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Description of the video guide «Prison Architect Tutorial: Doors»

A listing of all available doors in prison architect, and a visual guide as to how they behave when faced with escaping prisoners.

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Hello friends its Astro here and today I thought I’d take a look at doors there are a lot of doors available in prison architect and each of them have slightly different ways of functioning different costs different strengths and you know basically different uses the standard door is the door it’s quite inexpensive it’s only 50 dollars it has 20 hit points it can be opened with a staff key which can be carried by cleaners and cooks and so on and so forth it can order open when it’s placed in a cellblock so at the end of lockup all of the doors will open automatically and in the event of a riot or an escape attempt like this it’s not gonna provide monsters it’s actually fairly cool so you can use these doors as a very early way to get themselves online with the intention of replacing them with cell doors later on but I wouldn’t recommend it it’s best used for planning cupboards and you know chapels things that anyone should be able to access the next type of door is the staff door again you can use it as a cell door or if you want to but I wouldn’t recommend it it’s a little bit more expensive it’s $100 it gives 48 points so it’ll take a little bit more of a beating but it’s designed for situations where you want to seal an area or often make that stop only so for example you might want to make your utility room or your staff room staff only this can only be unlocked by someone who is carrying a staff key so that’s gonna be the cleaners you guards basically any of your staff but critically your prisoners won’t have the ability to open that unless they steal the key from a god or something.

A big thing to note with staff doors is that you really should try and avoid putting them in a path leading outside your prison so in this case I put one leading into my kitchen thinking are my clicks can get the food in easier well that’s true but because of the parking system if there is an escape attempt your prisoners won’t try and go through the main front door they will go through these staff doors and find a way out as an added bonus there are second agate knives so always try and avoid putting staff doors leading out of the prison and ingress and egress of your secure areas should always be a solid security the jail door is your standard go-to guy for putting on a cell it’s gonna spring open all at the same time at the end of lockup it costs $200 but it has 100 points and it has the added bonus that when your prisoners are trying to break the door down your guards can actually want them on the head with their clubs through the door like we did to the bars on the door so back in settle guys down without having to open the door and let the prisoner out the solitary door is $500 it has a toughness of 300 and it is explicitly designed for solitary cells you can use it for a regular cell door but note that if you do at the end of lock up that door isn’t going to automatically open the same way that a cell door would do it’s going to remain closed until a guard comes to unlock it with a key so if you watch the top right-hand guy in a moment he’s going to want to come out and do some weightlifting so in order for him to be let out of that cell a guards gonna have to come up from just the center of the common room there.

There he is so he’s gonna have to come up and unlock that door manually it’s not gonna spring open with the rest of them the same way that a normal childhood would do during an escape attempt these doors will hold up very well to punishment but when your guards go to see you the prisoners they will open the door so that they can get to the prisoner it’s all I have a prisoner to escape so that’s one downside that this door has over a standard cell childhood.

Next up the remote tool this guy’s 500 bucks has 300 hit points but it must be researched and it can only be opened by a dual control system this door control system can be purchased and placed it has to be manned with a guy and a door control servo needs to be attached to the door this door cannot be opened with a key period there’s just no keyhole in it so in the event that your prisoners managed to knock out a guard and steal their keys thank it now when they do need to get out the guard presses a button back in the door control room and lets him out to do some weightlifting as with a solitary tour these doors don’t automatically open at the end of a lock-up period they have to be opened individually sometimes this can put a bit too much pressure on your door control systems so bear that in mind generally you want to have no more than eight servos per door control system otherwise they tend to get overloaded especially if they’re higher frequency doors.

Remote dolls are awesome as the way to get into and out of your prison so here I’ve placed to remote doors with servos to create kind of an airlock that could be really good to help slow down the the egress of people trying to bust their way out of prison bars bear in mind that these doors because of the servos they’re a little bit slow to open and close so when you call a riot like this one.

The guys are gonna be out of punch it but in the event that someone was coming and going through that door the man — Marcus stuck open monetarily and then might be out of street through the village but in this case the doors were closed the gods that are in the main prison area are gonna be able to bring this bride on the pole and settle people down.

The next type of door is generally used for while in this case a holding cell it might be used to seal off a corridor it’s the large jail tour it’s three hundred and fifty dollars it has 100 hit points and it’s designed as a high volume — it doesn’t generally function that well as a stopping people from escaping because it does have a slow opening post on and the low relative get points on this door mean that it can be very quickly smashed down by a large group of prisoners who were intent on escaping the last door can also be remote-controlled to help to speed things up through your prison by default a guards gonna have to come and unlock this door.

Anytime someone needs to come and go through it but adding a remote control servo on it is very simple we need to do is go into utilities drop a servo on once it’s appeared you need to select the connect menu from your door control system and then click on the door control server this door will now open and close as people need to use it without a guard having to come up and unlock it with a key the entrance to your prison is best restricted with multiple doors and a bit of a corridor to get out of in this case I’ve got a fairly long corridor with a remote door at each end and two large jail doors in between this means that the prisoners need to get through multiple layers of doors to escape out of the prison in this case they’re going to start whaling on this versatile but the likelihood of them.

And pass that is load and then making it past all with the other tools is even lower this is the ideal situation if you worried about pious oppressive areas outside the prison Road gates are gonna play a good final line of defense they only have a hundred hit points and they cost a thousand dollars but they do serve to slow down prisoners who make it out of the main door their best coupled with the door servo so someone doesn’t need to go and open them finally the road barrier is $10,000 and the toughness is unknown on the wiki it doesn’t say I guess it’s about 300 based on what I have experimented with in the event of a lockdown the road barrier springs up like this and forms an impenetrable barrier that means that prisoners can’t even hijack a truck and drive it through the gates to escape so guys I hope this has been useful I hope it’s been informative if you enjoyed it give us a thumbs up gives us up let us know in the comments down below if you’ve got any questions and I’ll see you all next time bye.

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