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Description of the video guide «The 10 best mods in RimWorld adding new content (according to Barky)»

My personal opinion on the top 10 Rimworld content mods. These are all awesome and are all worth enjoying because they’re truly game changing, and for people like me they make the game.

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Hi everyone it’s me Barkley and I said I would do this video awhile ago so it’s a bit overdue but this is my top ten content mods for remodel if you don’t know what a content mod is it pretty much it’s not quality of life so it doesn’t change the menu it doesn’t change like the habits your colonists have these are things that change the game in a way that you will change your playthrough generally they’re big enough that you can actually make a playthrough around these mods I don’t say straight away that I do have mod series included in this as one mod and the reason I’m doing that is because some of them rely on the other ones for them to be a fully experience and I only think that’s fair to judge them all equally because for example jackrel makes amazing mods but he separates them so that people have the option of playing with certain modules and in well in actuality he the the actual mod pack is complete if you play with all of them so I think it’s fair to judge them based on unlike a mod by Mont basis but include them as one big mod series so I’m gonna go ahead and do that and I think that’s the best idea awesome so let’s start with number 10 and this is good attic now clear attack is a massive mod for remote alpha 17 in fact it’s one of the og mods now it’s been around for a very long time and it has a big amount of content in fact if you’re an avid monitor of remold you will have heard about good attic Google attack ads in a whole lot of late-game variables to the game that allow you to enjoy them more such as new bionics new power sources new enemies new factions it’s also one of the first mods that makes if like tanks in a way and as you can see the explosions in the background are coming from tanks who know each other from other side and how it does this is that it tricks a remote system into making like centipede type animals you know from the mechanoids and stuff like that so it’s really cool it’s it’s a very interesting idea but glid tech is huge and I need to I need to put emphasis on that and then it will change your game in the late game early game though you can have little tech and not actually notice what it does because of how minimal it effects the early game so that’s awesome I definitely recommend giving us a try it gets my number 10 spot because I don’t use it all the time I do think it’s pretty strong it’s a bit too strong and there but too many opie elements I kind of ruined the games just some of the right.

Fools that the Iranian courgette they it’s just a bit too strong but besides that it’s really awesome right so number nine we have me miscellaneous AI mod these are actually two different mods because for the miscellaneous AI to work you need miscellaneous core so just keep that in mind it’s similar to hugs Lib in a way but this is an awesome one that allows you to have artificial colonists that you can create when you’ve got the appropriate research and all that all done and at the end of the game I think you can use AI persona coders to give them like burning passions and stuff it’s crazy anyway so if you play with combat extended or any of these mods that make the need regular comments a lot more squishy and a lot more vulnerable this mod allows you to create your own colonists that can populate your colony you’ll have you have a wave of new workers and all that just doing work for you trying to ensure that your colony survives to the next day this is an awesome mod it’s quickly become one of my favourite months thanks to how it works it’s just so much fun to use having artificial colonists you don’t need to worry too much about them dying although it does suck because of how expensive they are but it’s not a communist that you’re losing and for this game I play with story the reason I play remote is the story that it creates wall unclean I love to stream it as well so that I can get the story going especially when I name colonists after people watching the stream it’s it’s a lot of fun but yeah this mod it goes very far into depth so just keep that in mind when playing with this because there are some variants of the miscellaneous AI that cannot perform combat duties there are some ones I can’t work until you have the right research but all around this is an awesome one I really recommend trying it out it won’t change your playthrough entirely but it is a nice addition that will make up a large chunk of your playthrough now just keep in mind that it is major late-game I don’t think you’ll be using it early game at all so if you’re one of the people who just likes to have mods as an option you could just add this in and just keep it for later because it won’t affect your game at all in the beginning alright it’s the next up we have the dub wise hygiene and central heating mod which basically just allows you to have a hygiene segment added into your game by adding in the need hygiene and the need bladder and then they can get rid of that by using this new tab over here called hygiene there used to be just and you should just be the hygiene mod but now it has central heating as well which is pretty cool it’s pretty nice it’s a nice addition.

But yeah mainly what you use this mod for is to just add a new aspect to remold.

Which is the hygiene tab so you need to clean your colonist by having like wash buckets in the Trine’s in the beginning and then as you research more and more you’ll get toilets bathtub showers stuff like that solar water heaters and stuff as you can see I put a hot water tank which I need so I can shower with hot water and that sort of stuff and then there is a new sort of conduit type style thing so as you can see I’ve got this all connected to the sewage treatment over here so it’s cool so they go in pee and then take it takes it out over here but obviously you can’t connect the teller thing so you have a sewage outlet over here which you can plug into a river which is really funny if you’re into that kind of thing but there are also wash buckets and latrines so and then once you have enough fecal sludge which is what you get out of the Trine’s you can make the floor out of it because you have to get rid of it somehow and this is the only way oh it is really funny but this is really cool it’s another mod that really does add in a new layer to the game it doesn’t change the game entirely such as some of the other months that I have over here but it does make a huge difference for the game so I’ve done a video on it we’ll put a link in the description to it alright so for number seven we have the cola Cthulhu monsters which ad Lovecraft knee and monsters and the mythology of them to your game now just keep in mind that this is what I spoke about at starting a video there’s actually quite a few mods in total many more than one that dick rel has made now the original idea was to have all of them just be played at with at once and that is the best way to play it in my opinion but you can pick and choose what you don’t like some of them you really don’t enjoy so for example if I’m playing with combat extended I will turn off the cosmic Horus mod because it’s not balanced for combat extended listen it hasn’t been patched so it’s really broken and it’s not fun to play at that point but for example you can tailor it to your experience which is really nice so I’m gonna include this as one mod and just I just wanted you to Ravel MIT’s awesomeness because it is awesome this is one of the best made mods for remote by far it has a lot of Wymore coding it has a lot of c-sharp coding and besides that too Krell whatever check Krell touches it becomes gold so I really recommend gonna go take a look at this a few of the things that are really nice about it is the general look of the mod it is a beautiful mod everything is in remote style you have a whole lot of new faction things being added in it’s all cel-shaded and well done I don’t know who the artist is but this guy is a genius because it looks absolutely amazing the work on this mod is just top-notch and it is so much fun to play with especially when you get a cult and you start doing sacrifices and all that to this to that Cthulhu or Neoga wrath or whatever their names are it’s like I don’t know all the gods names but it is so much fun but just keep in mind a lot of the mods that I’ve been speaking about have not been to early game except for the dub wise one the hygiene mod and this one now so the cola Cthulhu series will affect your game from the get-go you will get raided by cosmic horrors such as Star vampires Dark One’s Deep Ones whatever you can name it love crafting and mythology things but more importantly that is that you can get a cult going from the get-go in fact it can be one of the first things that you do in game and it’s it’s quite a hurdle to get this one because I see a lot of people don’t actually play with it and it’s because maybe it makes them feel funny or it just seems like too much it’s just overwhelming but I really recommend just trying it out and seeing how you like it because from the get-go you’ll be hurled into the world and it does not make the game overly difficult it does add in a new layer to the difficulty but it does change the game entirely to the point you need to now deal with several new factions you need to deal with this cult forming stuff like that you need to hide your cult from the MRF and from the agency whatever they whatever they called stuff like that so for my number 6 spot I have Rim Atomics and rim Atomics is the spiritual successor to rim Mishima which dub wise maiden I’ve actually done a video on it in fact it was one of the biggest videos from my channel when I made it last year now this is an absolutely massive mod that introduces the study of atomic theory to remold and it allows you to create things like ICBMs allows you to create railguns different power sources nuclear radiate like nuclear radiation is a big deal but nuclear reactors to get power out of them and stuff like that you get high energy bases more different like different types of railguns and if as you can see we are nuking a little village in the background now as I said earlier this is a sequel to remove Shima and was made by the same person dub wise it is incredibly in-depth to the point where it will consume your late game because of how much you have to do in the game and how much there is to do in the king you can afford to ignore this completely if you don’t want to it is the kind of mod that doesn’t actually require you to use it to actively and it is a really nice option to have in the background of any remote game but man if this isn’t the most fun mod that I played with in recent times I don’t know what is because this is absolutely amazing that weis has done it again he makes amazing stuff consistently and constantly which is really really awesome the coolest part about this monitor is definitely the nuclear reactor maintaining the coolant maintaining the reactor itself making sure that your columns don’t suffer from radiation poisoning and all of that this is just a lot of fun I definitely recommend picking it up having a new playthrough with it because of how addictive it can be I would advise to make sure you know your stuff before messing around with it but besides that it is actually a lot more simple than people are making it out to me because I’ve messed around with it and if I can do it then so can you anyway so number six on my list is zombie Dan no zombie then started out as a test by the rim old man making part ii’ kiya or as you guys probably know him as brains and he wanted to try it and see how many pawns on screen he could get and it turned into the zombie that mod where he had thousands and thousands of horns at the same time or maybe hundreds I don’t actually know but you can set the limit to a few thousand I think he wanted to see that and he eventually got it down to the point where he removes all the def files from the points and allows them to effectively exist with minimal performance loss which is fantastic for a lot of people and eventually became a zombie that because now at this point in the mod it is constantly being updated just by the way at this point in the mod it is barely even close to being what it used to be it is a fully fledged zombie that mod now if you get bit you can get infected if you get infected you’ll become a zombie obviously and then people have to fight you the zombie has have their own menus where you can adjust how much damage they do how much HP.

Have how much like damage they will do to certain areas if you want them to attack your doors off you want to detect your base or if you want them to not destroy anything all they attack all the creatures will they attack humans stuff like that do they spawn from the map edges so they spawn from soft ground and then finally when do they spawn so if it’s as an event when it’s dark you know that that sort of stuff it is so customizable it is so much fun and this is definitely one of the biggest months for a mod alpha 17 at least I definitely say that this completely and utterly changes your game and makes the game a lot harder but it is a lot more fun I if I’m if I’m being honest I would actually play with this in almost all of my potaters at the moment at least I’ve done a few medieval zombies and playthroughs with combat extended that was a lot of fun so in that essence it does completely and utterly change the game and it fits the game to what it once so don’t think you will not be able to contain this home piece in this mod unless you make it really really easy but you will not be able to control them at all in fact it will screw you over entirely and just by the way it has Twinkies which is really cool alright so for number four notice we have vegetable garden now a vegetable garden does change the game in quite a few ways in that it adds in a whole new aspect to the game through cooking and growing now in default vanilla one like getting base base trim orb you get quite a few growing options but not really too many so you have rice corn and potatoes and in the end they all sort of do the exact same thing anyways they give you a nutrition value and you take enough nutrition you can make a meal generally ten because all the nutrition is the same but it takes about ten of each to make one meal now vegetable garden adds in a whole other range to those things so you can get eggplants you can get apples you can get bananas you can make ice cream coffee you can grow tea so you can make tea bags and stuff like that if you’re British I know you guys love that stuff you can even get to the point where you can make smoothies with different fruit flavored smoothies and that will give you a slight buffs like movement speed or metabolism and all that which allows your colonists to sleep for longer now it does take a lot of preparation to get this up you need a big growing zone you need to and zones for the growing zones and if you play on harder difficulties it may be impossible to enjoy the aspects our vegetable garden but that don’t let that detract from the monta because this is an absolutely amazing mod that completely changes this part of the game and I definitely think it should be in vanilla because this makes this part of the game incredibly fun it is a lot of fun to make a big kitchen and actually grow the food that you want to grow so that you can make the meals that you want to make eventually you have a colony that just survived off of pizza and pizza for example takes two Tomatoes some meat cheese and I think that’s it actually and in dough which you need to make and that’s like that’s like seven or eight different steps to make a meal well in vanilla mold it’s only one you take nutrition and you take it and you make it into a meal and that’s pretty much it so I definitely recommend trying on vegetable garden it is amazing it is so much fun and in the new update I believe they’re adding in a barkis brown ale or something so take a look for that if you see it that would be really cool so for number three we have medieval times now medieval times bridges the gap between tribal and then the default remote sodding scenario it effectively allows you to have a whole new section of the game be dedicated to just having medieval times era things such as how many new types of bows different types of armor have a knight’s armor versus bring it in armored tab odds different stuff like that you get different colour capes no capes by the way no capes and you get all those sorts of things it’s really nice you also get different kinds of bridges and stuff the biggest part about this mod for me though is the storytelling elements of it so you get different types of street lamps that can you can fill up with coal that allow you to light up your base with these cool-looking medieval times street lamps as well as different bridges you can put different kinds of ovens in people’s rooms and stuff like that or like furnace type things which is add to the vibe that you have in medieval times for a lot of people though this game is made with medieval times purely because of the fact that you can play without electricity entirely you can get a subsequent montec called medieval world which removes all space at level technology so you only have medieval times and blowers such as tribal our error technology which is just amazing it’s so much fun to mess around with I really really recommend this mod to anyone who wants to enjoy it you can play the game entirely without electricity thanks to this mod and that’s awesome because of course it’s good to experiment with rimworld although electricity is amazing it can be fun to try and play without it and I’ve actually done several streams where I finished the game without electricity and yes it is difficult but it’s not impossible.

I medieval time this does add a lot to it so what you’re watching in the background is a little machinima that I put together of the helms deep battle in the second Lord of the Rings film as you can see we’ve got the elves over here know all of the apparel that they’re wearing in this video is actually coming from medieval times so all-day peril that the elves are wearing and stuff like that as well as the different corpse bonfires and things that you see around just living around that’s really nice so that all comes from medieval times it was so much fun to make this little mission ammo with medieval times just because of how much the different little apparel things change the environment that you feel like you’re in so all the bows and all that they just suit the world now instead of just being this normal default brown bow they have little intricate designs on it so please keep that in mind when playing medieval times it’s these things that are missed on a lot of rim world mods that people don’t appreciate but man they are so damn cool all right so next up we have EPO expanded prosthetics and organ engineering I have used this mod in almost every single remold video I have ever done it was one of the first mods that I ever downloaded it was a big reason that I got back in the plane remold around alpha 12 I think it was purely because of this mod which allows you to make your very own Bionic soldiers so if you don’t know what expanded prosthetics and organ engineering does it adds in a new facet of the world which is the organ engineering aspect of it so you can recreate your polish with bionic limbs and all that through means in game so with a lot of research you can learn how to make bionic limbs which you can then use our molds amazing definitely not broken surgery system to install the limbs on your colonists and effectively at the end of it you can get like artificial lungs like synthetic lungs synthetic heart synthetic kidney now if you combine this mod with other mods such as combat extended medieval times and a few other ones where colors are very very squishy they don’t mean much it is pure awesomeness you’re probably wondering why I said medieval times as antique or neat electricity well the best part about EPO II is that there is a non electricity version of it and it’s the first initial the initial research level of it and allows you to make wooden peg legs and steel arms and stuff like that it’s so much fun you look into the realms of prison management when you take a prisoner and you want to use their organs for yourself so you replace them with ones you’ve built that are slightly worse I’ve never done that that’s an evil thing to do I’m just saying but man this one is awesome I recommend you play with this in every single playthrough that you do from now on.

This can go in any game it doesn’t matter it doesn’t change much if you don’t want it to but later on when traits get a bit more expensive Raiders will start coming at you with these bionic limbs and it is so goddamn awesome seriously get this mod it is amazing it’s my number two spot because it is probably my favorite mod of all time but the number one spot is something that’s truly special so probably no one will surprise but to the number one spot goes the Star Wars monster is made by jackrel and Zen now yeah as I said it probably doesn’t surprise many but I just I just loved these mods so much it definitely takes a number one spot the three of them as I said to crow makes mods that are very modular by definition so you can play with with whatever ones you want in particular so for example if you don’t want lightsabers or the force or factions you can turn off the money but these 3 mods are to some of the best things in a game I have ever seen so if you don’t know what the Star Wars mods do they add in the universe of Star Wars which includes factions it includes force powers and it includes lightsabers so for example what you’re seeing right here is a Jedi or a Sith user Darth barky super evil guy busy destroying a squad of stormtroopers just for fun just for fun it is so good to use this mod I could honestly I could play this mod all day and night it has redefined the way I play rimmel in a lot of ways it really got me interested in rim mold again my channel was sort of at a lull at some point and this is the mod that brought me back in a huge way just because of how much it changes the game so yes this game is early game and late game it’ll affect everything you do in fact from the get-go the Empire will come to you and them on taxes and you can make your biggest enemy within the first week of starting your colony but besides that you may have someone with the force sensitive trade if you’ve rear old enough you’ll get them eventually there’s a point zero zero two chance of getting the for sensitive trade and once you do you can craft your own badass and it is so much fun if you combine the the Star Wars mods with EPO II and a few others you can make the most badass colonists ever just by giving him a shitload of drugs and giving him bionic limbs and organs and then giving him force powers and a lightsaber and if you get the werewolves mod you can get the werewolf Jedi lightsaber wielding motherfucking killer dude it is so awesome I really recommend these mods to everyone so if you play rim world I recommend you just try these out because you will love them you will base your playthrough around them and you will not regret it just because of how much fun they are this definitely takes my number ones.

I can’t imagine what other one I would put you it just because of how big and awesome this mod is and to top it off you get barkis clan armor which is a Mandalorian clan so please go take a look because it is amazing that is amazing I would love to see someone actually send me a screenshot of someone wearing the barkis clan armor but anyways I think that’s awesome but that is the top-10 content months I’ve been wanting to make this video for about six months now and I’m very happy that I waited so long to make it because it was totally in a hundred percent worth it a few the mods that I that I’ve put in here have only really gotten to the point when I have loved them recently so all the months that I’ve listed here are being actively developed which is fantastic because it means that these are the kinds of mods that will stick around remote and leave it being amazingly good in fact I cannot imagine someone messing this up by accident but these are the top ten months I don’t know what you guys think tell me what you think if I missed one of your favourite mods tell me this is a personal opinion so if you just like it then well that’s fine but I hope you don’t dislike it because of the selection and more about the presentation otherwise you know what the like button is hit the like button hit the sub button if you want to see more I will see you all tomorrow have an amazing day hey you thanks so much for making it to the end of my view I really really appreciate it editing videos is put my hobby and my passion and with that in mind I decided to open up a patreon if you’d like to support me besides in the amazing ways that my subscribers already usually do I’ve got loads of perks and benefits including having your own personally custom-made colonists being one of my default colonists in the mod showcases special roles on discord joining me while I stream monthly Q&A is and podcast I’ve got it all come take a look all support is always appreciated monetarily or not if you’re a subscriber then be sure to hit the little bell over here to always be up to date with videos I push out and head over to the discord if you ever want to have a deep and meaningful chat with me and last but not least I hope you’re having an amazing day.

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