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Description of the video guide «7 Great Tips to Improve at RimWorld — Tips & Tricks Strategy Guide»

In this Tips & Tricks strategy video, I teach you 7 of the best strategies I’ve used to succeed in RimWorld Beta 19 in 2018! If you have any tips you want to share, be sure to let me know in the comment section down below! Enjoy!

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Hello and welcome everybody I’m Madrid and these are seven great tips to improve at rim world one set only your best builders to construction as tempting as it is to let everybody build just to get it done faster you’ll have far less issues with people’s mood later in the game if you let only the most skilled builders do the work everything from tables and chairs two beds and pool tables can positively affect the beauty of the room if built by a talented builder and it will do wonders to keep people happy and comfortable to make small statues out of stone art might seem like a low priority but you can easily get insane beauty boosts just by having decent art made it a cheap resources like stone littered around your base this is especially useful in places where people tend to be in a bad mood.

Like your hospital or prison three take advantage of rich soil I often see people forgetting about this but if you hover over large spots of dark soil you’ll often find rich soil most crops grow 40% faster here getting you your yield much faster this is especially important if you live somewhere where it gets too cold to grow plants in the winter and you need to stockpile as much food during the growing seasons as possible for don’t be afraid to place slowly the severity of events is tied mostly to the wealth of the map that you’re building a base on that means you don’t need to rush to get the best weapons and armor as fast as possible if you stay very low tech for a long time while you build up low value essentials like food clothes.

Low-tech weapons and some decent stone buildings you’ll be in a much more stable situation by the time you get your first seriously dangerous situation five assigned zones so animals don’t wander around indoors as funny as it is having a buffalo in your kitchen your floors will become incredibly dirty fast and your animals will wander into your freezer and eat all your food make a zone of each indoor area you have and then hit the invert button to only allow them outside you can always make an indoor only one for if you need to hide them inside during raid number six ever since beta 19.

Blight has been very dangerous rather than instantly killing a bunch of her plants like before it now spreads to every plant in the area and makes them stop growing unless you cut the specific plants that it starts with quickly to fully remove the blight ones has already gotten out of control set your growing zones to not be sown and dragged a cut plant order over the whole thing if you let your workers replant as they go the new crops will just get blighted immediately and seven make sure that the outer wall of your buildings is made of stone it may take a long time to build with and stone doors are slow to open but it only takes one dry thunderstorm to burn down a wooden base if you really need the speed of movement you can get away with wooden doors if you’re careful just be sure to quickly put them out if they ever catch on fire as long as you’re quick the fire won’t have time to spread inside if you want to see more rimworld i’ve been live streaming it on twitch TV and putting it in a playlist here on youtube there’ll be a link on screen as well as in the description let me know in the comments if you have any tips that you’d like to share I’d love to have more feedback thank you very much for watching and until next time have a nice day.


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