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Hey guys I’m Coco today I wanted to share with you a couple of advanced tips for rimworld.

Over the years have created more than a thousand dreamworld videos and now the dream world has finally been officially released I felt it was appropriate to share with the community what I have learned if you feel like advanced tips are not for you don’t worry I also have beginner and intermediate videos coming up soon so let’s jump right in okay first thing I wanted to talk about was shot percentages so let’s draft one of our comments let’s say harmony over here let’s say if you press B to attack then horror the guy that you actually want to attack as you can see over here let’s pause so he’s still so 50% chance to actually hit him why my shooter skill is pretty good we have a solid weapon that on this distance actually gives us that amount of shooting percentage you can always check how that works to see accuracy and close short medium and long or here it’s not the most accurate weapon the worst it actually is the quality the worst its accuracy the same for if it’s damaged the accuracy will go down so over here if you wanted to shoot him that’s how it would work let’s draft our other colonists over here let’s put has over here just to showcase some more short percentages so over here if you stand there it’s only 60% chance to shoot correct why there’s Cour there’s sandbag that also stops some of the shots so last chance is to shoot right so what you want to do always when you construct your kill box is to have your guys standing behind cover over here let’s actually try that one as well has go there Hermione over here so let’s see if I point at you now it’s only 13% you see wall actually stops 75% of the shots over here so the chance actually is really small so when your guys are here and everyone is running over here where there’s no actual cover in here that they could use you know the chances to hit them are much better than their chances to hit us.

The next thing I want to talk about is crafting radius same goes for cooking over here so let’s actually use cooking for that purpose I’m gonna rename the stockpile zone into fridge we can use so if you click on your stove that’s what we’re using right now you can also click on any other crafting table like this one over here but let’s use this one so sometimes your people will just go all over the goddamn map to pick up I don’t know five barriers to cook right so there’s one thing you can do you can use this ingredient radius to bring it down actually let’s zoom out a bit more she’ll be able to see this better so I can increase it to be huge to be unlimited.

Or I can decrease it down so your guys will only look for food in this small radius so that’s one thing I can do or I can say hey whenever you’re cooking just go look into the fridge zone go look in the fridge if there’s food in over here you can cook with that if there’s not don’t cook wait for other holders to actually bring back stuff more efficiently than you would if you’re just running for five berries out there next thing is movement and work speed limitations now if you don’t know actual light and dark effect how you guys can actually cow your guy’s connection to do their tasks so house over here let’s look it’s in complete darkness zero percent darkness so remaining is actually slower now if there was light over here the mining would be actually faster same goes for moving if you’re walking in the light you will move faster and then if you walk in the dark right same goes for temperatures like if you have that their temperature in here like thirty plus degrees not good if you’re crafting matches outdoors there’s gonna be work speed penalty if your work be workbench is in a cold environment there’s also gonna be work speed penalties so always pay attention to that heat your crafting rooms give your people some light so they can work and it’s a good idea to actually get some light going on your main walkways well your most of your colonists actually walk and maybe deliver some of the goods from growing areas like for me over here walking over here there’s gonna be a lot of people walking down here right grabbing these things so it’s a good idea to actually have this up there in light so they’re not as slow you know it’s not such a big difference but every small thing actually helps sometimes there’s plenty of very useful things growing out there on the map and it’s kind of annoying to follow them all just to cut them all separately something like that some browsers pride is proud that happen over here so it’s out here you know it’s gonna take a long while before it actually grows and you’re probably gonna forget about it right when it’s actually done so what you can do is actually go over here create a growing zone that’s gonna envelop all this stuff and then in this growing zone you’re just disallow something you don’t need to set anything over here just disallow summon what that’s gonna do is your people are actually gonna come over here and they’re gonna cut any plants that are mature so whenever this things are gonna be mature they’re gonna cut them same things goes for hey I’m in a huge forest area and there’s a bunch of trees in the zone I’m gonna create this zone over here this low sowing and why people will automatically go and cut those trees and when they are cut this is gonna leave behind so the plea in the trees can then replant themself and whenever they will be grown again your people will actually go back and collect them there’s some animals that go boom when you hunt them in rim world so talking about boom elopes and boom rats when they’re leather is pretty useful but how can you hunt them when they all go boom and fire right so what you can do is wait for rain right there right now there’s rainy thunderstorm you grab all of your colonists and you send them out there and you select the first big group of boom elopes they say hey bull moose this is my day this is my time we gonna shoot you let’s actually bring these bad boys out here.

Of course they might not be too terribly happy to be hunted but if they go boom you can just wait for the fire to die in rain same here.

Look at that we got two of these we didn’t need to do anything my people can now just wait and pick them up when they are ready perfect isn’t it now if we will have hunting isn’t exactly your thing there’s actually another thing you can do you can always tame them right you say why would I team them well as you can see over here does boom lobe male boom lobe has milk fullness 100% let’s see our other boom lobe has a 73 now lo mirror here who can actually deal with animals correct Lumi yes she can go over here and milk boom and guess what’s gonna happen wait for it let’s speed things up a bit shall we boom camp fuel indeed you can actually milk boom elopes to get camp fuel out of them let’s say Coco why would I want camp fuel well you can always go into power and create camp through your generators now one boom elope is gonna produce enough of this stuff they actually fuel your generators for quite a while I think each of these can actually power roughly two generators I think I’ve not checked that in a while but it used to be like that that one of these boom loops can actually fire — these make enough of this stuff to keep them going which is beautiful big fires can sometimes be a problem and your ecologist don’t know actually how to properly pro prioritize it correct they get themselves trapped and they are screwed so what you can always do is actually do draft it draft is firefighting so I put this guy over here is gonna fight as fires over here put you over here you can put out all these to the fire so you can put you over here and I can put you here let’s say and when you have them drafted you’re not gonna move but they’re gonna put out all the fires around them they’re gonna work on that until they’re done then you can reconnect them sure you can let them do it like this fire is not actually big enough that.

Would need something like that but sometimes maybe one of your guys would root rad behind here down because of a raid and you would need to get to him fast but you’re a colonist well let’s say they’re gonna start working in this fire over here you’re gonna try to actually put out fire in the potato area well that’s not the best right you want your colonists safe not the potatoes I mean potatoes are fine and all good but in the end you’re not you’re not gonna miss potatoes too much you’re gonna miss your friend way more so that’s what you can do you can always tell them to draft fire a draft and fight the fires whatever you want to now for next study we have our volunteers harmony in Hess again now I want to talk about chilled belts your excellent protection from fire and by fire I mean someone shooting at you now they do have a weakness EMP so Hermione over here has EMP grenades they usually or well usually sometimes you get a big Mellie group of attackers coming at you and they all have their shields right they will overwhelm this because all these things and a couple of your colonists shooting at them it’s not gonna be enough to deplete them fast enough to be able to kill them so what you can do is use these EMP grenades throw at them let’s see are you gonna hit boom c1 EMP grenade did not hurt them but it did deplete the whole goddamn shield in one hit so what other colonists now if you have one of these throwing grenades maybe from this side or something you know or maybe from here throwing grenades it depletes all their shields instantaneously and then your people can actually can actually shoot now I would say maybe have a door over here when they’re in here you put that colonists over here throw a grenade move back in they’re done with their shields or at least most of them and then your shooters from here can actually kill them next thing you want to talk about is prisoners resistance and social skill training now you can get some prisoners in that you actually don’t want to recruit let’s say this Ryan over here we never want him there’s his resistance thing sure you’re gonna have to feed him while he’s there but what you can do it just reduces resistance.

Zéro have your main social person trained there social skill you know especially if they’re passionate for it whenever they go to talk to them to try to reduce their resistance they will gain some skill you can bring them down to zero and then well you can release them if you want some positive reputation from whatever faction he belongs to you can execute him make him into kibble and hats or you can maybe just keep him around whenever you need a lung or two you can always harvest that from him and it’s down to some other comments but basically what I’m trying to say is you can use the reduce resistance even though you don’t need that colonist or don’t need that guy maybe he’s terrible at everything you can just use them around to train your guys social skills and then maybe get an organ or two from them now the last thing on my list is the efficiency of ground penetrating scanner now this is some next-level technology correct you can use this to see wherever there’s or beneath it so whenever it’s it’s powered you’re gonna it’s gonna show you hey there’s orders orders or there but whenever inspired it takes 800 watts of your energy it’s it’s pretty greedy you don’t need to running all the time so what I’d say you do turn it on grab orders grab some planning tools and then select hey there’s over there let’s say there is or over here there’s over here there’s or over here you can you can do that while paused right you don’t need to actually have the game running so you can save all the power you can only maybe need that 800 watts for a second so you can select hey there is ORS over there and then you just tell hey boys.

Go turn it off you don’t need it anymore Samuel go switch then flick flick that switch or something and you will still know hey there’s there’s words there’s ORS they’re sure it might not look beautiful but at least you will know what you have and you don’t need to spend 800 watts for that of course that is if you can’t really afford the power loss and sometimes you can’t sometimes you can you know whatever floats your boat but I would say use that because power can be quite useful especially if you’re using plenty of turrets because maybe at some point you gotta have a very very prolonged fight and you’re gonna run out of all the power so that some 800 was that you could save I hope you enjoyed the video and learned something new don’t forget there’s two more tips videos coming soon just make sure to check them out and if you enjoy Let’s Plays there’s always at least one new rimworld video on my channel every day plus a multiple other videos from our variety of games let me know your thoughts on the video in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe if you wanna see more until next time go out.

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