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Автор: BaRKy

Description of the video guide «How to kill Trumbo in RimWorld without a fight (or how not to lose a single colonist when hunting)»

Hi! Barky here and I’m back with an even new method to kill Thrumbos with 0 chance of them attacking your colonists. Unfortunately in Alpha 15 the last method was patched out. Damn you Tynan. But after messing with the new drug system I’ve discovered a better way to kill Thrumbos and harvest them.

Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

What’s up guys it’s me Mikey and today I’m going to be showing you how to kill thrombo with no combat whatsoever I’ve made a video like this in the past maybe about almost a year ago actually but unfortunately the new update kind of ruined it in that if you build a wall around the thrombo they actually destroy the walls now which kind of sucks but whatever I made this new update after testing out some new things with the drug system and stuff like that and I’ve come to the conclusion that maybe this is the best way to do it with no combat whatsoever it has about a 50% success rate from what I’ve seen you’re pretty much going to have to do the same thing as in the last guide where you build a wall around it like so just I’ll make it too big and just the door though I’ll get building that okay so I brought my colonist here and I just drafted them quickly okay so you got to make sure the numbers are sleep obviously I don’t think it’ll be cool with you building a wall around it when it’s not asleep it just pulled this wall and while you new now do you go to zone and you put a stockpile here or beer and we have the beer over here.

So hold the beer there we go they’ll take two beers in you don’t need more than this really and then what you want to go ahead and do is build another series of walls around it and this is not crucially important as I said there’s about a 50% success rate my college just gave up there’s about a 50% success rate on the thrombo which i think is pretty good especially since I intentionally tried to get rid of this method as you can see I’m just using normal steel beer which is one of the first things you can research in the game and then the thrombo horn makes this all worth it nope my lazy colonists please I just want it done okay do that now as you can see we’ve left some grass and trees inside yeah that’s kind of important when the thrombo wakes up he’s going to be hungry we’re hoping what he does is he starts drinking from the beer and eating some of the trees and the grass and cetera etc so let’s just wait for him to wake up and see what he starts noon I mean yeah you can always add in a third layer of the wall if you want to if you want to be deadly sure but this seems to be fine for now and obviously you just want the horn that’s all you really want okay so he starts munching consuming tall tall cross eating the trees stuff like that eventually I’ll start drinking the beer you just gotta wait as you can see he’s not breaking out of the walls and that’s the biggest thing if you if you just had one single layer wall I’m pretty sure he would break out or if you didn’t offer him food etcetera etcetera he’s gonna kind of get like erratic like what the let me out of here and now we just play the waiting game again okay as you can see the front was woken up let’s see what he does okay so as you can see he started to drink the beer and that’s all that’s actually what we’re here for trying to get him to drink as much beer as possible he’s drunk he’s keeping drinking he’s down just kept drinking and hopefully he dies not in a rude way even says he’s hammered which is pretty crazy it’s not drinking beer he drank six beers and a wave that a thrombo don’t drink too much okay he’s drinking more is drinking more he scanned that tolerance to alcohol not sure you can drink more me oh this nakorn thing but yeah anyways it’s got to keep waiting would be pretty weird if we could get like addicted to alcohol and there we go he’s dead actually thrombo dead no combat whatsoever and we can go pick up I’ll throw my horn go fetch our beer this is perfect here they come to come get it they’re gonna kill the thrombo and as you can see we use no combat whatsoever this is just awesome I’m actually surprised it worked because as I said there’s like a 50% chance it won’t um.

But out of the 10 times I’ve done that it’s actually starting to look more like 75% chance that will happen which is pretty cool and then we have some thrombo meat bringing in the horn now the horn you can sell the horn in a little it’ll mitigate everything you’ve paid for to do this everything you can sell it for about 3000 silver which is easily enough steel to do this at least 20 times which is just awesome and there we go guys thanks for watching leave a like if you enjoyed the video and subscribe if you want to see more I make lots of little guides like this usually about five minutes each just because it’s tons of fun just to try and mess around with the game um you shouldn’t do this in the game if you want to play fairly though because it’s kind of a cruel thing to do but I hope you guys have a nice day see you around.

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