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Text version of the guide «How to get suicide prisoners and execute them properly in Prison Architect» (automatically created subtitles)

Hi guys and welcome to Prison architect today we’re going to be looking at how to do an execution with a death row prisoner and first of all how to get death row prisoner into your prison so you’ll need a couple of things we all need is you’ll need at least one death row cell an execution chamber and a kitchen and canteen to feed them as well as that you’ll also need a maximum security cell marked out like actual deployed ready only maximum security and the reason this is is because it is possible for your prisoners to be freed or found not guilty sort of thing and so uh if this happens somewhere there and so in this happens they will become a maximum security prisoner in your prison at this point when you go into prisoner intake very rarely I mean very rarely a death row prisoner will appear so what I do is I actually usually instead of doing this what I usually do is have all of these turned down and just uh intake all death row since soon as one’s available the Queen straightaway once they’re in your prison you they will be escorted to the cell they won’t leave their cell the guards will bring them food they won’t ever leave and if you go into your programs you will need to start running the death row appeal the death row appeals are essential because they grant the ability through the lower raises percentage and this is the chance of them being given legal clemency and it’s the chance that after they’ve been murdered that they’re going to be found not guilty this has to be down to at least 10% or lower before you’re able to schedule the execution and then once you’re ready you simply click on your prisoner and click scheduled execution as you can see it will come with this list it’s tab your whole prism will be affected for the duration of the execution first of all you have to go test facility in deers in any order and one of the start to do is at an alarm make sure it’s ready to go it’s like yet ready to go then you are in tertiary prison wide lockdown like so because it’s thirty four percent thirty four percent of the prisoners go back for the cells and I’ll turn the prison to lockdown and everybody will now be escorted back to sell this uh this can be tied quite time costly can take a while we’ve got a prisoner of I think just over two hundred people oh my god ah who knew who knew he’s died he’s all kicking after him she isn’t good at all her an armed guard I’m here for me I don’t think got enough on Garces not on that uh just wait for that one eighty five percent I’ll get there eventually eighty-eight Ergo in the 90s now this is good at 97 the last tube son usually take ages in 9899 a good 98 oh this is quick I need to put her wouldn’t Florida 199 and once it more 98 is gone down again 99.

Go on 100 just for a second delicious needs to be like one second and it’s done hopefully so hurry up this is because your prisoner specs needs to be a take into the execution chamber and I don’t think they’re allowed to interact with a prison a long way I believe I don’t.

One sample in Dan Mundy Connor on his way to an better life Jen see what happens Dan.

So Lee’s been since 25 years multiple crimes came murder torture and armed robbery robbery just give him one more tough time quick such prisoner lesson okay so I was cell search but uh okay so now you need to assemble the execution detail but if you look up here is basically a the priests that they get to pick one a warden and the chief make their way to the cell and also witnesses come in so is victim’s family are going along to see his death and then we just wait them all to rise so I’m making away through y’all it’s a shame they use the I suppose every ways of staffed or is that suppose there isn’t really a guest entrance the president we make on I get let through here finally into the execution chamber just wait there is usually a gut yeah this was a guard stationed to the death row area lemon and now they’re here and he’s he is getting his last speech such as a given one more hard time like no and then our yes got him to the facility so he gets walked by the warden the chief and his execution witness to the priests arrogance urges out he’s like no don’t go Gunther the bailout and I’ll get led in by our guard and I go sit in the chair and now take one last second to reflect and what you’re about to do.

And press the execution button once you’ve killed prisoner click dismiss staff and witnesses a small countdown assume the warden cyclone will know thank you for being here today they leave the priest probably says the last words and then I already leaved the prison and then you get final report the Monday execution of dan Mundy was carried out at 23:37 as scheduled by electric chair in the presence of witnesses the standard compensation of $10,000 is awarded to the institution for their part in this process and that is it guys that is how you are how you execute a prisoner thanks watching I hope you’ve enjoyed it I guess I am not sure that’s the right word to use but I hope this video helped certainly thanks watching I’ll see you next time bye bye.

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