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Description of the video guide «How to create the best and most effective workshops in Prison Architect»

How to create the best, most efficient, and most optimal workshops possible in Prison Architect. In this video I explain and demonstrate the benefits of creating multiple workshops with 240 square meters and how to then make the best use of that space.

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Text version of the guide (author created subtitles)

What’s up everyone, I am back with another
Prison Architect video; this time I’m bringing you a tutorial video on how to make an optimal
workshop. So you can see this is my prison that I showed
in my last two videos, uh, in the previous two videos I discussed this which was a mod
and I also my little isolated section in the prison over here, but this time I’m going
to be discussing. like I mentioned, the workshop. So I see a lot of videos where people don’t
have a workshop that’s the most efficient size possible in this game. So the most prisoners that you can have working
in a workshop currently is twenty. And that really depends on the size. You can obviously have less prisoners working
in a workshop if the workshop is too small to accommodate twenty prisoners. So you need to have a workshop that has a
total size of… 240sqm, I believe? Yeah, so you can see that this is 24m x 10m. That’s just the size that I personally like,
but 240sqm overall is what’s necessary. You can always resize it to be a different…
you know, it can be like this, that’s fine, or like this….I just always have it as 10m x 24m in the
interior. Um….

So in this prison I have three workshops and
that’s because like I said only twenty prisoners can work in one workshop. Unlike in previous versions of the alpha having
multiple workshops is not inefficient at all; prisoners are pretty intelligent about where
to move materials back and forth. Um….

Now some other confusion that I just wanted
to clear up, was with manufacturing wood. So as you can see I have a very large forestry
near the workshops so the, um, workmen can put the logs into the workshop when they’re
done tearing them down or whatever. And you can see that the prisoners will convert
the logs into wood. And the reason why this is important to do
is because this actually generates a lot of money..

Now you can see that this is a stack of, well
this is four logs but normally it would be three logs you just can’t see the one log
under this stack of four but each log is converted into four pieces of wood and as you can see
I can sell this log… you can see an individual log for $50 each..

So this entire stack is worth $150. But once it’s converted into wood, it’s worth
the same amount per wood however each log gets converted into four wood. So a stack of wood is a lot more cost-effective
to sell than just a stack of raw logs. And you can see here I’m even converting some
wood into superior woods which is even better to sell..

Right now you can only sell them but eventually
they’re gonna add Superior Cells. Um, well anyway— once you’ve converted into
wood you have to have an exports section. I have it near the deliveries and garbage
where all the trucks come in. And you can see I just have it on the other
side of the road, it’s not really intrusive at all, and they just lay their— well right
now I have some excess logs which is why there are so many logs but usually it would be mostly
wood. You can see a superior bed is also coming
over here. So that is the basics of how to make the most
efficient workshops possible. Oh and also if you have a lot of wood coming
in, you don’t really want these presses. That’s why I have more saws than presses because
presses are only necessary for license plates. Saws are necessary for logs. Saws are also necessary for license plates,
but logs do not require presses. They only require saws. And then back here I just have a few carpenter’s
tables for more experiences prisoners. You should always have enough slots in your
workshop for the number of qualified prisoners that you have..

So as you keep getting more qualified prisoners
you wanna keep building more workshops. That’s why this prison has three workshops. So you can see that if I go into deployment
and jobs, that I have all the slots maxed out and there’s a total of 45 qualified prisoners,
and I have three workshops for a max. number of sixty prisoners. The only reason why there’s not more prisoners
working right now is because they’re probably doing other things like taking some classes
or something. So anyway, this has been a tutorial on how
to make efficient workshops. So again, you just wanna basically create
workshops that have dimensions of 24m x 10m or anything that covers 240sqm. So thanks a lot for watching, if you want
to see more Prison Architect videos and whatnot be sure to subscribe. I’ll see you in my next video..

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