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Some of these aren’t «advanced», this is just a list of some tips I missed in the last video!

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What’s up guys it’s jr. and about a month or two ago I created a video of 10 advanced rim world tips and that was mainly for beta 18 and some of the tips are actually used now but I took a couple of tips from the last list that I used in the previous video and also personal tips that I would like to stress out to you guys and I decided to make a new video of 10 more advanced tips for rin world or just 10 tips for rim world so that further adue sit back relax and enjoy the rest of the video and we’ll get on to tip number one tip number one is hunt boom elopes or boom rats in the rain.

Me personally I don’t really use this tip unless there’s only small animals around and there’s not enough animals on the map that are huge like mega sloths or muffles to provide a huge meat yield but boom elopes are an exception when it is raining because as you shoot them and they explode the fire will go out and it will provide safety for your colonists to then take them and butcher them tip number two is stripped before death if you’ve ever captured anybody from an escape pod or down some Raiders or captured Raiders you can strip them for their valuables if their valuables or clothing are not worth any money then your colonists can wear their clothing instead which also combats the debuff that colonists get when wearing armor or apparel from dead Raiders EMP grenades are actually very useful at not only taking out turrets but they are also good at taking out personal shields from melee Raiders now even just one EMP grenade can take out a group of personal shields so next time you have a trader that is selling EMP grenades don’t pass up on buying.

Tip number four is wind turbines if you do not know wind turbines actually exceed twice the power output of solar panels as well as they cannot be blocked by solar panels nor by crop fields so next time you build yourself a colony make sure to add in a few wind turbines near your crop fields and your solar panels instead of just clearing out a huge large space tip number five is dedicated cleaner if you ever have just a prisoner or somebody who is worth nothing and has no skills but can just clean the colony recruit them because if you have a dirty colony and there’s a lot of footprints or trash laid everywhere it actually provides a bad mood boost to your colonists and just having a dedicated will make up for that number six is critical stockpile zones basically this tip is to set up a stockpile zone near a huge project such as building your spaceship and to set it to critical and also add in or check off the items that you want move to it what will happen is your constructor will start constructing as all of the items are moved by people who specialized in hauling and it will make an easier job for your constructor to move back and forth from the stockpile tip number seven is baby animal zones as we all know in rimworld.

Larger animals and predatorial animals will try and eat smaller animals such as hares or small chickens or whatnot well to combat this all you have to do is set a zone to a certain closed off area to where your animals can sleep for the night or stay there for a certain amount of time until they get hungry and then you can set the zone to a larger zone such as unrestricted or home area for where they can roam around and eat or you can set a stockpile for hay or whatnot into their pen to where they can feed off of it constantly number eight is boars this is an alternative to a tip that I did in my tin advance rimworld tips video and instead of using a mall table to burn bodies if you ever just have a simple stock pile outside of your base full of bodies all you have to do is just train a couple boars and set a zone to where they can go into the stockpile or around it and they will automatically just start eating the humans when they get hungry tip number nine is addictions if you ever have a prisoner or a colonist that is suffering from an addiction and is going on mental breaks a simple task to do is to give them peg legs and then chop them off as soon as their addiction is then done then give them Bionic legs or better legs than they had before tip number 10 is no stacking this tip is made mainly to give you guys a better insight on how to make meals faster so all you have to do is set bills whether it’s for simple meals or fine meals and what I do is I set mine to simple meals and then on top of that fine meals I set fine meals to create forever or do forever and then I set the simple meals to have make until you have X amount I set that amount to 15 to 20 and also I set both bills on drop on floor so that when your meal maker makes the meals then they will automatically drop them on the floor somebody who can haul will come by and take them to the cooler now on top of this you set a stockpile on each side of the stove or on each side of where your cook is making the meals and set them both to critical and then set one to meet and one to vegetables also you could put a stool in the place of the stockpile so that your cook does not have to go individually into the stockpile that will automatically just take the meat and the vegetables and start making fine meals thank you guys so much for watching the video as always go ahead and check in the comments section below for other people’s tips as well as to make some of these tips easier because in the last video a lot of people had a little bit of input to put in on some of these tips to make them easier or just certain aspects or even more tips so check out the comment section below for that and as well as that please like comment subscribe for more of these videos and I will be coming out with a let’s play series and also a few more projects coming up and I thank you guys once again and I will see you guys in the next video.

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