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Description of the video guide «How to make remote doors work in Prison Architect»

In this video I show a simple way how to get those remote doors to work (you will need guards to work them — and to take the shift when the one working the console leaves for a break).

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Hello youtubers my name is Wayne and this is play & Seek gaming this is going to be my second video I’ve ever made and this one is on how to get the automated doors to work on Prison architect because it was driving me barmy so I’ve just set myself up a quick and basic prison here.

I got a canteen no canteen kitchen offices obviously I have to build an office with the guard in order to research the remote access I require I thought the rest of this going here as you can see don’t really go into detail on that on here.

Now I haven’t built sell I build myself a holding cell just this video it works as you’ve got enough beds for each guy prison there and let me quickly turn that off I don’t want any more people coming in just yet.

Low risk you can see I’ve gone forward just for the purposes video I don’t normally go low risk right I know about that shut up Wayne let’s show you what I was trying to get intended okay so this room is basically set up ready for a computer console for doors I’m gonna choose one of these here door console control.

I’m gonna pop this baby in here somewhere a little guy here he comes I can see him running dupa dupa dupa I apologize if I sound tired because I had a late night my son is extremely ill and my wife has laryngitis and bad news was last night my son came to me in the morning hours wanting to go to the bathroom I turned and my chair broke in half guess it’s saying I’m too fat right so we got a little console there’s already guard here posted ready to operate this now I’m going to set a servo I’m gonna set it on this door here and here okay so go to utilities we choose Doris servo now the doors slide from top from bottom to top is going from here to here so we’re gonna set a server on this now that cocky thing in the bottom that means it’s gonna be touching the door not like this or not like this because the doors go now and Obstetricians is not gonna work so our top to bottom like this.

You know what I’m just gonna do this I think this slides that way yes and I’ll see I don’t have here right here to come see red lights means yes I’m gonna show you this as well I already have power in the words of Jeremy Clarkson power power running through here which means it’s touching at the same tiles as a servo you need that you’ve gotta happen to be connected to the power right that’s all set up now we go click on this and you click here connect now you get one is lovely looking green cables we’re going to click this to here and we’re gonna do it again here and third time to this one all right so now you can see that flashing that means our signal codes them they’re blue they’re inactive red means the little guy that’s posted at the console is sending a signal to open them doors now will take this out we should be on scene selection now it doesn’t work for guards guards still use their keys to get through these particular normal steel doors we’re prisoners so I’ve got going on here haha we’ve had sewn escape I guess I didn’t think too much of this I think I’m going to quickly sort that out why is the games gonna come to a very abrupt end put that in there.

That should do for now did they escape so what right oh we missed what’s going on right now go into the canteen so when that lunch is over.

Let’s already spit up well I’m just gonna sit tight and wait also the people like the janitors the workers do not get through these doors unless a guard comes if you have a servo the guy in cyclic flushing drink I’m not sure you notice that and they flashed green I’m gonna zoom in and I’m gonna find one of these guys and I’m gonna tell him to go here so somewhere a guard should come and escort him hopefully no he’s gonna be sleeping just try it one more time not sure it’s gonna work while they’re sleeping it’s not of course anyway what I’m gonna do now I’m going to show you what I made the bite and stuff so let’s take an object let’s take let’s choose a book shut up why not so I put a bookshelf here now pay attention to this door watch what’s gonna happen when this guy comes with a bookshelf any second now here he comes.

So you can’t get through the door now any second now again there he comes guard let’s submit so I’m gonna go back to here.

Sure is a.

Servo is going from right to left that service there like for the server to come in here it comes lovely jubbly alright so click this bad boy up to this now I’ve been told the maximum you can have here is about 8 cables for one console I haven’t put that into practice but I have read and I’ve seen many other long lengthily tube youtube videos going into detail on this all right so if we get now another bookcase here watch now a card should not be needed to open this door whereas here we go watch green and in goes there we go demonstrated perfectly right so what I’m gonna try to know what should we build watch we built what the rooms tell me to go for let’s build a common room right so I want foundations I’m gonna click an easy color room where could I built this let’s build it over here for a proper sake of this put it right I’m gonna choose now for this remote door you see here a remote door I’m gonna take this bad boy I’m going to zoom in about here now if I’m correct this should be now thrown from top to bottom or bottom to top let’s have a look it’s gonna slide okay so bottom of the top and and I do the same thing they should go from bottom top as well oh we’re gonna need electricity over here let’s run this right brooms common real common little common sense what do we need common we don’t need anything but I’m suppose to objects in here why not let’s build a pool table now you want to leave enough room around the edge so the guys got your plate ball that way that just doesn’t work.

TV why not put a TV down here and let’s go in a bit of comfort there’s a prison they’re not fat naughty see right here is perfect demonstration of the problem with these remotes but a lot of the doors they can’t get out unless you have a servo so they want a servo it’s going to put a bottom to top both of them guard should come from here to come and fix that let’s take a look here he comes right one server going in hopefully electricity for this nope right see here flushing electricity so we need nostrils gonna work because all these doors are locked and yep good thing would all right so I’m gonna smiley open this if I can make it bad press tab it allows you to select what you want right.

That just means they can get it worked out ah he’s running away dear me oh they’re all run away a lock lock lock lock.

Nice war remember can’t say oh bugger there yeah you get back to your plate better than others right have we got power going on here but I’m going to just do this because we need power go into these service cells I should program straight from the mill there but nevermind this what do alright so they have been built a common room now just for this because I’ll see they’re gonna try escaping I’m gonna put a wall here and a wall here stop these parties from running away right so that should stop them escaping I can now go to here remote normal now she a little off this event for time being until we get power stored right that’s one gonna do now I’m gonna cut this bad boy again connect to here to here okay so got all these doors now working on this one computer so that I think one two three four five six my looks alright so then I’ll collect it now I put this on to normal alright so now it a lot however you can see there’s no power going to me yet there’s a matted cycle right here god damn you I’ve pretty messed up this game I think these little buggers need to get to work come on staff exhausted ah god damn you seriously guys you can’t even do this for demonstration on this bloody video let’s build I’ve got down restroom winch in little bastards Nisha Maria I just spoke to check there I am living in the Czech Republic I am English but living in Prague I tend to swear time the times in check all right so our rooms we’re gonna need a staff room where it is staff room staff room staff room no seriously where stuff in there a cup of coffee room build right we’re gonna want women breasts so far Anna drinks machines objects so far so far there and tricks machine is normally bubble over this there he is.

7up I just put one there and there just I have it one up there with them they portable they can have the enjoyment of relaxing as well TV right so that should give them some rest and I still not got them building my power.

Little shits ProHealth I collected it boom haha alright so these doors are hooked up now.

The problem with this see they’re working perfectly fine the guys go in this stuff go out guards use keys also you get food stores it’s just for the stuff like the cleaners the workmen etcetera get through the door so without using it or needing a guard coming I’m knockin for them.

Now the question or the problem I should say is I’ve got plenty of guards here just the purpose video what I’m gonna do I’m go I’m going to go to stuff I’m going to fire get these out of here right I’ve got one guard yes right away sir see now none of these doors are covered there’s no guards posted here see absolutely locked the only card I caught is now post posted here and when he gets tired and he knows needs to go for a break he’s gonna come over here for brick and there’s gonna be no one to replace him that means all these doors especially these ones are not gonna work nada nada now by previous saying I could believe I mentioned that the guard uses the key Leah for here I think I may have said that incorrectly in fact I think I do I apologize I take that back I think evil a guard cannot get through these doors with out someone being posted all these computers so I’ll see if there’s no one here replaces guy and you’ve got a remote door let’s say here new guys not coming out get in the new lock guys we’re not gonna be a kadai cuz he’s gonna be waiting over here waiting to get out and he’s got no one else in this room to replace him it’s gonna you up so I’m just gonna go back here and hire some more.

Doosan it all right so we should happy happening here so when this guy goes for a break let’s see we can actually make him good for a break there he goes right watch closely it’s on red that means none of these doors are gonna work I don’t know you see up here there he goes it’s just what we write I don’t show you notice that I’m harassing that this is really stupid now and looked as though this door was opened with out and they buddy being sat here wherever that’s a glitch oh maybe I missed dude it alright that’s how to set it up hopefully I didn’t confuse you just remember you need a servo with power going through the room and it works best if you go through here to have the power connecting through it with the remote doors and you’re gonna need a console with a guy see he’s gone none of these doors should now work yep they’re waiting here a guard just came let them through now it’s gone green everything is clean hey leave a comment below you know what film that lines from alright thanks for watching if you liked the video please please please click like it gets my videos spread out there quicker for people having similar issues if you’re having any other problems with any present architect fact or issues please let me know by leaving comment below and please subscribe my channel it just helps my boosts of power thank you for watching.

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