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Text version of the guide «Guide for Beginners — Tips and tricks for playing RimWorld» (automatically created subtitles)

Your yoga is Jay wor here and today we’re on rim world now I just went to go through a guide for beginners really veterans of this game will probably know everything I’m about to say so it is four new plays really so I’ll just start a new colony now these free options but I recommend going on crush funded just because it starts shell for a little bit further on then the other giver to I’m gonna stick with this but just go on some challenge which is probably what most people are gonna go on okay now you can increase it from the 30% you just source or 100 it basically means that the whole glow will be covered by because if you can see by land I was going to say because at the moment it’s like covered by mostly water but depending on your computer that might be a bad thing because I’ll tell longer to load so I’ll give you this overview of the world and you probably thinking what the heck where do I go it’s a bit of an if you want I would try to first thing to do is get the factions up see who like you so the best is the purple and the L green or okay as well so we could try and get near this one which makes it easier for when you want to travel to and from the outpost for trading reasons so let’s try and do that now I try to go for not a completely clear ground the reason being is that these are mountains and hills and whatnot so that they love minerals in in that rock which we you can mine away and get from it also helps in you know defense you can make a a choke point which is generally my strategy so I do tend to get something relatively substantial so I’ll seem like a I deal area but me just see ya.

I’ll try to get all year round growing if you see here growing period 40 out 60 days which is good it is good I try to get year round if I come I don’t think I will because I think you forgot the hot are the country the year round yeah so he’s it’s a bit of a tricky one because there I mean I could good still far away in it problem is is that on the green you get more fertile land on the the sand you get less fertile ground as you would expect so mmm it’s a bit of a juggling act to get the best place really I think that’s steep it’s decent right okay.

It’s okay to Milla so just pick somewhere and it will come up this screen create a counter and you can come whether you won but the main thing you need prioritize is really the skills so I’m not quite happy with that I mean it’s not bad I mean it is relatively bad but it’s not horrendous like you can get some that have in capabilities of doing anything practically so you need to be careful that so I want to just randomize it no this guy is incapable of artistic firefighting and cleaning which rubbish but he’s quite social and he’s got a passion for intelligent social meal a she’s decent construction and growing it’s not bad and these worried me because these sake is gonna be a bit crazy no that’s not bad incapable cooking that’s one thing I hate.

Because cooking’s quite loyal again carrot so the curveball for these it’s gonna be horrendous but the shootings good.

Now unfortunately you can’t get a perfect person is no such finger run them again.

It’s not bad.

Now sometimes it’ll select these the left behind ones I’m not entirely sure so it’s worth just trying to get the best you can get really try to avoid the ones that are addicted to something because they’ll just go ape if and they don’t get it I just like all rounders really.

Violent that incapable of ayat and being violent which is rubbish er because it means you can attack anyone sooo bad right okay just make sure that someone can cook someone compliant okay so everyone drops in I walk around so what you’ve got now that’s quite a lot of rock I wasn’t expecting quite that much rock that’s fine that’s fine we can build into it and to make because it means that no one can come that way at all so it’s easier to defend and if we make a wall here what sir makes it easier so the first thing you’re gonna notice when you come in it pause the game spacebar I’ll click it and everything’s got an X on which is rubbish so that’s just zoom out double-click.

Anything it’ll select everything in that on the screen so if you zoom out further it’ll select more just under forbid it and I’ll set that X away they used to do this with pretty much everything or else they won’t interact with it so even if they’re starving they won’t eat the meal which is a bit of a weird way of doing the game but you know it’s a learning curve.

Okay so what I tend to do straight away is equips everyone with a weapon so who’s the best shooter okay so they’ll get that and who had that of a passion even though this person is Barrett shooting they have a passion for it this burning icon they have a real burning and passion for cooking so he’s best to use them till the likes of experience but a progress quicker and then right so it is a big learning curve because it’s a strategy game there’s a bit of you know quite a bit of a learning curve but that’s what we’re gonna do so what I tend to do it’s gone to the work and you can tick which ones you want them to do but you press it and if you press I’ll take this manual priorities it brings up this list here which in my opinion makes it easier so I tend to do is just put one on firefight because if there’s a fire you want them to prioritize point out the fire so once for the most priority force with the least priority I’ll leave that blank because they don’t want they’ve very good at it.

Best red flick so and you can flick switches on the game so you need to put those pros here or else if you need to turn on a lie or a fuel in case of emergency a torrent something like that it needs to be toggled on and when I say torrent I mean like the connection to it so you might want to not always have it running to use electricity so you can disconnect it until you need it I’ve actually seen like they’re all good at water.

Warden bingo warden yeah free cocaine one unseen and I’m gonna put them all on construction because the problem is is that one thing when once they start to construct something they can fail and you’ll lose a few resources but they need to get better so you have to keep them constructed in order to get better because if this colonist dies for whatever reason you’d have no one being able to construct anything okay so that seems okay restrictions so this dictates their life basically so how long you want them to work from so I say then some joy I’d say three hours each and in between that they can do anything pull you so sweet sleep well purple so that basically means now that everything is assigned you’ve got your restrictions you’ve got everything allocate it’s you know you can’t start instructing them on to do stuff now what I want to do is get as much wood as possible so I’m going to click on the chop wood and highlight the area construct so I did a buildin I mean I could use that for now sorry no that’s not the one could use one and then it’s a bit too far out from where I actually want to be though so I’m gonna just use this wall here.

Stop picking off mmm not really Dayoung right okay that should be okay I think never tried that but listen I find out.

Just put some doors in okay it’s also relatively big area now yeah I should explain this so if you press on the architect you press structures you get the walls now you can press it and change it now don’t use silver because that Shakuni say steel I’d be surprised if you’ve got at this point unless it’s just the ways it now I think there’s some weighing around in there yeah there’s always some weighing around but you need that for other stuff just you just use water than at the moment you might want to change it later on to prevent fires going crazy but for now it’s fine furniture beds to get a torch lamp for now it lights up the area and it makes them warmer so I just wanna cancel that so that should be okay for now another thing I need to do is just pause the game again is you go into a zone and areas and you go on to the stockpile always the best place to put it let’s put it here for now now what this is gonna do is make a spot with the cornice can leave things I’ll move things so I’m gonna do now is go onto the roof build roof area no should all Molly do it there I think yes just do it just in case because some things need a roof to be under so for example these components it says deteriorates in due to being on roof so if you don’t if you don’t move them they will literally just disappear off a map after so long hours long it dictates it needs to be before it deteriorates same with the food and will clean off this food the packet survival meal doesn’t need to be refrigerated which is great because it’s quite a lot there we don’t want that going off and and the same with the medication on medicine should I say it’s it needs to be roofed or else it causes problems so yeah they’re gonna start and building away just speed it up so you can see now that the as the wood becomes available here and later where these trees are getting cut down they’ll start taking it and building away these torches make it warm and light so the the hate being in the dark and the hate being cold so this is a good way to keep them happy.

We’ll just ask our construction I seem to prioritize doing that and that reason being I just want that I want by the area bill as soon as this roof area slightly worried about this area because they’ve not put the Foundation’s up I’m worried the roof will collapse okay.

So now I’m gonna prioritize hauling all this stuff so if you press shift and right click protest hall it’ll connect them all so it does all these orders before they start doing anything else so gradually they’ll all start moving there and it’ll not deteriorate another thing I want to do is to floor in now it’s gonna use quite a bit of wards and it’s somewhat of a safety risk but it holds nicer so it might have to make it warm as well I can’t remember if you can see here and if I click on this it’s not deteriorate now same here not deteriorating so wait you know we’ve kept a safe.

I’m just gonna make an order for electricity power so your honor there’s a few options you probably not gonna know everything that’s going on at the moment puts first thing to do I’d say a solar panel let’s start without let’s keep it.

I think yep so what I’ll do is during the day it will get power of course and at night you won’t so you need to preemptively get batteries that’s how the things to power the power it during the night or alternatively you can make a wind turbine which I’m going to do as well so that there’s at least some form of power going night and day oh that’s the idea anyway now because things are going to deteriorate over the course of time like me we’re gonna have to get the temperature cool or go in so what I’m gonna do actually before I do that let’s go into production here first thing to do is get a butcher’s bench there’s nothing work up on the fridge Big Mac put you down here I mean I’m gonna be building a building into the mountain later on anyway so yeah I’ll build it I bought it here and I’ll build it here and then also a electric stove for cooking.

Now what we do need to do is actually cut them all up well stove anyway the butcher table doesn’t need power.

I’m gonna make it so violent shy and these are a bit finicky because any of these trees I’m gonna have to cut down okay said I’m not got any but I probably have it’s just scattered it this area here the steel.

Now if you look around the map and you see any pawns harvest them because they say wild he’ll rue it’s actually medicine so just remember to harvest it got a harvest every single thing will just you know it all here in there now I’m gonna get the fridge going a little temperature and pray that way you can see there’s no power so it’s not going to work anytime soon as you can see it’s a bit nice with a hell of four boards it’s a bit of a fire risk but hopefully nothing crazy happens who is it and this is the person with their high construction yep sometimes you need to prioritize a few things I mean it’s not too bad now anyway it’s nighttime something you know but if we don’t have power we can really progress well today’s gonna cause a bit of a problem not just in case I’ll do that.

Okay we just got Trina so as you can see a science coming together now okay so the butchers the way this works is you click on the bench and unless you do this it won’t do anything did they won’t start chopping the meat or anything so you had a bill and these two options make kibble which is for the animals to eat or you can watch the creatures so it says how many times do you want to do it now you can cite that but it’s you want to do it forever really.

If these meat there you want to chop it up because it can’t be used otherwise at least not safely to start eating dead corpses it’s gonna be a bit of a problem and so any sound is a dead I’m on instantly chop it up so to demonstrate or get someone to hunt for that that’s loud I’m just gonna get the volume down a bit I mean it’s already down and off podcast for the night Stallone’s.

Was well Turkey revenge why what’s going on here under these go man why is she not going after it now turkey revenge have you got it dad it’s dead right okay so that’s quite funny now I can’t hear anything.

What’s going on.


So ultimately did they do what they need to do now the meat is here and it will deteriorate in one day because it’s not refrigerated make sense that’s where you need the fridge pretty quickly because then meals will run out relatively quick now we’ve got power so again you have to add a bill to make a simple meal now what I do is I do do until you have now because that’s the easy way otherwise you have to keep doing dude ten times whatever.

So do until you have I don’t know let’s say 25 now gone details I want to do is I click this and it’s unpause it so basically this action you get 25 and then if I don’t change this it’ll pause so the minute the e 1 and it goes down to 20 once it’s got to 20 they’ll start making food again which to be honest is fair enough that seems ok up so straight away making food simple meal how long does that car so now it’s gone from one day to three days so it gives me more time now the smaller the animal the less chance of it killing you in a nutshell there’s some things on the map that will attack back so for example this thing was it boom rat it’s called that for a reason.

Basically you shoot it and he like spoiled no he’s near you he’ll set fire so I know well it’ll be worse at ferry to things or it will just explode and yeah so there’s some animals that you just don’t want to really start hunting for unless you absolutely have to there’s some over the bar I see there the cracks they’ve actually been shooting at it so it’s deteriorating a little bit ninety four percent so they will repair it as they did done it’s a bit annoying right okay so I can temperatures a bit weird as well so the moment it’s out twenty-one Celsius so what we need to do is — it take it to that usually — ten is fine what do you need to do is get them to move that stuff let’s get a dump in zone now yes just explain this so the storage the way it works is you click on here and I’ll tell you what they do store in it now there’s a few things you don’t want in your junk pile you don’t want animal carcasses because that’s where your foods gonna be humans that’s fine that’s fine we don’t mind that rotten I should be okay I just yeah prioritize sleep so it should take you to this dump yard oh yeah that’s fine so now it’s closed so the temperature will gradually start to go down tree will it let me here and then what I’m gonna do now is to a nother storage area in there and the only thing we want in there is food so I’m going to just clear all click animal corpses mules raw food it’s a few things you want in there okay and if I this is another thing you have to deselect that on here so I don’t want my kneels in there now otherwise they’ll still put it in there it has to be D so that’s it and the only one that you want meals going into is the frozen area.

Be ok.

As you can see the move in everything that’s required in there and what I have forgot to do is build batteries now what I tend to do is build them pretty far away reason is the tend to explode and if the right near here it’s gonna be a bit of hell and so two batteries should be okay for now.

And I’m pottery for which well and where’s the reef and I also need to call a reef up a lot as well reason is when it’s thundering and whatnot it’s a bit weird you wouldn’t think you would need a roofers and it just seems to me help it it’s the best way you can’t cover that up for obvious reasons okay how is that going slow because sometimes if anything’s in its way a tree or anything it will say it’s going to soar because something’s blocking it you can see that it is changing spoils in and then it keeps changing it’s because they keep walking in and out no it’s not not enough what you can do about that over then my just building walls around there which is pointless really you’ve got and roll over.

You could you could double initiate it building walls around apparently that does help I’ve never done that myself but that’s what people say squeeze this.

Now what I am gonna do just in case because it’s got its bounce happen at some point it’s gonna be a fight let’s think we could get them coming through here.

So what I’m gonna try and do walk off that Oh can’t do it do it it’s kinda annoying.

It’s hi everywhere.

Okay so it should inferior a make them go this way because they’re gonna see well this is easy to get through then blasting through the these walls so it’s gonna funnel them now I’m gonna try and do is get rid of these jagged edges so that they can’t hide against anything and then we’ll have a clear shot while they’re running through you know we are spartan style funnel them through I’m just gonna get someone to move all this medicine because it will start to deteriorate gradually mmm I allow chunks in there.

You know batteries do need a roof over and I’ve already done that I’ve put it over about don’t if they built it basically if it rains like this it can destroy the battery making called fire which makes sense but again that’s why I built them far away just to allow me some breathing room it just go on fire a good thing to check is if you click on to expand home area it normally any way you build it covers it but sometimes it doesn’t so I key if there’s a fire in this area they won’t attack they won’t go and take it out okay so we’ve got mad animal so this little thing here he’s gonna try and kill us because you know so what I did there is I just highlighted them all click — this makes them into combat mode so to speak otherwise it’ll just run you have to click that then you just select an area to hide behind it generally just pick something and they’ll start you in the middle but they’re behind it and one circuit before them to do anything else so now what’s gonna happen is she’s gonna probably go to bed because she’s been attacked by him and eventually one of them will pick this up and take it to a little area over here i’m just gonna- that some put it — -20 it seems to be struggling at the moment I never think I forgot to do is to do this as soon as really I’ve done it a bit late here I’d get this going as soon as you possibly can and let’s try and make here no I do him by three by seven just to try and make it meet certain areas it will allow you to pawn at least not completely okay so if I can see them so that’s growing potatoes potatoes we’ll get some carne we get some cotton if we can yeah no we can’t so we can’t grow strawberries and our strawberries are good because you can eat them raw so even if someone can’t cook they could fill up you need a minimum skill of five so I’m just gonna go come last longer if the food runs out and potatoes growth slightly faster so.

And I think is these dogs the they’re not actually yours they just seem to wonder in there you can sort them for me I assume but it’s best just to get them to obedience and howl because they will eat your food so you might as well get them doing something daddy.

It’s not refrigerated I forgot that about medicine what’s it gonna be under medicines no drugs no well so I gradually move in there yeah no it says won’t spoil no wince one goes in there like that it could footer a bit but eventually all stays steady no alkyl is she that’s time to clean that’s good that’s good to move all that just just whole things and it will generally move it away should I say gradually move it away she will put in the dumping yard okay yeah we built everything here I’ve got a bit there and we’ll just get them so just cut some wood down okay so many components like just some morphine this is it compacted steel no that’s not it I’ll be it okay so just explain this here you can tell by these jaggedness it’s compacted steel and this here just about see it’s a bit of a gold Goldy color it’s compacted machinery so machinery is the components and the steel is to steal come back to steal so if you need more of it start mining away now I’m gonna be going in there anyway so might as well start — you’re gonna get some more puns going now if you read our card one actually just put that why the Hardys one construction yeah I’ll put that down to it too because this needs to get done soon before winter hits else we’re gonna be in trouble who’s our humbler oh did I just yeah that’s the same guy now I can’t undo that Kanna.

As you can see The Bachelor stand to fill now for whatever reason this stops our it’s nighttime and there’s no wind and these will kick in which is great because you need them to now I am gonna do is make a.

Electric and no will get a light trick why not and also a research bench going now the reason you build them inside is because if you put them outside there’s a the go slower.

Okay I assume the reason is that the colder and someone all the rest of them they’re outside to the elements another thing to go in is a sign and they seem to have different policies here on how to use are not used drugs so I do just put them to non so she’s Tito anyway so she won’t say anything chemical interest does I mean Oh.

So she won’t listen to me anyway her but I’ve put it just in case so the more meat we have the better the reason I’m making the tail is bench now is to get calls because you will start to feel called if they don’t Forge a column and if you do get any new colonists they generally and naked for whatever reason at least some of them anyway they just wander off the street so to speak all just a shiaa can can you join our and they’ll be a wonderer they generally are naked for some bizarre reason but if you recruit them more like force them should I say then it’ll be a different story.

That’s just remind me I do need to build so what I’m doing now is building a jail cell so that I can capture them if I need to I don’t know if I can put two I think I can answer how did you see that see weapons.

And don’t eat these crowing pretty quick thumbs will lose arts healer so here we are a wonder oh these are somewhat not naked.

Well he is yeah naked boy she’s got a desktop or poo fast I think so they’ve just joined us so you do need to go into the work tab again and really click everything so he’s really interested in tailoring of being a tailor okay.

We got great break oh oh so it’s another reason we nice came dressed I am running out of components yes I’m sure no I mean that this is the problem use good everything.

You know here we go here we go here we go read this is one person with a club so this should be relatively easy so I do is just wait so they get cause sometimes they don’t attack straight away.

That’s not pointing him even being on it now you can see that our planter and wall them in that way is working but their accuracy is shocking it’s a come of it a time I’m thinking of doing it’s just extending that a little bit just so that the formal right okay now this is a another thing they get very annoyed if you do not bury the dead don’t know why so what I’m going to do is build some random graves.

Because if you put them here which is they will do and the problem with that is that there everyday they walk past we see a dead body to get it upset again I don’t know why so is this all beading to anyone yet oh I forgot to do this as well you have to do the restrictions again I also just do where with anyone well not sort of a thing joy needs to think about that so this is like a horseshoe game so it’s the most basic form of entertainment but it takes next to nothing 15 what Oh crumbs EMP shells where the hell did they come from.

Well I’m a doing.

Is that in the home and territory yep so this should be racing towards it I mean it’s gonna anyway it’s fine so I mean I don’t know why you’d need an EMP she’ll really know unless these tanks coming up never seen that before so I’m not quite sure what you use them for so we’re gonna just sell them probably now make them go bad at the same time mainly because if they get disturbed even if someone’s just hope I’m walking off the baddest and annoying so another thing is well click on the plants you can see it grow for a hundred I used to think that that meant that it was ready to be harvested it doesn’t it means that it’s growing a hundred percent which is great but the 16 percent of both is the actual amount and so he’s still got a long way to go so I’m gonna do as well is get our research going so mmm I think I’m gonna bow for now.

Just so we can get some followed ranged weapons straight away who is on our research I’ve been a key it’s him again no we’ll get.



See he’s got a knife cargo pots okay oh so that’s what he came from the Carragher party just landed that okay so we’ve run out of things cuz know me are they ain’t good see it seems to run out really quick the meat so oh I’m not watching another ball long like that oh here we are what’s that I get dough all right I mean I want to just select them all and just like a crazy this is another thing is what if you just clock around the map now and again you’ll see I had just found all that steel laying around and it’s always worth just just looking around especially he needs something all right there’s some compacted machinery so if you run it out components which we are evidence again I’m hoping that this heal needs to bear the chunk.

Okay so again you have to add a bill for the tailor and tailor state whether you want to call it so I’m gonna make Jackie’s first make five just in case anyone starts.

I mean t-shirts just 500 now we can’t make it until this Cotton’s done anyways so yeah so everyone random things like that happen no and again I don’t know why this oh right okay how makes sense no I didn’t eat very sure I was bad just I want to really yeah put these prison cells I think you can put more than want that in the same cell well we’ll say we’ll learn is he no oh he is cool that’s great so okay I’m gonna make him train one everything.

Well did you just eat it always fit the dog.

That’s one of the problems of the mountain and ones cougar Hills now oh yeah they’re going after that’s fine oh is they all right yeah so four components and is still number four there so hopefully there’s a bit more and further along and one planning is to go straight into here and just expand gradually so it’s just tell me that there’s a major break risk which means they’re gonna go crazy if I don’t start something out it’s still okay I mean it’s not all what I can do but and I’m gonna start giving an individual bedrooms after I’ve been I should sort them out somewhat.


That’s another thing as well build these near the fridge sort of the efficiencies bear steal can you get that a moment so let’s see if I can actually help any of these he won’t say but I can saw that out okay.

So now once that’s built they’ll start eating it table and not bear for them so just sort out everything you possibly can you know the time it’s not the easiest to do without my even that if we could start out again something he’s wearing worn out appeal his naked but he’s got appeal see this I’m doing yeah oh so he has got a t-shirt must have got after dead guy better than nothing to know.

I’ve just assigned him to that pets who didn’t sleep in there yes is the problem is on to stop being sick if they get food poisoning yeah these aren’t deteriorating in the East components goes around the mountain so I’m not too fussed about rushing around plan I’m gonna build another power.

Now he needs to get to the good insurance as quickly as you possibly can but you need to get machine machining before you can get as you need to get all this and I think you might need or just just this then that then that yeah we’ll get that.

Okay well what I’ll do I’ve taught the basics here but what I’ll do is I’ll do a separate tutorial on carrying on this game it’s a playthrough because it’s quite a long game I mean I love it I just hope this game can’t get enough of it but it’s a lot to process in one datoria so I’ll leave it here for now as you can see there’s still a lot to learn because you see you know this research here I mean it goes on for quite a while and there’s a lot to learn in this game so you can’t do it in one episode really it needs to be spread across a few different and tutorials and tips and trick videos just to just to get the best possible start and how to play the game the best so I’ll leave it here for now guys bye for now.

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