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Description of the video guide «The Absolute Beginners guide to Rimworld 1.0- part 1»

Finally. I have been wanting to do this for ages, but wanted to wait until 1.0 was out. Then I had to find time. Now it’s here. Hope you find it useful! It comes in four parts, as I simply couldn’t cover so much in one 30 min video (apologies for video quality, especially on movement- this is improved in part 3 after I have tweaked render settings).

The guide will show how to get a simple colony off the ground and make it stable/self sufficient. In the fourth and last episode, we will open up an ‘Ancient Danger’ area to give you some idea of what you could unleash upon yourself.

Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

Hey this is my palette us thank you for joining me it’s been a long time a year in fact since my last video but life’s been busy had a second daughter so as you can imagine my free time has been almost next to a negligible however I mean we need to do a rimworld beginner’s guide for some time I’ve done a prison architect one which I really enjoyed doing and it seems to have helped a lot of people and I was waiting also for Rimbaud to hit the 1.0 release which it has done a few months ago so now I think the time is good I’ve got a new microphone which hopefully is super clear so the Stars have aligned and I appear to have a little bit of time in which to create the beginners guide for rimworld.

So just to be clear this is really aimed at people who have never really played well before maybe interested in playing it or I’ve played it run into issues and they would like just someone to kind of guide them through it I’m going to not go through too many stats and figures and options and bloody blah but I’m gonna really I think it’s probably better if I just play through a colony how I’d play it right from scratch so this is gonna be vanilla no mods because then that just might confuse the issue at least initially and I’ll be explaining what I do to start off with I don’t know how long we’ll carry this on for but probably not not too long really because things can get a little bit repetitive but hopefully if it’s well received I can sort of carry on so just be clear it’s not a let’s play as such it’s more of a convex planetary as to what I’m doing so without further ado let’s crack on first thing I recommend you do is do the tutorial because that is a good starting point obviously iqs the basics the kind of controls the UI etc and it also kinda guide you through making your first colony however there’s a lot of things it doesn’t tell you Ramon is quite a deep game and there’s a lot of nuances and lot of things that you just not know about I’m still finding out new things about it mostly around right-clicking certain things but but we cover that as well so go for new colony you got different options here I think they go down in difficulty so this is probably the easiest the traditional three people crush on rim worlds with resources weapons some defenses and bits and pieces lost right and you start with a very kind of low technology level you don’t have guns you have to research all that but there’s more of you and that can be a force multiplier in itself of course which Explorer one guy with advanced technology there’s only one of him or one of you but you do start gun turrets which is quite useful yeah so it gets more difficult and then making potala T you start naked alone and I’m prepared being naked is actually quite an issue because you get debuff for it right from the word go so that is an extra thing you’ve got to do is kill enough animals and use their skin to craft clothes as a real basic so that’s something to bear in mind excuse me while I can clear my throat however I’d recommend you go for the crash-landed just traditional three survivors this is kinda near average difficulty right AI storyteller so there’s three different types you’ve got Cassandra classic you’ve got Phoebe chillax and you’ve got Randy random they both kind of explain what they do Randy random is not recommended for your first few playthroughs he can be quite brutal it’s all kind of rng as to what happens to you in terms of events and other bits and pieces phoebe chillax as the name would suggest it gives you a lot of time between disasters or events should i say some events can be positive of course not many but some but the based on difficulty level that can be quite difficult as well i wanna go over cassandra classic now this is your classic storyteller and she will increase as it says the curve a challenge intention based upon basically how wealthy or colony is so the better you do the heart of the challenges will be so the raids will be bigger the events will be tougher etc etc however i would go with the kasam to start off with and then choose your difficulty level so i’m going to go with wick medium and I’m gonna choose the reload anytime mode which is your classic if I want to save scum I can commitment is was also known as Iron Man you can only save when you quit so anything that happens to you is kind of well you’ve got to stick with it and then all restart the game but the purpose is this this tutorial I’m gonna go with reload time out college who’s next alright the seed I’m gonna choose a seed called tutorial just because it’s a tutorial you can click on randomize seed and this basically allows you to create the planets that you are going to be playing on so not the map itself where the planet bow coverage this is how much of the planets will be generated honestly 30 percent is enough depending on your PC this could take a long time if you set it to 50 or 100 leave it on 30 for now overall rainfall overall temperature increasing it’s a high well that will do as you would suspect it will more of your biomes will be kind of watery water based rain forest lots of rain your temperature put on high again you’ll have more desert area and then opposite for the low early on north for now you click on generate ok so as you can see only 30 percent of the world has been generated but this is perfectly fine for our purposes so the different regions have been given names and you can see the different biomes are in different colors what’s a biome a biome is a starting area so for instance right at the top you’ve got as it says here sea ice permanent ice sheets floating on water now this is super difficult don’t even bother with this until you a lot more experience and even then you’re going to struggle ice sheet a little bit easier think extreme desert again you’re going to struggle so I would leave this for now then start moving down you’ve got tundra so it’s mostly frozen then as you get down you get start getting more kind of temperate climate I would recommend you start on temperate forests because temperate forest isn’t we’re more forgiving as you can see the average temperatures are not too cold not too warm get a long growing period so pretty much half of the year average rainfall can animals graze yes but you also get the ability ability to grow berries on the map or rather they grow themselves so you don’t have to farm them that’s all you don’t have to grow them they’d grow themselves and then of course you can harvest them you can eat them so good for a kind of early game food source if you get stuck so I said I’ll go over temperate forests I would go for something probably not over here so don’t go for flats go for mountainous or actually I’d rather go for common large hills or small hills because you get resources in those hills that you can dig out you can mine out and then you can use so things like compacted machinery things like silver gold Jade and also metal of course with which you can use if you start in a flat area it’s a little bit more difficult you don’t get as much to mine and so you’re relying on kind of deep drilling to get those extra resources and that takes time to research so I would probably go with something like this so small hills you’ve got a little stone road that can be I think the bigger the road you can actually use it for resources but 100 percent sure of that you certainly can with ancient asphalt roads these come with kind of lamppost blocks as they used to be and those can be deconstructed and you get resources from below but this purpose is I’m going to show you small Hills stone road you can see here we’ve got marble limestone and sandstone you’ve got the average temperature looks fine doesn’t get too cold and you’ve got yep grazing berries all looks good we’ll go with that that is fine.

Feel free to experiment as I said you know do whatever you like we are close to certain factions here so we can see that the lime-green factions are hostile to us.

That’s them and in the red factions being skull and crossbones are probably pirates which they are so we’ve got Outlander Outlander tribe tribe pirate bound Outlander Union are going to be gun-toting as is the pirate band and the tribes will be kind of that tribe technology so it’ll be Mele weapons bows and arrows spears that kind of thing so that’s what you can expect to happen some people don’t like fighting tribes because if you catch them they’re quite hard to to enlist in your colony that some people prefer fighting guns some people prefer phicorp tribes your mileage may vary but this is generated when you generate the planet so if you want to change this you got to generate a new planet.

So we’ll go this will click on next and it’s warning me that because I’m within 4 tires of another faction base they all feel that you’re encroaching on the land of relations with all that fashion will worsen every 15 days fine I don’t care about that because honestly it’s only going to go one way anyway as they raid you so that’s fine okay this is the important bit.

Choosing your colonists now I’m not going to go too deep into this because we’re I could do half an hour on this easily and it’s not going to be particularly interesting to watch I what I would say is pay attention to health pay attention to incapable of and traits okay.

You select a person that’s this window here the three that you’ve got here are what’s covered under team skills so you want this area to be as kind of fleshed out and as even as possible you can see here we’ve got a big problem around cooking big problem around intellectual this will affect research this will affect cooking your meals the lower the cooking skill the more chance they have of getting food poisoning and that is quite an issue.

There’ll be slower they’ll be sick all the time the sick will have to be cleaned up and they’ll get debuff from being ill and feeling miserable so this needs to be kind of five six also incapable of watch out for this because if they can capable of too much personally the two that I try to avoid are dumb labor and sorry the three that try to avoid a dumb labor firefighting and violence.

Someone here violence no so basically unless that one dumb labor means what they can’t do if you hover over their backstory you’ll see what they can and can’t do and you can see this is porn Priscilla she can’t do firefighting doctoring hauling or cleaning now hauling and cleaning is not the end of the world it’s quite annoying if they can’t haul doctoring is neither here nor there really because there’s obviously more who can doctor firefighting is a bit of a drag because if you’re if you’re colonies burning down there’s going to sit there and that’s not so great okay so I’ll try and avoid that if you can incapable intellectual there’s no big deal I kind of none is obviously the most desirable so I’d watch out if they can’t do dumb labor and if they can’t do violence okay because then they will not fight and that in itself is also a problem other than that I would just go with it and you know it’s all part of the challenge regarding traits I would look all these up on the Wikipedia and this is probably good time to plug the Wikipedia Wikipedia is excellent it’s probably the best one I’ve seen for a game period so look up traits on Wikipedia and find out the ones you do and don’t want now if they’re positive fantastic.

But each positive tends to have a negative so careful shooter aiming time takes 25% more but they’re more accurate so it takes longer to shoot but the shot will probably hit do you want that or not it’s entirely up to you so look look for traits look them up see which ones you can and can’t live with one trait to avoid if I were you is a fire starter and the name just escapes me now was it sorry pyromaniac mental blank yes pyromaniac because the problem with pyromaniac is that your early holiday is going to be mostly made out of wood so they are kind of quite susceptible to fires.

Now if someone’s a para maniac if they have a mental break there’s going randomly starting fires and in guarantee is going to be in the middle of a raid when they’re injured or basically when you can’t afford for it to happen so I would avoid pyromaniac like the plague okay so that’s one of the say about traits I said it could be here for a year talking about this so look it up on the Wikipedia choose the ones that you used to think are best health make sure that they are not cripples too badly because it will just affect their moving around and and they don’t have a drug addiction because it’s just a pain in the neck.

Whole body she’s got smoke leave dependence I think so so if it’s in pink it’s a problem.

Left leg it’s also gonna be very slow at moving so I’d watch out for that sort of thing.

As I said the aim is really as far as you can get your team skills to be as fleshed out as possible I was going to pick three pawns oh and also you click the randomize button by the way so you can randomize your calls and find ones that good you can’t allocate points to these manually but you can click on randomize until you find one or two or three that you like so what I’m gonna do I’m going to speed the video up now one I just click through and just try and get some rounded out pawns here so this may take a moment right so I’ve got three here who are kind of relatively fleshed out you know it’s not too bad these flames by the way mean that they are very good at learning so if they got one flame they learn 100% if they got two flames they’ll learn much quicker whenever they do that stat thing so a few things here a little bit low cooking is okay and these are the ones I hunt we can live with so we’re going to go with this we’re going to press Start right so our three colonists have landed well I can only see two of them no there we go.

They’ve landed now the colonists all land with a random animal and this instance you can see it’s a it’s a monkey called boy so this is probably good time to talk about training the monkey this may not be obvious but with all animals can be trained to a certain level the more intelligent the animal the more they can do in this instance we can train this monkey to do everything because he’s he’s quite young he can’t do sorry because he’s too small not too young he can’t do rescuing or hauling so he can do immediate release which means that he can he can assign a master be assigned a master and follow he also be released to attack distant targets as opposed to just defending the person who is his master so click both of those and that they’ll be trained in due course right now zoom out we’ll see what we’ve got.

So we’ve got okay we’ve got a lake in the middle we’ve got some interesting layout this is cool yeah lots of resources here so while we’re here let’s have a quick look around we got some you can see that we’ve got this area here now this is probably worth mentioning whenever you start a map and you’ve got what looks like this is a nice square attached to a mountain generally I’ll always be a nice one looks like a room attached to a mountain this will be what they called an ancient danger now if you move one of these guys close to it you’ll get a little pop-up saying he senses something inside here or one of them does this is something to be opened up later they can be benign it could just be some colonists in crypto sleep caskets or it can be worse so what I would do is wait till your colony’s a little bit more established and you’ve got a few more people then you can basically choose that choose deconstruct and open it up and see what’s in there but be prepared to defend yourself that’s all I’ll say on that it does vary from app to map but you’ll always find a map on every map they’ll be one of these attached to a piece of rock.

Just like a square room so just just be on the lookout for that so what have we got what’s defendable and defensible I mean this is a nice open spot which people could attack you through so what we could do we could set up in the middle here which is quite nice.

And anybody attacking would have to come across a lake or mud so what we’ve got here is if you if you just move the cursor on you’ve seen a bottom left-hand corner it changed to tell you what is on the square that you’re hovering over so you’ve got mud got shallow water deep water shallow water coming moving through deep water can’t be moved through and mud can also move through but it tells you that it’s going to slow your water speed down to 52 percent so there’s probably quite a good defensible spot so what we’re going to do is we are going to use this building here because it’s pretty much built we’re going to add a couple of doors I’ve built some beds and then we’ll go from there unfortunately we’re not near any rich soil in which to grow crops so by rich soil I mean this soil here if you hover over it again you can see bottom left-hand corner you get 140 percent fertilization which means that the crops you plant will grow at 140% speed and it’s this kind of brown area here apart from this mud so it’s dance about here this is this is all rich soil okay so ideally want to plant crops in here where possible now honestly it’s gonna be too far for my starting area for this to be realistic so that’s not something we can utilise there’s no rich sort around till I can see but that’s okay that’s fine we can we can work with that maybe one want to reach it I don’t know anyway so okay next things next you all three guys let’s arm them first of all so click on the unit click on the bio and what we got.

We’ve got he’s got shooting six shooting ten shooting zero Melly a three Millie 397 okay now you can either click on the porns or you can click on the porn and press the left and right pointy brackets and it goes and it’s just cycles through them okay so that’s ER I said like a handy shortcut so she’s got the best shooting still gonna give her the bolt-action rifle so going to right click on that this dude has got no shooting skills at all so he’s going to get the night.

And ilaria is going to get the pistol which is just there okay now this is going to be our area that we want to use so we’re going to put in a couple of doors and fill in the corner of the all there so I’m going to by double clicking and resource it highlights all of that resource on the map on the screen then you just click on F or sorry click on allow or press F which means the Red Cross disappears and they can now interact with that item so again they’ll click press F so now they can use the word components which are used for basically using you know electronic things we’re going to allow the money medicine the prepackaged survival meals which they’ll need and the black pants right so let them go and get the weapons now before they begin work there’s one thing that we need to do we need to basically flick this over to manual priorities and I always do this not recommend you do as well it’s very easy just to leave on this which means they’ll basically do everything which is ticked from this side moving across and that’s fine.

But you get a lot more control over it if you click on manual priorities so it works from the left again so choose 5 15 to 1 patient means that they will go and lie down and get rest as a priority which is what you want them to do if they get injured you wanted to go to go and lie down if you hover over the top he’ll tell you exactly what that’s covers so again so who’s a doctor so she’s got skilled for your 10 skill 13 so these two want to be the doctor she doesn’t wanna be a doctor so I’ll put that very low priority these two obviously lost you go to it first bed rest and play sick so like flick switches and you know all the other stuff.

Warden so warden is a person who basically feeds and tries to recruit prisoners so what are their skills they got 3 and 0 so we quite poor on that so you’re going to be the warden in this instance handling this is for animals so who’s going to train the monkey we’ve got three we’ve got one we’ve got three but this person learns you see the little fire symbol so put that in there so as a to cooking so we’ve got a skill five so you can be our cook and as it turns out who’s got the gun is it yeah fringe er has the gun so fringe is gonna be the one who’s going to go hunting and the others won’t hunt because they you I wouldn’t recommend and Mele hunting you hunt with a range weapon basically otherwise you can get into all sorts of issues so construction we’ve got five skill three skill and a zero skill so you tend to get this a lot with with certain pawns that they tend to be good at everything so you kind of want to avoid this if you can although these people don’t have very good skills in construction you don’t this this guy to be doing the cooking the hunting and the constructing even though they’ve got good skills so you want to try to get the others trained up on that however Contreras has good growing skills so they’re going to be your grower and your harvester it’s mining will get them all to do mining at some point but on a low-priority smithing a tailor I’m gonna turn off for now we don’t need that or art and crafts I can go off and out hauling and cleaning I mean I’m gonna set cleaning to a low priority and research we don’t have a research bench we’re gonna switch that off for now and hauling and making it to okay so that’s that set it’s a little bit lengthy and a little bit boring but needs to be done once it’s set it’s actually quite handy okay so first things first we’re going to go into structure we’re going to go to wooden door I’m gonna choose if you click on it you can choose the materials that you have to hand so we have wood we have steel we have silver you can make walls and doors out of lots and lots of things but if you don’t have access to it it won’t give it you as an option so for instance here we have marble we’ve got sandstone we’ve got you know lots and lots of different things here just thought we had slates here as well slates a darker darker grey we probably ought to slate his summer I think if I remember correctly oh well anyway point is is that because it’s still in its form of being in a rock and you haven’t mind it you don’t have the option to build with it so what you can do is you just build what you’ve got something to build a wooden door and there and I build a wooden wall so the speed things up a little bit so pawns now get to work.

So this guy’s grab some wood he’s putting wood in place she sorry no a building okay brilliant now pick a roof on it William so now if you hover over the inciter you’ll see in the bottom left hand corner down here sorry.

Over here sorry it says indoors so now it’s indoors and it’s six degrees so it’s not particularly warm so what we’d like to do I think is go to furniture get tortured not torching up torture my per second and warm things up enough let’s say scare can fly ago and then we’re going to put in some beds as well so again furniture beds there’s lots of things here but we’ll come to those into your course gonna put in three beds because having so much to sleep in the warm is actually quite important so for those in and again you can make beds out lots of things but in this instance we’re surrounded by wood so let’s build oops do that best build wooden bed so these guys are gonna quickly do that the other thing to do very quickly is create a zone create stockpile so we’re going to move all our stuff from here over to our stockpile zone okay so many porns aren’t directly making or constructing they’re going to go and drag this stuff over to here mat which you can see this chaps doing okay so we made to our three beds go so this build a botch the construction so they can have to restart again up losing some some resources now Lari on let’s have a look is bio so he’s not really at construction at all however you can see here for hover over he’s now got 909 so he’ll be levelling up very soon as soon as he does any constructing this ticks up so that’s actually quite good he’s bed say are known to as soon as they go and sleep in it the bed will belong to them and that they’ll be their bed so we can see now that we’ve got some beds we’ve got roof we’ve got some shelter so that’s actually.

Pretty awesome got stock part as well okay got metal next thing we need to do is let’s take a look at a pawn and take a look at their needs so you can see that he’s got some positives he’s got very low expectations he’s optimistic but we’ve eaten with that table and the environment is a bit ugly what about this guy he’s soaking wet don’t know what that would be it’s not raining okay so let’s deal with this one hey this is a good indicator of what you should be doing next really so let’s put in a table for instance so we need a small table now if when it rotates you can rotate using what the middle mouse button is the default so you just press the middle mouse button in and it rotates around so have that there now you’re not the build a stool or a dining show but you’ll notice the stool takes 25 would go over here on the left and a chair takes 45 okay so we’re gonna build to still have three stalls for now okay so you’ll see that we’ve actually almost run out of words now I think we’ve got enough to build these two right and we just pause it there now this character here Ilario on went close to this and we’ve got this ancient danger pop-up over here.

Now it says there that has he near the ancient wall since four building over comes in so what this means is this just confirms what I said earlier now that this room contains something which is more probably beyond your ability to deal with at this time so it’s going to leave that one alone for now so that’s he doing Z just going for a walk okay cool right now having a stop bajo is all well and good but you’ll notice that if I click on one it says it’s deteriorating because it’s unroofed and it’s outdoors so this situation isn’t great what we need to do is get this into a fridge where if we create a fridge we can put these inside now these don’t need to be refrigerated but when we start hunting our food will need to be refrigerated in order to keep it fresh so we need to me to get a stockpile of food and a store in so what we need to do I think is build next and then get all this stuff that needs to be put inside inside and in build a kitchen and like a fridge so in terms of like steel silver and this stuff this stuff doesn’t eat people in a storeroom but you might want to put it in there just to sort of keep it safe if you want to but again you don’t have to so it’s not not a big deal so I think what we’ll do next is we will create a small store in for now how trees and we will make sure that this stuff doesn’t deteriorate and then we’ll turn the storeroom into a fridge once we have got some power in order to add on a chiller unit so let’s go structure wouldn’t and it’s just me store him there and I think having a door probably not is good I suspect we don’t have enough wood so let’s just expand out these things up here now this item up here can be turned on or turned off by going down to this bottom corner and you can actually get it to group together or you can just have a flat list now I used to like the flat list but actually I’m having a group together is quite nice you can actually switch that on down here it’s bottom left-hand corner this would told me that we’ve actually got no wood stockpiled here now wood could be lying about the map after we’ve chopped some trees down but it won’t appear on here until it’s in our stockpile zone but that doesn’t matter because our palms will know that there is some wood line on the map and then I can go and pick it up in this instance we’ve run out of wood so what needs to do is start chopping down some wood nearby where we are so going to go to orders chop wood now we can drag it out and they’ll start chopping some down you can select a tree and say chocolate if you want to manually but Dorsey takes time to do that could be doing all manually so there just show you know we can see here that we’ve not got enough wood to complete the table so that that will happen when this wood starts getting chopped out see he’s actually putting it down here she’s picking it up when she’s gonna finish the table okay so now we call this running which is great so lots of teamwork going on there and that’s complete as well so putting the roof on it so one thing to point out if you’ve come from prison architects now we present architects you need to build foundations before you can build effectively a room which is considered to be sort of roofed well remodel is slightly different in as far as you just need to build walls and it all counters as like a proper building and will start to be roofed itself so that’s one thing to bear in mind if you come from prison architect that’s the subtle difference right now next thing to do we need to get all this stuff into here so how do we do that okay go to zone stockpile zone no it’s great stop pausing now now this air in here we want our food to go inside so click on stockpile zone click on storage and here is where we we want to show what is and isn’t allowed to be put in this zone ok so let’s clear everything however we want to run our foods you can be a lot more granular in specific and will probably come on to that into your course but for now if you want all the foods in here but more importantly we want to remove foods from being out here because out here they deteriorate so we undertake that so what’s going to happen now is that all the foods will be moved from here into here and I suspect and our medicine I think is good to move our medicine — because that’s deteriorating we will move the medicine subsequent he’s let me build a little infirmary but for now we will say what allowed the medicine to go in here now there’s no easy way to find stuff in here apart from you kind of know where it is so you may have some initial frustrations finding out what you want or where to find it I’ve been quite happy to have a little search feature but you don’t have that but medicines is under manufactured click on that I don’t medicines to be there so you see now that the food is being moved and the medicines to eventually into the storage area and they’re all going to sleep which is great next thing to do is to get some power and then we can turn this into a refrigerated unit and once that’s done then we can start hunting probably these muffle Oh down here and start cooking and getting a proper food supply sorted because we got shelter we got got heat we’ve got something to eat we got storage we now next need power and then we can start getting fridge unit so so these guys are pretty much on top of this so he’s moving all the stuff in there okay let’s look at power now what do we got we have a wind turbine which is quite nifty wind turbine obviously wind powered so it’ll work throughout the night campfire chem fuel power generator so we don’t have access to chemic chemical just yet but you will later wood fire generator perfect that’ll be actually be quite nice to use there are other power options available if you flick over to research we’ll see that we will don’t have access to other things in due course so for instance this is the research tree if it’s green we’ve researched it already and if it’s in kind of this kind of black and light blue it means that we have access to research it if it’s grayed out it means there are some prerequisites so for instance if you want to research machining need to research electricity which we have and also smithing now the point I was making is that you need to research an order to get batteries and once you get solar panels now batteries is really critical because it means that you all obviously can store electricity so say for instance you have solar panels any day you can save up the power so it can be used at night so don’t have batteries which is a bit of a drag so that’s kind of a important first into research so let’s get some power anyway I’m going to go with a wood-fired generator now this does produce heat as well so in the winter we could potentially use that as a heat source however for now we’re just going to put outside and we’re going to put it I don’t know.

Down here because they it can be placed outside you’ll notice it needs two components components we have some already see we’ve got thirty of them and as you begin to run out of components you can get more by basically mining compacted machinery that’s at these this here that’s what this looks like now this is a finite resource you’ve got some there I think we had some up here as well once that runs out then you either have to make your own components or you can buy them from passing traders and other people but again that’s the kind of an advanced game feature I know it’s up here we have some food so let me oops just allow that so they’ll go and fetch that into your course so looking okay for food.

So let’s unselect that so what they gonna do now they’re going to make the generator while they’re going while they’re doing they’re going to run some power also going to run it up best to keep power conduits in the walls where possible you make some a lot more protected and it also means but yeah so there Mason protected from liberal potential fires and also they are considered to be ugly so if you put in the walls nobody sees them so such a pretty handy okay so you notice that we’ve now built it the wood-fired generator but it’s warning that it has no wood inside so fringe’ is about to top it up so now we have power so we can see we have fuel for 3.2 days there’s a little bit more fuel to be put in that runs for three days for 75 wood which is pretty good okay so we’ve got power we got electricity and you can see that this power grid is running and it’s all up and it has perfect so the next thing I’m going to do we’re going to put in a fridge refrigeration unit a cooler and turn this area into a fridge so you click on that and now you’ll notice that when you rotate it again by pressing the middle mouse button you’ll see that one side is blue one side is red now if I place like this what this means is that this blue area will be refrigerated and the exhaust heat will be pushed out on the left-hand side so if you align it like that what you’re going to do you and heat up the room and now in this instance we don’t want to do that so we turn around now we can see that this room will be chilled it’s going to take 90 metal and three components we have three hundred five methyl then we got 28 components that’s perfect so they’re going to do that excuse me I’ll give a dry throat.

Okay so that’s been built now you click on that and you can see the cooler the current the target temperature is currently set to 21 degrees centigrade which is bad we don’t want that so you can lower the target temperature in units of 10 or 1 or you can reset it back to 21 so we’re gonna reduce it an you can see it’s dropped to 11 would you sit and I’m gonna would usurp I say set to minus 5 okay.

Now I thing to bear in mind is that the hotter is outside heat does leak through in but also heat leaks out so in the winter if you’re trying to heat a room if it’s really cold outside that heat leaks out just like it would in a normal house and also the outside temperature can come in as well so the hotter is outside the colder you’ll have to set this target temperature just bear that in mind but for now it’s 16 degrees outside so if you watch over here I’m going to hover inside the room and that temperature you’ll see indoors it’s starting to drop now seven before it’s kind of going up down up down up down don’t go — one — two so it’s it’s not quite cold enough I don’t think so let’s drop that one I’ve cut it to II centigrade also the bigger the room obviously you may need to add a second cooler in order to reach your desired target temperature keeping about minus five is fine this then if I hover over it actually doesn’t show it on here but when you must start to make food you’ll say your food is refrigerated and it will never spoil so that is something to bear in mind right so you notice now when your colonists are idle they’ve got no jobs to do they will start reverting to relaxing cleaning they’ll start to get to this end of the scale of what you’ve got to do okay so we’ve done the important construction we’ve done you know setting up rooms and beds and whatnot so the next thing we need to do is set up growing areas so I’m going to create a zone growing zone and I’m going to create a couple of say 5×5 growing zones.

So I’ve got growing zone notice that I used a growing zone not stock part though okay groans own is what you must do in order for them to plant and to grow food now you choose the zone it defaults to potatoes okay and then but you can change this to other things so for instance say I wanted to grow strawberries that’s great strawberries have their advantages and disadvantages they’re not particularly efficient to grow but you can eat them raw without getting a debuff a debuff means if I click on needs this is all these are all debuffs okay however strawberries are not particularly efficient to grow so you’d probably want to grow rice maybe corn corn is inefficient but you get a huge yield the advantage is it takes a long time to grow and the disadvantage is sorry the disadvantage it takes a long time to grow funds you get a huge amount of bits and pieces out potatoes can be grown in poor earth they’re less acceptable to you know the earth having to be nice although rice is a good thing to start with so I’m gonna grow to lots of rice yeah there’s no limit to how much you can grow you can make these zones big any time you want by choosing expand zones so I can do that and I do that for instance or I can shrink the zone by doing that so it’s all very neat tidy so now what’s gonna happen is the person who’s got the grow the the grow or plants yet grow soy skill so Contreras is going to start planting rice block and they’ll clear the areas necessary so chop down a tree in this instance and here they’ll clear the bushes okay so next thing we need to do really is think about setting up a kitchen and a butcher table and then we can start hunting animals and getting our own food source because at the moment we’re relying on these packaged survival ways which are fine but they don’t make anybody happy you know and that also you need to pay attention these debuffs now at the moment I think it’s probably too hot for them so I’m going to deconstruct that and I’m going to just put in a light source which is also give them heat so let’s just put that there now this point I could also build a standing lamp as well we have power on that we’ll give them give them light as well but we got plenty of words so it’s not a mature people okay I think given how much I’ve been talking and how much information are thrown it’s probably a good point to stop so I’m gonna save this and we’ll come back to it in part two there’s lots more to discuss setting up a kitchen butcher table getting you know your food source sorted out and everything else but I hope this has been useful if it has please leave a like please leave a comment tell me do you think I’ve missed anything have I you know construe it too much on something is there something you particularly like to see you know all those sorts of things please throw them at me.

And I’m more than happy to include it in the second part of this which I’ll publish very soon so thank you very much your time and I’ll see you on the next one.

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