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Description of the video guide «Guide to the creation of the first colony in RimWorld — marking the base, recommendations for construction»

Welcome to Rimworld, you suck! In this series I take a look at every basic part of Rimworld right down from choosing your colonists all the way to how best to refrigerate your items.

In this episode we take a look at where your colony should end up being at around the 15 — 20 minute mark in game. Whether or not you’re using fast speed, this is a rough idea for newbies.

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All right hello and welcome to rim world you suck episode 2 now I’ve been wanting to the episode 2 for quite a while and it’s been on the back burner for ideas I do have the next full planned out so if that’s something if you do watch my channel for remold you sucked and that’s awesome because you’re gonna really really enjoy the next few videos that I have planned in today in episode 2 we’re gonna be speaking about where your colony should be at around 10 minutes how to design your base to be efficient using stockpiles efficiently making sure that your warehouse has all the right things in it because you do get storerooms and all that and I think a lot of people would make a separate stone room for stuff even though that’s not what I would do in game and what sort of power output you’re looking at what sort of things you should focus on in the beginning and all of that I don’t have many mods on at the moment so you can do this completely vanilla the biggest one that I do have on is a loud tool which allows me to allow everything on the map that’s pretty much all I use just for this and I recommend you get that mod anyway so we’re gonna find a place with 40 days of growing that is what I spoke about in episode 1 I said you should aim for about 40 days of growing if you’re new to the game we’re new to the game let’s go with 40 days of growing picking your colonists I’ve done this before make sure you don’t get any crazy people really people are gonna light your base on fire and all that especially since we’re going to be using wood so pyromaniac nope definitely not this guy’s perfect she’s perfect I mean you’re fine you’re a brawler I really hate you you’re okay alright so I’m just gonna I’m not gonna go into the colonists too much in the first episode I spoke about picking out your calmness very carefully what to prioritize isn’t all that an idol I do still agree with what I said in that time although I’m sure alpha 18 is going to be coming out relatively soon so I’m not actually sure about it I don’t think it’ll be very far off maybe things will change then so straightaway you’re over here we can get our base set up chop some wood get a decent bedroom going I was smoking about optimizing your bedroom sizes but I’m just gonna go with five by five for now and then we can connect them sorry I’m talking about wall sizes here it’s actually three by three if you if you’re not stupid like I am yes I’ll go ahead and set this up and then we have a key over here so we can get that later but it’s important to make your bedrooms quickly so you can get beds up and running now over here you can see the bedroom we have the door in the middle and there’s one space over here I can put the bed not generally I would put the beds like this to make it look nice but if you want to be the most efficient putting the beds like this is actually the most efficient because they get into the beds by the pillow so if you put the bed’s facing this way they will walk around and then come to the bed so this is a fastest way getting up your beds very quickly is usually the way to go and then once you’ve done that obviously if you’ve seen the first episode you’ll know what to do up till this point so let’s just let them do this alright cool so we have the bedroom set up they’re gonna go to sleep now which is fine I just set them so they can all plant cut although I’ve got them all at 3:00 right now but you can change that whatever you want it to be I’ll do that that seems fine for now I don’t have anything in particular that I need so next up we’re gonna be making the storeroom the warehouse whatever the production centers all that as I like to say because I use it extensively but we’re gonna be setting up a production center about here so you don’t want it to intersect with the Geezer like I just did without even thinking and then you can put doors in the middle wherever you want you can put doors now it’s important to have doors on all sides because doors in the game actually give you a decent amount of cover which you can use to stand behind and shoot at people so I’m gonna put the storehouse over here make it pretty big okay we’re gonna call the production center phone but I’m gonna make it pretty big because you want it to be that way because your defenses will be over laid around this area roughly now it’s important to get the production center up and running straight away because of the fact that you need to store things in it and this is what the stockpile will look like and obviously it’ll be route so they won’t deteriorate.

It’s old look like roughly and in that it sounds like this fox just devoured a rat or something.

But you want to get that set up and then as soon as you’ve done that you want to get your stone cutting set up and your meal production set up those are the two biggest ones and you can optimize your stockpiles to do it properly once we get this Center set up so I’ll show you what to do with the doors now to ensure that using them properly but as I said doors give you a lot of cover which you can use in.

The game if you get rated about right now we’re playing on peaceful difficulty so the first rate will be a tiny guy with a knife as is most difficulties actually but this one especially pause then you take your doors select the four doors in the production center however many you have you can have up to eight I think it’s fine and select them to hold open so that there’s no time wasted when walking between them if you have all the doors this doesn’t matter so if you have Auto doors don’t worry about it luckily we do have a geezer over here so we can get power later on thinking about the future of the colony here and now that you have this setup you have your your storage area right here you can actually put down your tables on the storage area and I know that sounds a little bit crazy but it does actually make sense because now they have the least amount of time going between rooms try and get stuff do that we can set up our over here but the table so we can use the maximum amount of steel I mean the minimum amount the steel excuse me so you make sure this works and then we get these to set up now these are the two important tables in the game early game so obviously you want stone cutting as soon as you can you don’t want to leave your base to be made out of wood because a fire could wreck you especially if you’re using batteries you’ve a short-circuit event while the raid is going on and it does happen at a harder difficulties when you have three or four events happening simultaneously and it’ll just screw you so you get your stone cutters table going this is important obviously you can use any you can use any stone you have here we have three eastern bloc so that’s pretty nice and now since we’re on this place we’re on the temperate forest we have lots of animals roaming around so getting a freezer set up in the beginning is not a priority at all getting your growing zones going is much bigger we’re gonna get the growing zone set up it’s important to diversify your growing zones so you do want a big growing zone but at the same time you don’t want to you don’t waste too much space you have this geezer right here we can plant around that is something biggest deal in the world but make a decent sized growing zone for your food I’m gonna leave ourselves potatoes but rice is probably the best for you early game definitely.

Put it by seven make this for cotton you need cotton it’s very important to me it’s sort up if you can’t facilitate a grow it to make you heal root then go for it we don’t have anyone with a high enough skill to do it that is not the biggest priority though because as you can see right away we’ve planted Hillary you can actually see what’s on top of the hill root growing here root is not the biggest deal in the beginning but it is important to have a big growing zone so that you’ll grow it can eventually get to level 8 and obviously you want to specialize so leave it would leave it off for everyone else except for the one person who who you’ve like designated to be a grower which is tigh sment she doesn’t have a passion but you’ll get there eventually it’s alright so once you have these three growing zones set up cotton is very important a lot more important than people think and then the the food obviously is the most important growing zone in the game you can sort of take a breather now there is another option you can have so let me just unhide these so you guys can see them a bit more clear there’s another option where I can put down over here and I can put down smoke leave if you want but if you don’t know about smoke leave too often I wouldn’t if you don’t know about it too much I wouldn’t really consider it it just because of how it works I’ve done a video on smoke leaf if you want to go take a look at that it’ll explain why it’s can be good and why it can be bad and it definitely can be terrible all right so we’ve got new lovers that’s amazing actually so I’ve got new lovers which means they’ve they are in love with each other which means you can actually give them a bed to share and it’ll give you quite a heavy buff so I’m gonna go ahead and uninstall this bit and we’re gonna put down a double bed right here that’s a good that’s a really really good thing if you can get lovers in the early game that’s it’s a massive buff I think it’s plus ten constantly if you let them sleep together so now that we have the growing zone set up and we have Tyson set to growing at one we can continue with the rest of the base which is to set up the stone cutting so I see I see a ton of granite so I’m gonna go ahead and with granite I don’t recommend using the any stone blocks because you cannot designate things to be built out of any stone blocks and then the electric stove cook simple meal set it to something very minimal since you don’t have a fridge right now and we can start working on the freezer next although as I said this is completely optional having a freezer early-game cool so as you can see I put the conduits through the wall it’s because that you actually they’re actually pretty ugly to look at so just keep that in mind and put you down to anything below zero degrees Celsius Oh what is that what is it in Fahrenheit or 32 fahrenheit works fine because we’re going ahead and build this as you can see I’ve put two layers of wood in the reason I’ve done that is to insulate it and you want to insulate it because it is important that you don’t lose too much temperature during the heat wave and stuff like that which will kill you you don’t need the biggest freezer in the world go too important allow foods corpses animal corpses make sure that allow rotten is off and then you can go into plant matter and you can turn on plant matter because plant matter actually does deteriorate but at a very very very slow rate speak of the devil and he shall appear as you can see there’s a heat wave going on and we can still manage below zero degrees Celsius this may not have been the same deal if it wasn’t if it wasn’t insulated so then we want to do some hunting because you do want to supplement your food straight away in fact I generally like to disallow packaged survival meals from the get-go I can just see disaster you’re firing at your friends cool so then you can see they’ll bring in the corpses to the freezer which is a big deal because you can actually butcher there which is nice and I want to put down the butcher table over here now that seems overweight to put the butcher table in the freezer but it does make sense because the amount of time that you save from not having to carry the meat into the freezer is definitely worth the speed you lose which is about 40% all right so next up we have efficiency between moving around so as you can see we’ve wasted a lot of time walking between this area over here and a big way to have efficiency is to actually give them floors now I know I’ve spoken about using wood is bad and stuff like that but since I wouldn’t since i’ll since our wood is in surplus right now we can actually afford to just lay some flooring down like this or something like that and just wherever the heat map shows in your brain where the colonists spend the most time go ahead and put it there so for example I saw him walking roughly in this direction so you can go ahead and do that skip off nice you might have a new friend to join us now that we have this colony set up you can actually go ahead and put your defenses down and joy down because you’ll you’ll get a notification about the joy soon but defenses are a big deal so now you need to have started mining occasionally around the map and getting that started so we’re gonna go in and put this like that just lacing lacing sandbags and around the map it does use a lot of Steel so just keep that in mind but it is a hundred percent worth it come soon you get sixty five percent cover from using sandbags now we have natural defense over here so I don’t have to worry about it too much but I still want to put this down and I’ll put a little cup over on the end so that colonists can shoot to their right and the left etc without taking too much damage put you down like that and then like so now there is a way to cheese the defense absolutely easy way to cheese it which is using doors using walls and doors between them you can’t do that it is better than this by a little bit but that’s a really boring way to play cheese in the game but I can definitely do a video on that if you’d like to see how to cheese it doesn’t off the streamer here uses it in every single playthrough but for me it’s sort of boring for that to happen too often so now colonists will actually put down chunks that they don’t need over here in this dumping zone so for example if I have Zach set up over here busy shooting at something I don’t have anything to shoot up but if I have Zach’s and I’m standing over here I now have a dumping zone over here the colonists that pawns need to walk over and then another line of defense which is the sandbags that they need to walk over which means that the needs they need to pretty much double the amount of time it takes for them to walk over to attack your colony which is great it’s great it doesn’t give them an over an amount to cover which is pretty good so then obviously you can designate things to be hold at this point in the game you probably don’t have a designated hauler though which makes.

We shouldn’t this early in the game and this you have someone legit like genuine the useless I so to speak about the layout of the base because it is very important to keep things efficient and that’s what I wanted to speak about in this video it’s all about efficiency so fault iseman to walk from the cooking stove to the freezer it is almost a direct part and an entire time it’s got wood where she walks so you’ll walk like that and then up to the right now there is a door to the freezer that’s obviously to keep temperature in but otherwise her movement is just it’s fine it’s not impeded by anything she can walk directly there it saves a lot of time for Stonecutters obviously fetching chunks from outside the based I’ll take a little while that’s not really something you can fix unless you keep chunks inside the zone but what you can do is have one specific stockpile zone and put right next to the Stonecutters table with say a granite chunk in it so if you have a dedicated holy you will always have a chunk there which is which will increase production time a shit-ton it is insane.

How quickly you can produce things using that part of your colony now for example we have this electric Taylor bench coming up here and as soon as we start butchering these animals like this you’ll see we’ll start getting squirrel skin or sucking other leather and stuff like that and it’ll start to be brought into this place which is what Tyson will do anyways because she needs to bring things out of it and then once you have that it’ll be put into this area which you can make clothes with so we’ll start making dusters straight away since we’re on a pretty warm planet or pretty warm part of the planet and that’s why it’s important to hunt the same species of animal as much as you can at least so there we go she’s bringing it in to stockpile one which is good and now we have enough to make one duster which is good if we had hunted five or six different animals we have five or six different hides and you can’t use that very easily which is why it’s ridiculously unlucky to actually have that that event where they all attack you it’s crazy unlucky so I see over here we have some alpacas it is most definitely worth trying to tame all carcass just because of the fact that they give you wool a lot of people ask me how worth it is it to use animals and all that I will get into that in another video because there’s a lot of math in it.

But it depends like chickens can be amazingly good chickens can really be amazingly good so that’s it for this colony I’m gonna go ahead and load a colony which I think you should have by about the 20-minute mark in game alright so this is my colony this is where I’m at right now we’ve got a lot of growing zones I’m using my normal colonists I have growing zone for cotton for strawberry plant over here Hill route cycloid hay grass corn and then potato plot and the reason that I have corn is just for funsies you don’t actually need strawberry plants or corn or anything you can actually just use the same one I have some stone blocks being made which is slate and limestone if I believe and then as you can see the defenses have chunks around them as well as having it completely around the base not if you’re in a mountain base you don’t need to worry about this too much you can actually just use one or the other it’s fine but yeah this is where I expect colonies to be at around 20 minutes as long as you don’t have too many too many like bad events you know this is pretty good this is pretty good obviously you want food to be growing in a decent rate with when it comes to freezers and all that and and just the area in general you do want it to be clean as clean as possible but you can only do so much but having decent flows around makes it a lot easier but as you can see the design is exactly the same I have the production sensor in the middle of the base so when colonists go to sleep they wake up come to the production center if they need to cook they go here then back into the production center everything they have revolves around the production center so if you had a heat map the production center would be bright red and then it would get less and less red as you went around so for example they don’t spend that much time in this growing zone but they do spend a lot of time in the production center and in their bedrooms and all that but that’s all about efficiency like you want colonists to spend the least amount of time doing wasting time doing things that don’t produce stuff for the colony so for example having the trunks over here means of gunny can quickly run outside and grab on and then come back in wala gets replaced by other people fetching other trunks which is nice and while it’s in that downtime they can they can clean up the area getting research done is also very important but this is it this is what I expect you to be in around 20 minutes after this you’ll slowly start researching turrets and all that if you want to go into that I’m busy doing smithing but you need to worry about smithing too much I just like having guns having the options of having weapons if you’re new to the game I do recommend getting turrets up and running straight away but this is a colony that should survive decently easy on rough for intents so you will have a hard time dealing with people beyond that I think depend on the events but for rough it can definitely manage because if you get raided calm this will generally position themselves around there and you’ll have the decent amount of cover as well as firepower and all that which is good and then obviously you can get weapons off them but this is it thank you for watching episode 2 you’re welcome to remote you suck I hope you enjoyed this and I hope you learned something especially when it comes to these kinds of colonies this is a very default based vanilla colony I do recommend changing it up every now and then but this is it for now so I’ll see you guys all later thanks so much for making it to the end of my view I really really appreciate it editing videos put my hobby and my passion and with that in mind I decided to open up a patreon if you’d like to support me besides in the amazing ways that my subscribers already usually do I’ve got loads of perks and benefits including having your own person the custom-made colonists being one of my default colonists in the mod showcases special roles on discord joining me while I stream monthly Q&A is and podcasts I’ve got it all come take a look all support is always appreciated monetarily or not if you are subscriber then be sure to hit the little bell over here to always be up to date with videos I push out and head over to the discord if you ever want to have a deep and meaningful chat with me and last but not least I hope you’re having an amazing day.

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