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Text version of the guide «Prison Architect Beginner’s Tutorial — Prison Area Basic Information» (automatically created subtitles)

Hello world my name is Nick 360 and welcome to the complete beginners guide to prison architects so this is the one video series if you watch on its own you should be able to understand almost everything about prison architect that there is to know.

So the day I’m recording this is the day that the full version came up so this is the full version of prison architect and may be updated in the future but for now we’re gonna assume that this is the final version of the game so when you start up Prison architect for the first time you have two options either it’s gonna start out with a blank map which is what you can see here on my screen right now or it’s gonna start off with the story muffin.

The story mode serves as the built-in tutorial I highly recommend two new players start with the campaign and play through the entirety of the campaign if you open a blank map you can simply the story mode anytime you’d like in order to do this we’re going to go to the main menu and you can click on this icon here this little house icon or you can hit escape and these are all our options for the game so campaign is the story mode cutscenes are the story the actual story in the story mode you can save your progress in the story mode and you can load it here create new prison is an option for I’ll you to create a new prison from scratch so this is kind of what I have here is this empty plot and I can fill it in with buildings and I can start building a prison right here and then I can load and save prisons here as well.

Extras here in extras is the new escape mode so you can load up any prison that you’ve built or any prison that someone else has built and you can try and play as a prisoner and escape from it I’m gonna run to tutorial series on this channel one of them is going to go through the story mode the other is going to go through starting from a new prison from scratch this tutorial is going to cover starting a prison from scratch if you want to begin our journey through the story mode you can click a link right here.

Just click it or if you’re on a mobile device there’s a link in the description otherwise if you want to start in the sandbox mode and you want to just start building your prison right away and you’re like no I don’t want to watch the tutorial I don’t want instant do this cutscenes I just want to start right now we’re gonna create a new prison in the create new prison there is a bunch of options the first option is the size of your prison so the small medium large we’re gonna go small because that runs the fastest turning off fog of war allows you to see everything that’s happening in prison all the time this is really good when you’re learning how to play the game to see what’s happening generating force will cause large clumps of trees to appear and we don’t want that for our first experience when I first time playing through the game we don’t want to have to deal with that so we’re gonna turn that off generate lakes and buildings or another obstacles in the forms of big patches of water and buildings that you have to demolish in order to make room for your prison.

Both of these are annoying for a first playthrough so we’re gonna have them turn off failure conditions are gonna be turned off because we don’t have to suffer for our mistakes if we mess up well that’s part of the learning process we don’t want to be punished for that games for our first playthrough I cannot state this enough you do not want gangs or events in your prison these will make it super hard to manage your prison and figure out how each of the systems work and finally unlimited funds if this is your very first time playing prison architect which I assume it is it might be nice to turn on unlimited funds however I’m gonna turn it off to show you how you build a prison without running out of money and finally in choose your warden there’s different wardens you can choose from each of them have a different effect on your prisoners in prison but I’m just gonna start off with the default warden the warden we play and now we have this plot of land looking at the UI there’s a bunch of important elements that we can just skim through very quickly up at the top left we have a to-do list the tools has either things that we need to know that are gonna be happening soon for example the prisoner intake we’re gonna get some prisoners soon or it’s things that we’ve set out to do goals will be created for ourselves and then have some reward if we complete those goals here is how long we’ve been playing day one here is how much money we’ve earned and right now we start off with $30,000 this is how much money we’re making per day this is the time of the day this is the regime later we’ll be able to control the regime to optimize our prison experience right here we have a bunch of options pause play fast-forward and super fast forward and you can click these buttons here to change how fast the game progresses so as you see super fast forward makes all these tricks go by fast but I’ll hit play they go back at a normal speed and have a hit pause they stop and time is frozen unpause now we can zoom in with the mouse wheel so we zoom up it zooms in just resume ouch they’ll scroll out now we’re going to want to move around so zoom in a little bit there’s two different ways to move it around.

There’s WASD so W is up as it’s down a is left these rights you can also use the arrow keys and just the arrow that’s pointing will let you move in that direction in addition you can also move your mouse to the edge of the screen so you can move your mouse up move your mouse left will be less down etc etc now the bottom right we have this clipboard called reports clicking on reports opens up this clipboard here and we can move it around we can click the jackets around this is nice to be able to move it around you just remove in the very center in each of these tabs looking on the left of this clip or this each of these tabs is different information that it’s useful for our prison so this is the management side of it so staff is how many workers we have as a manager we need to know how many workers we have prisoners is how many prisoners I have right now we have none and that’s what we want this is how many prisoners are taking in right now we’re just gonna turn off prisoner intake so we’re not gonna worry about prisoners we’re gonna build the basic prison first then we’re gonna worry about prison the ones we have a facility for the prisoners come in we’re gonna lot of prisoners come in we’re gonna skip over jobs because that’s a debug tool for the developers we’re gonna go to Grant’s and we’re going to select basic detention center and we click it it’s added to our to-do list these requirements are based off the human needs so there is a human need to eat there’s a human need to sleep there’s a human need to use the restroom there’s a human need to bathe human need to exercise all of these actions are actions that prisoners need to do in order for them to do it we need to build the facilities for them to do it so we’re gonna X out of our reports clipboard we’re gonna ignore these red buttons here and we’re gonna ignore all these blue buttons for now except foundation foundations means buildings we’re gonna build a building so we can complete these objectives for our basic Detention Center now you can build the building anywhere on this open plot of land you don’t want it too close to the road because there’s gonna be stuff that we’re gonna be putting in there later that we don’t want to get in the way up and the further away from the road the further it is away from our workers and the workers have to pick up the supplies from this delivery zone here so you see this checkerboard pattern that the workers are standing in that is delivery so you can see it labeled up along the side it’s called deliveries we also have garbage down here so deliveries are going to be delivered from these trucks and these same trucks are going to take garbage that our prison will eventually produce and it will take them away from our prison so we’re going to leave a little bit of space from the road but not too far away so we’ve picked a foundation we’re gonna click and we’re gonna hold and we’re gonna dray the bigger this building is the more expensive it’s going to be and it’s smaller it is the less expensive it is but the harder it is to fit stuff inside of it a nice balance I found is to be 11 wide and 23 long a size that I find works really well is 11 wide and 23 tall we release it’s going to queue up this building now that we queued up this building we have told our workers to build the foundation core this building when I hit play workers are going to bring supplies from these trucks over to our building they’re going to take those supplies and use that to build our foundation now as you can see in red words right here.

We need an entrance for our building now to build an entrance we’re gonna need a door and doors are found in objects we cook objects and we can there’s many different objects between have and you can maybe see the door right here but I’m just going to look for door these are all the different doors in the game we’re gonna use a plain simple wooden door we’re just.

Put it right on this edge here on this wall and we’re going to right click there we go so now we’ve queued up the door now workers eventually going to receive a door from the truck in deliveries and there we go and they’re going to construct the door right here once the door is in place and the rest of the Foundation’s in place the building will be constructed let’s say you’re constructing a building and you accidentally release it when you don’t want to this isn’t the right side we wanted to be the same size as building to the right we can right click on the building to cancel that building now that the foundation is placed and the doors have been placed on the edge of the building the walls of the building will automatically be placed for you the inside will be a nice concrete floor in this option right here automatic light placement means that there’s going to be lights automatically put periodically throughout the building so this makes sense you’re gonna want to like spread out through your building so you can see so as you can also see it’s dark on this top half of the building because there’s no light coming through there’s walls in the way and the only lights coming through this door at the bottom so at the top of this building it’s very dark now you can see here the workers are beginning to install the lights however it isn’t really lighting up the room that’s because it has no power the lights need power before they can work now in order to get power we’re getting to go to utilities utilities has our power station and we go to utilities everything turns grey what this means is this is the underground view of the prison so this is what the prison looks like if we are 1 to 2 meters below the surface and we can see that the outline of our building is right here we can see the outline of our building even underground the walls extend downward a little bit now we want our power station and we can see here there’s a 1 on the power station that means we own one so we don’t have to spend the money to get a new power station because we already have one make sure you leave plenty of room around your power station because power stations can set things on fire if they get too close so we’re gonna create a space a little distance away from a building we’re gonna plug it down right here also to grease the power capacity of our power generator we’re gonna put a capacitor the capacitor has to be one meter away from the power so right here if we put a capacitor here will queue that up this will increase the power of this power station we can also do kiddy Korner but we can’t do it here that will work we can’t do here definitely not here does that will work it has to be directly adjacent or going to build three and that should satisfy our needs for a while so now that our power station is built we can see the power on the left and right now nothing’s wired up to it so there’s almost no power being used to get power into our building we are going to the left click next to our power station we’re gonna drag a line we’re gonna bring it inside our building now even though there’s a wall here our workers will be able to get to the station just fine as long as it’s only 1 meter thing if it’s wider than 1 meter thick workers may have trouble installing the equipment as you can see it’s getting built and once it’s connected to the power station it flows bright green as the energy flows through the wires now these wires aren’t connected to power station so they’re not going green not until this one’s connected then all of them connected and the power flows through this wire is here as you can see all our lights are not actually directly touching this power however all the light you see power because it flows from this generator here through these cables and they can easily be connected to these cables right here these thick cables we can see that the power doesn’t extend all the way to this upper corner of the building so we need to extend our cables upwards a little bit so that the power fills up the entire building so anything that needs electrical power in this room will be able to be wired up appropriately there we go now the whole building is filled with power now to exit utilities mode we can hit escape escape will bring us back to this ordinary mode exiting utilities mode we can see all of these supplies left over from the construction of the building look don’t they all look ugly we can fix that very easily we can create a spot to store the extra supplies left over from projects like this.

In order to do that we need to designate a space to do that to designate a space to have a purpose we go to rooms now in rooms each of these squares represents a function that can be served in the prison the ones necessary for our basic Detention Center or highlighted with these bright whites squares so these are the facilities that we will need to build in order for our prison to be functional now to get rid of these extra supplies we can build a storage facility and all it is is just a square we’re going to put our extra supplies when we’re done with them we’re gonna go click on storage and then we’re going to left-click and hold and drag we’re going to doesn’t it a space and we’ll let go the checkerboard pattern will appear and we hit play and is a storage and now workers will automatically take our extra equipment and move it into storage every screwed up time we can see that they’re gonna pick up these extra supplies and they’re gonna move it into the storage room so now we have our building here and we’re going to want to put stuff in it the first facility we should have is our holding cell any prisoner that doesn’t have their own cell is going to be put into the holding cell since we do not have any cells all our prisoners are going to go into the holding cell so we’re going to click holding cell we’re gonna click in drag and we’re going to make our 9 by 9 holding cell we hit play we see that this room has a glowing red triangle with a caution sign in between moving our mouse over this room we can see the requirements that are necessary for the room to serve its function so the function we wanted to serve is holding cell however in order to serve the function of a holding cell it needs more than just simply being laid out a square in the ground it needs something else and because it’s a cell it needs to be enclosed which means it needs to be walls around it so right here there’s this oak there’s a big open area here that’s not enclosed in addition it needs a toilet and a bench the bench is really easy we go to objects and search for bench there we go here is the bench we place one here listen here we have our benches there.

You may notice that when we are zoomed in on a room some of the objects are highlighted the objects that are highlighted are objects that are supposed to belong in the room and sure enough toilet is one of these objects so we’re going to put in our corner we’re gonna put a toilet here the holding cell is going to serve as the cell for all our prisoner the cell is where the prisoner rests at night and so in order to serve the function more properly even though it isn’t necessary for the room to serve its function we are gonna put beds in so the prisoners can sleep we’re gonna place a bed here here here we’re just gonna build three rows of beds and we can actually click and hold you can actually create multiple copies of the object so I just created a couple rows of bed so looking here we have 12 beds so we have room for 12 prisoners to come in once the holding cells complete now to finish off the requirements for the holding cell we’re going to build a wall to build a wall we’re going to go to materials there’s different walls but I’m gonna choose brick wall because that is the type of foundation I use so that’s the wall that matches this building here and we’re gonna build this wall here and actually gonna extend it out more than I need to and then I’m gonna let go it’s gonna queue up this wall and I hit play our workers are gonna try and build this wall but before I let them I’m gonna cancel this wall by right clicking and dragging and I’m gonna cancel that wall there so now the workers are gonna build what has been queued up and there we go we have built our holding cell.

And as you can see here we have room for 12 prisoners and currently we have 0 prisoners to 0 of 12 looking at our list for the basic detention center we eat a shower I found through my experience it’s very convenient to build a shower very close to the cells where the prisoners are so we’re gonna put a shower here and showers don’t have to be very big so we’re going to go to room we’re going to go to shower here we go you’re a shower we’re just going to create a small room here right next to our holding cell we look at the room requirements.

And the only requirements is a showerhead so we go to objects we type in showerhead sure enough there it is so we’re gonna want to put a shower head on the wall but I could put it like this but that doesn’t look right I want to turn it around so it’s connected to the wall in order to do that there’s two ways you can hit are to rotate it around or you can hit the middle mouse button to rotate around and then when it click you get a shower it’s an armor are you can spin it around I can spin it around whichever way it wants I can click and drag cancel this one click that one there we go we got plenty of shower heads I’m gonna want I’m gonna want a door so they can get into the shower and cancel that one there and we’re gonna want to build a wall and there we go now we have our little shower area zipping on by we now have our our complete and we’re just gonna go to normal speed and now our workers are putting away these supplies used to build this wall here but you might notice something all of these showers are flashing the flashing is water sign and the reason they’re doing that is because they need water now we have our power station here but we’re gonna need a water pump so we are going to go to utilities water pump we already have a water pump we don’t want a water pump to close to our electric generator to avoid fighter so we’re just going to set it down right over here and the water pump needs electricity so we’re gonna bring a cable from our power generator to our pump so to get water to our showerheads and to our toilets we don’t use cables we use pipes so to make sure everything has water we put pipes under each of the facilities so each showerhead in each toilet should have a pipe underneath them then each of these pipes need to go to the water pump however the small pipes can only extend water for so long the large pipes however have no real limits to how far the water that can take so we’re gonna put a large pipe up to the edge of this building and we’re gonna use small pipes to connect the pipes inside of the building to the large pipe I highly recommend not putting large pipes inside of buildings for security reasons have you seen Shawshank Redemption you should know what the reason is once these large pipes get built we can see the water flowing from our pump through the pipes and into the shower heads and into the toilets next we’re going to need a yard we’re gonna put our yard outside so we’re gonna go to rooms.

We’re gonna go to yard we’re gonna put it right next to the building here we’re gonna make it the same size as our building just for consistency sake there we go this is our yard here in order to make it more clear where the artist we can change the material of this yard so we can go to materials we can actually change it so we can make this yard stones we’re gonna have a nice stone surface for a yard so this is where the prisoners will come and they’ll exercise in the yard so we’re gonna make this stone so I’m gonna go over this make it stolen now we know where the yard begins and ends because it will be have this nice stone surface and as the workers install it where you can see it has this nice mosaic stone appearance we can do with each of these different surfaces we have grass with sand gravel dirt concrete wooden floor tile however each of them have their own price and some of them can only be used inside and society surfaces change the speed in which people walk over them so for example concrete tiles can be used inside and outside and the people walking on these tiles will water faster than if they’re walking on grass or they’re walking on sand now there’s a problem though looking at a yard it says it’s meet the size requirements it’s at least five by five meters however it’s not secure it’s not behind at least one door but what this means is imagine you’re a prisoner in this yard so you’re hanging out in this yard but if you don’t like being in prison so you want to escape and you want to leave well you could just walk out of the yard go to the road pick up a hitchhiker and then leave and there’s nothing stopping you and so in order to prevent that from happening you don’t want to build a fence right here in the materials we have fence we’re just gonna build a fence around our prison now to allow people to come in and out of this prison we’re just gonna put a door on this fence here we go you put a door on this fence so our workers are going to build this fence and prisoners will have to stay inside of this fence if you do not build a fence if you do not fence in your prison those will cause a lot of problems guards will not allow prisoners into areas that are unsecured so having any area of your prison that’s unsecured will cause huge problems because they won’t the prisoners won’t be allowed to go anywhere and we’re almost done with our fence now and there we go now that our fence is complete our yard meets its requirement so now the yard is secure because there it’s in this fence protecting it from prisoners walking out now I’d have to jump over this fence but it’s not easy because there’s this barbed wire on top of it that’s not gonna make it very easy I don’t like barbed wire next we’re gonna build a kitchen canteen now prisoners love to eat.

In fact they love it so much that if you don’t let them eat they’ll destroy your prison and the people inside of it so we’re just gonna build a building now that we have our building base we just need to get power into it so we’re just going to extend this table downward through this building and while we’re waiting for our workers to get power to it we can designate the rooms so the two rooms are not our canteen and kitchen they’re gonna put the kitchen at the bottom here we’re gonna make it in nine by seven.

I’m gonna put the canteen we’re gonna leave put it the rest of the space we’re gonna leave one room for a wall between them so the prisoners can’t go from the canteens at the kitchen now or the canteen the canteen is the place where the prisoners are going to eat so this is the cafeteria now the prisoners need a place to get the food and they need a place to eat the food act that’s very simple just a serving table to get the food and then the table and finish to eat the food.

So we go to objects you can see I’ll highlight it here we have serving table table and bench so we’re gonna put a saving table we’re gonna put it right up against our wall here or soon to be wall then we’re going to put some tables and chairs so you’re going to put a table down and then we can put two benches on either side put another table down put two benches on either side each bench can hold four prisoners and right now each table has a benjin you decide so it’s two benches so right now this is room for 16 prisoners we can also put a bench on the side they don’t need to sit at a table in order to eat they can eat anywhere they can sit down in the canteen then we’re gonna build this wall here I’m gonna leave a spot for the door but instead of putting an ordinary wooden door we’re gonna put in a staff door the difference between a staff door in a wood door besides the cost is that only staff or hire can go through a staff door what that basically means is the prisoners can’t go through staff start because they don’t have a key with all workers including guards have a key so we put the staff two down we’re basically saying prisoners are not allowed in the kitchen which is good because there’s many knifes and sharp things in the kitchen that we don’t want prisoners to be able to take without us knowing it now in the kitchen we’re going to need a cooker to cook the food a fridge to store the food before we cook it and a sink to clean the dishes so we’re gonna put two cookers down we’re gonna put two sinks down we’re gonna put four fridges down and I left a little bit of room so we might expand our prison out in the future and then just for good safety measures we’re gonna put a bin or garbage can we’re gonna put a couple Barbra James here so then they throw away the trash can cooking the food you know this have a trash can for that our cookers have to be connected directly to this cable let’s the cookers into the fridges are unique that they need to be hooked up directly to these cables versus lights which don’t have to be touching they just have to be within the flow of the cables and to finish up the sink we just need to get some pipes going and then we’re gonna build we can extend our large pipe all the way from here down here you don’t have to worry about electricity and water interfering with each other they exist on different layers so water existent it’s a layer electricity exists on another layer so I like to think that the water is two meters down and electricity is one meter down so there’s space between them so they don’t intersect at all that’s it for the facilities necessary for the prison however there’s one more thing we want to do we need to hire some staff and the staff will want our guards and cooks we’re going to want at least two guards so that we can satisfy the requirements for a basic attention center Bryce recommends starting off with three or four especially if you’re early on and you’re gonna want to cooks so we can meet this requirement for our grants and there we go now that we completed all the requirements we got $10,000 for completing that grant as you can see our money went up by $10,000 so now we have a functional prison we have a prison that we can have our prisoners sleep use the restroom they can bathe they can eat.

And they can exercise well they can’t really exercise because we don’t have any exercise equipment we can fix that very easily though we can just go to weights bench you can just plop down some writes bench and there we go I have what nine let’s six for each bench so just put nine now there we go nine workout benches so now nine people can work out at once we have chosen and as power.

It is it is electricity it has water it has a nice fence to protect the prisoners from escaping we have some guards watching out I think this is a very nice prison that’s it for the bareboat basics or a prison in prison architect thank you guys so much for watching if you have a question leave a comment down below if you’d like to get notified for future videos that make just feel free to subscribe and I will see you in the next episode bye you.

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