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Автор: BaRKy

Description of the video guide «Heater Exploit at RimWorld»

Just a short video on how to efficiently heat a room in Rimworld without having to waste too much energy. This is awesome for beginners and veterans alike as it takes off some stress from your power grid. This will probably be patched out sometime in the future, this is for Alpha 15.

Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

What’s up guys is Mikey and today I’m going to be showing you how to do the heater exploit in room world which is for pretty much the ice sheet colonies although you could do it in any other colony and just try and save a bit of power as you can see I’ve got a geothermal generator hooked up to all rooms over here and then just forget about this understanding my colonists live here.

Just cuz I’m a nice guy and one of the Wanderers came might have been this guy absolutely useless anyways pretty much this is the heater exploit that you can see over here we have one heater in a room with one space I know this is a bit of Steel there but that’s because I’ll just messing around a bit and then event which connects to the room as you can see I’ve got a few cold snaps on just so I can make the world really cold it’s negative 132 degrees Celsius I’m not sure what that is in Fahrenheit but it’s pretty cold pretty much so cold that you couldn’t breathe outside your your air we just finished just freeze kind of crazy to think about but if we look outside its moon ice marriage we look outside it’s 131 degrees outside negative and if you look inside its negative 22 well 16 negative negative 20 it’s around there it hovers around that point that’s important thing nuts with one heater now if we look to the right with another heat it’s negative 94 so that’s 50 degrees warmer than outside but that’s negative 94 this is this is almost a hundred degrees hotter than outside um if we look over here with two it’s negative fifty-five which is just insane to think about and then over here it’s obviously just going to be negative 133 which is actually colder than outside but anyways so that’s the heat to exploit it just lets you warm up a room but a bit more I’ll show you how to do it here quickly so let’s build a room I’ve got God mode on but uh if you’re doing this in a real game you would make your colonist do it and as you can see over here someone tried to raid me in the beginning you didn’t even make it that’s how cold this wall is okay so we do that and then we go to god mode and we make a roof quickly let’s just make it around just to be safe and then once you’ve done that you add on a little box over here this is the important thing leaving a space over here adding a vent in ain’t no cooler my bad a heater and obviously it draws power from over here wait unroofed I messed this up a bit kissing unroofed Wyatt so it’s somewhere here I promise.

I’ll probably just skip this and editing now there’s one freaking tile is not roof there we go okay but okay we got it there we go now let’s watch the temperature drop you can see it’s just dropping rapidly it went from negative like 100 negative 30 and I’ll just keep going down and that’s the difference between having this in a little room over here and if you look in a little room it’s actually colder than one degree negative 25 okay it’ll keep dropping I think until it gets around negative 20 that’s the that’s the warmest I can get with just one of these and I haven’t really tested out more configurations than this I know that this is the most efficient design and anything above this it’s just negligible and the more heat is you put in the more equal the room is which doesn’t add too much temperature to it it won’t get more than this really as far as I can tell as for conserving heat I did try to add another box around the room maybe like this and I also found that this did not do much at all in terms of saving heat which is unfortunate because I play ice sheet a lot and save I think it’s 200 175 watts of power of every heater is just crazy.

But it’s good because instead of having rooms like this where you just stack heaters and heat is if the like rushing geothermal generators now you can just have one anything above one is fine for me it’s just a little bit of a mood debuff but it’s not a big deal so yeah guys that’s the heat to exploit if you have any questions or if you want the seed or anything like that just feel free to.

Leave a comment um I will be testing on more stuff I’ve got another video coming up with thrombus which I think will be pretty cool and I I don’t know if adding another one will make it a big big difference but I’m gonna keep testing out do what I can do anyways thank you very much for watching I hope you guys having a nice day or night and see you guys later.

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