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Hey guys I’m Coco today I wanted to share with you a couple of beginner tips for rim world over the years have created more than a thousand dream world videos and now the dream world has finally been officially released I felt it was appropriate to share with the community what I have learned if you feel like beginner tips are not for you don’t worry I also have intermediate and advanced videos coming up soon so let’s jump right in the first thing I wanted to talk about is how to pick appropriate place when you first generated the world so you can always click on any tiles and it’s gonna show you hey there’s small Hills temperate forest there’s temperate forest over here there’s desert over here there’s four is there there’s Bora for us there there’s tundra there right but that’s all you can always click on advanced choose how big your actual map you want to have you can choose the starting season you can also what is a actually very important when you click on a tile let’s say over here or let’s say over here you need to go always you can check the planet you can see the seed you can see the coverage but always click on terrain tundra over here as you would expect.

You have terrain you have if there’s Road if there’s a river it’s gonna tell you what the movement difficulty is when you travel all over the train if you want to travel somewhere else it’s gonna show you the stone types marble is good because building out of marble it actually gives you a slight Beauty to your rooms if you have granted it’s very useful because that is the sturdiest stone and building walls out of that very good they’re also are flammable unlike steel it’s gonna tell you the average temperatures it’s gonna tell you the growing period it’s gonna tell you the rainfall all those things are gonna make your life much easier or harder it depends on what you want to choose so choose wisely next I wanted to talk about the importance of the night shifts you can access that under strict app now why would you do that some of your pawns might have a night owl trade so they would prefer to work during the night and sleep during the day if they do that if they work during the day they’ll get a mood debuff that will make them cranky and you don’t want that now also some of the jobs might prefer working overnight say something like cleaning if you have your cleaner set up during the night while most of your people sleep then they will wake up to a clean base and they will be happy about it same goes for cooking let’s say if you if you have your cook work during the night most of the college will wake up in the morning to a fresh meal next your base should always be in home zone now lucky for you when you start playing a game that’s gonna be automatically generated for you or you can always paint it with the expen home zone or clear home zone buttons now the thing is when your base gets bigger sometimes it’s gonna start being painted way out there that you don’t want to really have it home zoned because your pawns will go out there and clean this area even though you don’t necessarily want it now not many beginner people know that but there’s a very nice button over here the toggles the automatically expanding the home area around the new constructions turn that off when you start playing a bit bigger and then you can always just clear the zones out there that you don’t want and no one’s gonna clean those those are gonna be out there but make sure that you don’t actually get the walls out there because if the walls are not in the home zone they will not get repaired so make sure those are painted and always don’t forget when you’re building your stuff they actually go and paint things manually now there’s not important button that not everyone that starts playing this game knows about shift-clicking so if you want to queue up your people to work multiple jobs at the same time you can use shift clicking so grab one of your colonists tell them to go cut this tree let’s say and then if you hold down shift you can tell them hey after you cut down that tree go work on the wall over here let’s say or go deconstruct the ship chunk or whatever you want them to do sometimes your people will when you set them to set them to build like let’s say a big wall they’ll want to just build a tiny piece and then go rest or something like that well if you shift-click they will automatically go and build all the walls before they go to sleep but you know just remember they might get cranky because of that.

Now if you’re using wind turbines for power generation then you might find them being blocked sometimes but trees now what you can do about is there’s a couple of options.

You can always build floors beneath the zone where this thing is working and nothing can grow of course that can be quite expensive there are easy things you can do is you can plant crops of course don’t plant trees you can plant potatoes hill root whatever else you want you can also put solar generators down there solar panels can be nicely put below the wind turbine and they’re not gonna block it so you get double power generation in a small space that it offers just unfortunately they don’t fit in quite snugly Oh so one of the first buildings you’ll find yourself creating when you’re playing rim world is a fridge because you will soon find out that especially meat but most of our food sports pretty damn fast and the starvation can be quite a problem if you don’t hand that soon enough now when you’re building a fridge there’s a couple of things to think about of course you can just drop it maybe money into a mountain and that’s gonna hold for a while of course you need to use proper amount of coolers looking at how big the space is you know you can always go a bit over the top power isn’t that hard to generate so it’s better to keep your things cool especially if you live in very hot climate very warm climate look at that it’s 32 degrees out here right now so you know it’s something to consider maybe just get some extra ones of these now also the most important thing you should be doing is double layering the walls when you build a fridge always have double walls because the temperature will dissipate slower if they are double right roof of course goes without saying and there’s a neat trick with airlocks like this so when they go through here if I didn’t have an air lock here the heat the heat from outside will just go in straight inside right the 32 degrees will just go straight inside if the door was over here and unresolved when the door was open.

Now I have an air lock you can see in here is — my car.

Nine or here’s 12 13 14 and out-science 32 so this is how the heat properly dissipates of course when you build a fridge it’s always important also to use fast doors all the doors are perfect and also usually wooden or steel doors are good at the star don’t use wooden doors like granite and stuff because those are very slow early on so whenever you can afford auto doors put them into a fridge that’s the most important part next thing you should be learning is to use appropriate clothing in appropriate climate now we’re here and living in a very hot desert so what I would be using is mostly cowboy hats to protect from heat and also dusters dusters are the best for hotter climates now of course if you live in a colder climate you’ll want to use parka when the winter comes and the temperatures will hit minus 30 degrees or lower also put some tucks on you have normal t-shirts and you have button-down t-shirts buttoned on t-shirts can be better you also need to learn the difference between different materials now if you create a parka just out of normal cloth that you can grow and harvest like over here from cotton plants of course it’s gonna be fine it’s gonna be okay.

Also based on the crafting skill of your crafter but if you get let’s say better materials let’s say if you go and shear a muffle oh you get muffle of wool and as expected the wool will protect you much more from cold than just the normal cloth would also of course there’s different materials they impact how much damage is done to you when you get shot when you get stabbed when you get burned some protect more from summer things than the others so that’s something you have to learn on your own just by practicing you can always check out what you guys are wearing you usually start with some synthetic equipment you can always press I over here to learn information so you have armor for sharp blunt and heat protection you also have the insulation for cold and insulation for heat over here so learn to differentiate those learn which ones are the best.

But basically in hot climates use dusters.

In cold climates in the winter use parkas authorized jackets will probably find or also use dusters because dusters are Jerry Frieden good so by now you probably learned that power from slow generators and power from wind turbines is not so reliable as let’s say power from geothermal generators so you use batteries correct but sometimes you get an event event that blows everything up and just depletes the batteries and maybe maybe just at that point you had Raiders come in and you definitely need that power to power your turret so what do you do I would advise you always keep a couple of batteries out of the main grid as you can see these ones are currently not connected to I can do is always just go over here flick the switch tell her minor here to go flick the goddamn switch there you go and you will be able to see this is now connected ensuring its power for the whole grid because it wasn’t connected to the main create when the short cut actually happened it didn’t get burned out and the power stayed there and now you have power to kill the Raiders if that’s what you desire so you survived your first raid congratulation congratulations.

So the nasty after effect of sodas rates can be corpses hopefully not your own hopefully those of the enemies and corpses give moody buffs to your colonists when they see them they don’t like seeing corpses no no no they don’t like seeing blood on the floor either so there’s something you always want to do of course you can always grab the human corpses butchered them which will give more negative debuffs to your people and make hats out of there later but that’s something more advanced now we are going for beginner stuff so what you can do is build some waves get your people to just bury those corpses you can strip them first get some good equipment out of that and then you can go and also haul them buried them just basically get rid of them so your people don’t see them plop.

Got rid of it your people will actually use the grace for joy stuff so that’s just the bonus the last thing I wanted to talk about is the effect of cleanliness and sterile towels now if your kitchen is not clean and you cook there you’ll get food poisoning if you have butchers table in the same room as your stove butcher table counts as dirty and you can get food poisoning because of that also another thing is besides just cleaning constantly what you can do is also put sterile towels if you can of course for that if you research them put those on the floor gonna make your kitchen more sterile it’s gonna make all the food more clean also sterile floors always in your hospital it’s gonna give you buff when you heal people they will not get infected because if there’s blood around while they are lying in a hospital bed the infection chance is way way higher so make sure that you clean that and whenever you can just build some sterile flowers and files they’re very very useful and last thing if you have styles in your research room that actually boosts up your research speed so that’s a bonus it’s not exactly needed but it’s a bonus if you want to do it I hope you enjoyed the video and learned something new don’t forget there’s two more tips videos coming soon so make sure to check them out and if you enjoy let’s place there’s always at least one new Rimrock video on my channel every day plus a multiple other videos from a variety of games let me know your thoughts on the video in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe if you want to see more until next time Kirk out.

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