job just for the moment.

And we’re gonna take over one of these little worm abandoned buildings here so if we click on the architect tab what we can then do is click structure and we see we’ve got doors and wolves now if you click on it you see you get extra materials to build out of I definitely wouldn’t advise building out of silver because silver is your currency and I definitely wouldn’t advise building out of Steel either because still we gonna need for lots of other stuff firm like production benches and bits and pieces later on so initially you probably gonna be wanting to build out of wood mainly because there’s lots of trees around future cars so if we just take what the wood that we’ve got at the moment click on the wooden wall and we just fill in the gaps of this and if we take the wooden door fill in this you’ll see our people or start to build and then once they’ve built the door they’re just gonna go over and build a roof over the top if you want to see which has got a roof like what buildings have a root from which buildings don’t you’ve got this little button down in the corner toggle the visibility of roofs and as you can see as our colonists go around the building building the roof it’ll give us a green box over the top of this if we take that way that is now our building and that’s a place that we can use for protection ok so we’ve got our building we want to have a stock pile a place that we can store all of our items without them deteriorating because if we click on the wood we can see it’s deteriorating due to being on roofs now exactly the same is happening to the packaged survival Mills and we don’t want that to happen because if we’re not gonna eat them in time or if we’re not going to use the wood in time we don’t want it to disappear so what do we do we have to build a stock pile so if we go into the architect tamp again we will go to zone a slash area and we will build a stockpile zone all you need to do literally all you need to do just click on it and then you find a place and you drag it.

So if we drag it just to about there you will see that our colonists will start to store items within this stockpile they can change what the stockpile stores by clicking on the stockpile and clicking the storaged little button here once you’ve clicked that you can then determine and and change what that stockpile actually stores you know you can change it from priority normal and so it goes from low all the way up to critical now if you have two stockpiles and they have exactly the same items set to be stored they will actually store items in the stockpile with the higher priority so if you for example click this one is preferred and then this one is normal because we’ve already got steel in here.

But this stockpile is actually set to the preferred stockpile they will start moving items from the lower priority stockpile into the higher priority one so what was it we just gonna delete this now just so we have this is our stockpile but you will also see that the wood is still deteriorating to to being unroofed now what can we do to sort that what can we do to solve that now it’s pretty simple we just go back to the architect tab and if we click structure we can click wall and we can place one here and one here and then what we can do as well is click the architect tab the zone slash area and then build a roof area and then what we can see we can drag the roof to be built all the way over here and these two bits of wood will be used as support so these two wooden walls will be used to support the roof in the middle because roofs and rim walls.

They’ll only go a certain amount as highest I think it’s seven I think it’s seven tiles six or seven tiles without any kind of support and any more than that and that there’s just not able to be a roofs or built there so if we click on it now you can see that the wood isn’t deteriorating anymore and the package survivor Mills they’re absolutely fine under there right ok so the next thing to do in remote just probably start growing some crops so if you click the architect tab if you clicked zone slash area and then you will see you have growing zone now this is where you can set your zone sewer to grow your crops so that you don’t die of starvation and stuff like that so if you drag it you see you get a nice little grid selection and then you’ll be presented with a growing zone now if you click on that you can click this little button here it will grow potatoes by default but if you click on it you can then choose which of these lovely crops that you want to grow if you click the information tab on them for example you will see it presents you with a list of information about that particular plant now on the growing time of potatoes is 5.8 days and if you choose something else say for example rice you see the growing time is 3 days so it’s up to you entirely up to you what you want to grow but you probably want a source of food so if we change that to rice and then we’ll go into select another growing zone and grow another type of crop now if we make this one around about this size I mean it doesn’t really matter too much what your sizes are obviously you want something which is going to provide you with a decent amount of food for your colonists now the other things you can grow which you probably want to sort of set down and do right at the start is obviously a type of food so rice potatoes corn strawberries etc and another one is Hill root because he’ll root is a type of medicine now Hill requires a growing skill of 8 in order for you to be able to grow it so if you don’t have anyone who is proficient enough in growing in order to be able to grow hill root don’t worry so much your colonists will improve their skills over time and we’ll just set that to to be done eventually now I think one of our colonists does have a growing scope of seven there we go so berm and as you can see that number is growing up as she plants stuff so eventually she’ll get to grow in skill worm she’ll get to grow in school 8 and then she’ll be able to sort of plant the hill root the other type of crop that you probably want to grow right from the get-go is cotton because cotton is.

It’s gonna give you it’s gonna give you cloth and with cloth you can sort of create sort of different types of clothing and eventually like your colonists silver their their clothing war run out so you can see this one is sin threat jackets on 99% but eventually that’s gonna deteriorate down to you and wilt down to nothing so what you wanted to do is have some some kind of clothing production on the go eventually and cotton and cloth is gonna enable you to do that so that’s your growing zones let’s have a look next and see what we want to do after this right okay so what we wanted to do now is configure a place get a place or to be able to store all of our food adequate temperatures and you’re gonna want to have like a freezer room like a stockpile area sort of set aside to keep stuff cool also if you get a heat wave or something like that as an event then your colonists are gonna get hot and eventually maybe even die because if we click on the gear tab we will see the comfortable temperature range of your colonists now if you get a heatwave the temperature is gonna go and sort up to around probably about 45 to 48 degrees depending on which biome you are in so if you don’t have any kind of freezer any kind of room eat any kind of food produce etc is gonna spoil a lot quicker and you’re gonna run out of it if you don’t have any kind of place configured to sort out so we’re gonna aim to turn this little area down here into a freezer room so what we’re gonna do we need to sort out some power and we’ll do that with a solar generator so if we choose solar generator we will stick that probably just next to the building just here now colonists will build that up.

We do need temperature so if we cook the door temperature tamp we will need a cooler in order to do so and you’ll notice with the cooler there is a red side to it and there is a blue side now the blue side is the side which is going to pump out the cold air and make things chilly and the red side of the cooler is going to pump out the waste air and that’s going to be incredibly hot so you want to make sure that that is going outside.

So if we turn it round with Q and E and that just rotates your object so if we make sure the blue side is facing inside we don’t want the red side until we want that facing outside so if we make sure that that is there and if we run a power conduit through we don’t need to I mean stuff will power off of actual power devices if it’s within a set tile radius so this will actually power from that bit of one your power during the day so what we need to do is I’m just gonna run a power conduit just through the wall there if we won’t run one like a power conduit all the way through we can also stick and not the cooler and this side if one cooler doesn’t do the job what you might want to do as well is a lot of people do buy double wall and they’re cooler rooms and purely and not only for the fact that a single wall does I think leak temperature in Ramat so some people do like to do the double wall thing with the freezers personally I don’t really worry too much.

I don’t really double wall anymore I you see not so much these days so they’ll get the cooler in they’ll get the the solar panel that’s all done as you can see in the middle here is how much power that’s generating so during the day we’re at 3 o’clock in the afternoon that is gonna be generating the maximum amount of power when it gets through around sort of 6-7 p.m. you’ll notice that that will drop and the solar panel will be absolutely useless in the dark so there also another couple of different types of power those are wood fire generators chem fuel power generators and also wind turbines wind turbines are quite good also because they do provide power all times of the day providing there is enough wind in order to be able to generate the input enough power to earth together and run that through and batteries you also need a battery now the best place to store batteries is within a within a freezer because they don’t explode batteries will I believe explode us or certain temperatures they will also explode if they’re not under a roof so if they’re not if they were out in the open here and the rain would trigger off and.

Exploited the battery so if we make sure that we’ve got a battery within our freezer room we can just put that there and when this is built it will start cooling down the room and we will notice a power of a temperature change and the mccune just come over here click zone slash area stockpile and if we drag the stockpile zone just inside we can click on that.

Choose storage if we clear all we can tick foods and what you also want to do is click corpses and animal corpses you can also do human corpses if you want not totally advisable right at the start because you’re colonists will see the dead bodies and they’ll get a little bit upset but if we just make sure we’ve got animal corpses and all kinds of foods stored within the freezer area and we just changed that to preferred because as we said earlier didn’t we this ones or normal and if this is set to food as well as a stockpile which is preferred or important the stockpile with the higher priority will in fact take charge over the lower priority stockpile so as you can see our colonists are now building these and the battery will start to store power as you can see connected rate and stores this is the connected rate so the power that it’s getting from the solar panel but cassettes no 6 o’clock so the power is not dwindling from this and so if we click on the actual cooler itself and you’ll see the target temperature is 21 degrees what you want is you want that below freezing so if we go to my if we go to 1 and then we’ve just go here make it so that it’s -5 now this is the target temperature and you can see the temperature just listed here so as my cursor is outdoors the the temperatures listed is 23 degrees C the temperature indoors in this is listed as 14 degrees and that will start going down and down and down as as the cooler becomes more powerful within there so that it’s now having more of an effect we’re down to about sort of two degrees now and we are now below freezing so if we can see actually we can’t because the package survived the most don’t do that but if you were to have like a corpse or any kind of sort of like raw material food sort of like rice and that sort of stuff within here it would then say frozen and it’s not gonna spoil so every every food apart from the package survived Miller’s pretty much has a spoiling time and if it’s kept in hot temperatures it’s gonna spoil a lot quicker than it’s kept in cold temperatures which is why he wants some kind of freeze to stockpile ozone so something like this is ideal and that’s gonna make sure your food lasts a very very long time.

Okay we are beginning to run out of Steel and we’re beginning to run out of wood as well so we need to rectify that we need to find a source of these products so what we’re gonna do we come to the architect app and we’re going to click orders now orders is where you can set and various types of things from mining hauling cotton plants harvesting chopping wood hunting and slaughtering stuff and as well as sort of saving some wild animals too now if we click chop woods we can actually drag over these trees and it will designate the mature trees that will be chopped so trees like this where it’s only 18% grown it’s not enough to actually give you any wood so it’s not going to designate those to be chopped up whereas these is 51% grown so I think anything over 50% is is designated at to absorb tappable so those are gonna give you woods our people will start chopping those up and as you can see that’s what we get the extra wood from now steel steel is a little bit harder to work out and still is a little bit hard to determine but once um once you see it for the first time you will never ever forget this is still just here so compacted steel and it’s actually within the rock sometimes it can very not be buried deep inside and a lot of the time though it is visible from the outside now you can tell steel apart from other types of rock because it has this lovely pattern on the edge of it so if we go to orders again and if we go to mine we can actually drag a chunk to be mines al and then that will get some extra steel similarly.

You have these which are compacted machinery and that is like a world resource for your components as you can see you’ve got components here and those will help you with any kind of electrical stuff that you need right we have a mad animal so this is probably a perfect time to show you the combat what you wanted to is highlight all of your colonists where you can hold shift and then gauge of them in if you press space you will draft them and they will go into combat so if you don’t draft them they will have one of three types of behavior and now you can see what behavior that is by this little button here and this is a change to hell they react to nearby enemies when the colonist is not drafted so when these guys are not drafted this is how they will react.

So this one is flee this one is ignore and then this one is attack so if you want to make sure they probably got all of your people on attack sometimes it’s not beneficial for them to be set on attack and the majority of the time though it probably is so we want it on forbid this rabbit corpse and if we right-click on our person or if we right-click on the corpse actually one of our people selected it can prioritize hauling the hare now this will hold the hair into our freezer area that we set earlier and this is where I can show you why I say here frozen won’t spoil so that’s fresh that will be kept fresh and that will not spoil as long as the temperature in here is below freezing so as long as you’ve got the temperature of below freezing be it sort of like snowy weather or be it you freeze the stock pile then stuff in there it just won’t spoil so now we’ve got some extra wood from the trees that we chopped and now we’re going to get some extra steel from the the blocks that we’ve set to be mines we can set up some kind of cooking for our people so forego architects if we go production again and if we go to electric stove we can flip this round and have an electric stove in our main area now when that’s built that is not going to power itself because it needs some kind of power so what we can do as you can see our power is over here from where we set up our freezer area earlier so go to architects and we go to power and we go to power conduit now what we can do we can run the power from here with the conduit and we can bring it over here and into our base and that’s gonna cost us far less still it is gonna create a very sort of a very complex power Network I know some people do prefer having sort of separate powers for their all their stuff but for the moment when you resources are limited like we’re pretty limited at the moment it’s gonna be okay for us to be able to run that all the way over and I think power conduits have a bit of a a negative effect on beauty but in terms of efficiency that’s probably gonna be most efficient for us at the moment current period in time so once they have got the cooker it what’s that will eventually become powered once we’ve got the rest of the power conduits in and built we can set up some bills now you’re not gonna be able to cook food unless you have a bill set in order to be able to do it now the bills if you click aunt bill you will see you’ve got cook simple meal cook final cook lavish meal for the moment and probably just best to stick with simple meal because it takes less resources fine meals and if you if you click on it and click details it tells you what you need so it requires naught point 5 nutrition or raw food in order to be able to you cook a simple meal now you can make the simple meals out of all the ingredients listed within here and you can pick and choose those normally it’s just best to leave it all in there but if you want to be more specific about it you can be more specific and choose your own ingredients now the best way to do it and the most efficient way to do it is have this set to until you have X which is a number that you determine so if you do and so you have X and then click details and if you say it’s a say for example sort of like 25 you say if you hold hold shift it goes up by a hundred and if you hold control it goes up or down by 10 so if we set this until we have up so for example 20 and then pause when satisfied and then unpause at 10 this right here because we have do until you have we’re gonna do this bill and this bill will be done until we have 20 simple meals made up when we have 20 it’s gonna pause it and then it’s gonna unpause it in your cook will start cooking again when you get down to 10 mils left in stock so it was do it until you have 20 and then it will stop it and you cook won’t do any more cooking until your people have eaten all the meals and your stock level gets down to 10 in which case it will unpause the bill and you cook will start cooking again until you get up to 20s it just leaves you that buffer of 10 mils there and allows your cook to go and do something else so that’s pretty good that’s a good way to have it set up I do tend to have it normally until sort of like 50 and and then sort of 10 as the on Paul’s level and then that way so what you cook will do loads of mils it will pause it when it gets to 50 and then just gives it a buffer time until we ask to go back and start cooking again it just frees up your cook and allows your cook to go and do something else but with that you will get meals in and that’ll be absolutely gravy another thing you want to do is keep an eye on the needs of your colonists because a happy colonist is a colonist who isn’t gonna cause you problems so if we click over Luco drag over luca and then click her needs tab we can see what his bothering her so we have disturbed sleep times — ugly environment constraining clothes 8 without table and those are the things which are bothering her so she is a nudist and which means the obviously she likes to be naked so constraining clothes will be what is causing her issues so f we go gear and if we just drop all of her clothes then she will drop those and she will be happy so that needs disappears and that makes her a little bit happier so the other two things on her list here were disturbed sleep and ate without sable if we have look at the other guys as well ate without table doll Barack and Hobbes ate without table uncomfortable disturbed sleep ugly environment insulted mediocre Barack and pessimists now pessimist unfortunately cannot do anything about because it is a trait the other bits and pieces we can probably do something I mean insulting obviously is something that we can’t control — but we could do something about the mediocre Barack we can do something about the ugly environment the disturb sleep as well and the eating without table tsoukalos will eat on a sable or a disabled if it is within a certain amount of tiles I think is within 25 toilets of where the food is kept so obviously our food is all kept in here at the moment so what we could do is is build a dining room for the moment though just right at the start I’m just gonna build a little tiny table and if we go to the table just outside the door if we put a dining chair or two just in here then our people were gonna go and build that and then that should cure the eating without and sable because the table will be within a certain radius of the food storage and they will eat there so that takes control of that that takes care of that the other ones were it was the barracks wasn’t it and the barracks disturb sleep and the ugly in for a minute stuff so in the Oakland forum and that will be taken care of with cleaning and stuff what you can also do is is put in different types of furniture if a furniture is made by somebody with decent construction skill it will be a high quality piece of furniture.

Similarly with with under-production and she got sculptors table if you put a sculptors table and have somebody with a high art skill I don’t think any of our guys too.

So artistic one Hobbes has one as well and Luca has zero yeah if you’ve got somebody with a high art school once you’ve made a sculptors table you can put a bill on there too to make art and their art is if you’ve got somebody with a decent skill win or it’s gonna be quite pretty and then you can put the sculptures around the room and they are gonna be they’re gonna make the environment a lot nicer for your people so now we’ve got a table up up it we should start eating a disabled what you also want to do is go to architects and joy and then put in some kind of joy source so one right at the start which isn’t gonna cost you hardly any resources is a horse shoes pin if we put that right outside the door I’ll colonists will play horseshoes with that we probably wanted to do as well is go to the restrict tab and put in some kind of joy time for them so right now I’ve made it that they do anything up until midnight and they sleep from midnight all the way in sauce or until six o’clock and then we’ll have like two hours of joy time in here and if we do if we set them to sleep here as well which is two hours of joy time just before beds and then it could set the sleep there and then they live do anything in the middle here probably want to set them to do some work so after the two hours of joy time they can do anything for that first hour and then once you three four five six seven eight hours of work and if we just paint nine now that means what this means is that they are going to do they’re going to go from this time here so midnight all the way up until six o’clock and they’re gonna sleep them for two hours they’re going to find some joy to do so that might mean that they might meditate they might use the horseshoes pin they might go for a walk they might stargaze or cloud watch stuff like that then for the next hour.

They’re gonna do anything so it’s anything that they want to do which helps them put them in a better mood and then for the next eight hours they’re gonna do some work within it for the next four hours after that they’re gonna do anything again then just before bed they’re gonna find a Jewish source again and just make themselves a little bit happier.

And then they’re gonna sleep from here all the way through until six o’clock again so that is a sorting out the needs of your people and getting them a little bit of joy too so yeah that’s that the final thing to show you guys in this tutorial is raids and combat and how will be possibly the best way to deal with those yeah I mean we’ve got somebody who is raging this right now and they are on their way to come and attack so what we wanted to do is probably pause the game so if you pause the game and then you can select you guys and then you can draft and like I say with space and you probably want to set them up in some kind of some kind of combat efficient way now you guys with guns are gonna be your people who will want to attack from range so you if you facing somebody that has a gun you’re best off sticking them behind like these chunks and cover effectiveness is fifty I mean if you don’t have anything else sort of set up you don’t have any kind of sort of home base defense down and laid out for the minute yeah probably best off sticking them behind these kinds of chunks and getting them to shoot and sort of pop up from behind um so yeah yeah arranged people they people with guns you probably want to set two to be behind here so we’ll have twiddle there and Luka had a bolt-action rifle so we set her behind there to Hobbs can come over here and provide a bit of support if the sort of person comes to melee which I believe they will because they have a knife so they are going to try and melee attack the kuda and so what we do will have our people set up here.

And if Luka just comes over here actually Center behind and then Hobbs can provide the support with the melee weapon so there we go twit all got a shot off so we’re gonna bring Lucca back up here and then Hobbs is gonna come and melee attack just like that so allowed to get off another shot because this these also slow down enemies too so if Hobbs come to Miller texif twiddle also melee attacks than if Lucca melee attacks as well we’ll have all of our people melee attack in the attacker at the same time and as you can see we have taken her out and she is down to click health she would die in 15 hours unless we help her out.

So twiddle what is your you’re not to hurt too badly but Lucca you have been stamped with a shiv and you’ve also got a bruise from the ship as well so if we under after our colonists and we’ll unfit.

On draft Luca as well as a Luca I mean Twitter we don’t really need to worry about too much where is Luca she’s bleeding if we don’t sort well she is gonna die from infection because open wounds do tend to attract infection so you want to close those up as soon as possible so what you want to do is it was Luca wasn’t it so you want to set her bed to be a medical bed ideally in an ideal world you’d have a bed or an area clean area sell for medical purposes by itself but for this in the early stages probably best off switching her bed to a medical beds if you click on Luca and rest until healed she will go off to bed and then what we wanted to do with the medicine is heal her up so who is the best at medicine and doctoring so Hobbs is our best person for that other than Luca so Twitter is just going to rest as well so Hobbs if you can come right click he’s already doctoring Luca so he didn’t even need to tell him twice because that is set to one of his highest priorities he will come and do that more or less straight away.

Though Hobbs is going over to doctor her if you click on the he’ll health tamp we will see that those wounds have been patched up and Hobbs is now off to tend to twiddle as well so Lucca is fine that is how we’ve dealt with the rate and as rates get more advanced you probably want to set up different kinds of Defense’s so on and so forth and those are going to be listed on to security you get different types as you do more research such as automatic gun turrets and stuff like that to keep your colonists out of the way so that is our tutorial for rim world thank you very much for watching if you found that useful at all please let me know in the comments if you can drop a like on the video as well and if you do decide to subscribe to the channel because I did do a few playthroughs of remorse I will love you forever so once again thank you for watching and see you soon ciao for now.

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