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Автор: Pixel Rookie

Description of the video guide «Guide for beginners in RimWorld — what to do at the very beginning, how to play»

This is a video tutorial for Rimworld aimed specifically at beginners to the game. I wanted to make a getting started guide to rimworld because this game is quite complicated and can be a little overwhelming if you are playing the game for the first time and you are new to this type of genre or you haven’t done any research on the game prior.

Rimworld is a TON of fun and I hope that this beginner’s guide tutorial video helps work as a guideline and reference point for the basics to get you kickstarted into the game. I have a list of the topics covered in the game and specific timestamps to jump to that section. I also have a list of mods that I use with a link where you can download them yourself.

What is covered in this video (with timestamps):

  • Creating a new game: 0:34.
  • Getting started: 3:18.
  • Choosing where to build your colony: 4:16.
  • Setting up zones: 4:56.
  • Work and priorities: 6:13.
  • Planning your base layout: 7:40.
  • Electricity and power: 8:07.
  • Building a storage freezer: 8:51.
  • Cooking: 9:32.
  • Combat: 10:20.
  • Prisoners: 11:05.
  • Food storage: 12:04.
  • Roof zones: 13:07.
  • Dumping zones: 13:25.
  • Research 13:42.
  • Getting new colonists: 14:05.
  • Med bay and prison cells: 14:35.

Mods List:

  • HugsLib: A mod library that provides shared functionality to other mods.
  • Blueprints: Lets you copy rooms you’ve built as a template and can paste them to save time and maintain consistency.
  • Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering: Expands the types of prostheses and artificial organs you can create
  • Facial Stuff: Adds beards and other face options for more visual variety to the pawns of Rimworld. It also lets you add animated hands and feet that you can toggle on and off.
  • P-Music: Adds additional music tracks that are all awesome.
  • EdB Prepare Carefully: Lets you customize your starting colonists and supplies.
  • Xeva’s Rimhair: Adds sexy new hair styles to choose from.
  • While You’re Up: Great mod — your colonists will haul objects while they are going from one location to another.
  • Stack Merger: Your colonists will now combine smaller stacks of inventory and consolidate them.
  • Simple sidearms: Lets you equip an offhand weapon to swap between.
  • Rimsenal — Rimhair: More sexy hair styles for more variety.
  • ResearchPal: Makes the research tab much cleaner and functional.
  • Psychology: Adds a huge level of personality to your colonists. Their personality impacts how they interact socially with each other. This really helps flesh out social relationships in Rimworld.
  • Hospitality: Let’s you host visitors from other tribes that can help with chores in your colony and leave you gifts if they enjoyed their stay.
  • Notifications Archiver: Saves all of your notifications to review anytime.
  • Work Tab: Updates and enhances the work tab — allows deeper customization on how you can prioritize tasks.

Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

Hey guys this is Eric with pixel rookie and I picked up this awesome game called rim road a while back I’ve been putting a lot of time into playing it now this game is pretty complicated if you pick it up for the first time and you’re not familiar with the gameplay mechanics so I wouldn’t make a video as a QuickStart guide to help you understand some of the basic fundamentals when starting the game my hope is by the end of this video you’ll have a solid understanding of how to begin a game of rim road even with zero knowledge of how to play the game and have the foundations to build a dependable colony that can withstand whatever rim world throws at you if you want to skip me going over the creation of a new game jump ahead to the time stamp noted below to get right into the gameplay okay so back to creating a new game here you have a choice between three different scenarios to start off your game you have the options of custom scenarios — but we’re gonna stick with the classic rim board adventure which is called crash-landed next we choose which AI storyteller we want for our game let me explain.

Rim road story is driven by one of these AIS who had determined what kind of events happen throughout your game they control how the pacing will flow you have three storytellers to choose from Kassandra classic who progress like you would expect from the standard game events will start off easier and gradually get harder Phoebe chillax her events progressed slower and easier usually giving you more time in between events and finally Randy random Randy doesn’t really give a about you or your colonists there’s no rhyme or reason between his pacing you can get really lucky or screwed at any time with this storyteller especially at the beginning of the game for beginners I definitely recommend Phoebe to get the hang of the game next we choose our difficulty setting we’re gonna choose some challenge so I have a pretty laid-back experience keep in mind you can change your difficulty and storyteller settings anytime in the game using your options next you’ll create the actual world you land on with a seed I was randomized it and I keep the other settings the same you can adjust and cater it to your liking but we’ll keep it as is for this example once the world is actually generated you can choose where you crash land there’s a lot of different biomes you can choose from I personally like using the temperate forest and if you’re just getting started I think it’s a great biome to be in one of the biggest things I look out for when choosing my crash-landing is the growing period and if you’re new to the game I would personally recommend choosing an area that’s set to year-round so you’re on a much lower risk of starving to death while you’re figuring out what to do now that we’ve chosen our location it’s time to choose our colonists when creating your characters there’s a few things you want to review some colonists are incapable of certain tasks and they also have specific traits that will positively or negatively impact their stats they might also have health issues that you want to keep a lookout for they have a smaller large fire icon by any of their skills.

That means they’re passionate about that skill and they’re gonna learn it faster you ideally want to have a well-rounded starting team that has a variety of skills you can see your overall team skills at the bottom of the page you’ll have a list of random pawns to choose from initially and you can also cycle through the randomize key until you find a nice mix of the three colonists that you want to start with it’s nice if you can have high growth shooting medical and construction skills between the three of them I installed a mod called prepare carefully that allows you to create your own starting characters and stats and I highly recommend it if you want to customize your starting team with a little more detail that’s what we’ll do here now that we have our entire setup complete let’s get started keep in mind though I have a few other mods installed that add some additional visuals to the colonists like beards different hairstyles even little arms to add a little more life to them most of these mods are just quality-of-life tweaks and not very major to the core gameplay I’ve a list of them in the description below if you’re interested in finding out more okay so as soon as we start the game lets you know that your escape pods from a crashed ship have landed in a distant rim world from here your men come out of their pods with some starting goods there are a few things we want to do here from the very start so if you press the spacebar.

You’re gonna pause the game there’s a lot of information that’s shared with you in the corners of your screen you’ll see the information of where your mouse is highlighted the date temperature and time of day for example you can adjust the speed of your game by pressing the 1 2 and 3 keys you usually spend most of the time on the fastest speed though ok so you’re starting equipment from the crash will have a rifle a pistol and a knife we look at hot dog skills we can see that he’s the best shooter in the group so we want to make sure we select him and right click on the rifle and had him equip it will hop stomp be equipped the pistol and since king-size is our toughest melee fighter he’ll equip the knife for now if you look at all these items that dropped with us they have a little red X on them which means they’re forbidden we want to fix that if you select all the different items you can press the F key and that’ll allow you to gather these resources that’s all we need to worry about with them for now while the game is still paused.

We need to zoom out make an important decision where to actually build our colony.

While skimming the area make sure to select any ship chunks and choose to deconstruct them for additional resources there are a few areas that look pretty good but this area here seems like an excellent place for a base you can create a funnel someone Raiders attack you they can be bottlenecked and not hit you in multiple directions you also wanna try and think how you want to progress your base so you can scale with any growth from new colonists now that we’ve determined won’t be building our colony we want to create a temporary shelter for a mem to sleep at if you go down the bottom of the screen select architect then structure will simply build a wooden wall against the mountain and add a door and three beds this will suffice for the first few days now that we have that in place we need to establish a few zones first we’ll build a stockpile zone.

I plan on building the majority the base in the mountain so I like to have all my resources right out front this is where are all of our collected items will be stored now what about a few different growing zones I like to make at least five total starting off so we can grow a few different items once you lay out the growing zones we’ll select each one of them and change it to a different crop it’s important that one of your colonists has a growing skill of 8 or higher because we want to grow heal root right away we only have a limited supply of med packs from our starting items so this will work as a substitute once we run out I like to grow potatoes rice strawberries kill root and cotton cod is important because it can be used to create clothing and other useful items for your colonists you also start with the random pet that can be trained so make sure you select your pet and choose what you want to train them in I like focusing on its halt skill first so that damn mana will actually help her on the base and transport items now we have our basic starting area plotted out let’s resume the game your colonists will immediately start going to work on their different tasks based on what they’re actually tasked to do there are certain minerals in the mountains that can be harvested like the steel here it’s good to mine that out and since this is going to be the interest of my mountain base I want to clear all of it out anyways you go to orders and choose mine to select the area you want to mine like I said earlier your columns will prioritize their work based on what they’re tasked out to do if you go to the work tab you’ll see a list of all the different tasks that are assigned to the furthest to the left has the highest priority all the way to the far right which is a lowest priority if any task is pending that has a higher priority they’ll focus on that first that makes sense right now we want to get a little more specific with what roles our colonists are set to do so we’re gonna click on the numbers in the corner of the tab to drill this down a little bit further again this slow it’s just a little different because of a mod that cleans it up.

Now that we’ve toggled this on we can raise them lower the priorities even further you can set tasks from one being the highest priority all the way to nine being the lowest priority without mods you can only set them between one and four now that we’ve set our roles and tasks up a little better hot dog is a primary hunter and miner kingsize is a primary warden and cook while stompy is the main doctor researcher and animal handler they’ll still need to perform other tasks but they’ll focus on these specific tasks while they’re pending instead of lower priority ones something else to point out you can set specific schedules for your colonists this is great for having a day and night shift you can see that hot dog is actually a night owl and gets a boost for being up during the night so we want to make him sleep during the day also keep in mind that you won’t get a mood debuff for sleeping during the day and working throughout the night even if you don’t have a trait like night owl let’s change hot dogs sleep schedule and this will help his mood out now that we have a temporary place forever into sleep a stockpile for storing our items in crops growing to sustain our colony’s food supply we can plan the layout of our base if you go to orders you can choose plan and create a full layout for future building and mining this is a great place to build a wall for defense funnel in any Raiders that attack won’t plan to separate out a second wall beyond the crops to make a second line of defense into the actual base you can also plan out how you want the layout of the inside of your base to look this is a good enough start and you can see that this would be where we’ll slowly be working towards while we build it out now that we’re boating out the inside of her base we’ll want to run electricity to it we’ll do this with solar power for now and build one solar generator that should be sufficient all our generators will gather energy from the Sun during the day but they’ll not do too much good without bringing that electricity into your base first when I build out a storage area for the excess electricity and build a battery obviously solar power won’t gather electricity during the night so I’d have ample energy to run when it’s dark outside I’ll need to run a power conduit from our energy source to our battery and into our base this is where our electronics will gather energy from always keep your batteries and electronics over a roofed area if it rains on exposed batteries you’re gonna have a bad time now that we have a source of electricity a battery to store extra power and conduits running indoor base we can build out a freezer to store our grown food raw meat from hunted animals and prepared meals if you go to temperature and choose a cooler we’ll place two of them in this empty hole we made outside of our designated freezer area keep in mind that one cooler would be sufficient for this space but as you scale up your storage space one cooler might not be enough I prefer to have two from the start.

Rotate the cooler so the blue areas facing inside of the freezer and the red is outside this indicates that the heat will flow outside while the cool air goes inside we must set the temperature down so it actually keeps the freezer cold.

If you select each freezer you can decrease the temperature down we want to keep it at least 32 degrees Fahrenheit or zero degrees Celsius we want to keep the freezer sealed so we’ll do this by creating a double door chamber that ensures your cold air doesn’t escape while columns go in and out the area directly outside of the freezer will be our kitchen go into production and we’ll choose the electric stove since we already have a source of power and build it in the middle of the room when cooking meals I like to make sure that I have plenty of prepared food in stock in order to do this will select the stove and click Add bill we’re just going to cook simple meals for now okay so instead of cooking a specific number of meals we want to choose do x times and instead choose the option to do until you have X we’ll increase this number to 20 so what we’re doing here is setting a bill that will prioritize cooking simple meals until we have 20 in stock every day your columns will consume meals throughout the day so once we get below 20 the bill will trigger your colonist to automatically make more of course now we need to actually store food in the freezer we’ll go back into the zones and create a new stockpile zone okay well while we’re setting up our stockpile for a freezer.

We got rated so we need to deal with this new threat right now our base is not really prepared for an attack and we have no defenses let’s fix that quickly by going to security and create a few sandbags for some cover our cover’s setup and the Raiders getting close to us in order to control your colonists for combat you need to select who you want to draft and press the R key this will allow you to choose them and right click to a destination for them to either move or attack hotdog and stompy are the only two with guns right now so we’ll drop them and move them in front of the sandbags fortunately for us the Raider is dispatched as soon as you got into firing range we’re not always so lucky once the combats over make sure you select all the colonists you drafted and unwrap them or they’ll just stand there like idiots until you actually unwrap them but take a look at this the Raider wasn’t killed.

He’s only incapacitated so we can actually capture him and take him as prisoner we currently don’t have a prison so so we’ll quickly build a bed in our cave and use that temporarily once the bed is complete we select it and choose for the prisoners option this changes a room into a prison cell and we can capture our Raider now looking over grill our newly captured prisoners stats he has an addiction to the drug Luciferian that’s not good he’s also lazy a misogynist and incapable of cooking firefighting in mining so not the best stats but he could still be useful when you have someone prisoner you can choose what their fate is if you select them and choose prisoner you can choose if their received treatment for injuries or not release them and you can choose to chat and recruit them grills recruitment difficulty is high so it might not be worth the efforts but we’re gonna try anyways okay so before we were rudely interrupted by grill we’re setting up our freezer for our food let’s get back to that so we set up our zone so let’s select it and choose storage first thing we want to do is set the priority to preferred that way they can still store food and other stockpiles but they’ll prioritize this area first let’s clear all the items that can be stored in here so only allow foods and will also go into corpses and choose animal corpses that’s it.

Your colas will bring their food they harvest into the freezer and it’ll be preserved now I like to put my butchers table in the freezer too you get a slight work speed penalty being in the code but animal corpses are stored in here and you can easily butcher them and leave the meat in the freezer we’ll want to set a bill for your butcher table too but we want to put your all the animals we hunt as they come in let’s out a bill to the butcher table and change do X times to do forever anytime you bring an animal corpse to your freezer they’ll automatically butcher them for their meat another quick tip for saving some time if you put two stools by your stove you can make them a stockpile zone — just for raw foods make this zone a higher priority than your freezer your cost will put food there and your cook doesn’t have to move into the freezer or move it all because they can grab the food that’s directly on the stools that cook something else we probably should have done earlier is put a roof over our outdoor stockpile this will prevent our stored items from deteriorating from being exposed to the elements if you go to the zones you can choose build a roof area and drag that zone over your stockpile now any materials you collect won’t rot away as you encounter more Raiders and people start dying you want to have a place to dump their corpses if you’re not burying your foes let’s create a dumping ground for that go into zones and choose dumping stockpile zone and let’s use this open area outside of our base to dump our unwanted items like corpses I see no need to bury my enemies when you get a little more established it’s important you get a research bench to unlock new technology to help out your colony once one is built you can click on your research tree tab and choose what to focus on researching again my research tab looks a little different because of a mod it’s mostly a visual overhaul them I like to focus on getting gun turrets first so let’s start researching everything to unlock that technology unfortunately our prisoner grill died while in captivity because of his addiction to Luciferian well that there are other ways to get new colonists sometimes you’ll have events where you encounter other ponds that are willing to join your colony or there’s a crash escape pod with an injured pond you can rescue now this may sound counterintuitive but when you find an injured pond that you want to rescue and recruit to your colony you still want to capture them and bring them to a prison so if you choose to heal them without capturing them they’re not gonna become colonists they’ll just get up and leave when they’re healthy again when you build up your basic living quarters it’s good to build a dedicated med bay and some prison cells you can see we have five beds set up that have been designated to medical I’m gonna put a few smaller rooms that will act as prison cells you never know when you capture a few Raiders after a firefight and you want to have ample space don’t forget to update your work priorities as your colony grows the more colors you have the more work you can delegate out and prioritize for specific ponds to help keep your call and its mood up you can build a sculptors table and build pieces of art to add Beauty to your rooms I would recommend building large sculptures because they take up the same amount of space as small ones but they usually add more beauty at this point you should be in a good position with your colony you should be able to build a good base to defend have enough food and storage to feed everyone and a good understanding of the basics of rumor oh if you’re feeling daring or like a bigger challenge go ahead and update your difficulty or storyteller and try colonies on other biomes this game has so much to offer and this is really just scratching the surface hopefully you’ll see your colony grow and evolve into a huge base or you might accidentally piss off a bunch of alien bugs that kill your entire colony you never really know with rimworld well guys I hope you enjoyed this video and if there are other areas in rim Road you’d like me to make a tutorial on let me know in the comments below thanks again for watching and until next time have a good one.

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