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Description of the video guide «The 4 Things to Look for When Picking Colonists — Rimworld Beginner’s Tips and Getting Started Guide»

Rimworld can be an intimidating game for new players, but it’s also a fantastic game and one I encourage people to give a try. One of the first hurdles any beginning player has to face is creating their starting colony and choosing their initial colonists.

In the Crashlanded scenario, you choose 3 starting characters, and have to try to survive against raiders, weather conditions, starvation, animal attacks, sickness, and more. Along the way, you’ll have the opportunity to recruit more colonists to help. Although these additional colonists can add to your abilities, your starting 3 will be a vital core to your group.

Whether you are a new player, or just looking to return to Rimworld after a few editions (the current edition is 0.19 or Beta 19, with the full 1.0 release soon on the horizon), this guide should help you create a strong initial colony.

Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

In the many hours that have been planed rimworld probably the most common question that I’ve gotten from new players is what I look for when I’m selecting my starting colonists so I thought I’d make a video that was an overview of the things that I look for in characters as the first in a series of beginner videos that cover basic concepts and rimworld either for new players or players who are looking to return to the game after a little while when you create a new game you’ll be presented with this character selection screen you’ll have 8 characters to choose from and the number that you select will depend on which scenario you’ve chosen for new players I recommend the crash-landed scenario and honestly as an experienced player I even prefer the crash-landed scenario as well with that scenario you’ll choose three people and you can randomize as many times as you want so if you want to create that perfect starting colony you’re completely free to do that but honestly I find rim world is at its best when you give in to the chaos and see what happens although winning is really fun losing can be just as much fun as well although I remember my first rocket launch in my first victory I also remember that defeat where 40 Cobras broke through my granite door and poisoned innate all of my colonists and honestly I wouldn’t want that story to end any other way so sometimes giving in to the chaos can give you the best results in rimworld so don’t be afraid to embrace the random 8 that were given to you and make the best of a bad situation.

But overall our goal will be to create the best set of three that we possibly can from these starting options when I’m evaluating a colonists the first thing I’m looking at is their health their health includes their age a colonist that’s too old might be prone to develop even more health problems so a character who’s over say 70 might be someone that I’m looking down on a little bit at 32 this character is fine but I do see something very problematic in health and that’s a sight a dictionary a lion could be very problematic for a starting colonist this addiction takes a long time to get over and it’ll make the colonists very weak in the mean time when you’re only starting with three beam-down one of them most of the time hurts really bad something like a stabs I’m less worried about and this one looks like a minor one in rimworld all of the colonists have a health bar they run out of health they die every limb also has a health so you could see her left leg has 26 hit points out of a possible 30 because that stab scar is doing for permanent damage that’s not a big deal.

But it does mean that leg is even closer to being destroyed in combat if it sustains more damage it could be something to worry about but like I said this is a minor one so if this were the only health problem I wouldn’t be too worried about it.

But this psych Ida diction is simply too much to overlook so unless I’m really desperate this is probably not a character that I would choose for my starting colony our second one here looks better good age no health conditions so the next thing I’m interested in looking at is their skills what they’re capable of doing or more accurately what they’re incapable of doing if we look over here we could see that this character is incapable of dumb labour.

That means no hauling no cleaning that can be quite frustrating because if you have a large amount of stuff in your colony that you need to haul this character won’t be contributing if they have a dirty bedroom and they’re complaining about it this character won’t even clean their own bedroom so this is one of those tasks that when a character is incapable of doing can really really hurt when you want Halling to be done you want everybody to be able to contribute the same is true of violent incapable of violent means they’re not able to use shooting or melee skills if they get attacked they won’t do anything about it just like with dumb labor if you’ve got your colony under attack you want everyone to be able to pitch in to defending it so incapable of violent can really hurt it also means this character is out in the wild and gets attacked by even something as minor as a squirrel there’s nothing they could do to defend themselves except hope that another colonist can get there in time and I had colonists sometimes go down being attacked by a squirrel because they were incapable of violent so this combination really hurts being incapable of crafting and cooking I’m actually less worried about cooking is one of those things that’s going to be a full-time task so I really only need one or maybe two characters who are capable of doing it so having a character who’s incapable of cooking is not really going to set me back much now if two of my starting colonists are incapable of cooking that might be a problem just in case the first one is incapacitated but I wouldn’t be so much worried about this incapable of dumb labor and incapable of violent however that’s a big red flag for me.

So again unless I’m very desperate I will probably be passing on this character let’s check this one out the age looks good the health no health problems at all not incapable of anything spectacular so we could look at what this character is actually skilled in now we see a huge amount of skill here in medical and not much here in cooking but we do see this double flame as opposed to this single flame and what that means is skills that have no flame they will learn at a 35% rate it means they’ll get better at tasks that they’re not passionate in much much slower medical because we have this one flame he’ll learn at 100% so he’ll learn much faster than someone who is not interested in this particular skill however cooking with the double passion means to learn at a 150% rate so he’ll become an even better cook much much faster than somebody who has one and especially no flames while characters are doing tasks that they’re passionate about.

They’re also happier to do it managing mood is something you’ll have to get used to in rimworld so having characters generally only doing tasks that they’re passionate about will make that a little bit easier this double passion in cooking is great this single passion with a decent skill and medical is great and also an interest in plants and animals looks really good as well so this is a character that I can easily have be my full-time cook and not really worry about them ideally you’re gonna want to have a character who has two or even three double passions but beggars can’t be choosers and this character is not very bad at all when it comes to his skills the next thing I look at is traits some traits can be good some traits can be bad.

Some traits can be very bad sometimes bad traits will overcome good skills but very rarely will good traits overcome bad skills this straight here psychopathy you can read exactly what each trait means by mousing over them we could see from the description of this one that it makes them have less of a mood penalty when your colony does bad thing was like butchering humans are selling humans into slavery so that could be a good thing gorman will mean that this character gets a little bit of a boost in their cooking skill but I’m not really worried about that I’m more worried about what they’re passionate in this is nice for the very beginning but a passionate cook will very quickly overwhelm a more skilled cook so i like this double passion +4 in cooking is just mediocre for me that hunger rate multiplier is a bad thing however so gorman is a bad trait for him to have but overall this cooking skill and this medical skill means this is a character that I’ll probably end up starting my colony with let’s take a peek at the next one a decent age here 28 no health conditions that’s great incapable of dumb labour that’s really bad but we could take a look at the rest of the character anyway because I see here a double passion and construction a double passion and mining a double passion and animals and a double passion in social which might overcome that incapable of dumb labour a little bit having a really skilled and really passionate constructor is very important this means that we’ll be able to get our initial walls up much faster it means the quality of our initial furniture will be that much higher and because of this passion it means the quality will ramp up much more quickly as well we could get ourselves to high quality beds high quality tables high quality chairs very very early in the game.

In addition mining is a very very slow skill so having a character with a double passion and it taking care of mining is quite helpful this double passion in social means this character might also be a good recruiter for our colony even though this skill is low the skill.

Raise really quickly thanks to this 150 percent bonus in skill acquisition so she would still make an excellent recruiter this double passion and high skill and animals is great as well she could be our initial pet trainer and maybe even grab some interesting animals for us early like some buffaloes or boom Lopes ultimately despite being incapable of dumb labour this character has some really great skills so she would make a really great match to our previous colonists who’s skilled in cooking we cover quite a lot of things here we can see some of the things that we’re missing is shooting and melee skill neither character has much in the way of Defense’s we’re also missing intellectual but everything else except for crafting we seem to have covered pretty well so now we know what we’re looking for in some future characters we could also look at the traits depressive is going to give her a permanent mood effect of minus twelve which is a very bad trait but those skills might help to overcome it we also have the trait ascetic which means she’s going to prefer to live in low quality bedrooms that doesn’t really go very well with her high skill and construction but we can give her a bad bedroom and make her happy this can be an easy mood boost to help offset depressive so I’m okay with this combination incapable of dumb labor is not ideal but thanks to this high construction skill we can keep her very occupied for most of the time one of the big things I’m worried about with characters who are incapable of dumb labor is what they’re going to do when they run out of chores to do with their main tasks if we have no construction to be done no mining to be done no one to recruit no animals to recruit what is this character going to be doing if they can’t be hauling and cleaning thankfully she’s also got a single passion in artistic so that can easily be this characters fallback activity when there’s nothing else going on if we don’t have any of these four big tasks to be done.

Well then artistic is a perfectly fine thing to have her fall back on so incapable of dumb labor ends up not hurting this character as much as it might hurt another character she’s very pickable let’s carry on so we said we were looking for someone capable of violence and I’m seeing immediately despite no health conditions I’m seeing incapable of violent which is not a good combination for the colonists that we may have chosen already in addition this character is young a teenaged character will only have a childhood backstory not an adult backstory which generally means that their skills will be lower as well and we’re seeing this here absolutely only two passions and no double passion at all very low skills and we see some bad traits here misogynist which means this character isn’t going to get along well with other female characters and abrasive meaning she won’t get along with anyone fast learner is great but unfortunately this global learning factor increase does not offset the fact that will be at 35% learning rate at almost everything so this character not a great choice for us now this character despite having a little bit of an injury here not too bad of one though only three points on the torso so we’re not too worried about that does have that shooting and melee double passion and skill that we’re looking for but incapable of dumb labor if we’re going to have two starting characters incapable of dumb labor that’s very bad for us so that’s a huge strike despite this skill trigger-happy might also be a problem if I’m looking for a good shooter trigger-happy shooters have a lower accuracy but can shoot much faster that’s great if they’re using a gun that’s already inaccurate and shoots fast it plays to their strengths but I’m looking for a character who can wield that starting rifle and with trigger-happy she’s just not going to be it additionally two starting characters with Gorman are going to be a problem as well that added hunger rate multiplier on to starting characters could be really problematic so you can see how a trait that might otherwise be a little bit benign might become a problem if two of your starting colonists have that trait or have that skill and capability so despite this skill I don’t see a whole lot else that this can director is capable of doing that I don’t already have covered better and in addition we asked ourselves the same question we asked with this character who’s incapable of dumb labour what will they do when their primary tasks have nothing to be done and the answer is nothing really so this character might only be one we take if we’re desperate but thankfully we end up with another character who’s got some shooting skill that age is getting a little bit up there but I’m not too worried about that we see two injuries on the torso but it only lowers it to 35 out of 40 hit points something to think about because unlike a lost leg a lost torso will also kill the character so not something ideal we have in a fighting character but this passion and skill in shooting makes her a decent rifle wielder from the very beginning incapable of social but we’re always going to have our best socialite be the one doing the socializing so just like incapable of cooking incapable of social doesn’t bother me that much if I’ve got somebody else who is capable of social so I’m not worried about that we see a single passion in mining that’s great she could be someone who helps out with the mining we see a single passion but high skill in animals we’ve got a double passion and high skill and animals over here but it could be a decent backup animal handler we see some skill and artistic but again we’ve got that a little bit better what I’m excited about though is this double passion intellectual despite only having one skill which means that she might be very slow in researching initially she’ll also be very fast in acquiring skill and get much better research skill much much faster almost assuredly she’ll reach 20 intellectual skill which is the maximum by the end of the game so she actually grabs some of the major things that we’re missing in our group she’s got that shooting skill to help protect us she’s got that intellectual skill that we’re going for so this could be a good starting group we’ll drag them up to these starting positions here and we could look down at team’s skills to get an overview of some of the skills but truthfully I don’t use this very much although it lists the most important skills for a starting colony it doesn’t list all of them and I prefer to get a broader picture of what I’m looking at in addition it only lists the character with the greatest amount of skill it doesn’t list the passion so this double passion one skill is going to be the intellectual despite this showing for no passion so I prefer to make one last pass over my characters just to make sure I’ve got everything covered that I want to we’ve got someone who’s capable of shooting but because of our low skills in violence this could be a colony that would be difficult to defend early on something to think about and something to worry about generally I’d like two people who could do shooting one person who could do melee that would be a little bit better but you play the cards you’re dealt right we’ve got some great construction skill which I’m happy about we’ve got some great mining skill and some backup mining.

We’ve got a great full-time cook we’ve got a couple of people who can handle plants we’ve got some decent animal handlers as well and one very skilled animal handler no one capable of crafting but in general I probably won’t be doing too much crafting early so we’ll keep an eye out for recruiting somebody who’s capable of crafting as soon as we can we’ve got that artistic skill for the future we’ve got somebody who will be a competent doctor although picking up a second one would be helpful and we’ve got a very passionate socialite and a very passionate intellectual so those two skills will be covered as well overall a very decent starting colony and one that I’d be prepared to start with and that’s all there is to it selecting your starting colony best of luck to you guys the next video will talk about a few of the things that I look for when I’m selecting my starting location and how I start planning my initial seeds for the colony but until then good luck in your runs and I’ll see you next time you.

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