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Description of the video guide «Guide to colony protection in RimWorld 1.0 for beginners (tips and tricks)»

I hope you enjoyed this video! I spent a LOT of time on this and I know I probably made some mistakes. If you have any questions or future suggestions or whatever, please leave a comment below! Rimworld 1.0 is coming and I’m so excited! I may not be an expert but I love this game and I hope it does well at release! Thank you for watching! 😀

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Are you sick of dying from raids our siege is getting between you and your success as a colony did an army of robots show up at your doorstep ready to destroy you well look no further for you have found the guide that will keep you and your colony alive yes I did just suggest rimworld could kill you in this video I will be talking about basic defenses early on in the game and some advanced concepts to follow late game in room world that will hopefully keep your colony alive and well long enough to you know finally escape the rim world that your colony has crash-landed onto anyway let’s get started one of the best things you can do early for defenses is build a few sandbags near your base in a nice strategic location if for some reason you don’t have steel for the sandbags then create some dumping stockpiles and restrict them to only use stone chunks these stones can be used as very basic cover and this will allow your colonists to have an edge in early raids the next basic kind of defense for early on and well the rest of the game really is what I’m going to call the Box method this represents building a box of sandbags around one colonist and replacing one of the sandbags with the wall an optional addition is to also build a chair in the middle of the square for the columns to sit in this will yield a comfort boost anyway back on topic this box method is one of the most effective defenses for a single colonists to have it yields about 80% cover obviously if the wall is on the side of the Raider the cover bonus is higher so make sure the wall is on the side of the Raider that way the cover is maximized so that was a few things you can do early on to ensure safety from Raiders but this alone will not stop raids and seizures later on in the game so eventually you’re going to want to make several things one of the most important is a large outer wall with one or two openings in it this is going to be used to the funnel for the Raiders to walk through and it condenses them this alone is useful for several reasons one of them is colonists shooting a traders that are bunched up are way more likely to successfully shoot a Raider than when they’re spread out it’s mostly due to the reason that if a colonist misses a shot then it’s more likely for them to strike the person behind them another good reason to force Raiders to bunch up is mortars bunched up Raiders leads to easy targets for your mortars and I can definitely tell you that the Raiders will get rekt if a mortar happens to catch them the same is true for mechanoids as well mortars are honestly some of the best things you can have for defenses especially against sieges which I’m gonna cover that later on anyway after your wall is built build a kill box inside each opening in your wall fill it with traps a lot of traps then at the end of the kill box build a personal kill box that’s what I’m gonna call it’s a personal kill box this is basically a box with a lot of defenses and terms to slaughter any enemies who survive your kill box it’s also gonna contain your column this as well the kill box and the personal kill box should look something kind of like this make sure to have doors behind your column this cover that way they can easily retreat if need be this also leads into the next step which is multi-layered defenses so a good defense plan is to have a multi-layered defense system this means having an outer wall a kill box a personal kill box an inner wall and a last stand location this is what is going to ultimately take to keep your colony alive in most situations and this is also a counter to airborne Raiders who can land anywhere in your base as long as there’s no roof anyway back on topic this multi-layered defense system will take some time to make and it’s not expected that you build it all at once this is an end goal basically it’s mostly to prepare for the final raids before you take off in your ship and win the game let me show you what it looks like to have this whole defense system function and also have things go wrong so you’re going to want to have some sandbags outside the outer wall with your mortar people set up on the inside of the base put your colonists into the sandbag covered area wait for the Raiders to come to you while they make their way to you your mortar should hopefully wound them at least a little bit.

They will engage your forces at the outer wall most raids you should win right then and there but if you start to lose like if you have a column let’s go down or get killed then retreat into your kill box make sure your turrets are up and ready go.

Also make sure your mortar crew is not on there mortars anymore and you move them up as well because there’s no point in shooting their mortars anymore as it’s probably gonna destroy your own base if the Raiders somehow get through your trap infested kill box then they’ll meet your forces in the personal kill box this should be the ultimate end of any invading force from the outer wall now a huge issue arises if you’re invaded from the air the mortars are basically useless if you’re invaded by drop pods and your outer wall will also be rendered useless which also means your kill boxes are gonna be useless so what do you do when this happens make your colonists retreat and regroup inside the inner wall do some reconnaissance around your base to find the locations of all the Raiders once you figure that out find the safest way to get outside your inner wall and into the battlefield avoid opening a door near an enemy at all costs because your colonist is going to get lit the up that’s no good you don’t want that so send your people through the safest route and make a line of defense on the outside the inner wall there’s a chance that the Raiders will ignore your line of defense and just try breaking a wall to get inside your base if this happens retreat to the inside of your base and position your people near the wall that the Raider is trying to break the moment he breaks it your colonists will let him the up okay.

Airborne raids are very tricky to deal with but if it’s done right you can suppress them quickly and safely the last major issue to deal with is a siege sieges are basically a large band of people from a faction that come and try to eradicate your colony they tend to come into the map and build a mini two base of the fence and then they attack you if they brought mortars then they will definitely monitor the out of your base so watch out for that if they do that keep your kind of spread out but not too far apart because the reason for this is if a colonist gets domed by a shell or something then you can help them out quickly and they’ll be fine another good reason is because once the siege starts the mortar crews tend to leave their stations which also you know actually that reminds me you should definitely be more during the out of the enemies while they build the defenses but anyway know them our mortar crew will definitely leave their stations and join the frontal assault to your base the enemy is going to come at your base with all of power so the safest way to dispose of them is you’re treating India personal kill box immediately do your best to slaughter them then in there if you were overrun then retreat to the inner wall if they somehow overrun that you there as well then retreat to your last resort area if you don’t have one then just find a nice hallway set up a quick defensive line in it and at this point just well hope for the best I hope you enjoyed this video please subscribe to see more of my content leave a like on this video if it helps you at all.

Leave a comment if you have any questions or you just want to yell at me for how wrong I am I mean I probably am wrong about a lot of things so feel free to correct me anyway I am hopefully see you in the next video goodbye.

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