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Description of the video guide «10 tips for a newbie to avoid possible mistakes when playing RimWorld»

Here’s our top 10 RimWorld beginners’ mistakes to avoid! See what not to do in this RimWorld game guide tutorial.

In this RimWorld beginner’s guide tutorial we look at 10 mistakes that RimWorld beginners (and beyond) could make.

We look at managing supply chains, dealing with animals and how to avoid burning your colony down in this RimWorld beginner’s mistakes video. Plus lots more!

Note: This RimWorld beginner’s mistakes game guide contains footage from our Let’s Play RimWorld alpha 16 series, so there are spoilers for the first 8 episodes.

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Is a game of great depth and one that doesn’t hold your hand you learn most things the hard way so here are 10 mistakes to avoid if you don’t want to feel really daft by the way some of these mistakes contain spoilers for the first eight episodes of my current let’s play series so don’t make every colonists do every job it’s tempting to use the priority screen to get as many people doing each job as possible but you’ll almost certainly end up with jobs that never get done especially low priority jobs such as cleaning aim for as few ticks as you can get away specialize don’t neglect your supply chain even when you’ve carefully prioritized tasks sometimes your colonists are failing to do a job for really dumb reasons maybe you use the polar would already you idiot or you forgot to add bills to the workbench you idiot or the one colonists who is assigned to building is stuck in the hospital idiot the game won’t tell you when you’re being an idiot that I will don’t shoot each other in the back I’ve definitely been guilty of allowing this to happen more than once during early raids will have complacently choked a combination of melee and ranged fighters into a fight only to have the range character shoot the melee character oops a badly aimed bullet can easily injure animals too don’t be fooled by appearances you have a base that looks clean you’ve manually ordered matey boy to clean up that pool of blood and bits of sick and yet everyone’s still getting pissy.

So how clean is your house use the beauty toggle button and the bottom right to uncover all the hidden dirt that’s ugly up your nice wooden floor and then beef up your cleaning detail that button will reveal a lot of other things you may not have thought about such as forgetting to lay flaws and the doors or the fact that mountain you’re using a set of walls isn’t ugly as sin goat fire an incendiary launcher at your own building do you have a flammable wooden colony do you have incendiary launcher.

This kind of writes itself but the best laid plans and all that you know don’t let your animals eat you out of house and home it’s easy to forget that animals need to eat too one day you learn about how animals make effective killers during raids came a whole bunch of them and then later find you have no food left the reverse is also true.

Make sure you’re tame animals do have access to food stowed for instance restrict them to a pen and leave them to starve don’t use weapons to pacify one of your colonists if one of your colonists has a mental break where they need to be pacified send in a colonist with bare hands to attack them this is the least risky way of doing it using weapons can result in death and general scenes don’t be complacent about your food supply your food supply can be wiped out instantly by blind and very quickly during a cold snap event where the temperature can drop far below the minus 10 degree mark that most fans need to live as soon as you can consider growing at least some of your crops indoors where you can control the temperature basic stuff but also always have a large supply of food even in summer and keep everything in a room that’s as close to zero degrees Celsius as possible preferably close to the kitchen for efficiency’s sake don’t leave your batteries out in the rain a batteries should be kept under a roof leaving them exposed to the elements can result in short circuits and general shit buggery the same goes for Sun lamps don’t mess with Frank even apparently harmless animals can hurt your colonists or worse my colony has a pet cat called Frank whose bloodlust knows no bounds he hath killed and he will kill again in fact one day you’ll wake up in your bed and Frank will be sat there on the bedsheets watching you with a cruel smile you will be paralyzed he will get up lazily and start walking up you’re prone body as you scream and you scream and you scream anywho if you have your own mistakes to suggest leave a comment below or if you’re watching this on your TV just shout it incoherently at the dog oh dude check out my let’s play rim World Series now I’ve totally spoiled it for you and subscribe to be notified about when new videos go live and check out my patreon if you want to buy me a thank-you beer and cheers for watching the Frank is sitting right beside you by the way no don’t look.

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