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Description of the video guide «A Complete Guide for Beginners at Prison Architect — How to Create Your First Colony»

Here is how to make your first prison in Prison Architect. We also learn stuff like controls too.

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Hello world my name is dick 360 and welcome to the complete beginners guide to prison architect this is the guide will take you from the very beginning of the game all the way to the most advanced concepts in today’s episode we are going to start with our very first prison so in order to create a new prison you go up to the main menu or hit escape you then select create new prison from the main menu here you can select a whole bunch of options for example you can select the prisoners gender so it can either be a female prison or a male prison and the warden or our first prison we are going to pick a male prison and for our warden we are going to pick the pacifier but for a first prison it’s going to be small and all these options are going to be turned off and that will make it easier for us in general so I play and we’ll load up a new map and now we can create our prison the first thing is before we play this game we have to know the controls and they’re pretty simple WASD to move around and the scroll wheel to zoom in so you can zoom in and out with a scroll wheel and the WASD to move around you can also use the arrow keys or use your mouse on the top of the bottom screen to move it around over here are our workers you can click on your workers as little option comes up and sack is the same thing as fire they’ll click that I just fired that worker trying to get the workers back and go over to staff it’s like the workmen there go just hired another workman I’m going to hire some more because we’re going to need to get some building going because right now we do not have any buildings in place it’s hard to have a successful prison without any buildings and there are some time options at the top right corner you can see right here there is play fast forward and super fast forward and pause we hit space it will pause the game and I’m going to do that a lot so that I can explain what’s happening without the game having to go on without me now we’re at the bottom right is reports and here I open up this clipboard and we can move this clipboard around on this clip are those different tabs each tab has a special function we don’t have all the tabs a lot the one we care about right now is grants because grants is going to give us more money when you pick a grant you’re agreeing to do something and exchange for money basic Detention Center is the grant we want it will give us a lot of money to get started and will reward us for having a successful prison so we’re going to select that and there we go on.

To the left we have our to-do list of what we want to do to get the last ten thousand dollars and we already got twenty thousand dollars as you can see right here we got twenty thousand dollars just for accepting the grant that will really help us make sure we have plenty of money and we’re going to need to build some buildings to build a building you select the foundation and you pick its type I’m just going to stick with brick for the entirety of this tutorial because I just like how it looks and you cook and drag and then when you release a building will be built it cost so much money if you don’t like where the building is you can right-click it before it is actually built and you’ll get the money back so you could own your not until it’s built you can make any mistakes you want once it’s actually built you have to pay money to remove it our workers are going to bring supplies from this delivery zone they’re going to bring them they’re going to bring them to this building they’re going to construct the foundation which is the base of the building but once it’s built filthy walls put all the way around the perimeter of this building as you can kind of see right in here there is a requires entrance and so anything that goes inside of buildings or round buildings is an object and so that’s going to be in objects now there’s a lot of different objects and we don’t know what all of them do right away but we need a door because that’s what the entrance is so I’m going to type do our oops not the O do our so I’m going to take the door I’m gonna place it on the bottom of this building a girl workers install the door as soon as it’s installed the walls we put in place automatically pushing there we go so this is our first building and we can put rooms in this building to figure out what room we want to go into this building you go to rooms you pick one of the many different kinds of rooms you click and drag draw square of what you want.

So if I do that I just made this section of this building a holding cell and when I hit play we can see that it meets the right size it is indoors but there’s some other things that this room needs in order to be a holding cell it needs a toilet a bench and it needs to be enclosed which means it needs to be walls surrounding it so up here this is an open area there’s no walls around it so we just go to material so materials is basically how you build walls and floors.

It’s like brick wall because I like brick I’m gonna click and drag across the whole thing the ball will be xalapa before it’s actually built I’m going to then right-click to delete it so it queued up the whole wall and said hey build this wall but then before any of those built I said hey don’t build this section here so that’ll be an opening and in that opening we’re going to put a door so again there are is in objects just like door you put it in there there we go so now we have a holding cell and we have in this other room up here the holding cell also needs a toilet in a bench so I’m going to put some toilets I’m going to put a bench there we go now that it’s built we have a holding cell in place and that is the first of the things we need for our grant the next thing we need is showers so we go to rooms and designate it as a shower showers are really easy you just need a bunch of shower heads and a drain to objects put a drain put that at the entrance so that water doesn’t get out of the shower and you go to showerheads you can click and drag and slide and there we go this whole back wall will be filled with shower heads and that should be plenty of shower heads when we start and there we go there’s a shower next we’re going to have the yard and the yard is just a place for the prisoners to hang out and have fun and exercise so I’m just going to designate a room right over here there’s a problem prisoners are hanging out in this yard could just walk away anywhere in prison as of so far they could just walk outside this door and then run away so to keep the prisoners inside you need to build a fence because it is our job to keep the prisoners inside because we’re the architect of the prison I’m just going to build a fence I’m using fence because it is a chief material gonna go and give it some space to work in here we go and then once this fence is built prisoners will not be able to get out now all I need to do is make sure we have a door so we can get in and out at the entrance there we go so our workers will be able to get in and out through this door and so once that’s complete this yard will be secured they’ll be behind one door doesn’t have to have walls directly around it it just needs to be in an area where prisoners can escape from so once as well as complete you are really complete so let us move on to the next thing while our workers are building that fence we are going to need another building so going to go to foundations building I’m going to make it roughly the same size as that building up there.

Objects door we’re still waiting on workers to finish installing this bench big oaf and workers almost done ago the art is done however they’re working on this building here all right this building is done and the walls are put in automatically just like before I’m going to separate this into two rooms I’m going to put a wall right here to separate it when you leave hole or a doorway in the middle and I’m going to separate the top room as the canteen and that’s where they eat that’s the cafeteria and the kitchen is where the food is cooked and we obviously need place to cook the food and place to eat the food and if there’s no food served that’s illegal on like several levels for the canteen we need a couple tables and a serving table and that’s where they get the food so just two two tables four tables put some benches around them we go put a bench on each side of the table and then just two serving tables there you go and you can rotate objects with our or middle-mouse I like using our because then I could use WASD and then our with my left hand and I can use a mouse and my right hand now in the kitchen pretty simple you have fridges 1 2 fridges free flex you can fit three in three fridges and three cookers I can fit three ooh just two cookers three cookers there you go then we need some sinks one two sinks there we go you only need one of each but you’re going to want more so that your cooks can cook more food then we’re going to need cells because the prisoners are going to be coming very soon as you can see you as night it was dark and now it’s day in the morning that’s when prisoners come so we need to build some cells and cells normally we’re very hard to bake expecially for new players but they made it really easy down here there’s a quick build option select click build do basic cell you could rotate this whole thing so there we go we place one cell and we can keep placing cells right next to each other and I’m making sure the walls overlap so I don’t waste a lot of space then over here I’m going to be placing some more making sure that they all line up there we go that we have room for a bunch of prisoners so they can sleep and they can use a restroom they can eat food and then we have a yard once a kitchen is in place there we go our kitchens in place our prisoners are almost here we’re almost ready to have our functional prison we need to hire some staff we need hire some guards and some cooks cooks are pretty easy it is plopping down one through three we only need it to but it’s nice to have an extra cook same thing with guards we only need two an extra one isn’t that much and there we go we have completed our first prison we have a functional prison and as soon as these cells are built our prisoners will have a place to sleep there we go it is eight o’clock the prisoners come come to this truck here they actually get delivered in the delivery zone and your guards move them into their cells and they can hang out in your prison because there’s a fence there nice and secure inside of this fence and your guard to make sure they won’t run away so that’s all the time we have for today in the next episode we are going to cover utilities thank you guys so much for watching it and I will see you in the next video bye.

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