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Hey guys I’m Coco today I wanted to share with you a couple of intermediate tips for rim world over the years have created more than a thousand dream world videos and now the dream world has finally been officially released I felt it was appropriate to share with the community what I have learned if you feel like intermediate tips are not for you don’t worry I also have beginner and advanced videos coming up soon so let’s jump right in the first thing I wanted to talk about was standard apparel that’s something you want to focus on so you can get to it under a signed tab go into romantic outfits and select the outfit you want so let’s say anything now you don’t want your people to be running around in ten or apparent correct.

Well this slider right here lets you do that basically tear the pair or counts as anything that has from zero to 50% quality on it so what you can do is you guys can equip this if it has at least fifty one HP fifty one percent HP up to hundred that’s the slider you do whenever it hits 51 or below they’re just gonna go put it somewhere into a stockpile and go crib something else you can do the same for quality you can say hey I want to equip only excellent to legendary items sure if you have such wealth of course you can do you can also just a low tain to the pair over here if you don’t want your people to be cranky about that but mostly I’ll leave that open you know I like my people cranky a bit so you’ve been rated again and the nasties actually didn’t win as you know expect it you’re always the winner now you might have some of them down they didn’t die so their clothing is still not tainted until they die so what I would also always advise you to do if you won the clothing of course you can go and tell people that are still bleeding they’re still not dead yet and that you don’t necessary dust go strip them you know just strip them and this clothing over here that God we got from this guy as you can see it’s not tainted well this clothing on this guy.

Let’s go strip let’s say this dead guy over here.

Mr. Shyam as you can see his stuff is stated so trailers will not bite ain’t tomorrow.

Well they will buy normal a pair you can always give this apparel to your people and they will not complain because it doesn’t have the tainted debuff of course it might not be the greatest but sometimes you can get some really awesome items like that from down Raiders it’s weird thing to do next I wanted to talk about your defense setup now as you might have noticed the turrets might take quite a lot of power to run if you want to run them and one option is like I have over here is to use a power switch over here the power switch when turned on will connect all these and these guys will get power now that also needs one of your colonies to be nearby so you could flick it correct and in that time maybe the Raiders will be already in or something like that so you need something that’s faster and what you can do and it’s easy to do it’s like I’ve built over here as you can see there’s tiny power conduit next to all of these now then you don’t need the power switch over here you can just tell hey you go and reconnect and he’s gonna try now over here reconnected to this one it gets power I can click reconnect a couple of times and eventually it’s gonna get over here if I didn’t have this bad boy over here it would just easily connect to this line over here it would have power same for this one over here now they all have power all I need to do is I can have it paused and I can click and in just that one second the radius we just get wasted because you know I have power you don’t get rekt son next we’re gonna play with the for bid and for bid — now that’s something very useful that you can do especially at the start under the orders you have for bid and allow tools so what you can do early on when you load in and you know that all over the world all over the map there’s forbidden pieces of steel like over here like over here like probably in many other places here and here and probably more in more places there’s always usually also survive meals etc etc you don’t want to go change them they’re all down trying to find them trying to manually click on them forbid them and what you can do is go into the orders find you’re allowed to right-click on it which is gonna interpret all items now that can be tricky sometimes you might want to have some corpses out there back in the like over here that you don’t necessarily want you want your college to haul in because they are just not needed sometimes a big group of animals will just perish maybe because due to toxic fallout and it’s gonna rot like almost instantaneously and you don’t want rotten animals to be brought in correct so that that is not always gonna be useful I rarely actually use it myself because I do prefer to manually click on what I want I’m forbidden but just so you know it is there you know it is there and you can use it next thing paying attention to people’s traits so let’s take for instance our Hermione over here if you look at her bio she’s a jogger that will make her an actually very good holler if you don’t wanna if you have a jogger make them a holler I’ve been talking about night owls in the previous video so you know night owls should be during the night she’s also pretty you know people will like her more that makes her for a very good recruiter if you want to put her on the prisoners and she can record them faster let’s see low me over here she’s a psychopath psychopaths will not get a mood debuff if they butcher people now others will still get a single mood debuff but if you have a person butchering multiple people’s multiple people they will get multiple debuffs so it will stack but if you’re a psychopath sorry you’re a problem just get a psychopath to butcher people perfect let’s look at a house over here Hass she’s an underground as you can see she has no need to experience the outdoors or light so there’s two possible options for her she’s a good miner so it’s a very good idea to stick her let’s say over here there’s darkness over here because it’s inside the mountain you know mine over here she’s nothing I have a problem because she’s gonna be in dark she’s gonna enjoy that right also the other option you can do it underground or just stick them out inside and just let them research.

All day long because a lot of time when you have like a bigger base and everything is connected everything is roofed especially if you have multiple toxic fall outs happening to you then you can have some people having cabin fever due to not ever leaving the place so underground like that you know would be good idea to have them let’s say work on this high-tech bench over here and just research for you so you got attacked by the Raiders and you survive know what you can do eat them well one thing as we said about the corpses you just go bury them but how about we butcher sim I mean you have your psychopath how about we butchers from Canada not cannibals well maybe possibly cannabis as well how about we butcher some people sure your other guys will get a debuff your psychopath will not and what do you do with the meat then well over here on the butcher’s table you can select kibble you can make kibble I say always just forbid vegetarian for a bit animal products you need to use hey and under meat you go ahead and you use human meat or insect meat those two things give your humans a debuff so you don’t want to use them but your animals can freely it of course they can eat raw meat as well but any enemy animal can actually go ahead and eat kibble so if you if you only have human meat and only let’s say your dogs etc can eat it but if you have made kibble then you’re Steve boy over here can eat that as well it’s better than eating just raw hay or better just eating raw human meat it’s better if you make cable and thus thing you can actually use the meat because butchering actually gives you also plenty of human letter but you can use to make hats to use to make other up-arrow and it’s also plenty sellable if you want to do that next thing why don’t you talk about blight oh the horror regard light of our plants are gonna die and blight has a nasty tendency to actually jump between your different growing zones right so what can you do to prevent that like over here I have this growing zone stacked up quite nicely or here there’s a bigger distance in between though so the chance of this.

Actually jumping on here is smaller in this blight if I didn’t have this over here would never actually spread down to my potatoes because it’s way too far so usually I have all of my farm stacked up because it makes easier for all of my growers to actually work on them but if you really want to prevent blind from spreading fast and rapidly maybe because you are in the middle of process by shooting some Raiders or something what you can do is just spread your growing zones so there’s like four to five thousand between and then blight should never actually spread in between them and only one of your crops will actually get hit and all your food most of your food should survive nicely so we had a blight now what do we do like normally your plain cutters to go there and cut the plants but then if we have your priorities set up improperly they will start playing right away well usually most people will say hey grow first and when the plants are grown you know just cut them so what has is doing right now is growing the plants instead of cutting them first which means that the what already has been cut and now replanted the blight can actually go back and spread to it so what do you actually have to do on all of your growers he set up flank cutting first and then grow a second so dusty they will always go and just cut all the plans that have got blighted and then they will grow new ones that’s that’s basically what they have to do so you can always have maybe a couple of people that only do plane cutting and a couple people that only do harvesting but with a small colony is best to have it spread like this it will it will mean that your people will always go cut the plants and you won’t really have to care about more of the blight jumping somewhere else of course that might mean that if all the plants are growing at the same time they’re just gonna go cut them all maybe have to go to sleep and we’ve been and half of your base will be actually not planted due to them doing all the cutting at the same time but you know that’s you know something that you can min/max later on but for blight purposes this is what works best so next thing I wanted to talk about again our priorities in the stem around doctor priorities now if you have a small colony like this and all you get raided along all of your people actually get shot so they will all want to go into a hospital bed until they get treated if you have this set up properly like they want to be patients first before actually doing crafting or hauling or anything like that because they will otherwise just bleed out on the job so you have all four of them going into a bed and trying to get healed nobody’s gonna get healed because nobody is gonna be there for patching the bomb now that’s why it’s important that your doctor patient you set up like this if you have a doctor that you want to go treat people before he treats himself you need to set if line lists so this guy he’s gonna first go doctor all the three other patients and then he’s gonna actually go lay in bed now this time you can of course have them patch themself up which you can actually assign over here self then but self tending is usually not good so you have anyone that is close to his medical skill or anyone that maybe can do medicine and your guy hasn’t been hurt badly then it’s probably for the best that you set up that one as a doctor and just manually tell them hey go treat our doctor so our doctor can go and treat you tomorrow again when you maybe get infection or something like that so you got yourself a new columnist right they’re awesome but they have this awful gorgeous addiction and you don’t know what you can do about that because they’re just terrible right you know they’re gonna break you don’t have any money to buy go juice for them.

And you don’t want to feel their addiction forever so what you can do is something our they started working on over here it’s a bit radical but you can do it you can cut off their legs right lomi you’re my doctor correct I think so anyway I should check yes so what you can do over here is first go install them.

You give them to peg legs and what you can do after that you just go and tell them to remove the parts there you go I already removed the first one blew me go remove the second one and that’s gonna be done she will be without legs and people that cannot walk you also not break so what she’s gonna do she’s just gonna be unhappily sleeping over here but she will never be able to break here go.

She doesn’t have legs she’s just gonna stay here and after she’s done with her addiction No.

Install those brand-new Bionic legs that she got just for her and she’s gonna be absolutely happy because well right now she might not have legs but after that she’s not gonna have an addiction as I said it’s a bit you know bit extreme and it’s not something you want to do all the time but you know it’s something that you can do for your some of your colonists I hope you enjoyed the video and learned something new don’t forget there’s two more tips videos coming soon so make sure to check them out and if you enjoy let’s place there’s always at least one new rimworld video on my channel every day plus a multiple other videos from a variety of games let me know your thoughts on the video in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe if you want to see more until next time.

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