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Description of the video guide «Basic Utilities in Prison Architect — Electricity, Water, Cables, Pipes»

Today we learned:

  • That different objects have different utilities needs.
  • Power stations provide electricity.
  • Water Stations pump water.
  • Cables move power through the prison.
  • Pipes move water through the prison.

Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

Hello world my name is Nico 60 and welcome back to the complete beginners guide to Prison architect in the last episode we built our first prison and is the basic prison has just the minimum amount of stuff to actually be a prison now we’re going to expand on what we built and we’re going to work on utilities now as you can see there is a lot of things flashing on the screen right now some of them are flashing yellow and some of them are flashing blue the yellow things require electricity and the blue things require water both of these things are considered to be utilities and we need to build them if they’re going to function the way we want them to so we’re going to go to any utilities we need a power station or the electricity and a water pump station for the water now here’s the thing power stations can be improved by capacitors each capacitor that is adjacent to the power station will increase how much power it can store or generate because of that it’s a good idea to leave the power station away from any of the buildings so I’m going to put my power station here making sure that there is plenty of room around it and then I’m going to put my capacitors one two three four five six there we go.

I put six capacitors that each of them was $1,000 welcome putting a lot of capacitors in I work I make sure that I do not have to worry about power for a long time and then I need a water pump station I’m going to put it down here I’m going to speed up time and have our workers install that now just because we put a power station doesn’t mean the buildings will get power you need to get the power from the station to these buildings in order to do that you drag an electrical cable from the power station through the buildings there we go our workers are going to start installing these cables and once it’s connected to the power station electricity will flow through them hmm lit up nice and green as you can see electricity didn’t flow none of the lights in these rooms are actually touching this power line that’s because this power line fills up the whole room with power up to 40 squares away so if I if this wool line stopped here in this building went on 40 squares this way all the lights in that room would still be able to be on just from this wire here even it was 40 blocks away and you can see that 40 blocks can be quite a long ways excepting that is things like fridges and cooks they need to be directly hooked up to these cables and there we go I made sure all of them are hooked up directly to our power grid and now they’re all powered lastly we just need to get our prison block here I can you can actually put power through this wall here and I’ll power up all of them now if you’re like me sometimes you will have trouble installing these electrical cables into your prison if you don’t do it through the walls and that’s because they don’t like going through the corners they can’t go from one corner to the other so you just need to delete one of the walls and then rebuild it so we do demolish walls I’m going to demolish this wall here they can get to the corner of each of these little cell junctions here and then they can solve electrical cable and once the cables in place all of these cells will receive power now while we’re waiting on that to happen let us move on to our water our water pump is another one of these things that need to be directly hooked up to our cable so we’re going to go out here there we go now once that’s built our water pump will be wired up it’ll have electricity to heck get water flowing now water flows flows to the pipes there’s small pipes and large pipes so large pipes can carry huge volumes of water but they are a slight risk for your security of your prison and I’ll explain that in a later episode but for now all you need to know is large pipes shouldn’t go inside of buildings or directly and up to any of the facilities they just need to go around your prison and small pipes will about 40 again just like 40 blocks away as long as they’re up to a big pipe by 40 blocks they’ll provide water so I’m just cooking up one pipe underneath each of these facilities and making sure that all these small pipes are connected up to a big pipe that will make sure we have enough power so here we go these toilets your needs water and put these pipes in here and lastly we need some pipes to the sink right here then hit play and then fast-forward and all these pipes are going to be put in place there we go are now while the pipes are in place I’m going to go back to the electrical cables and I’m going to reinstall these cables here now there is a room for a worker to install them back to pipes now you can see we have a big pipe with a lot of water flowing and we have small pipes with a little bit of water flowing through them and once it all hooked it up there we go now that the little paper slips are underneath the toilet the toilet is functional and the light is no longer flashing same thing for these showers now these showers are working in these toilets are working awesome there we go now our pipes and our electricity is flowing again we can go to materials and build walls and we can rebuild the walls of these cells that we deleted there we go and once they’re in place all these cells will be considered active cells again and they’ll be able to have prisoners ah use them which is exactly what we want them to be used for quick tip if you ever have a workers stuck like this on a jail door you can just right click on the jail door now open and there we go that is the basics for utilities thank you guys so much for watching if you have any questions leave a comment down below so I will see you guys in the next episode thank you guys so much for watching bye.

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