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Автор: Fruitbats

Description of the video guide «How to safely protect your base from Infestations in RimWorld»

I had an idea I’ve wanted to try in Rimworld to deal with infestations involving incendiary IEDs. I was very pleased to discover that it works excellently!

Incendiary IEDs cost 1 component and 1 incendiary shell, which itself costs 5 steel and 30 chemfuel. They also take a bit of research to get going. But once all the parts are in place, incendiary traps in every room are an great way to defend against infestations.

I suspect only megaspiders trigger IED traps, but those Rimworld bugs can’t stand up to the flames and the heat!

Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

I like mountain basses they’re easy to defend they look great they’re fun to build but they come with one big downside infestations I’ve had an idea I’ve wanted to try for a while and we finally had the perfect colony to try it out with I’ve put incendiary ie D traps in every bedroom and in every other room including the hallways along with wooden furniture and stone walls and doors the idea is that if an infestation spawns one of the insects will trigger the IE D the furniture will ignite the room will heat up and the insects will cook without having to risk any colonists we’ve also got stone doors in the hallways so that like the chambers on the Titanic.

It’ll help contain the heat if the insects break out of the bedroom and stop the spread of fire I think it’d be nice to use carpet or even wood floors for increased flammability but it’s hard to pass up on that sweet smooth stone maybe in the larger hallways where it’s hard to get enough flammable stuff and where Beauty matters less in any case we finally had our first chance to test the build today I didn’t know it at the time but IEDs only have an 80% chance to trigger so I’m a bit confused at the beginning as to why they didn’t go off but they eventually will and you’ll see what happens all right here we go um they’re literally standing on the I Edie.

Thank you finally geez temperatures rising bed got destroyed really fast okay they’re breaking out but they’re all also on fire the Heiser well not all on fire but there are a lot of fire hives fires spreading they’re trying to bust out we might lose a little bit more in the way of furniture but I don’t know why it took so long for those IEDs to not go off I was gonna be a little bit salty I was gonna be really disappointed if at the end of all of that the solution was oh yeah bugs don’t set off IEDs might want to sentry the outside walls yeah when they bust out the heat is gonna start venting into this room no and also they’ve given up hitting that wall.

Cat I’ll start moving them if necessary oh good the hives are on fire so this will destroy the hives too so at least they won’t reproduce oh they’re starting to take heat damage nice nice okay I guess the lambs got destroyed wait did my power die oh okay they destroyed okay yes the power did die they destroyed a power conduit it’s 750 degrees Celsius in their power cords are flammable but inside walls all right they’re passing out and I don’t really think I care about their bodies at all so I could just let that entire place burn I don’t necessarily need to go in there and put it out looks like it worked yeah I would call this a complete success I’ll shut off access to all these back rooms.

Well things cool off forbid forbid forbid forbid forbid and forbid where are you going.

Good all right Gaia sorry I was holding you for a second all right we should be okay.

Just waiting to those fires burn themselves out right we vented all the heats the front doors are closed we did it the IEDs solution worked perfectly perfectly.

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